Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm back and I'm a Sanguine/Otter

Hey All. The retreat this past weekend in the NC mountains went great - thank you for praying. Really, truly, thank you so much for praying for me and these events. This was their 10th annual retreat, but my first with them. Our theme for the weekend was: "How to Have a Well-Ordered Heart."

I also led us in a humorous activity where the women learned which of the 4 main personality types they are. Have you ever taken a personality test? Do you know what your dominant type is? If so, tell us. It will be fun to see.

  • The Sanguine/Otter is the "popular person" who wants to have fun in every situation. She's not the most dependable person when it comes to details and schedules, but she is the life of the party. Sanguines love to talk.

  • The Choleric/Lion is the "powerful person" who wants to take control of every situation and make decisions for others. She can be too bossy sometimes and step on people, but she is a natural born leader. Cholerics love to work.

  • The Melancholy/beaver is the "perfection person" who wants everything done in order and properly. and who appreciates art and music. She can't make decisions quickly - without doing tons of research first - but she is the one to go to when you need something done right the first time. Melancholies love to analyze.

  • The Phlegmatic/Golden Retriever is the "peaceful person" who wants to stay out of trouble, keep life on an even keel, and get along with everybody. She can't handle drama or change very well, but she will be a loyal friend for life. Phlegmatics love to rest.

This was another enjoyable bunch of women. On Saturday night after my session and after the bonfire that got postponed from Friday night, a group of about ten of us (jacked up on too many s'mores) stayed up past midnight playing some crazy fun board games. Each time another woman would walk by us and announce she was heading to bed, we'd insist she join us for just one round. Two rounds later she'd be laughing too hard to go to bed. Hey, that's what girlfriend retreats are for!

So are you ready to do some more Bible reading together? The next woman of the Bible we are going to read is ... drum roll please... Daniel. Wait, Daniel isn't a woman's name. No, but you're willing to read it with me anyway aren't you? Good, I'm about to post the reading for us.


  1. I am almost split between Choleric/ Sanguine. And so is my daughter! It's hilarious to have a 4-year old who is the exact same person you are!

  2. Too Funny, I am crossed between a Choleric/Lion and a Melancholy/Beaver. I see both of these in my life.
    I love things to go right and keep it organized, clean, I also like to study things to learn and make things bigger and better.
    Glad you had a good time!!
    Have a great Day

  3. I'm a Melancholy/Beaver with a touch of the Choleric/Lion thrown in -- the good parts, of course :)

  4. hi ladies. i thought i would join in. i am a Phlegmatic/Golden Retriever.


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