Monday, October 8, 2007

Some pics from the cruise event

I told you there were some beautiful vistas. I love what God made here!

Above is our ship "The Sensation" docked in Nassau.

Below is me and the event coordinator Rita. Our waiter had folded and placed the towel on my head - not sure if its suppose to be a bow or ears. Either way I didn't care because I was in the middle of eating the chocolate melting cake.

Me with worship leader Gwen Smith. Too bad I didn't more of a tan on this cruise!!

Me goofing around at the ornate Atlantic Hotel in Nassau ... I eventually got my sunglasses back!

Below is me with a couple of the Crossings Community gals:

I have a whole slide-show of pictures on my computer from this event that I've been running as my screen saver for the last week, helping me remember the event and to pray for the ladies I met. ;)


  1. I just read your devotional from P31 and it really struck me since I've started having a quiet time with the Lord this week. I was the one waiting to find time to pray and read my bible. I have 4 daughters and I homeschool, so quiet time around here is almost nonexistent. I am not a morning person, but the last 2 days I've been up at 5 to have my quiet time. What a blessing! I just pray I can continue! Thank you for the encouragement :)


  2. Rachel~
    I ended up at your blog through your devotion posted at Proverbs 31 Ministries, "Making the Effort". WOW! Did I need to hear that this morning. Just today I "slept in" (as if 7:00 qualifies for sleeping in) and have been dealing with 2 toddlers ever since. Last night I told my husband I was just "too busy" to sit on the couch next to him every night and rub his back. Geez, what does he think, the house will clean itself???

    I know my priorities are out of whack. And there is a little voice inside me that knows if I am obedient to the things God tells me, I will be blessed beyond what I can imagine. I have got look past the messy house, dirty dishes, and unfolded laundry, but the Martha in me is screaming on the inside!

    For the rest of today I will focus on what you wrote: make time and just do it. Thank you! :)

  3. Ann Marie PetersonOctober 10, 2007


    This is my second attempt to leave a comment my first one disappeared right when I was ready to submit.
    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your Proverbs 31 devotional Wed. which led me to your blog spot (which is now on my favorites). I loved your exhortation on prayer and the boldness which you presented it. Your comment about making time vs. finding time is sooooo...true!!!
    It was great seeing a picture of your husband now I can put a face to his name. Congrats on his accomplishment that is huge. I beleive men of God are being raised up to be people of influence in their circles of influence. Thank you for your ministry.


    Ann Marie Peterson
    (participant in one of your past speaker evaluation groups)

  4. Hi Rachel,
    Just wanted to say that I found your blog through the Encouragement for today e-mail that I receive. I loved reading your article and it is so true that you have to MAKE time to pray daily. That really hit home for me as I have been having the same struggle lately. I am always too busy driving the kids to school, coming home and pouring candles, then time to pick the kids up from school, dinner, etc. The Lord has taught me a lesson recently. Everyday (or most days) I read a women's devotional bible daily and recently I was trying to print labels for my candles and for some weired reason my labels wouldn't line up right - in both directions, lol. Well, I realized that I hadn't read my bible that morning because I had too much to do. Well, the Lord made me realize that I didn't put him first so things just weren't going right for me. Anyway, the next morning I made sure to put the Lord first and read my devotional and to pray. Afterwards I went right to my labels and they lined up perfectly. I was telling my sister in law about this and she said 'nope, not weird at all. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I appreciated your "Making the Effort" article and I have also enjoyed your blog. I will have to add it to my list of favorites on my blog site, lol.

  5. Joy KennellyOctober 10, 2007

    Hi there, I love receiving my Encouragement for Today and appreciated what you wrote today. Just dropping by to send you some love and thanks!


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