Thursday, April 24, 2008

Reading Elizabeth

Hey Everyone - Sorry to be a bit missing in action this week. I finally finished the big writing project I had on my plate. I taught my last class of the semester this week (though I still have to calculate grades). I completed the two training conference calls I had to lead yesterday and today. And I dealt with a couple fires in getting our daily devotions out the last two days that I think we've got solved. I'm even caught up on laundry. Oh happy day.

Tomorrow I get to have coffee with TonyaT and we'll be wishing you all were there. Wait a minute, we couldn't all fit in a Starbucks at the same time!

Next week I'll be getting caught up on my emails, so if you've written to me I will (eventually) answer.

Are you ready for the next reading? We are entering the New Testament and the first woman to appear there is Elizabeth. Her story is found in Luke 1:5-80 and it intertwines a bit with Mary's. But we'll start with Elizabeth.

"Your word I have treasured in my heart,
That I may not sin against You."
Psalm 119:11

Pray first, and then post your "I did it" when you're done.
I can't wait to get back to talking about the women of the Bible with you.


  1. I read it! It seems like these women had greater faith and more immediate obedience than the men in this reading. And Rachel, it sounds like you’re accomplishing the Prov 31 principles. Enjoy the coffee or whatever! I’m looking forward to the discussion on Elizabeth.

  2. I read it!

    Look forward to the discussion as I see some parallels between Elizabeth and Sarah.

    Keri - MO

  3. Good Morning All, I to have been missing the post on the women of the Bible, glad your caught up Rachel your insight to these ladies is sooooooooo good. I forgot to say "I read it". I do soooooooo love the readings about our Saviour. I've always wondered about John the Baptist, living in the wilderness his whole life eating locust and honey, coming out to declare Jesus and baptise Him, and then being beheaded, to us it wouldn't seem like much of a life...but...Oh his worth to God and his eternal glory are invaluable to God and to us. I wonder what he thought about sitting in that prison waiting to be rescued, wonder if he had thoughts about Jesus being their deliverer? I doubt that he ever thought he would be beheaded, but then to become alive forever in the presence of God...what's to much for our minds to comprehend.

    God Bless you all, my sisters, Josie

  4. i read it. really looking forward to the discussion.

  5. I read it! I'm looking forward to the discussion on Elizabeth. This was my Grandmother's name who was the biggest godly influence in my life.

    JT - Southern IL

  6. I read it and enjoyed it a lot.
    Can't wait for the discussion.

    God bless all of you.

    Latrobe, PA

  7. I read it! What a wonderful story, can't wait for the discussion. Have a blessed and productive day...grace and peace...

    Linda-Columbus OH

  8. I have also read it. I wonder if Rachel can shed some light as to why John spent his life in the wilderness.

    Laurieann from Ottawa, Canada

  9. I read it.

    Traci, WA State

  10. I read it. I, too, look forward to the discussion and especially Rachel's comments. The verse that stood out to me was 37. "For nothing is impossible with God."
    I have posted another email I got on my blog. Hope you all will visit and read it. It's suppose to be a true story, but, whether or not it is it has great meaning. I originally was going to start with what I call My Legacy and I am still going to do that, maybe tomorrow.
    AliceE., NC

  11. Read it!

    Debby - ND

  12. I read it. Looking forward to discussion.
    Lynn - OR

  13. I read it, can't wait to discuss it. My first reaction was why Zechariah was punished for questioning and Mary wasn't, but then I read other translations and saw that he didn't believe and that was what made the difference. Alpharetta, GA

  14. I read it!

    It's a beautiful story, and I look forward to insights and discussions.

    Have a blessed weekend everyone!

  15. Read it. Looking forward for the discussion tomorrow.

    God bless everybody and may His glory shine on you

  16. Read it.
    Jo Beth

  17. Emily R :)April 25, 2008

    I read it! What a wonderful testimony of two people who served God whole heartedly. Zechariah may have disbelieved God for a moment, but what I love is that although the Lord chastised him with the inability to speak, but He did not condem Zechariah. Zechariah and Elizabeth were still given a son, the on to prepare the way of the Lord!
    Emily- VAFB CA :)

  18. Read it and looking forward to learning something new about these passages.

  19. I read it! and like most everyone here, can't wait for the "discussion" How blessed I am to be a part of this wonderful group!

  20. I did it.

    Enjoy your coffee, Rachel.

    Have a blessed weekend everyone.

    Somerset, KY

  21. LaTonya in FLApril 25, 2008

    I read it!

    Have a blessed and favor-filled weekend all my new sisters in Christ!

  22. I read it! I love Elizabeth..we so often don't concentrate on her as much as other woman. I too am looking forward to our discussion.

    I ask all of you that you pray for me and my family this weekend. I have 2 1/2 glorious days off of work..the problem is I feel as if I am loosing my position due to the economy. I plan on posting on my blog either tonight or tomorrow about it..the enemy is putting so much in my head that I feel dizzy!!

    It's okay though because the Lord is in control and I have to rely on his compensation not my work :)

    I Love You All!

  23. i read it!
    i'm so glad you are in such positive spirits, rachel!
    GOD bless.

    caryn in Pittsburgh

  24. I did it
    Hi Rachel is sooo good to know that your bible study has gone over the initial weeks anticipated!!!
    I have a prayer request for my sis in law who has a cleaning company she is need of workers god is blessing her with contracts but she now needs to hire more staff. Anyone who may knw someone interested the co is located in GA.

  25. I did it! Gotta love the contrast between Zechariah's and Mary's response to Gabriel...

  26. Read it & loved it! Look forward to the discussion!

    Pat in NYC

  27. Hello Everyone!

    Well, I'm back from our trip. Thanks to all of you who prayed for safe travels - God is faithful!

    We had a great trip to Boone, NC. My husband was in meetings all day Thursday, but I got out and visited some area attractions.

    I'll try to catch up on all I've missed this weekend. I'll also begin reading about Elizabeth.

    Blessings to you all,
    Plant Lady

  28. Read it!

  29. praise2himApril 25, 2008

    Although I haven't ppsted, I've been doing all my readings & reflections.
    QUESTION: Why did Elizabeth go into seclusion for 5 months?

  30. I never realized that so many great women of the Bible posessed the same streghth, obedience, & confidence. I knew they each had what it took...but the uncanny similarities among the women we are studying is fresh revelation to me....Isn't God good!!!!!!!


  31. I read it and enjoyed it very much. It is so nice to be connected to the woman on this site.. It is so full of warmth and love.. kathy

  32. I read it!! The thing that stood out to me was in verse 6....Zechariah and Elizabeth were righteous in God's eyes, careful to obey all of the Lord's commandments and regulations. That is my prayer for myself and all of us as we read about these women of the Bible.

    Have a good weekend Rachel and everyone!!

    Kim, Tifton, Ga.

  33. I read and enjoyed Elizabeth's story. I'm looking forward to everyone's thought.

  34. I read it :) Beth Ann/Ohio

  35. I read it!


  36. I read it!
    Karen - central OR

  37. Readithiskingdominme

  38. I read it,and I would like to know, did I understand that God, place the child in Elizabeth's wound the same as He did Mary.For the scripture does'nt say that her husband laid with her.

  39. Read it -

    Please pray for me. I am trying to find a church home. It has been a while since I went to church. I started attending a local church because my husband said if I went to that denomination he would go with me now and then. In the two months I have been there he only came on Easter. The message from the pulpit each Sunday is good but I have yet to feel welcome. Is it normal to go to a church for 2 months and no one ever ask you your name? There are the appointed greaters at the door each Sunday that shake my hand and say "hello" but that is just about the only time that anyone speaks to me while I am there - OK last Sunday someone did ask me to move over but that has pretty much been it. Is this pretty much what I should expect? - Thanks for your prayers and your input.

  40. I read it. TR

  41. I read it. I like the part of the chapter when Mary goes and stays with Elizabeth. It reminds me of me and one of my sisters.

  42. Hi Sylvia-
    A good way to get to know people in your church may be to attend bible studies either at the church or a home group, see if there is a ministry you feel called to serve on, be pro-active and introduce yourself to others. Be an active participant in your church.
    Be Blessed,

  43. I read it! Elizabeth's unquestioning faith encourages me.


    **what a busy week you had Rachel. Hope you find some "down" time with your family this weekend!

  44. Hi, Rachel...just read about Elizabeth, who was righteous in God's eyes! Thank you!

  45. I read it!


  46. Read it!

    Carrie, UK

  47. I read it!


  48. I read it. Donna, I will be praying for you. things are really slow at mey work also, but remember to place it all in the hands of our Lord. Scripture says that He will take care of our needs.
    Sylvia-- After 2 months I would think someone would have taken the incentive to speak with you. My preacher says all the time that alot of churchs are more intrested in nickels & noses than in peoples salvation. After visiting many churchs before finding my home church I have to agree. Pray for God's guidance on where He wants you. I will also be praying for you.
    In Him

  49. I read it!

    God Bless!
    Linda - NC

  50. I read it. I have always loved this story. Especially the part where Elizabeth's baby lept for joy at Mary's greeting.

    Plant Lady - Glad you are back. Sounds like it was a nice trip.

    Donna - I'm going to try to stop by your blog tonight. I'll try to leave you a word.

    Sylvia - Keep praying for God to lead you. There is a church home for you. I hope you will try one that is of the denomination of YOUR choosing, one that your spirit discerns as right for you. Someone posted that maybe you should become more involved. That sounds like a good idea and with your teaching experience I'm sure your help would be much appreciated. Also, maybe you could ask a friend to attend with you.

    Rachel - It sounds like you are really getting things done Girl!
    Good for you!!!

    Love you all,

  51. I read it and am looking foward to the dicussion!
    ~ Christi in TX

  52. i read it!!

  53. I did it! :) I had so much fun having lunch with Rachel on Friday! She is such an amazing and wise woman! :)


  54. I read it on Friday and didn't get to post this until now.

  55. I finally got to read---We have had technology issues---I love verse 37 also.... Have a great day! JoAnn/LA

  56. Ladies please pray for me. I really need God to show up for me at this very moment.

    MIMI, FL

  57. I read it.

    Deb - Ohio

  58. Hola,
    I read it.
    We have read of many women in the bible who cannot conceive and God has blessed them with children. Are there any men who have been baren?

    me from Puerto Rico

  59. Hey ladies, I've joined in the world of blogging after visiting all of your blogs. Please stop by my blog & let me know what ya think. Its the one that say's angelgrace. I've been posting under Tommie
    Mimi, don't know what's going on but when I got on today and saw that you needed prayer, I stopped and said a prayer for you.
    God bless you all

  60. Good Morning Ladies,
    Please say a prayer for me today. I am feeling especially weak. I want to keep my focus on Jesus and not let circumstances overcome me.

    Thank you

    Plant Lady

  61. I read it seemed more about Zechariah than Elizabeth but I havent missed her importance in the story no matter how small it was .....

  62. I read it.

    Sylvia, we moved to our area without knowing a soul. We started attending a big church, and it's easy to get lost in the crowd. The first thing we did was plug into a Sunday School class for a smaller, intimate group setting. This will allow you to meet, talk, and pray for one another on a personal level. Find a class for women only if your husband won't attend with you.

    The second thing I did was go to the Women's Ministry events, and joined a once a week evening Bible study. I didn't make instant friends, but these strangers now had a name and face I could recognize on Sunday mornings!

    My husband and I got involved in ministries where we could use our giftedness - this allowed us to meet people with a common interest. Whether it's studying the Bible together, or serving in a ministry, you need to be pro-active. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." "If you want a friend, you have to be a friend." You get my drift.

    Perhaps you should consider finding a church where you are comfortable with the preaching and music. Since your husband is not attending with you, I would focus more on your own spiritual growth for now. When your husband sees the [positive] change in you, he just may want to go check it out too! :)

    Susan - VA

  63. Sylvia
    I agree with what others have said, but as I've read this, God brought to mind a time in my life that I will share with you. You know how "God moments" are - they are so special and words can never express...
    I had belonged to a church for a while and was going thru some really tough times. I sat at the back of the church and no one ever came up to me, no one said 'hi', no smiles for the day. Nothing. What a time - I needed a gentle touch. Please someone look at me - do you see me? Do you see my pain? God help me.
    I began to pray and ask my Lord what this was all about. He gently told me to look around. See my people. I looked and all I saw was the backs of peoples heads. Then I began to look again. This time I think I saw what it was God would have me to 'see'. I looked at each person - each life. God began to show me the pain in their lives - no, not what caused the pain, but I could see that I was not the only one who sat here with anguish, pain, confusion and hurt. I saw them bruised, shattered and bleeding. I began to cry for my selfishness and my self pity. God touched me deeply - a moment I will never forget.
    Now when I begin to feel lonely I try to find someone else who is lonely - go sit by them. When I feel hurt, I find someone who is also hurting and a simple hug or touch of their hand is all they need.

    Sylvia, so for all this to say...look for some little old lady in the church and go introduce yourself. Maybe ask if you can sit with her during church because you don't want to sit alone. (She probably doesn't like to sit alone either). Before you arrive at church ask God to show you the person He has for you to talk to - it might take a few weeks for God to show you the right person, but He will open your eyes as you begin to 'see'.
    Maybe this is not the right church for you, but God will show you this in time. I will be praying for you because I know God has His hand on you and will guide you. Someday you will be able to say, I was lonely and I understand. I was new here once and I understand.
    I'm sorry this was so long. I didn't want to take up this much space.
    Jo Beth

  64. Crissi in WashingtonApril 29, 2008

    I read it, a little behind but still hanging in there.

  65. Sylvia,
    I grew up in a "religious" church. It was the type of place where you didn't turn around, didn't chew gum, sat with your knees crossed (if you were female), didn't look was very stifling. I became a Child of God and started going to a church where at the beginning, they welcomed me and wanted to know about me, but then forgot I existed once I became a "regular" but not a member.

    Oddly enough, it was in that church, that I becamed open enough to God that He saved my soul. But those people didn't know it. I had to have a very long talk with God about where He wanted me. All I knew was that He wanted me. He wanted ME. I, too, live with an unsaved spouse. That is one of the more difficult things I've been through. God saved me, but my husband has yet to humble himself. (I say "yet" because I am believing in God for my spouse according to Peter 3:1-4)

    I have moved around to a couple of different churches, but the most important thing for me was to not lose my focus on God. He will open the door to the church He wants me in. I still haven't found it. In the meantime, I listen to good Christian music that speaks to me, I study my Bible, I talk with Jesus, I grow in my relationship with Him and I try to show the people in my life His love. That is the best we can do- everyday.

    I guess what I am trying to say is what God kept telling me: "Be still and know that I am God"

    When all else fails, look upward and inward. The answer is right there, but it isn't always the easiest thing to do. He might tell you that He wants you in a church that your husband doesn't want you to be in. (Happened to me). My marriage survived, and still does, because I put God first and He blesses my marriage.

    There is a lot to say on this topic, sorry I took up so much space.

    My prayers are with you.

    Emily in Ohio

  66. I would agree with the majority of comments and advise to Sylvia. I think there is way too much emphasis put on finding a church where people meet our needs. God is the only one who can do that. When we start expecting too much from others, we will be let down. I have been with my new church for only four months. It's a church size of about 700...three services. I see a few folks I know but no one goes out of their way to speak to me except a couple. I am involved in a weekly ladies group but with three services I don't always see those ladies.

    I am one that would prefer to sit by myself...sounds awful but when I sit right next to folks they tend to comment about things and it is a distraction. I really don't mind the Sundays that I attend alone (without brother or mother)...again...I don't like to be distracted or talk a comment here or there.

    Anyway, I love the music and the sermons. I fill so worshipful. I wish more people would greet me outside of the "love on each other" moment at the beginning of service. But I'm not there to make friends or have people befriend me. That really isn't the place for it, to me. That is where Sunday school and Bible groups come into play. It does make me feel wonderful when the folks I know say hi to me but that's not a determining factor for me.

    Also, I would agree with Jo Beth who said that we must consider that other people are hurting just as much as us. I find that most people are not outgoing and they too are shy. The person we are sitting next to very well may be a guest also so they are waiting for you or someone to speak to them.

    I know there are different opinions but I whole heartedly believe in corporate worship. I believe it to be biblical and that God asks it of us. I have a dear friend who continue to worships with her existing church even though she is very unhappy there...that is she feels if she were gone no one would notice and she doesn't feel she fits there. However, she is still attending that church until God leads her somewhere else. I think it's imperative that we come together as believers in "corporate" worship. If you are not getting everything you feel you need out of worship, then you need to supplement it with heavier personal worship.

    Also, one last note, I don't know that finding the right church is like finding the right mate. I would guess that it's not love at first sight with churches. I attend my new church knowing that I appeared to like it but it's only been with consistent attendance that God has confirmed it is where I need to be.

    Consistent attendance at a church, getting plugged in, putting yourself out there, putting forth the effort and initiative...with all these things, you will know in time if the church is right for you and it not, then it's time to move on.

    Hope this advice helped someone. We're hear to share our experiences with anticipation of helping another.
    Grasping Him,

  67. I read it!
    JoBeth, I loved your comment to Sylvia. I felt your passion, and your real understanding of being a believer of Jesus Christ.

    I also appreciated the comment about no one fullfilling all your needs. Only Jesus can do that.

    It is really important to get invovled in a church too. Find someone who looks lonely and introduce yourself. Find a Bible study, find a womans ministry. All things that are very tough for some people.
    People who look inward with regards to finding a church sometimes miss the point. They ask questions like, Did I like the music, did I like the sermon, did anyone talk to me. Was I moved? So many "I" questions in there? Ask God to direct you to the church He wants you to go to, and then, even if it doesn't feel quite right, rely on Him to direct your paths. He promises to do just that.

    Be an encourager, not a discourager. Look for positives, don't dwell on negatives. Make sure the pastor is preaching Biblical truths and the rest will fall in to place. It takes effort though. One of the teens of my church said, "Ask not what your church can do for you, but what you can do for your church." I thought that was cute, and insightful! Lots of prayer in finding a great church home for you.

  68. Ps. Hope I didn't offend anyone at all. That would be the last thing I would want to do. I am a pastor's kid, and my dad has been at the church we are at now for 25 years. We just recently (for the first time in all of the 25 years) have experienced a lot of "church hoppers" who have all the sudden decided their needs weren't being met. They wanted more programs, and more fancy outreach. It really hurt to have these people leave, even after my dad showed sooooooo much grace. I think this topic just hit an open wound. Again, sorry if I offended anyone! I did not mean to at all!
    Much love and prayers to all of you.

  69. I already wrote that I read it and I know that Rachel is behind a little..all I ask is that you all please go to my blog..I feel that what I wrote will minister to is truly important!!

    Love Donna

  70. I pray for Mimi and Sylvia. I know the Lord will find a way to fill your needs. Ask Him to show you what to do, where to be, and how to praise Him when all else seems hopeless. Like the women we've been studying, seek the Lord and trust Him. All the best!

  71. I tend to not have much time when I post comments so I don't always express myself clearly. I TOTALLY agree that when we go to church it is not to be about "me, me, me". Worship means we leave all our problems at the door and we focus on the awesome God we serve. We are to relish in the opportunity to worship Him. Yes, during worship, it is good to feel "fed" and feel we walk away being in His presence. I don't agree with church hopping depending on the motive. For me, I was feeling so useless and I did not feel the Spirit in my previous church that I attended for 10 years. I didn't change churches for the sake of hopping but rather to find where I could grow in my relationship with God and He could truly use me. I hope that makes sense as I feel there's a fine line between church hopping just to get our own selfish needs met and changing churches to truly find personal growth and oneness with God.

  72. Hi all,
    I read it.
    Rachel I'm so glad you are now all cought up and finishing well. I'm also glad that when I was able to get online today, I hadn't missed that much. I've been so busy last week that I was afraid I had missed several readings and I'd need to find extra time to get caught up. Today my daughter woke up sick, so I didn't have to "do school" and could spend some of the time reading the Bible and Rachels comments and everyone else's insights. Thanks for everyone sharing, and I'll pray for those of you who requested prayer. I really miss this when I'm away from it and look forward to more discussion.
    Kim- WI

  73. A good devotional that relates to some comments:
    "What can I bring?" from Amy Carroll, April 28, 2008 Take a look if you have the time.

  74. I read it!
    Karen in Jamestown, CA

  75. I read it.

    Sylvia and Mimi, you are in my prayers. Sweetpea I think has it right that corporate worship is so important. We need to come together as a body of believers to strengthen each other, pray for each other, and let our light shine to the rest of the world, just as we do here with this study. I pray that God will lead you to the place He wants you to be. I also thank Him and JoBeth for pointing out the compassion he wants us to show each other. To see others as He sees them, that is my daily prayer, so that I can truly love my neighbor.

    Karen in California

  76. Hey everyone

    As you all know..well most of you..I have a blog and since not all of you go onto it, it is kind of hard communicating with everyone..until Rachel comes back I guess I just wanted to add my 2 cents on the issue that seems to have risen up about church..or rather a church building. Before I go on the ones that have left me a posting on my blog, please go on because I wrote something for each of you :)

    Anyway I was raised a minsters daughter, and I promise to make this short, so I had to go to church each and every Sunday and Sunday night. Back then we didn't have it on Wednesday. Talking about church should not be causing any disagreements back and forth.

    No you don't need to go to church to find God..but you do need to grow without a body how are you getting fed? I had a lot of issues with a few churches due to arrogance on either the Pastor or people who wanted to be in charge, ya know, "I'm in charge of the worship team not you" It would bring me to such hurtfulness that I just stopped going to that particular church..then I would start to church hop..which is not God's desire for us to do! Listen my last pastor before I moved to GA was Kevin Jonas, he is the father of the "Jonas Brothers" you know how hurtful it was when he resigned because he wanted to run around with his sons and build their career?! Well thats another story in itself..

    Basically God says: Genesis 2:18 "It is not good for Man to be alone" We're created for community, fashioned for fellowship, formed for a family, and none of us can fulfill God's purposes by ourselves. That is why He wants us to be in church! While our relationship with Christ is personal, He never intended it to be private. In God's family you are connected to every other believer and we all belong to each other for eternity.

    Before I go just remember this. Worship helps focus on Him
    Fellowship helps you face life's problems
    Discipleship helps fortify your faith
    Ministry helps find your talents
    And lastly evangelism helps fulfill your mission.

    There is nothing else better than being with a church or a church family, no matter if we have been hurt or not. God will take that hurt and make it better..just give it over..
    End of my 2 cents :)

  77. I finally read it, my computer was down due to lightning and finally got it back. I love reading all you comments ladies and continue to learn so much from all of you. I thank God I found this study!
    NJ Iowa

  78. Rachel, hopefully there has not been a post since last week. If so, I need help.

  79. Chosenone7. last i heard she went to starbucks. you know how it is when we get with friends. it could be a while. :)

  80. Good evening Ladies,

    I have read Elizabeth and was surprised at how short it was! Eager to hear Rachel's comments.

    Blessings to all,
    Karyl ~ Idaho


  81. Hi Rachel:
    Hope all is well with you...will be keeping you in prayer.

  82. AnonymousMay 01, 2008

    I read it! and looking forward to the discussion.

    Rachel, it would have been nice to go for coffee with you and Tonya! Maybe one year I'll go to the "She Speaks" conference and meet you and others.

    I was at a women's retreat last weekend, and it was awesome. Our speaker was hilarious, challenging and encouraging. One thing that I like about our church and women's group is that it's not a place of gossip. There's a general acceptance of one another. It seems that everyone of the women are there for one purpose, and that is to get to know Christ better. There's always great ministry time for the needs that we need prayer for. It is so good to get together with sisters in Christ. I was so blessed. This study is helping me to "talk" more and I'm finding it easier to share outside of our study. But as much as I love this study and "talking" with you girls, getting together for real is so different. I find that this is great for learning how to express my thoughts better etc, but I don't think we can ever substitute getting together with others with emailing, blogging etc.
    But I do love you guys and am very thankful for this study! I prayed for all the prayer requests, Sylvia, Mimi and Plant Lady, and agreed with all the comments made in regards to them.

    Until next time!
    Connie, Canada

  83. A little late, but I read it :)

  84. A little late, but I read it :)

  85. To Sylvia, I am in the process of looking for a church home what i would like to suggest at this time that you would just concenrate on the Lord speaking to you as oppose to the people that attend the church. This may not be where God wants you to join, but we have to have our hearts and our ears open when God,speaks so that we are sure this is where God wants us to worship, and you must change your reason for going.To go because of what your husband said is not a reason to find a church home, this could be one of the reasons you are not feeling invited. I left my church home that i have been a member all my life and i grew up with the ones that are there and as for the older members they watched me grow, yet I still got my feelings hurt and not spoken too, as well. don't misunderstand I did'nt leave for just that reason, but it helped with my decision to leave. What I am trying to say to you is to make your decision on where you will worship with others based on Gods answer to the question, (Father God, please place it upon my heart where you would have me to help advance you kingdom here on earth} not on wheather others speak or what our spouse thinks. The Scripture tells not to forsake the assmebly to worshiping with other believers. not with those that speak or don't. God bless you in your search, I will keep you in my prayers.

  86. donna,
    just wondering if you came up with the statements about discipleship, worship, ministry, felloship and evangelism. our youth group has adapted those purposes (from Doug Fiedls and Rick Warren). I like the way you have it explained. Mind if I borrow it?

  87. Okay I was gone for awhile but I am back and needed to read about trusting/believing God in this passage.

  88. I am so happy to be back and am anxiously catching up with our studies. I read "Elizabeth" and my comments are forthcoming....Blessings to all of you! Jo Ann/Denver


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