Thursday, July 19, 2007

Birthday Wishes for Yahweh Sistas

Wanted to give a shout out "Happy Birthday" to my friend Heidi Brizendine whose birthday is today. My birthday is tomorrow (think I'll buy myself an MP3 player - happy birthday to me). Also, "happy birthday" to my friend Lysa TerKeurst whose birthday is Saturday. If anyone asks, we're all turning 29. ;)

Now if only we were all three in the same town, we could go out to lunch and celebrate ... maybe order some "chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side!" :)

My hometown girlfriends are taking me out this evening for a manicure and some java. Getting older isn't so bad - it has its perks (no pun intended). Actually its not the getting older I mind because with age comes wisdom and lots of good memories. Its the getting wrinklier and flabbier I'm not in love with. Thank goodness they have creams and elliptical machines for that!

Happy Birthday, girls.


  1. Hello friend, Happy Birthday to you! If I was there I'd join you cause there's nothin' I like more than being with girlfriends, celebrating something! I will be thinking of you tomorrow! Love ya, Shari

  2. Happy Birthday Rachel!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday girlfriend!!! Wish I was there to share a "faith-frappucino" with you! Love ya!


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