Monday, June 6, 2011

What it's Worth

I came to a knowledge of Christ when I was in college. My college years were quite possibly the most difficult of my life.  I lost a significant loved one. My inheritance from that loved one went missing. My family took several major hits. We nearly fell apart. Our chain of Hallmark stores were closed or sold. Our house was sold and we moved in with my aunt. A customer was shot outside of our restaurant. I had a stalker, with a history of violence and molestation, and a suspected murder on his record. The list goes on.

But between my junior and senior year of college, I found Christ. That single event changed me. And changed everything for me.

I can remember sleeping with my Bible some nights. Occasionally I would fall asleep reading it. Other nights I'd turn out the light and clutch it to my chest. As if I could absorb its contents into my heart as I slept. As if my ability to wake and live another day depended on it. I was just so thankful to have that book, and its Author, guiding my life.

The portion of Proverbs I read this morning reminded me of those days and nights.

"Follow my advice, my son; always treasure my commands. Obey my commands and live!

Guard my instructions as you guard your own eyes. Tie them on your fingers as a reminder.

Write them deep within your heart.

Love wisdom like a sister; make insight a beloved member of your family."

 ~ Proverbs 7:1-4

Once again, I am so thankful for this book. It is treasure to me - worth more than the large inheritance(s) I've lost. It is life to me. It affords me sight. It helps me see what is real and what is lasting. And it folds me into the best possible family.

When was the last time you felt really grateful for your Bible? I'd sort of forgotten for a while just how much this book means.  But, thankfully, I've remembered today. And in remembering, I find I'm filled with hope. And my faith is strengthened.

Is it any wonder that the Bible so often ecourages us simply to remember?


  1. I completely agree it is my instruction manuel for life..It is living, and gives me the right answers just when I need them. A pretty awesome bible story was in 1999 my parents bought a new truck and my mother had doubts about purchasing the truck.Well one weekend my father went to a family members house to lets say have a good time and my mothers bible was left in the truck. The entire truck caught fire by an electrical fire and burned the entire enterior, dash, seats, carpet and all. The only thing that survived the fire was Gods Word. My mothers bible which was all paper didn't get damaged by the fire at all it was only drenched from the water the fireman used to put the fire out. You could take her bible and still read it clearly! I know the story sounds crazy but it is 100% real.

  2. WOW, Savannah! Great story.

    I hope that Bible stays in your family for generations to come.

  3. AnonymousJune 06, 2011

    Me too, Rachel! Really!
    I fell in love with my Bible in my twenties. I was a young wife to a seminary student and felt that it was up to me to learn it. Not him.
    I had always read my Bible but that was the time I jumped in head over heels with it.
    I would go crazy without the gift of my Bible!

  4. Savannah, It's not Crazy because a similar thing happened to me, our house caught fire and the only room that was left untouched was the room which held God's Word in it. It was my reminder that everything EVERYTHING can be destroyed except God's Word.

    Mine would have to be when I was 18 or 19 ( one of many times) where I still read my Children's living bible and someone knocked on the door, adn instead of closing or hiding it I just pressed the opened book against my chest and opened the door. Actually I was a little annoyed that they had interrupted my time with God. It was the first time I was not afraid to show who I was.


  5. I treasure it sister! Clutch it to my heart every day! His Words are my life!!!

    Deut. 32:47 ~They are not just idle words for you—they are your life.

    Rachel, do you have your testimony written out? I'd love to read it. Can't believe ALL of that happened to you at all...much less just over a few years. Wow! So glad He drew you to Himself then! HE is so good!

    Love you even more now after reading this.

  6. AnonymousJune 06, 2011

    God's Word is precious to me, but especially when I am under attack...I search for words of love, encouragement and that He is my help and all I ever need...Nothing else comes close...Praise God for His Word...Sue

  7. AnonymousJune 07, 2011

    I continue to be amazed at the wonderful works of our Father. I feel His love over and over when I read His word. It's fresh and new every time! The same passage means something new each time. Thanks for the reminder that no matter what His word will always be here for us! What an amazing Savior!!!!

  8. livingthruHim96June 07, 2011

    I am new to blogging but your devotional hit home in many ways. My husband had an affair in our 9th year of marriage. We told no one and tried counseling and I ran to God who directed me to stay. When I changed to make him happy rather than make Him happy I found myself depressed, lonely and insecure.

    This caused me to make poor choices that led me to an emotional relationship with a long time friend who, "had much more in common with me" than my husband.

    My husband and I are now in counseling with our Pastor and I with an independent counselor to deal with the blow his affair did to me physicial, mentally, sprititually and socially. It is not easy but I trust the Lord will guide us in the correct path.

    What struck me was how alone I feel yet there must be so many other women struggling with the same issue. What happened to the woman that divorced her husband? Is she still following God and is she happier now or does she regret her decisions? It is so hard to rebuild trust in a relationship and find that soul mate when it is has been lost. When the doubts start pouring into my heart I run to Him.

  9. AnonymousJune 07, 2011

    In response to your topic "soul mates", it was exactly what I needed to read today. I have been struggling in my marriage for some time now and have committed adultery not just emotionally but physically. Being a Christian and treasuring my relationship with Christ, I never thought I would face these feelings of loneliness, temptation and inadequacy as a wife...I believe The holy spirit is urging me to accept forgiveness and return to Christ and my marriage wholeheartedly. Please keep me in your prayers!


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