Thursday, March 29, 2012

Where's Your Creative Space?

My one word for 2012 is CREATE.

Have you seen the Where Women Create magazine?

Where is your creative space? 

     Is it on a laptop?

     Is it in a kitchen?

     Is it behind a microphone?

     Is it at a sewing machine?

     Is it in a coffee shop?

     Is it on the dance floor?

     Is it behind a drum set?

For me the answer to all these questions is: YES! They are all creative spaces for me.

Although just to keep it real, I'm probably the least effective behind the sewing machine!

And yes, I actually love playing drums. I learned in grad school when I played on Sunday nights at my church.

(My drum kit is electronic-looks a lot like this one. Not the prettiest looking set but I can play it with headphones on and not bother the neighbors.)

Spence Smith used to think his creative space was behind a drum set too. He used to think that was his only creative space - until he starting thinking differently about his creativity. He blogged about that on Feb 9th, pop over if you want to read it. In fact, go read it because maybe its time for you to think differently about your creative space too.

So where do you usually do your most creative work?


  1. Here lately I feel as if creating just isn't happening. At the end of the day, I look back and feel little is accomplished. I am trusting God to bring me through this funk. Keep creating Rachel you are an inspiration!

    1. Thanks Dawn. Pick one small creative act to accomplish tomorrow and aim to accomplish it before dinner.


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