Saturday, July 21, 2007

Birthday report

Well, other than accidentally deleting my "Rachel's Biography" page and not figuring out how to put it back, I've had a good birthday weekend. Had a complimentary french manicure with my friends Kati and Connie, and went to a tres chic restaurant called "Nickoli's" for dinner with said girlfriends. The bread came with soft, fresh roasted garlic you smear on it, and all the pasta was homemade fresh that day. It was delish!

Also went to lunch with hubby at a cafe I've been wanting to try, and then to see a movie. We saw and enjoyed Even Almighty - check it out. (There was an article in my local paper today saying not enough people are seeing the "Christian" movies in the theaters since The Passion, and that means Hollywood will quit making them. We need some family-friendly fare at the box office - so go with your girlfriends or on a date night and see this one.)

Got the MP3 player I wanted. I thought it would come in handy on the long flights I periodically take, but I'm nervous to wear/play it in public because when I jam, I CAN'T sit still. I have to at least rock to the beat. I'm that person you see alone in the car beside you at the stop-light, be-bopping in her seat and singing at the top of her lungs while drumming on the steering wheel. Sad, right? The good news is this little device should encourage me to work twice as long and hard while on the treadmill! I'll let you know if it helps me work off any of the good eats I've had this weekend.

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