Wednesday, October 3, 2007

back on dry land, and back online

Its been a while since I posted... did you miss me? I didn't sail off the edge of the world on that cruise ship, but rather lightening hit my computer and fried my ability to get online! I'm typing now on my new laptop, trying to get used to Windows Vista.

Speaking of vistas, the Caribbean blue view from the cruise ship was beautiful - not that I saw much of it since I was working all weekend as the retreat speaker. But I enjoyed it. I did this event with my worship leader girlfriend Gwen Smith and we had a great time together. I think we got a little too silly at times. However, I know we weren't too silly for this group - they actually did the electric slide to one of Gwen's songs! Now that was a first.

The ladies at this church (Crossings Community in FL) were just terrific. Gwen and I shared a lunch with a group of them one afternoon that was so special. We laughed a lot but we also talked sister-to-sister, soul-to-soul. I loved hearing how some of them came to Christ, the battles others are facing, and most of all to see their trust in God and their love for one another. That's what its all about, right there!

Well, that and the fact that I ordered not one but two desserts every single night I was on the ship. Why not - its free! The chocolate melting cake was a definite hit. I'm thinking I'd better get off here and go get on the elliptical machine now before that melting cake becomes a permanent part of my silhouette!

To the women at Crossings Community Church, I send my love and my prayers for you to continue to live out loud.


  1. It's great having you back on your blog again. God bless.

  2. desiree fortichOctober 15, 2007

    this is my first time on anything regarding computers. I am 52 years old and home on disability but GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME. I had surgery last year and as a result I am home. But please ITS WELL WITH MY SOUL- my God is good all the time. I was asked to write a book about my experience. But I have question it because I also have had some much trouble writing (in elementary, jr. and high school as well as college)that do not feel qualify to do so. But I know, God is good because I am a miracle resurrected from the dead. Rachel thank you for your obedience to God about all your concerns. Your husband, your time, your children, your relationship with your sisters but most of all your relationship with GOD - REALLY JUST HIM AND YOU - very, very precious!!! Thank you and I know that God is faithful to his children when they call upon him and rest at his feet. Rachael thank you. New beginnings!!!


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