Monday, December 8, 2008

Colorado Dreaming

I had a terrific trip to Colorado. Thank you so much for praying.

The women came with open hearts to the event. We talked about "what smart women can learn from wise men." (Ginny, where did you get your wise men advent calendar? I'd love to have one of those!) From the stage I saw that many were touched ... many have been hurting or struggling... and I hope that many were changed.

It did me so much good to spend the weekend amidst the snow-covered mountains with some really great like-minded women. This time I stayed with a member of the church who lives atop Beaver Creek Mountain. The altitude got to me just a little bit - but not nearly as much as the views! Can you believe this warm-weather, beach-town girl is ready to move to Beaver Creek, CO?! I think I'd better make my way down to the water today and get reoriented.

I so appreciated 5SKIS praying that I wouldn't lose my debit card this time... I didn't lost it. :) However, I did lose my MP3 player on one of the flights home. And I think that's worse because I can't call my bank and have them send me another one with all my favorite songs loaded on it. Wondering how I'm going to make it through my work-out today without some music. Next time I'm going to have to list everything I'm packing and ask you gals to pray over it all!

I think the reason I lost the music player was because I was distracted. I believe I had a divine appointment on that flight. I wound up sitting next to a pilot, who knows Jesus (but not really) and is in the middle of a divorce with a wife who has been unfaithful. They have 5 kids. She is into Buddhism. He is fighting for custody of those kids. Please pray for this pilot. God is drawing him, pray that he will respond and follow. He gave me his address and agreed to let me send him a Bible. That's worth losing an MP3 player, don't cha' think?

I'll get back to posting the advent readings today. Meanwhile, here are a couple more pictures from Colorado. The first is a view down the mountain.

The second is the chateau with the restaurant we ate at on Saturday evening. One of the gals I'd met at the church is an interior designer and had recently remodeled the restaurant - she did a great job.

The last pic is a skier - not me, I'm much more the water skiing type. But the ski lift literally ran right behind the home I stayed at. I could see it from the window in my beautiful guest suite. You can bet I have lots to journal about in my gratitude journal - is anyone else keeping one of those?


  1. Hey Rachel, thanks for sharing the trip information, it was WOW! I started a week late but I have been keeping the graditude journal, its wonderful, thanks. I was given a journal for a present when I graduated with my Bachelor Degree and I started using it but not really. So I figured this would be a great motivator to get me started and I am glad that I did. It has a suede cover so I can't really decorate it but it lays in the bed beside me so I don't forget, however I have been "too sleepy" last night after a long church service. Thanks for being you and keeping this blog. I really enjoy the informatin and love that you share. Now my Pastor's wife Joni Parsley is sharing a journal on-line and then click Joni's Journal, if you have time check it out, she is a great writer like you.

    Columbus, Ohio

  2. Hello Rachel -

    I am so glad to hear you had a wonderful trip.

    My daughter, who is 12, and I are keeping a gratitude journal. It is so neat to do this with her while she STILL likes to hang out with me :-)

    In Him,

  3. So glad your trip was so rewarding. Will be praying the pilot. What an opportunity you had to share Jesus with him.
    I have an uncle (84 yrs old) who lives in Colorada Springs. He is not well so we haven't seen him in several years. He use to come to our family reunions. He is my mother's brother. There were 13 in her family, she being the oldest and my uncle was next to the last one born. All are gone now except for him. I have gotten to know his #2 son (through the internest) which has been a real blessing. I think they had 5 boys.
    I would love to go visit, they say it is so beautiful there. Thanks for the pictures.
    Look forward to your post on Advent.
    My Christmas blog is done and published. Click on the candle on my From the Heart blog and it will take you to the other one if anyone would like to visit.

  4. Gorgeous time!

    When you first said you lost your MP3 player I thought immediately it was due a reason God wanted you not to be distracted. Then I continued to read on! Right now I feel as if I'm losing something precious to me, but I know it's because that thing is unhealthy and distracting me from Christ.

    It's God timing I read that, for sure.

    He is pretty awesome.

  5. Wow...those pictures are breath-taking! So glad you had a blessed weekened!

  6. Wow!! Such beautiful pictures Rachel! Thanks for sharing and for sharing the story of the pilot! I will be praying!


  7. Hi Rachel, I too am a water-girl! (FL) However, I lived in CO many years ago and had my breath taken away by the beauty there. I only lasted 3 yrs in CO - I missed the ocean so much! Between the mountains and the ocean, one can't help but love God's creation! Glad your trip was enjoyable and that God placed you with the pilot to minister to. I will keep him in prayer during this difficult time!! Blessings to you and yours during the Christmas season!

  8. Beautiful and I'm sure your message was too.
    Awesome about the pilot! God is so good!!
    Somehow, I think you'll get better coming your way for putting the pilot above looking for the MP3 player!!


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