Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Thanks for praying

If you're looking for the discussion about Rahab, it is below this so just scroll down to find it.

Some of you asked how this weekend went and I just had to thank you for praying. I could so feel your prayers over me and everything about the event. This was the 4th annual Women's Forum and they've already outgrown their meeting space. There were a couple hundred women there from something like 15 area churches in two states. They even had extra folding chairs set up in the aisles to fit everyone in. And these were the sweetest women you'd ever want to meet! Seriously, they were just terrific. I love Southern women anyway but really enjoyed each one that came over to talk with me or to hug my neck afterward.

All went smoothly with my travel - thank you again for praying. I usually forget to pack something, and this time was no different. Only this time I forgot to pack an entire outfit! Not my speaking outfit, thankfully, but something to change into after the event for my travel home. I couldn't wear the day before's outfit because of a 25 degree drop in the high temperature between the two days. I'd freeze in the day before's Capri's and short sleeved shirt. Turns out my hotel was right next to a small shopping mall. So I went shopping in Belk's and even met up with some of the Women's Forum ladies there. They spotted me and said, "Isn't that our speaker? Hey, she likes to shop too!" We all went gaga over the cute red shoes there. One of us should've bought some.

If you've read my bio page on this blog, you know that I do like to shop. You also know I like Starbucks. And guess what else was right beside my hotel? A Starbucks! I had the best frappachino of my life there. You might think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. It was perfection and I was bummed I'd only ordered a small.

Beside my forgetting travel clothes, the only other glitch was getting the audio visuals fully working. My PowerPoint was good to go, but the two video clips I had in it weren't. We tried several different work arounds before we got it. But then we had no sound for them. All of this was in the 30 minutes before the event officially began. The ladies were filling in and we were at the sound board trying to get everything set up right. I was fine with just not using the clips but their staff (shout out of thanks to Mistie here) was determined to make it work and they eventually did.

So I finally went and took my seat up front and was gathering my Bible and notes for the start of the program when a women came up and introduced herself and said, "I was asked to let you know that the light bulb on the projector keeps going out so the visuals may not work." As she left to check for a back-up bulb, I prayed that it would work and hold out through all of the day's sessions - and it did perfectly.

God is good and prayers usher the way for His goodness to reign. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and I know that your prayers helped make that such a great experience for me and for the participants who came. Even my eye is feeling better and healing. So, will you pretty please go right now to my "Where I'll be" page and pray over my April, June and September events listed there?!

And welcome to any of the ladies now joining us here from the Women's Forum. Tomorrow I'll post the next reading in our Women of the Bible project.


  1. As I was reading your post, I had to smile. I was thinking that no audio visual problems or burnt out light bulbs are going to get in the way of the Lord's work. It must've been a great time in the Lord for the enemy to want to throw some glitches into the event. But God is great and He is faithful.

    Glad everything went well and that you're home safe. Can't wait till tomorrow. Catch ya then. :)

    Dale, Bklyn, NY

  2. Rachel, You are hilarious! I laugh out loud at so many of the delightful things you say! My hat is off to you as well for all that you are able to accomplish and you still find time to shop...it's gotta be whatever they put our Starbucks...(it just has a better effect on you!) :) You go girl and sincerely... a MILLION thanks for this great bible study and all your insightful words and just for the wonderful woman that you are!

    So glad all went well last weekend, though with so many people praying for you...God's bound to be smiling and graciously providing!

    Take good care girlfriend and may God continue to bless you in all that you do. He's lavished amazing gifts on you and you are a truly deserving and humble recipient!

    Much love, RL in Southern Cal!

  3. Rachel, I am so glad that the attendance to the Women's Forum was in such abundance that you went into overflow mode! It is obvious that the presence of the Holy Spirit was with you and substantially blessing the event.

    I am equally pleased that your eye seems to be on the mend and sincerely hope that all of the reading and typing you have to do won't put too
    much of a strain on it. Don't overdo it....we will all understand if you can't accomplish ALL that you have set out to do this week. Just gauge yourself and be sure to get rest when you need it!

    God bless you and all of the work that you are doing for others.



    Bonners Ferry, ID USA

  4. As usual God is faithful. Glad to hear how God blessed the Women's Forum. I'm glad you forgot your outfit because then you would not have treated yourself to a new one. Maybe it was God's way of saying Rachel I'm pleased with what went forth today go out and get you a new outfit. And then it also allowed you continue to be used by him in sharing with some of the ladies from the forum. I know it blessed them to see that you are real and approachable.

  5. Thanks for sharing! I'm so glad that the event went well, and that God provided for every small detail. I even visited your "Where I'll Be" page and prayed for the rest of your calendar.

  6. Saturday definately goes on My "Living the GOD life" list for 2007. I laughed when you talked about how deep the Tunnel in Willmington was and I knew your judgment was based on the depth of your Love and dedication to God. Thank you for the Love and laughter of God you bring as a speaker and a writer.
    One of the ministries I participate in is choir. During the conference Saterday I heard God repeatedly telling me I was ready for the next step as a soloist. 20 years ago my sinful nature would not let me use my gift for Gods purpose. I had nodes on my vocal cords and could not continue to work as a singer. Over the last five years I have slowly returned to the ministry of
    singing. On Sunday Our miniter of music asked me to sing 2 solo's. I did'nt even get nervous when I had to sing one of the songs duing Choir practice because I knew it was Gods will. "Living the GOD Life" and Loven Homeschooling! maggieirussell@yahoo.com

  7. Thank you for giving us all the privilege to pray for you. I'm sure we are all glad you are back safely. Looking forward to tomorrow's reading!
    Greenville, Ohio

  8. Racheal....Welcome.Thank god for answered prayers. Like someone said, u r so real and practicable, yet spirit filled. I love that about you.
    I have a dream of attending one of ur meetings one day and meeting u in person? ( U never know,God is able even to work out a vacation for me all the way to the US to coincide with one of ur talks....tall dream hey!)lol

    Anyway.....I will pop in and check out ur future engagements and pray as u requested.


  9. Oh My. A typo in my previos post. I meant "GOD"

  10. Rachel, I am glad you are back and that your weekend went well.

    I am looking forward to our next lady.

    Emily in Ohio

  11. Rachel - I will pray for your future engagements. His ways are always the best.

    Ladies - some of you have been praying for me since I lost my job a week ago Thursday. I have an updated request if I could...I have a first interview of sorts this Thursday, and it sounds good. But, first and foremost, I want what God wants for me. So, could you please pray that God gives me bold discernment that day so I will know what it is He would have me to do in this situation. Thank you and many many blessings to you all!

  12. Rachel, I'm so glad everything worked out for your meeting.

    After reading Rahab and all the comments, I realized that Rahab must have loved her family very much and perhaps they knew God and had raised her to know Him also. The Bible says "teach them the way they should go and when they are old they will not forget.

    When I was first married, my husband had an older brother who was an alcoholic, had spent time in prison for armed robbery and while out on probation had a wreck and killed a woman. He was sent to Joliete(sp) to finish his time for the robbery and serve time for the woman he killed. He had just gotten out of prison when I came into the family and most of the times I saw him he was drunk. He told me one day that "religion" was not for him. He did not believe in God at all, but his parents were God fearing people who prayed for their 11 children. That particular brother had a wreck while on alcohol, and drugs and went through a school fence which should have killed him. Instead it broke his jaw bone. He went back to his house and heard the police coming in his front door. He jumped out a back window which had cement underneath it but he landed on the grass. While in the hospital (his jaw wired and had a trach) he wrote on a sheet of paper that He had seen Heaven and had almost seen Hell, but God spared his life and while we were visiting him he asked for me, my husband and another brother to come into his room. He wanted us to pray for him. For the first time in my life I witnessed a miracle. I could actually see, it was almost like a veil coming off his face and his whole countenance changed. After he totally committed his life to God He has served Him with compassion in the same way he had served the devil. So it's too late to tell me that God can't change the lives of a sinner. All of the brothers who weren't Christians now know Him as their Savior and occasionally they all sing together. There were 3 girls, one who died in 1975 (I don't know the condition of her heart), the oldest one just died recently, I prayed with her and when she was in the hospitl she called for a pastor to come pray for her because she wanted to be ready to meet her maker. The third girl is still living, but only God knows her heart. So girls don't ever give up on your family. God impressed me about 4 years ago to pray for my extended family and my husband's. I have seen several come to know Jesus.

    It's sad that sometimes it takes a tradegy to change people but maybe that is what save Rahab.
    AliceE - NC

  13. Rachel, I am glad you had a God filled weekend and everything went okay. Starbucks and shopping every girls dream.

  14. Hi Rachel O.,,,you are so very welcome. I'm glad everything went well over the weekend. I am really thrilled to hear your eye is feeling better as well. You are one terrific woman to take out time to share all of your insights with us and again it's so great to have all my other Sisters in Christ sharing this experience and I hope it lasts for a long time. I look forward to participating and you have made me take a better look at all the "women of the Bible". I have been asking God to bring me closer to Him and He put you in my path to allow that to happen. Just wanted to tell you again...thank you so much. I feel so good after reading about the "women" in the Bible and then reading your comments as well as my sistas too. I have alot of challenges going on, however staying in The Word, praying, and sharing with you and all the girls motivates me to keep pressing through because I know God will see me/us through.

    If I may ask all of you to pray that I find the house I'm seeking (3 bedroom, 2 bath) in a nice area and with a rent that I can work with. I have to move no later than May 1st. I know He's going to work it out for me. I in turn am praying for all of you. Isn't it great knowing we are all looking out for each other? There is so much backbiting with women sometimes and God does not approve. He's watching and sharing our opinions and ideas about "the women of the Bible" brings us closer to Him.

    I am in a different place in my life. I'm not sure if it's because I am older (56) and going through "the change".....MENOPAUSE....let me keep it real...it's not always so cool (excuse the pun) but I am going through it, hot flashes and all......Well, you probably don't need to hear anymore about that. :) Girls, have a great week and look forward to reading all your comments. This is Jo Ann here in Denver, Co.

  15. Rachel, I have lifted you up in

    prayer that all your speaking

    engagements in April, June and

    September be inspiring and with

    all you have contributed to us I

    not only wish for you but know you

    will ROCK:) Jo Ann in Denver

  16. Just wanted to post quickly and let all my new sisters know I am lifting up your prayer requests to our Father.

    "How great is the love the Fater has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God." 1John3:1a (ain't that good stuff)

    Fullofgrace- I'm praying that you will be blessed not only with a great paying job but one that you thoroughly enjoy and shows forth God's glory.

    Alicee - Thanks for sharing with us about your husband's family. I too have seen God change someone right before my eyes. It gives me goose bumps just thinking about it. What a testimony for all us parents of wayward children. KEEP PRAYING--KEEP THE FAITH. Our Father loves each one of us and he wants the very best for us.

    Jo Ann - I'm praying for God to bless you with a home that is even more than what you're hoping for. And that you won't have to rent but you will own your home!!

    "Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart."

    Rachel - Thank you again for bringing us all together. God will bless you beyond your dreams. You are in my prayers.


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  18. Glad you're back Rachael and very glad that the weekend went well! RL in So. Cal. has it right! Maybe the shopping was a reward for having "done well, good and faithful servant!" Looking forward to the next discussions!

  19. Debbie in SCApril 02, 2008

    Hey--I love Starbucks,too! I have to get fat free,sugarfree lattes,though. :o)I'm so glad the forum was a blessing to those ladies--just like this Bible Study is a blessing to me. Can't wait for the next topic in the morning. :o) Debbie in Goose Creek,SC

  20. I, too, have enjoyed the Bible study so very much and the comments that are made. The door was opened to me several weeks ago when my niece sent a devotional for me to read from the Proverbs 31 Ministry. From that I found "Blog" not even knowing what it was. I couldn't read enough - I read blogs for hours! A new world for me.
    Several days ago I decided to create a blog. So even though this is all new to me I invite you to take a look. . I might soon burn out. . have to wait and see.


    Rachel, I feel a kindred spirit to you when you mentioned Starbucks. I LOVE frappuccinos! I have been getting one each week for several years. I also like to get them at Barnes & Noble and look at books after enjoying this special drink!

    Anxiously awaiting our next "woman of the Bible"

  21. i've forgotten to post that i read the scriptures that are on your page each day. they are a blessing to me.

    sarah- Texas

  22. Hi everyone. I appreciate you guys. I feel that I can share some prayer requests with you. My dad has lost his job for the second time and really needs some affirmation. I pray for a job opening. He is 56 and has not had a job since November. Also, my husband and I are going on a trip for the first time before our son was born. We are excited, but this is my time leaving him. He is almost three so a good age to leave behind with grandparents.

    I really enjoy studying all these women. Thank you for all of you.
    Stephanie, SC

  23. where r u rachel? is everything oay?


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