Friday, December 2, 2011

My Christmas Tree 2011

Over on Facebook (are you and I friends on FB?) a few people asked to see photos of my Christmas tree. Hence, today's post.

I put my tree up this year the Sunday before Thanksgiving. What, too soon you think?  I've been quite pleased with that decision so far. So here is this year's rendition of the tree:

Every year my tree is a little different. Ok, some years it is a lot different - I have a husband that is patient with my Christmas tree love.  I'm also a logophile (word lover), so that played into this year's theme.

The whole thing started from a spool of ribbon I found on sale. I knew my kids would love this ribbon, and they do. It set the tone for a slightly more whimsical tree than recent years. It also dictated the green, red and gold color scheme - not surprising colors for a Christmas tree.


I made the bow - googled how to do it, watched a couple videos and voila. It was easy.

I added the red spikey branch things for drama. My tree always has to have a little drama. Just to be clear, I like drama in my tree and novels, but notsomuch in my relationships.

OK, your turn. What's your tree style?  I'd love to see pics of your tree. If you've posted photos online please tell me how to get there! 


  1. Wow!! That's absolute perfection!! Love it! Beautiful!!!!!!! I feel peaceful and celebratory just looking at it!!!

    And I keep remembering the picture of the gorgeous upside tree your friends had last year!! I want to see it again!


  2. Sharon, yes, their upside down tree that hangs over the dining room table! I'll post those pics again.

    Can't wait to see if they do anything new this year!

  3. Beautiful Rachel!!! Simply beautiful :)

  4. Beautiful, just beautiful! And your kids aren't the only ones that love that ribbon! Your homemade bow looks great ~ Google is the best for projects like that.

  5. Beautiful tree. My youngest daughter decorated my tree on Saturday after Thanksgiving. Go to, under the header is a label Tree Ornaments. There is a video of my tree that I have used the same ornaments on for several years. I will have to add the story about the ornaments.

  6. Rachel,

    LOOKS AWESOME! <3 Thanks! However we don't decorate a tree anymore.


  7. I love your tree, it's so beautiful!

    I'll try and take a few pics for you when i get home, but ours is definitely a bit more...random, LOL. We have ornaments that are older than the two of us, plus all the ones we each received from family and friends while we were each growing up...though I think I have 10 times the ornaments than he does. Our tree is only 4' since we live in a condo and it's amazing just how many ornaments I was able to pack into that thing!

    I'm not sure how I'll be able to post pics here, but if anything, I'll post them on my blog and link them here.

    <3 Heather

  8. Here you go! Pictures of our tree this year :)

    <3 Heather

  9. So beautiful my friend! I just giggled to see your red sparkly words, even though mine are smaller and in silver I have the same words on my tree.
    Merry Christmas sweet friend

  10. Love your tree! I will post pictures of my tree on facebook.


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