Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 2011 Reading List

My June reading list:

1. The School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister
2. The Confident Woman by Anabel Gillhan
3. She Makes it Look Easy by Marybeth Whalen
4. Georgia's Kitchen by Jenny Nelson
5. I'll Never Be French by Mark Greenside
6. Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo

I'm three chapters away from finishing #1, which is leftover from my May reading list. Pretty good writing in this one. I was several chapters in before I even noticed the writing - that's when it's really good.  Writers, you know what I'm taking about. Warning, this isn't Christian fiction.

I've also already started #2, while walking on my treadmill over the holiday weekend.  It's an older book, but kind of a Christian classic. So far I'm appreciating the truths inside but honestly, I'm not really liking the book all that much.

I also started already on #3, my friend Marybeth's new novel. So excited to finally read this after talking with her about it for months. I called her right away to tell her that just a few pages in I could tell her writing is even better than in The Mailbox.

I got #4 today from the library. It's large print edition which means I can read it easily while walking fast on my treadmill - love that. It's not a Christian book either but I'm reading a lot of novels like this right now. And secretly planning a trip to Tuscany. Only now I guess it's not a secret anymore.  I really should think before I type.

I also got #5 from the library today. It's a memoir I had on request. This, along with Marybeth's book, will be my poolside reading this month. Again, not a Christian book. Right now I'm into travel memoirs and books that cook.

Finally, #6.  I have a weird thing about not reading "best sellers" while they are hot. I usually wait a few years before I read them. Don't know why, except that a recent personality test told me I'm pretty highly non-conformist.  Maybe that's it. Maybe I don't want to read what everybody else is reading. But my daughter saw this in Target and begged for it. She read it in one sitting and liked it.  She told me about it.  Now I have to read it so we can talk about it!

As always, let me know if you've read any of these, or if you've got any good recs for me!


  1. I am just utterly amazed that you devour books like you do! :) Enjoy! Hopefully one day (in the much distant future) you'll be sitting poolside with a book with my name on it!

  2. I will absolutely read your book, Tamara. Can't wait.

    Don't make me wait too long. And don't write a best seller or I'll have to wait even longer to read it!

    My tweenage daughter can read circles around me!

  3. I read "A Confident Woman" years ago. Maybe I need to take it off the shelf and read it again along with a re-read of Lysa Terkeurst's "Made to Crave" again. Taking my time with "It's No Secret" right now.

  4. During a recent mission trip a couple of friends talked about how much the enjoyed "Heaven is for Real". I think I will read it this year at some point.
    Since I'm a translator, of books, I hardly have time left to read anything other than what I use for my alone time with God. Just finished INS!! :-)

  5. Ooh, I always love reading what others' are reading! I usually don't get to bestsellers for a while after they hit the shelves, either. Sometimes it's just because my "to be read" list is so long that they get stuck at the bottom!

    My reading/to be read soon: "You Can Raise Courageous and Confident Kids" by Mary DeMuth, "Just Between You and Me" by Jenny B. Jones, "Lady in Waiting" by Susan Meissner, and more!

  6. Thanks for sharing your reading list - did a library run today and checked out School of Essential Ingredients - just finished Heaven is For Real for book club this month. A new favorite is Robert Whitlow's books - finished Deeper Water in just a couple of days - We're reading his book The List for book club next month. Waiting on Charles Martin's next book!

  7. AnonymousJune 05, 2011

    Heaven is for Real is AWESOME!!! I devoured it in 2 sittings.

    My other new favorite book is by Ann Voskamp. I will warn you---it is a life-changer!!! It is called "1,000 Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are". I HIGHLY recommend this book.

    I'm also reading "Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner" by Wendy Blight. It is about sexual abuse and healing.
    Teresa C.

  8. I do know what you mean about writing being so good you don't even register that you're're just in the story.

    Though, sometimes I love to admire very cleverly written material as well. Stephen King's book, "On Writing," is one of those that I love to read just because he is so adept at telling a story and wringing a laugh out of me (or a tear or two, when he so chooses).

    I've only read one of the books you've listed...of course it's the one that "everyone" has read. I probably would not have read it yet if a friend hadn't loaned me their copy. I liked it OK, but I'm afraid I don't have the faith of a child (like I'm 'sposed to) and a lot of it just seemed too convenient. The Lord and I are chatting about it.

    A couple of books that I would highly recommend are:

    "The Helper", by Catherine Marshall
    "The Peacemaker", by Ken Sande

    I've missed reading and commenting on your blog lately! My new job is challenging me in more ways than one...and I don't have a lot of brain power left for reading, writing or commenting! Hopefully the gray matter will kick into gear soon :-)

    Have a learned week!


  9. I just received Marybeth's book last week. I haven't read or heard of any of the others on your list. sound line good books. thanks for sharing them

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  11. I just ordered She Makes It Look Easy Can't wait to read that one!

    My all time FAV is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers (which I'm sure you've all read. ) A book I'm reading now that I HIGHLY recommend is
    Weird, because Normal isn't working by Pastor Craig Groeschel. It's filled with so much wisdom and practical advice.


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