Friday, April 4, 2008

Reading Abigail

So many people shy away from reading the Old Testament because it can be more difficult to track with or understand through our modern eyes. Yet it can give us important insights into God’s character, and man’s tendencies. I think Hadassah’s comments hit the nail on the head yesterday … we tend to look at the OT through the lens of God’s grace and kindness and we’re surprised to see His unwavering judgment and even His wrath.

I’m reminded of the verse in Proverbs 1:7 that says, “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom.” Until we truly understand what we all deserve from a holy God is condemnation, and that unless we are covered by Christ’s blood that is exactly what we will wind up receiving, God’s ways will not make sense to us. It is not God’s desire that anyone perish, but that all come to eternal life through Christ (2 Peter 3:9 and 1 Tim 2:3-4). However, God also knows that not everyone will willingly bend his or her knee to Him in this lifetime. They will receive the fair payment for their sin, which is death (Romans 6:23). Those willing to bow to Christ as their Redeemer, however, will receive the unearned gift of eternal life with God. I pray we will never lose our view of God’s amazing grace and love, but I pray we don’t allow it to blind us to His holy righteousness either. It is wise and good to have some fear of what God is entitled to and capable of doing.

Now, on to the next reading. We’re going to read about Abigail and her story is linked here in 1 Samuel 25:1-24. Pray for God to speak to your heart as you read.

Since we are behind schedule this week, go ahead and post your comments about Abigail. Then we’ll do our next reading on Sunday. Just don't read anyone else's comments before you've done your reading. Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. I read it!!

  2. I read it!
    Lynn - Oregon

  3. I read it. What a courageous woman and wise. She averted unnecessary death for many, kept David from sin and became his wife.

    Linda-Columbus OH

  4. I read it!
    How encourageing Abigal is, what a servant of the Lord.

    Ashley, Florida

  5. I read it. How wonderful that Abigail was so sensible, so courageous! She did what her husband should have, but refused to do in his own arrogance and cruelty. What an example that we must do what we know to be right in God's eyes regardless of what those around us choose to do or what danger may exist. She was so humble! How I wish for her humility, her sensibility, her courage. Also an example of how we can affect others to keep them from sinning if we would just stand up instead of saying we are helpless to change the situation or that it is their choice and we have no right to interfere. Can you imagine how different this story would have been if Abigail would've said she was out, there was nothing she could do, it was the men's choices after all. I'm so glasd she was willing to do what was neccesary.
    Emily-Vandenberg AFB CA

  6. I read it! Abigail was a brave woman who faithfully served her husband despite his shortcomings. Maybe I read inton it, but i did not see any "what's in it for me" attitude in her as she went to meet David. So often, we are looking out for ourselves either consciously or unconsciously. I admire her ability to make good out of a bad situation. i am sure she never would have dreamed that she would end up at David's wife.
    Kim - Ohio

  7. I read it!


  8. I think I was most struck by Abigail's immediate action. She showed no hesitation to jump up and do what was in her power to correct the situation. She acted immediately and selflessly -- what an example to follow.

    Laurie in Ithaca, NY

  9. Abigail was amazing in every sense but I noticed something else. The Lord wanted Nabal dead because of his sins and God completed it on His own terms, without interference from anyone else. Something to think about in relation to our previous reading and subsequent questions.

  10. I read it & loved it! Although married to her polar opposite, Abigail immediatley sprung into action, no questions asked & did the right thing! She didn't seem to worry what her husband thought, she "just did it". What a great quality to have...just do what's right no matter what the circumstances! I have to remember this story! :)

    Abigail struck me as a quiet but courageous woman. I got the feeling she had an amazing heart. She simply followed her heart to do the right thing...there was no deal or compromise.

    For me, this is a lesson in not only standing up for what you believe in, but acting upon it as well...without hesitation & questions. If you know it's right & pleasing to God, you can't go wrong! :)

    Pat in NYC

  11. If I were to describe Abigail in one word it would be "Ambassador". She exemplifies the traits of one who strives for peace - and I would say marriage to Nabal was her learning experience!
    She was:
    Even-temperment and patient – being married to a crude and mean man
    Sensible – managed the household of a wealthy husband
    Beautiful – as noted, but her true beauty came from within
    Respected – the servants sought her opinion
    Decisive – wasted no time in responding to a crisis
    Prepared – was able to respond to the crisis
    Prudent – knew when best to hold her tongue
    Humble – willing to accept the responsibilities of her husband’s short-comings without being shrewish
    Wise – her words gave David cause to see his actions were not honoring to the Lord

    David had one encounter with Abigail and recognized her nobility and good-will. (I wonder if she was later responsible for getting David out of a few scrapes as well.) Although David had many wives, I would venture to guess that Abigail held his trust and esteem throughout their marriage. She probably played a major role in maintaining peace in his household amongst all those wives too!

    Abigail may very well have been a role model for the Proverbs 31 woman! After all, King Lemuel’s mother handed the oracle down to him, so she probably learned of it (or saw it herself) in a royal household.

  12. I read it

    Melissa - Louisiana

  13. I just love Abigail...she's got it all....what a woman who loves the Lord with a humble servant's heart! I can read this over and over! Thanks, Rachel! :)


  14. I read it and I loved this story. I have read it before but not really thought about the qualities and characteristics of Abigail. It would be very easy if married to such a man to take a back seat and think "well he got himself into this mess so he can get himself out of it" But Abigail saw the bigger picture. I guess that is something that comes with having a close relationship with God. Perhaps because of her husbands nature and personality Abigail had come to rely on God more than if her husband had been a better man.

    Sandra - England

  15. I read it and will my comments later. I am kind of behind too and want to say the most that I can out of this reading. When you ladies are done please go to my blog and read a letter that Jesus especially wrote for all of you. He wants your attention and I believe this will help!
    God Bless until later

  16. It's a great love story! I quite like this one. You got the villian, a beautiful wise woman, and a hero. In this case the hero was going to make a terrible mistake, but God intervened. I admire Abigail's quickness to respond to these men, and her courage to do so. It's another example of God intervening when someone was going to take matters into their own hands.

    I just wonder, how did she get all these hundreds of food items made so quickly? 200 fig cakes?

    connie - Canada

  17. Abigail is a woman of humility and wisdom. It never struck me to think of her as a main woman character in Scripture but it occured to me that she represents many characteristics of a godly woman. Her posture and humility were so genuine that David only needed to meet her once to appreciate these qualities.

  18. I read it. I will want to re-read this and look forward to coming back and reading all your comments.

  19. LaTonya/FLApril 04, 2008

    I read it!

    How great GOD used her in hearkening to the man of GOD, David and then encouraging him to do what GOD will have him to do. I admire how she was sensitive to the holy spirit and obedient. Awesome!


  20. I read it!
    Kim -PA

  21. I read it!
    Rachele - IN

  22. I read it! Abigail is a definite favorite of mine. I love the fact that she didn't hesitate to do what she knew she should...there was no wavering or indecisiveness. I pray for these qualities in my own life, as I sometimes struggle with being decisive, and with always knowing what I need to do in every situation.

  23. I read it. God Bless, Josie

  24. Ok It was really hard to not read the other comments before writing mine. I read the story earlier, but I wanted to read some comentaries before comenting to make sure I was getting the whole story.

    Ok Abigail's name means "Source of Joy"
    Nabal means "Fool" and from the house of Caleb - Caleb means "Dog" So the story continues:
    Davids men watch Nabals flocks in a time of Philistine raids. David waits until harvest time (the shearing) to collect for all the hard work his men have done. He sends 10 young messengers to ask (not demand) for payment and instead was insulted by Nabal. David does not receive this well and his fleshly side comes out. He decides he wants to retaliate with a few friends (an army of about 400) and wipe out anybody in the vicinity of Nabal.

    Meantime Abigail is told of everything and realizes (remember She is a wise woman) the seriousness of the situation and quickly puts together a gift basket of 5 sheep, 200 loaves of bread (I have than in my pantry too ha ha) and some other items, loads up the donkeys and meets David at the pass so to speak. Humbles herself before him and throws on the charm and wisdom. She takes the blame on herself and reminds David of his calling from God,and that he would not want this bloody sin on himself. Then she lets him know she did not know about this prior and asks if he has to do something can he just take care of the guilty one.
    Smart she puts it back in Nabal. .
    Now what is strange is this is her husband, was she disrespecting him or was she saving a bunch of people.
    Was this a case of Nabal disrespecting her for years or perhaps a prearranged marriage? Or did she have some Godly wisdom of the future calling for David and/or herself? Because next she asked David to remember her (vs31) ..doesn't that seem strange?
    Whether God had spoken to her about her future or not - David did remember her. After she told Nabal all that happened and he died David called upon Abigail to be his wife and she accepted.

    So she was beautiful, wise, bold and courageous. I think she knew her husband Nabal was a fool and feared the Lord more than she did her husband. She was seeking to do right, and let God take care of the rest.

    Ok now I can read everyone elses comments! :)

    Lynn -Oregon

  25. December Rose.... Nice comment you had some really isight.
    Be Blessed.

  26. I read it!
    Very intereting story and I must say it kept me wanting to read more and definitely it was easy to stay focus with this story.
    Abigail definitely was courageous and when called upon to become David's wife she listened to that inner voice and allowed herself to move on with her life and become a wife again to someone strog in characater.

  27. I read it! It is wonderful to read about such courageous and faithful women! Abigail was willing to do anything, including risk her marriage, to do God's will. So many times in life I worry about what others think or I become too focused on the world's expectations. Reading about Abigail reminds me what my central focus should always be...God! Keep our eyes and hearts on God and we will surely find our way!

  28. Read it! Loved DecemberRose's comments.


  29. I read it.
    Jo Beth

  30. The overriding thought that comes into my mind after reading Abigail's story is submission.

    When her husband, Nabal, essentially told David and his men off, she knew exactly what needed to be done...submit and ask forgiveness. She knew who David was and what God said he would become.

    I believe she must've had a close working relationship with those working for her husband because they immediately came to her after Nabal angered David.

    I get the feeling that this wasn't the first time this happened. I believe she knew exactly what to do, and what to say so that David would not destroy them.

    I also saw that Abigail's reasoning made David stop and think about what he was doing before he did it. He thanks her for her counsel, and then ends up asking her to be his wife. She must've been so humbled. I know I would've been. Imagine a powerful (and quite attractive) man like David asking you to be his wife...what a contrast from being married to Nabal, whose name means, 'fool.'

    I have been Abigail, and it is no fun. Even now, my husband is making decisions that the Lord is not happy with. The only thing I can do is pray and humble myself before him so that God can work in him. Anything I bring to the table will be useless.

    Have a blessed Saturday ladies : )

    Keri - Raytown, MO

  31. Abigail reminds me of the new testament story of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. She definitely exhibited the heart of a servant with her willingness and humilty. And she did what a lot of women do today...try to make the most of a bad marriage. God was definitely in it as her cruel husband ends up dying and Abigail becomes one of David's wives. Beth Ann/Ohio

  32. I was amazed at the opposite characteristics of Abigail and Nabal - definitely wise versus foolish! In spite of this, Abigail still showed a respect to her husband. I'm sure it must have been hard to tell him what she had done - it seems like she could have gotten in a lot of trouble for going against him. God certainly blessed her for it! Almost like a fairy-tale ending!!

    Lori - Winnipeg, Canada

  33. What an amazing servant of the Lord. Abagail ranks high in my book. She was a woman who did things right. How much we can learn from her. She was a supportive wife even though she knew her husbands short comings, she was a protector to those she loved, and she was able to trust in the Lord and not take things into her own hands. She is different from the women we read about at the beginning of this study. I love how God shows us that when we leave things to him He is more than able to take care of things and to work them out so much better for everyone. A good lesson for me to learn.
    Janice in Mcfarland, WI

  34. I read it! Enjoying this Bible study so much! Thanks Rachel!


  35. I read it -- I must be feelign very negative today as I just saw more death and destruction rather than peace and happiness!

  36. I agree with the others. Abigal was a very compassionate woman (cared about the servants), respecful and wise (not only had the servants take an offering to David, but went with them and bowed down to David and asked for forgiveness of her husband, even though she knew the person he was, and to spare the lives of their servants and (her husband if possible). God honored her request I believe because of her loyalty and I feel sure she had forgiveness in her heart as well.
    This has been a very good study of what we as wives should do to give honor not only to God but to our husbands (even in conflict).
    God bless everyone. Your comments have been great.

  37. When it's said that "opposites attract", they ever! Nabal protrays such a mean spirited, bitter man and Abigail was so gracious, kind, and compassionate. Even though she should be supportive to her husband, she was aware of his flaws and acknowledged them to David and didn't condone his outrageous behavior toward his messengers. As the OT tells of Abigail's kindness in taking food and drink to David, she was so humble in apologizing for Nabal's behavior and trying to smooth things over. The text never made mention of her questioning Nabal's servants when they came to her and told her about her husband's outlandish behavior because she already knew how he treated people. Even though you love someone and are married to them, if you're truly their friend, you still have to recognize their flaws and point them out to them as well. That is what a "true friend" is required to do. It can be done in a loving way, without attacking their character . "Truth is not always served with warm cookies and milk."

    Not only did Abigail smooth things over with David regarding Nabal's conduct, she also kept David and his men from destroying her husband and others because in the end God took out His wrath on Nabal Himself. And she got a "new" husband to boot.

    God is truly in control in all things. Abigail loved her husband but knew he had issues. Some might look at it as a betrayal, but I believe she did what was right in God's eyes and isn't that how we all are supposed to handle everything? Blessings to ALL!

    Jo Ann/Colorado

  38. I see Abigail as another amazing woman who humbled herself and was able to be used by God. Abigail was obviously a strong and wise woman; she did not flaunt that but rather showed a servant's heart and attitude. This was obvious to her husband's servants. Also, she shows that a woman can still be honest and upright even when her husband chooses to live differently -- living this way and not being disrespectful to her husband. (She could have allowed him to be killed if she kept bitterness to him in her heart.) God blessed her, I think, due to her faithfulness.

  39. My first thought was here goes Abigail being a peacemaker. I think us women step into that role often. I see many women keeping peace in their families, no matter what the cost... This is not always a bad thing but not always God-honoring either.

    I believe my Bible's commentary said it well- "... one cool headed person can really defuse a situation!" Amen!

    Somerset, KY

  40. I read it.

  41. I read it. Carla Alpharetta/GA

  42. What a wonderful example for us as women and especially as a teaching moment for our children. The main thing that I took away from this reading was the importance of knowing how to deal with an angry person. It's something that most of us have to deal with on a daily basis.Abigail exemplified for us how to act immediately to right the wrong, how to apologize genuinely, and how to temper our responses so that we do not exacerbate the anger with a defensive response..."A gentle answer turns away wrath" Prov.15:1 I think that this selection spoke most to my heart and is something that I can put to use right now, right here today! Thanks Rachel for your guidance, and ladies for your insights. A great weekend to everyone!
    Deb in VA

  43. I read it
    Heather Rio Rancho NM

  44. I read it and so admire the strength and wisdom of Abigail. December Rose, your comments were so good..thanks! I think I'm going to make a paper copy of Rachels thoughts on each of our OT Ladies, and add someof the additional comments made from all of you. Have a joy-full weekend. Celebrate in worship!

  45. I read it!

    God Bless!
    Linda - NC

  46. I read it!

  47. It is evident in the beginning of verse 14 that Nabal's attitude had brought trouble to his family before since one of his servants apparently went immediately to Abigail to tell her what happened. How many times before had she bailed them out of trouble because of Nabal's temper and self-centeredness.

    Her humbleness was expected as she went to meet David but to continue that attitude after he asked her to marry him is a true indication of her character. She could have demonstrated pride over David not only remembering her but also for proposing marriage. To offer to be a slave to his servants was further declaration of her gratitude that he spared them when he just as easily could have killed everyone.

    I really like Abigail.

  48. I read it
    Suzy, Florida

  49. I read it and WOW. I really think Abigail is a woman to admire. No matter how bad her husband messed up, she took it upon herself to make things right. How many times have we been peacemakers because of foolish decisions. She stood up for what was right and God rewarded her for her faithfulness.
    I am amazed at some of these women who does what God say's, when He say's it. No second guessing or asking why. Just to be an obedient and humble servant to the Lord. Abigail by far is my favorite woman that we have studied. I learn so much from reading and then seeing everyones comments.
    God Bless you all
    Tommie, Kentucky

  50. I just noticed that Laurie is from Ithaca, NY. That's where I grew up! Nice to share this bible study with someone from my home town.

    Binghamton, NY

  51. Enjoyed this study and all the comments.
    Karen - central OR

  52. I read it!

    WOW! What a differene between the other ladies we have studied and Abigail. I just love her servvant heart!
    ~ Christi Leander, TX

  53. Awesome story. I love all your comments. Such a blessing to be in this study with all of you. God Bless you Rachel.

  54. Fivedesigns, would you please post your blogspot again. I would love to read the letter from Jesus. God Bless you.

  55. Debbie in Goose Creek,SCApril 06, 2008

    I read it! I never knew anything about Abigail previously. I kept thinking, "Blessed are the peacemakers". We wives so often have to go ahead of a situation to 'smooth the waters' because of something "in folly" that our husbands say or do causing potentential flareups within family or friends. They usually are too prideful to say thanks or change their attitudes even then. A simple, "thankyou, dear, I really could have caused a problem there had you not stepped in" would be SO nice! :o)LORD, don't kill our husbands! Debbie in SC

  56. I read it. I loved the fact that Abigail never pointed her finger at anyone and complained that it was their fault. She just did what had to be done and was even willing to take the blame herself.

  57. I agree with 5skies when she says that we as women do a lot of peacemaling in our families--and that it it is not always a bad thing not is it always God-honoring. I think what made the difference here in Abigail's situation is that she was not trying to cover up her husband's flaws (sin). As others have pointed out, Abigail knew what her husband was like and how difficult and unreasonable he could be. She didn't try to play that down or persuade David that he had misunderstood Nabal.

    That to me is significant because we can be true peacemakers and placate some intense relational situations but not by making excuses for wrongs done and down playing sin even if we understand why our husband did or said what he did. It is a fine line and only God can help us through those difficult situations. But He knows my heart as well as the heart of my husband and I can trust Him to work things out, if I am willing.

    I think Abigail was a wonderful example of this.

  58. I read it, along with all the readings & comments from last week. I got behind last week, but am now caught up. I actually missed all you gals & your comments. This study has been such a blessing in my life. Thanks to Rachel and to all of you!

    It was refreshing to read about Abigail, who showed such wisdom and discernment. She didn't nag or complain - just did what the Lord directed her to do and she was rewarded.

  59. Read it! I found it fascinating that the men - knowing Nabal in the wrong - went to Abigail who went into action to make things right. And when Nabal went to react to her defiance of his position on the matter - God protected her by striking him. Just another reminder that God always has the best interest of the righteous at heart.
    ~sara - NY State

  60. I read it.
    Abigail seemed a wise wife and she did what she could to protect her husband and household. Did I miss whether Nabal and Abigail had children?
    My computer has been down since we studied Rachel, what a difference in Abigail. She wasn't schemeing or manipulating as the other first three women were. I've really missed the study and I'm so glad to be back on line. I've got a lot of reading to do.

  61. I read it!! Fell behind a little due to working full-time and preparing for my final exam on Health Assessment on Thursday (April 10), but I am now caught up.

    Very interesting Bible Study and I am learning alot.

    Rachel, anytime to come to St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada Starbuck coffee will be on me.

  62. I'm having problems with my google/blogger sign in, so I had to go as Anonymous.

    I am Karen from Newfoundland, Canada

  63. What I take out of this bible study is that Abigail was very wise and courageous. I admire her bravery to face David and his men as they are ready to attack her household. She was very wise in what she brought with her and how she addressed David. I would like to have her wisdom and her servants heart.

    Deb - Ohio

  64. This TonyaT. Something is wrong with my blogger name and password! :)
    Everyone's comments are so great. They are so encouraging to me. Deb, I completely agree with you! I can't imagine riding my donkey and confronting David with 400 armied men with him! :) She was definitely a brave woman. I was also very touched by her humility. She fell on her face before David and asked him to place all the blame on her. It really challenged me, because without hesitation she placed her husband's actions as her own responsibility. I also loved how the story ended. It was so interesting to me how God made Nabel's heart like a stone and killed him 10 days later. I think it is awesome to see how God allowed Abigail to remarry someone who was a man after God's own heart. God is so amazing! :) Have a great week Ladies!



  65. Abigail's actions were in line with God's will and for that God presented her with a surprise blessing - marriage to David, a man after God's own heart. God's blessings to his children are amazingly wonderful when we live by his Word.


  66. I read it and loved it. Abigail has so many of the qualities that I want to possess. This was a great story and I found myself wanting to read more!

    I Loved It!

    JT - Southern IL

  67. I think we could all learn from Abigail. How many women today would be willing to stay married to a husband like Nabal. The first thing that comes to my mind is that Abigail must of had tremendous faith to endure a man such as this. She also must of been a person under God's control.

    Abigail was Nabal's opposite, a woman whose humility, faith, generosity, intelligence, and honesty made her wise. She obviously was a courageous woman who made the best out of a very difficulty situation.

    How easy it would have been for her to seek revenge and to look for ways to get back at Nabal. Instead the Lord honored Abigail for her consistency, her generosity, and her willingness to continue on the right path, no matter how difficult.

    God continues to honor those who are faithful even when faithfulness brings difficulty and hardship and pain. He doesn't promise to always deliver, as he delivered Abigail, but he does promise to go with us.

    So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

    We should ask God to use our relationship with our husbands to strengthen our character and increase our faith.

    I just finished a study on the Proverbs 31 Women. We are not to let anyone (including our husbands) or anything (including a lack of praise) interfere with God's plan for your godly beauty. God's grace is sufficient. We are to look beyond our circumstances, far beyond our present difficulties, and even beyond our husbands. Instead, we are to gaze up to God and behold the beauty He has in mind for each of us and is maturing in each of us in the midst of our challenging circumstances.

    Life's circumstances never negate God's standards. Abigail did not let a difficult husband negate God's standards for her life or interfere with His desire that she be beautiful in His eyes! She saved the day!!!

    Lord help me to be a women after your heart so that I can win my husband to a closer relationship with you.

  68. I did it, Abigail is very brave woman. She did everything she could do to protect her family. Beside, her husband is very downright rude to David, whom was trying to be nice because he protect his land.

    This is something we could learn from, from our attitudes toward people, we should be caution of whom we're talking to. It is very important that we possess good attitudes and do good deeds for other people no matter how bad your day went.

  69. Abigail was very courageous, she was quick in the the NIV she was described this way 3 times. Her good qualities made it hard to believe that she was maarried to such a man-which indicates it was arrange but to her credit she stayed with him and knew how to intervene and keep harm from coming to him. She not only protected him but all his servants and David- she kept David from sinning. She had a greater insight than her husband she knew who david was and she responded accordingly. The lesson for me- do the right thing at all times and trust God to take care of any wrong doings. Take risks Abigail took great risks as she didn't know how David or her husband would respond to her actions. She trusted God and the results was she became David's wife for her a good thing. But the greatest thing for me was when she said she was David servant and would was his servants feet-What an awesome woman to teach us what real service is and the attitude we should have regarding being a servant of God. A shadow of Jesus washing His disciples feet. How awesome God is.

  70. I read it. I've just now jumped on the Bible study bandwagon with you and am looking forward to all God has in store!

    Abigail was very humble and courageous. She has some attributes that I'd love some more of! I agree that she took on what her husband should have done, but in doing so, she kept the peace. Very noble and honorable, even though she never would have said so about herself.

  71. I read it.Late but still read it.....

  72. I read Abigail.

    Karyl, Bonners Ferry, ID USA

  73. I’ve read it! Finally, I got a moment to do so, and I’m glad I did. It’s another reminder of how ingenuous and brave a woman can be and can implement the right and proper thing to do in the midst of trouble. I note how she humbly accepts the blame and shame of her husband’s wrongdoing, and even quietly, went about to rectify that wrong, knowing also that she’d suffer the consequences of his erroneous ways. Thus, the Lord protected her in her sincerity and obedience. However, some years after being one of David’s wives she disobeyed and God did punish her for her disobedience which reminds us to be careful and watch what we think, say, and do—always listening to the Lord, and doing all in the Name of the Lord. -Ginny

  74. I read it! That Abigail,very smart....

  75. I read it. TR

  76. I got a little behind last week. I am trying to get caught up. I love a the comments about Abigail. What a great example of how we should act, as women and as wives. How many women today would have stayed married to a "Fool." She not only stayed with him but took the blame upon herself. I pray I can have more qualities like her.

  77. Abigail was a very wise and an intercessor for Nabal. Instead of allowing harm to come to him and the family, she went on behalf to david and apologize for her husband's callous heart. She was a righteous woman who stood in spite of the adversity she faced by her husband and she stood by his side regardless of his wrongful ways. That's truly a hard pill to swallow. that's where the agape love steps in...b/c, i will be honest in saying, i don't know if i would be able to stay w/someone who was as obnoxious as Nobal. It would really have to be Jesus for me to hold on. God did deliver her out of that relationship, through Nabal's death.

  78. Ladies, if you will go to the comment section directly under Rachel's last post, you will find some stories of courageous women who have or have had Nabel's in their lives. You may be surprised at how many women are suffering through the same fate. I am sure that each and every one of them would deeply appreciate your prayers. We must stand by one another. Thank you.

  79. It is obvious that Abigail used manipulation to gather and deliver her offerings to David and his men. I really believe that for her to accomplish the great feat that ultimately resulted from her actions, she had no other choice. Had she tried to reason with Nabal it could have lead to a bloody massacre and the meaningless end to thousands of lives.

    In previous discussions regarding the other woman we have read about so far, numerous posts were made stating that we are to put everything in God's hands and just sit back and let HIM do all of the work. I have a difficult time accepting that in its entirety. I definitely believe that we are to hand everything over to HIM, however, in my heart of hearts, I feel that we are suppose to get guidance and direction from HIM as to what we are suppose to do to rectify the situation in HIS NAME. Sometimes that could warrant a certain amount of connivance. As, was the case in the story of Abigail and Nabal. Had she been honest and forthright regarding how she planned to carry through her mission, it may have had a diasterous ending. I sincerely feel that God makes exceptions in some cases for us to assure that his wishes are carried through.

  80. I haven't been posting every time, but I have been in this with you gals. I read this one.
    Nicole - Wabash, IN.

  81. I read it ... how could I have missed the story of Abigail? It was wonderful.

  82. I read the passage and Abigail is the unsung wonder of her house. She seems to be a wise and watchful woman. I'm betting that her foolish husbands's success was dependent on how she smoothed things over with those he dealt with. She certainly knew how to handle a conflict. She acted swift and sure to make right how her husband treated David's men. I don't think it was the first time. I wonder too just how she told Nabal about what she did to save him from David's sword ??Was she smug,frustrated, angry, or simply matter of fact. How ever she told him, it was clearly a shock. In the message it says that he dropped dead.

  83. I read it.
    Abigal was a strong wise woman full of faith. She stood in the gap for her husband and interceded on his behalf. Although she knew God would punish him she was wise enough to spear his life from the hands of David. Her faithfulness was rewarded by God and she became David's wife. This story reminds me that I must continue to stand in the gap and pray for my husband and I know my faithfullness will pay off and one day my husband and I will serve God together.

  84. i did it. what a courageous women, i see where Abigail would be a good role model for me. i pray for her courage and wisdom, and that I would not fear to take a stand for what is right no matter who is around or what the circumstances.

  85. i read it.
    caryn from pittsburgh

  86. I read it, Finally. I guess better late than never.

    I enjoyed reading about Abigail. She was beautiful and kind and very smart in her actions. She knew that her husband was not a good man and she went and basically begged for his life and those of the rest of her family/tribe. In doing so she also kept David from sinning as well.

    She was also rewarded for her actions by God who struck her evil husband dead and gave her to a man who was probably fair and loving to her.

    I noticed that even after Abigail told Nabal what she had done, his heart was hardened further still. She tried to show him the error of his ways, but he refused to see his mistakes and was killed by God for it.

    Is that now how we can be at times? Are we sometimes more like Nabal or are we Abigails? I know there have been times when I have been confronted by my sins only to harden my heart. How great is it that my sins can be covered by Jesus if I take it to Him.

    I guess I will have to strive to be an Abigail. A kind, intelligent, wise and beautiful woman.


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