Monday, October 8, 2007

Bragging Rights

OK, I have to brag for just a minute on my husband because he totally rocks!

I met him when I was in college. He was teaching there after getting his master's degree. Yes, I married my professor! Shh, don't tell. (To answer your inevitable questions... he is only 6 years older than I, and no we didn't begin dating until a few semesters after I took his class.) So I know from experience that he is a truly gifted teacher - brilliant, energetic and funny in the classroom.

A couple week's ago the secular university we now both teach at confirmed what I had long suspected - that I am married to the best professor there!! Out of 450+ teachers, Rick was nominated and won one of 3 teaching awards the Chancellor bestows on outstanding faculty. Then from that pool of three, Rick was chosen as the top teacher and awarded the highest honor, the Board of Trustee's teaching award. He looked like he'd just won at the Olympics with the two gold medallions hanging around his neck and clinking together as he walked. I am so proud of him!

My prayer for him today is that he will continue to be a man of integrity and excellence, and a reflection of Christ on that campus. I call him blessed in Jesus' name. This nation needs more great teachers, but even more we need more great teachers who are greatly committed to living biblical principals and allowing that to show through in all they do.

I will tell you that 10 years ago I began speaking blessings over my husband regularly and saw God move in his life in mighty ways. Then I had two children and speaking those blessings over him fell a bit to the wayside - along with daily showers, daily bible study, and a tidy house! I got back to showering and bible study shortly thereafter but only recently have returned to physically speaking blessings over Rick and I again see God moving. So the bragging is really on God as my husband's maker, and as the One who bestows all good gifts.


  1. Great reminder Rachel of the need to honor and bless my husband each day.

  2. This is a win- win- win! Your husband is honored at the gates of the city, your children can feel proud of their Dad, he is positively influencing a world of students- and God is the author of this wonderful scene!!

  3. That is very nice. Can you be more specific on the blessings you speak over your family?

  4. Thank you so much for the wonderful blog on your husband. I have just started speaking more positive about my husband and trying to pray for him. Today I will start speaking blessing over him and my children. Thank you for what you have written.

  5. what do you mean when you say you speak blessings over him?

  6. hi rachel! moved by your entry! you are an awesome role model to this 43 y old mom of 3. i am on fire for God but i am intrigued by the "speaking blessings" as i am unfamiliar with this. i pray over my husband while he sleeps anf pray ALOT or my kids. can you explain this concept of speaking blessings from scriptures or direct me to it? thanks!! i'm excited to learn.

  7. Do you actually physically stand near him and touch him or do you do this in your quiet time away from him? I was just wondering about the use of your word "physical"


  8. You referred to 'speaking blessings over your husband'. Could you please elaborate. What does that mean?

  9. I will create a post that answers your questions on the specifics of this... just give me a couple of days to get to that.

    Blessings ~ Rachel


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