Thursday, December 1, 2011

Remembering Christmas review

Today I’m featured at Karen Ehman’s blog in her 12 Days of Christmas … which is really twelve days of giveaways. I’ll be giving away a copy of my book It’s No Secret, a $10 Starbucks gift card, and a copy of the new Christmas novel Remembering Christmas.

I recently finished reading Remembering Christmas by Dan Walsh – here’s my review. 

Rick Denton is climbing the corporate ladder as an accountant and enjoying his bachelorhood. It’s Thanksgiving and he is thankful to have left his childhood home in Florida years ago – he has little interest in going back to visit his mother and step-dad now. That’s exactly what he must do, however, when his mom calls with news of her husband’s aneurysm. She needs his help managing their small Christian bookstore while she keeps vigil in the hospital.

Rick is out of his element in Seabreeze, FL. He doesn’t do small town. And he doesn’t do Christian. He hardly does compassion. What he thought would be a few days has stretched into weeks. And his heart – towards God and family – is being stretched in the process.

Remember the age of cassette tapes and pay phones? Set in the 1980s, Remembering Christmas is a heart-warming story by best-selling author Dan Walsh. It takes place during the holidays but this novel could really be read any time of the year. In fact, the cover photo and title led me to expect more "Christmasness" in this story than was actually there – but it is there.

And maybe that’s the strength of this novel. It’s not a mittens-and-kittens holiday novel. Remembering Christmas is a story about broken relationships – complete with misconceptions, unresolved feelings and distorted memories. But it's also a sweet story about reconciliation and slowing down to experience the true treasures of life. I can’t think of a better time of the year for that.

The main character in the book is a male – that’s a switch from most of the fiction we read over at She Reads. But his tale is told through a narrator, so we don’t spend the whole novel in Rick’s head. (Not that I would mind that.) Rick seems an accurate portrayal – a well drawn character.

Also, I will tell you this story has a twist. But I won’t tell you what it is. You’ll just have to read it. I will say that it stays with me.

Former pastor turned author Dan Walsh said, "I wanted to bring an inspirational, entertaining Christmas story to life. One that, hopefully, will stir hearts and minds to consider what matters most during the holiday season." He has done that in this tale.

I can confidently recommend Dan’s book if you want a holiday read, and mine if you want something to embolden your walk with God. So be sure and pop over to Karen’s blog and comment to win.  And if you win, tell me what you order with your Starbuck’s card – I love hearing what people order at the coffee counter. Currently I'm all into their crème brulee latte.


  1. Oh, Rachel, you're not helping me with my book list. This one definitely find its place on my To Read list. I'm anxious to read it after reading your review : )

    I've been participating in Karen's Twelve Days of Christmas giveaways and left a comment on today's post featuring you! By the way, I love that picture of you. That blue must be your pop color because you look absolutely stunning in it!

    Happy Christmas to you!

  2. Rachel :) in my whinny voice - hehehe

    I check your blog often because I know I'll find treasures here.

    I've already downloaded "Remembering Christmas" to my Kindle and I can't wait to begin it. I began reading the chapter on Amazon and just clicked 'buy it' :)

    Your review took me there. I love stories like this and although I have loads of books in my queue, as I finish my latest book (98% complete) Remembering Christmas will begin this week and I can't wait.

    Thanks for alwaysl sharing great and wonderful things.

    Blessings to You,

  3. Lakeisha - I'm so glad my blog adds some value to your days. Hope you enjoy the holiday novel!

    Pam, you are so sweet ... I'm off now to buy more blue!

  4. Rachel,
    This book sounds like a winner. A gentle, non-mushy read. Definitely what I need this time of year.

  5. SueBe, there's a little mush in there but it's not just fluff. I think you'll like it.

  6. Rachel,
    Thank you for another wonderful idea to do for Christmas. I am big on traditions especially at Christmas.

    One of several traditions I like is to use a portion of the children's money allotment to purchase a Christmas ornament for them. Naturally they never appreciated it but it is something I did from birth. Now my children are 34,32,31 and 17. When they are still at home I save their ornaments for them to hang and we reminisce about the years past. As the all left home the first thing ALL have asked for when they start their own Christmas is THEIR ORNAMENTS. I am so glad I stuck to my guns and kept doing it.

    Excited to start another, but out of my budget this time. That's alright with me.

    Merry Christmas,

  7. Thanks Rachel for the wonderful review. So glad you enjoyed the book. Hope you have an excellent Christmas!

    Dan Walsh

  8. Sounds like one to add to my Christmas book collection :) Sue O Merry Christmas :)

  9. Rachel, I am so super excited to have won your book giveaway from Karen's site! I simply cannot wait to try the new Starbucks holiday flavors and curl up with your book!


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