Monday, April 25, 2011

What's in your pink tool box?

End of last week we were reading together in chapter 8 of It's No Secret - "Get By With a Little Help From Your Friends."  I said that it was a revelation to me to realize that God hardwired us to need each other.

As a "good American," I always figured I was to pull myself up by my boot straps and become self-sufficient.  And as a good Southern belle, I thought I was to become a Steel Magnoilia. Strong and self-reliant - only looking delicate. Turns out, I'm really a redwood - which makes sense if you read the chapter. 

The other peice to that revelation was that God gifted us to help one another. I don't have all the tools in my pink tool box - you have some that I don't have. So I'm going to need you to use those on my behalf.  And I'm going to need to use my tools for your sake, on your behalf.

I recently came across an interview with Anita Renfroe, offering some terrific advice on stepping out in your gifting.  HERE's the article link and HERE is the video link to watch it.

There's good wisdom there. Don't you love Anita?  I'm so glad God dropped that huge hammer of humor in her box for our enjoyment. Here's one of Anita's best songs, just in time for Mother's Day approaching.


  1. Loved that snippet of wisdom from Anita! Thank you for sharing 'cause I needed to hear it : )

  2. I'm glad Anita spoke to you today, Pam. Hope you had a terrific Easter weekend.

    Blessings ~ Rachel

  3. Thank you Rachel, I needed the laugh when she was commenting of failing with only 5 instead of 5,000. But it so makes sense. Start small you never know what great thing God has in store for it. What ever it is.

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  5. I loved this revelation: The other peice to that revelation was that God gifted us to help one another. I don't have all the tools in my pink tool box - you have some that I don't have. So I'm going to need you to use those on my behalf. And I'm going to need to use my tools for your sake, on your behalf.

    That must be why I enjoy being part of a team so much :-)

    And thanks for sharing that bit of wisdom from Anita. I can see that process happening when I look back at my growth as an "encourager" and I'm praying for patience and incremental (i.e. small) opportunities to grow stronger and more competent in my passion.

    I'm currently getting walloped by chapter 9 in your book. I've only gotten through half of it, but it's already speaking to me (ok, shouting, "Hello? Does this sound like anybody you know???! :-)

    I'm going to chew on it and I'm sure there will be a regurgitation from me on my blog at some point this week. Ewww...I think I just grossed myself out on that one! :-)

    Hope your day is blessed indeed!

  6. Leah don't gross yourself out. You should be proud of me ahuh I'm officially in chapter 7. So by Friday I should be on 8 hehe. But the great part I'm discovering stuff that's been under the surface for a long time I can get rid of.

  7. Ladies, I have a guestion, has God ever bombard ( for lack of a better word) you with people scripture, dreams or other instances of something that involve what He is asking or calling you to do? Like schools teachers students until you do it? I was just wondering.

  8. So, I have a question regarding the tool box... what do you do with those people who want to borrow your tools and never give them back? You know, those that drain you, use you, take advantage of your tools. Just wondering what your suggestions are in "protecting" one's self from those types of people in the world... cause we all know they are out there. (I confess that I am behind... will do the Bible study portion of the chapter this afternoon, so forgive me if this is covered in the study!!!)

  9. purely joking here , when you see the tools you need on sale, bulk up and store a few extra when you need them.

    I'm actually reading ahead will be finishing the study of 7 and doing the bible study of 8 tomorrow, but reading 9 -12 tonight during some quiet time.

  10. Debi - I haven't ever been bombarded, but there have been times when I wasn't sure about something and God sent several messages (a song, a comment from a friend, a bible passage, etc.) in quick succession which were very explicit on what I was supposed to do. It doesn't happen all the time, but when He really wants me to know something...He makes it clear! :-)

    Tamara - I'm sure that Rachel has some wisdom to share in this area. I haven't had much experience with someone using my tools without offering some tools of their own. Of course, one of my strengths is that I really love utilizing the gifts (i.e., tools) that the Lord has given me to help others. I may not even notice that they're borrowing my tools too much because I'm so happy that they want to use them in the first place! :-) I do know that I've had to "encourage" friends to use their tools sometimes. They were too used to relying on me and needed that push to excel. I must say they were resistant to this procedure, but have since thanked me for pushing them beyond their comfort zones.

    Sorry for the wordy response! I've been saving my comments for a day or so! :-)

  11. Leah the coolest thing was when the Sunday school teacher told me that she had been praying for a teacher, then boom here I am asking about it.... it was just to coincidental not to be God speaking to me.

  12. Debi - yes, sometimes God gets very "loud" when He is leading me to something new. I hear and see it everywhere.

    Tamara - yes, there are people who will drain your toolbox to no good end. The book of Proverbs frequently calls them fools. I spent about a year one time reading through Proverbs over and over, making notes, so I could learn to discern who (the wise) I am to invest in and partner with, and who (the fool) I am to avoid and not waste time with.

    I highly recommend spending time in Proverbs for this purpose!

    Love this discussion ~ Rachel

  13. Thanks Rachel. I've always been interested in a proverbs study, may just add that to my to study list. It keeps growing.

  14. Thanks for the advice, Rachel. I read Proverbs a few years ago, but maybe it is time for a revisit! The second time around, I always see things differently. Sometimes it's difficult to discern whom we need or need not trust. Maybe I'm being too "emotional" about it. ;) I am behind on my reading... have to catch up! But I am loving, loving, loving the book!


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