Friday, April 4, 2008

Dear TonyaT

* Everyone: don't miss the reading on Abigail posted below. *

One of the commenters this week - TonyaT - said she had found this blog-study because my husband was her husband's professor. Well then, Tonya, that means you live near me and we could meet for coffee sometime! If you'd like to, email me at

To everyone else, please know that if I could meet you for coffee, I absolutely would! As I see all the places that you are from, I start dreaming of a massive summer road trip across America, Canada, England, Africa, Asia, Australia, etc. to meet all my Bible study friends. If only I owned an RV, and a jet ... and gas wasn't over $3 a gallon. But you might want to get a bag of Starbucks coffee and stash it in your freezer, just in case I knock on your door one of these days ... :)

Keep reading the Word with me girls, as I know its feeding our spirit and will pay dividends in our future!


  1. Rachel,
    Ever feel like doing a west coast trip let me know I'll load up on Starbucks.
    You are a wealth of information and inspiration.
    Lynn - Oregon

  2. I wonder if we could have a little coffee time with you and any of the study girls who are attending She Speaks!?!? :)

  3. Debbie in SCApril 05, 2008

    Rachel, if you are ever in the Charleston area, I'll spring for the Starbucks! Debbie in Goose Creek,SC

  4. How about if we make a date for coffee at the She Speaks conference in June? I'd love to chat there!


  5. Rachel O.,one day I know we will have a chance to meet up at Starbucks...God works in mysterious ways...... Blessings from Jo Ann/Denver

  6. Ok girls...
    This week when we get a Starbucks lets all think of Rachel and each other. It will be like we really were meeting all toghether. This has been wonderful!
    Julie from Ohio

  7. OK, but you’d have to bring the Starbucks bag with you ‘cause they don’t exist here, but we’ve got a really great selection, starting with Cape Town’s vida-e and others. So keep us all posted on your trips!

  8. jnl4God - My current publisher and agent are both in Oregon so maybe some day!

    Sharon and Kelly - That is a good idea, though I'm not sure yet when we could squeeze that in b/c P31 keeps me super busy at that conference - starting 3 days out! But I'll give it some thought and you all remind me as the date gets closer and we'll see what we can work out.

    Debbie - I love Charleston! Humm ... if you know of some great places to family vacation at in the area, let me know.

    Jo Ann - Yes He does, so I'll look forward to a God-arranged Denver coffee date!

    Julie - Tomorrow I will get my Starbucks and rasie a java cheers to you.

    Ginny - I'd absolutely love to come try the Capetown vida-e!

  9. Wow how awesome that would be if you came to Tampa,Florida
    yessss it would a great pleasure Love those Frapchino's You have inspired me soooo much!
    One Day! Sharon/Florida

  10. This has been an absolute blessing to get to know my sister's in Christ throughout the country (and world)! I feel such a connection and kindred spirit to everyone, and look forward to participating in such a fun way to study the women of the Bible!! and yes, I love Starbucks too.. I treat myself about 3 times/week, and will now have a special smile on my face when I order:)

  11. would love to have coffee with u, only i live so far away from you!:-(

    saph from Philippines


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