Wednesday, July 25, 2007

the delay to obey

Take a moment and listen to today's verse - from my side bar - from Psalm 119:60:
"I will hasten and not delay to obey your commands."
It touches on something that I've been thinking about lately. It seems like so often when I tell or hear someone tell me their testimony, or their story of being called into some sort of ministry position, or just called to do something difficult or out of the ordinary, they talk at length about how they ignored God at first or insisted they weren't qualified and refused to obey for a while. Now this wouldn't bother me except that sometimes we almost seem to be taking pride or pleasure in reporting on that aspect of the story. I've done it too. It just seems like that is the way you are suppose to tell those kinds of stories. It's almost as if it makes us seem all the more "called" or more confident in our calling because we resisted it so much.

Of course there are many biblical stories (like Moses and Jonah) where God's people resisted His plans at first. And certainly eventual obedience is better than no obedience at all. But my heart's cry today, like the writer of Psalm 119:60, is to hasten to listen to God and not delay to obey Him.

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  1. Hi Rachel!
    "Hastening to obey" seems like my specialty!! Thank you for the heart check "reminder" that we just NEED to listen and OBEY. God places these little "pings" in my heart--but do I GET IT?
    Heck NO--I wait for FULL BLOWN OUT Chest PAIN--then I get my fanny moving!!(Or my heart IN HIS GEAR)

    Your blog has inspired me to avoid these bouts as LIFE is so much easier OBEYING first.
    Thank God for HIS grace!
    Love & Peace,


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