Friday, October 10, 2008

Bible Study Women of the Bible

Hi Girls, just as I suggested in a recent post, I'd like to read some more of the women of the Bible together in the fall. In my next post, I'll post the woman's story and, after a day of thinking her story over and asking God to give us insights through it, we'll discuss it here.

But first, I want to clear something up.

Anonymous recently posted this comment:

"... about the women of the bible, I ... keep going thru your blogs looking for what I missed. I was unhappy with your response -- you started the women of the bible...then just poof you went away... yes I realize you have a busy schedule and that's what happens to us we get busy and put aside what the Lord had us to start - and most time we never come back to finish it."

Well, my anonymous friend, I am so glad that you've enjoyed our time here reading women of the Bible. I'm even happier that you are thirsting for more! But I suspect you weren't here from the beginning, earlier this Spring. You see, the way this Bible study got started was through a devotion I wrote for P31's Encouragement for Today.

The devotion was about the importance of having a personal, quiet time with God - reading the Bible and connecting with Him - on a regular basis. I offered to help women, thru my blog, get started doing that by proving some direction and accountability for six weeks. I chose women of the Bible for the subject matter and for six weeks I promised to post readings 3x a week and lead a discussion one each one. I kept that six-week promise.

Before the six weeks was near up, however, participants were asking me to keep us going longer. Pleased that everyone (including myself!) was getting so much out of it, I explained that I could not sustain that pace with all my other commitments, but that I would try to keep going at a slower pace. And we did continued on for many weeks.

It is important to note that I also wanted the group to make the transition from relying on me or this format to do a quiet time regularly, to spending time in the Word and God on their own. That was my initial goal.

Anyway, I have since signed a book contract, and that on top of my existing commitments to my family, to P31 Ministries, to the churches I speak for, and to my own church - leaves me less time to blog for awhile. But I will post some new NT women for us to read this month. So stay tuned!

PS. Lolls, thank you so much for that prayer on my last post - I truly felt it when I woke this morning! And I have prayed over each and every request posted or emailed.


  1. Rachel, I have been there from the very beginning of your wonderful post that inspired the Bible study and have been grateful for every moment of it. It is inspiring to me to see how thirsty we all are to learn and grow and become closer to Jesus. The time you have given us has been precious. Please don't ever feel that you need to do more or explain. You have gone above and beyond and we have all been blessed because of your efforts. I will look forward to any and all future studies but you should know, your goals were met in me. You most definitely jump-started my quiet time reading and reflecting on God's word. I carve out time now like I never have before.
    From the bottom of my heart I thank you.

  2. PS I am not the same anonymous who you referred to in your post.

  3. Rachel - Thank you so much for your willingness to post on your blog as time sees fit. I may not comment on many of the posts, but I do check your blog daily. God is doing some wonderful things through you and has used you to inspire me in my own walk with Him. Keep going... He is doing a great work through you.

    In Him,
    Amy T

  4. Hey, Rachel!
    Just hopping over to visit--have been trying to keep my blogging time a little shorter! Your California trip looked awesome--how fun!

    I just want to thank you as well for the 6 week Bible study that you did months back--I gained so much from it. I appreciate all of the time and research that you put in it. And, I think that your goal of encourging women to spend time in the Word was accomplished--especailly by me. Take your time and post when you can, girlfriend.

    Love ya,

  5. My heart is saddened that anonymous expressed what she did. I felt you did a wonderful job with the study. I, too, was with you when you began that. I remember finding you and your study through your P31 devo. I did the six week study with you and the follow up weekly studies. I think you went above and beyond. The postings you did with your explanation and understanding of the women was very thorough. The comments at times reached 100+ but you made the time to read them all. YOu did an outstanding job. I could never have done that with all your other obligations. I do good to post once a week, read my comments and visit other blogs.

    I think your reply via this post was just excellent and outstanding. As I read the anonymous comment, I found myself being defensive and wondering how I would've responded and if my tone would've come across SO gentle as did yours. I read your post and thought, wow, there is not a negative, defensive, angry tone in Rachel's words. How awesome is that. I just don't know if I could've pulled that off. I tend to be more defensive when I feel I or my character has been "attacked". I commend you.

    Sweet blessings!!!!

  6. Rachel
    I too have been here since the very beginning, and I too missed having you post. I think I skipped the part about it only being 6 weeks, but that was my own wishful thinking. I enjoyed it so very much.
    I am in an online Bible Study mentor progran with a lady named Lynette from Many of my posts to her have involved being hurt in ministry. Anonymous notes, flat out rudeness, critical comments....etc. One of the things I have learned is that if Jesus couldn't escape it than neither can I. And blessed are those who are persecuted for His sake.
    I also learned that if someone does not sign their name to something, then disregard it. Although that is extremely hard to do.
    Lastly, I have learned that we ALL react from our pasts, hurts, pains, good things....We respond the way we do because of who we are and that has been formed from many years. Sometimes people are so evasive, and they don't even mean to be. They would say I didn't mean it personal. But I know how personal things feel when you are passionate about what you do.
    Don't know if any of this makes sense or even helps at all.
    Keep pressing on in this race we are all in. God will be Faithful.
    Kelly T, Pittsburgh pa

  7. Rachel,
    I knew it took a lot of your time, that's why on each comment I tried to always acknowlede your time and thank you. Thank you so much for doing a few more women. I have been doing other studies on-line and am even hosting one of my own. But I originally started the blog just so I could comment on your study. I really have learned so much more this year since March when you started the study. You started a whole new way of studying and sharing with people all over the world. So I have ventured out, and I am studying on my own, but I do still enjoy your studies too.
    Thanks again for leading and giving of your time.
    Blessings, Lynn

  8. hi rachel,
    i was also in your "women of the bible" study since day 1 and i have been so blessed by you and each of the ladies who attened the study. i have meet many Godly women through this study and each of them have taught me something. you have opened a new love for bible study in me that had died out. the mission God placed on your heart was fullfilled in me! thank you for giving so much of yourself to us and this bible study! you have blessed my heart more than you know!

    blessings ~ christi

  9. Rachel- i can ditto what all said that was with you from the begining as I was. I thank you even though I know in my heart you are not seeking thanks but you did an excellent job and for me you open a world I didn't even realized existed I now have a blog and god has poured into me so very much since starting your study. Tohim I give praise for touching your heart and reaching out to so many women. Be blessed and keep your priorities in order as we all need to do. May God bless us all with the same insight He has given you as we continue to study the Women of the Bible as you have time. I think anonymous speaks from a heart that is still thirsty as we all are so I pray she is filled from your study and the many others avenues God has provided for us to know Him- our own quiet time with Him. Be Blessed

  10. RACHEL- you are such a the other women who participated in the women of the bible study -I am glad that you will be doing this again...I am amazed at all you are able to accomplish...I also participate in Lynn's study and I am behind a few chapters...because early in the summer I suggested to our Pastor that we do a Women of the Bible Discussion/Breakfast once a month...I saw my part as setting up/decorating Pastor believes that since it was my idea I should facilitate (I have no experience in that area)...I just finished organizing my notes and the 1st discussion/breakfast is tomorrow...we'll be discussing Deborah and Jael...I have so much to learn...I began preparing for this in August and could use some more time preparing...thank you for you drawing women to the word of God.
    Be Blessed,
    In His Love,

  11. Rachel,
    I was also one of the women who participated in "women of the bible" bible study when you first decided to start it. It was GOD that led me to that post via a p31 devotional I was reading. GOD had been longing for me to spend time with HIM as I was also thirsting for more of HIM. I want you to know that I appreciate you and your obedience. May GOD bless you abundantly! HE surely has blessed me with special ladies I met thru that study. Thanks for reigniting the fire of wanting to spend time with GOD and study HIS word.
    So grateful,

  12. Well, considering all these other amazing comments about your six week study, I know where I will be browsing in these archives. Being a newer blogger myself, it's amazing how sometimes Satan can use this tool, which is meant for so much good, into something else. For me, it's balancing time to blog with all the other more pressing commitments. I now have to set the timer, just like I make my kids do...ugh! I don't like it one bit, but know it's for my own good as well.
    We are grateful for all that you do!!

  13. Hi, Rachel! :)

    Sending you a warm cyber hug! My heart was humbled and so thankful that you would spend all that time, love and care in your on-line study of women of the Bible. With everything else you do, thank you! By His grace and strength, I know.

    As He leads you...

    Love you, friend.

  14. Hi Rachael, I too enjoyed your Women of the Bible Study. It got me reading more in the Bible and also ecouraged me to explore more books that were written about women in the Bible. A good book for people to check out is Lost Women of the Bible by Carolyn Custis James. Also, this Month's Today in the Word that is published by Moody Bible Institute is titled A Story to Tell; Lesser-Known Women in the Bible. Anyone can get this online at and if they are interested in a hard copy monthly devotional booklet they can request a copy on that website.
    Thanks for all of your comments and encouragement. You will may never know how much fruit the seeds you have planted has produced.

  15. Rachel, thank God for your commitment to His Word! It is a blessing to read and participate in the blog. I pray that Anonymous gains as much insight from the study as most of us have. Thank you again for being obedient. May God continue to bless you with opportunities to spread His Word.

  16. Dear Rachel,
    I too, came over from your p31 devotional at the beginning of the study. I added a prayer request to my first post regarding the study. The following day when I logged on to the study I saw my name in several of the comments. So many wonderful women of God were praying for my son!! And my Savior heard these prayers and granted me new hope when I felt there would never be hope. So you see this study holds a very, very special place in my heart. I did not get to comment much but I responded when I could. I thank you and love you Rachel and all the others.
    Love in Christ,

    P.S. Anonymous I have a blog come over any time if you need someone to talk to.


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