Friday, June 17, 2011

Want to be great and love your life?

Just between you and me, I want to be great. Peferably at everything, but at least at a few things. I'd like to own some great things too.

So how does one attain greatness?  Is it earned, achieved or developed?  Or is it just something you embrace.  Like something you already have and just need to acknowledge?

Jessica is pretty sure it's the latter.  And this video of her cracks me up.

I'm pretty sure Jessica and I aren't alone in this desire. That's what I'll be talking about a week from today at the Radiant event at Port City Community Church. This team has some fun things planned for this event and the "after party" so if you are near the Southeastern NC coast, come join us.  Register here. 

It's gonna be greatYeah ..yeah...yeah 


  1. Thanks, Rachel- I needed that reminder today: I can do anything great! As God supplies me richly!

  2. Okay, I thought this was on the same track of the other posts about romance novels and I misread the title I thought it said "Do you want your love life to be great?" LOL

    so the rest of the post made no sense to me until I went back and reread the title LOL :)

  3. LOL!!! What a funny girl!!!

  4. Veronica, my bad. I shouldn't have switched topics while using the words "love" and "life" in the title.

    Oh well. "I love my posts. I love my titles. I love my blog. I can do anything good. ..." :)

  5. No worries Rachel -- just proves I need to sloooow down and read what I am reading :)

  6. This is so cute. Every child should feel this way. maybe we should record such things and play it at night while they sleep. Shoot we could do this focus as we sleep! Thanks for sharing this Rachel.


  7. I'm looking forward to your message at Port City on Friday!


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