Friday, January 16, 2009

Good morning

Happy Weekend. I'm not traveling this weekend, which is a good thing because baby it's cold outside! Today's high is 33 degrees, which may sound toasty to some of you but to me, a southern beach town dweller, it feels like I woke in Norway this morning.

So I have a huge crock pot of veggie soup cooking. I'm doing laundry just to have any heat the dryer might leak. I'm tucked under a blanket in the recliner, treating the warmth from my laptop like a personal bonfire. And I'm sipping a mug of hot organic Caramel Apple flavor roobios tea while burning my Spice, Spice, Baby soy candle. Spicy scents and flavors make me feel warmer.

I'm sure at least one of you is laughing at what a cold weather wimp I am - probably one of my Alaska or Colorado readers. :) That's OK. I can take a little ribbing. I can even handle a little humiliation. It's cold that I can't deal with. You snow bunnies got any tips for staying warm?

Thanks to those who commented on last Friday's post, sharing their morning routines with me. Several of you talk to God first thing, before ever getting out of bed. I really like that idea, however, as I told you I'm not much of a morning person. The moment my eyes open in the morning, I have to force myself up out of the bed before I roll over, and fall back asleep in 4 seconds flat. (That, by the way, is one of my favorite things in the world to do. Falling back asleep I mean, not forcing myself up.)

So, my alarm clock is now on the other side of the room. And it is set to play a happy smooth jazz tune from one of my CDs as my wake up sound. I wash my face and then quickly head downstairs because the warm bed is like a giant magnet... attracting me ... pulling me ...

If its any season but winter, I can exercise in the morning - and once in a while I do - but in the winter, you can forgettabawtit! I really prefer to work out in the afternoon or evening. In fact, I'm at the gym at 9:00 pm at least once a week ... I am rarely there before 9 am.

Once downstairs, I head to the kitchen. My breakfast most days is a Snapple Green Tea (I like the mango flavor, but will drink the regular) and a Zone Perfect bar (chocolate mint or dark chocolate almond). If I eat most anything else for breakfast - cereal, muffins, etc. - it will only make we want to go back to bed. Which I've already established is something I have to work against.

Here is the new twist I've added to my morning this week. Either before or after my breakfast, I open all the blinds and stand in my big bay widow looking out on the sun-risen day. I drink in whatever is there - sunshine, rain, frost. And this is when I pray. I thank God for this day and tell Him I want to walk through every moment of it with Him. I ask Him for my daily bread and to be my portion for that day. I pray whatever else is on my heart - often for my husband, children, etc. It has become a special moment for me to do it while standing and literally facing the day. When the weather is warmer I plan to walk outside to do this.

Then I read from a devotion book and look up any verses in the day's entry. I know many of you use P31 daily online devotions and love them in your mornings. That's great! However, as senior editor of those devotions, I've already read, fine-tooth-combed, and reread every single one of them before they are posted, so they don't serve well as my morning devotional.

From there it depends on what my day holds - I open my laptop and check my Outlook calendar. I may need to jump in the shower to leave the house for something. If not, I may head to my desk and begin writing or working if I have a morning deadline to meet. I will likely check my email. Else I sit at a table or settle into my chair for more Bible study and reading time.

I like to light a candle and/or put Sunrise Earth on the TV when I do Bible reading - have you seen this show from the Discovery Network? Love it. I now have the DVDs, but it also comes on twice a morning where I live. Its just an hour of the sun rising somewhere beautiful in nature with the natural scenic sounds from the location.

So that's what my mornings tend to look like. Got any good devotional books to recommend to me?


  1. I'm a lot like you except I may get up a least once during the night and am so thankful when I see the time and can go back to bed.
    When I do get up sometimes after I've had my breakfast I will go back to sleep in my recliner. My Bible reading usually is at night, but sometimes I will pray all during the day. I have found that if I have a problem that I can't solve or I can't find something I will pray the following prayer: "Lord, you know how to do this, or find what I've lost, would you show me how or where I can find what I've lost." It shouldn't, but it always amazes me that He answers those prayers. It may not be right away but eventually I do get my answer.

    It's cold in NC also so your not alone. This too will past. (I pray)
    Blessings, my friend,

  2. I don't think you're crazy for being cold at 33, but then again it's 87 here. And I have the crockpot on, too, but it's for barbecue pork ribs and cornbread for dinner with our church group tonight...not exactly your usual winter supper!
    Your morning routine sounds wonderful. I'm curious, what are your kids doing during this time? Maybe they're old enough that the house can still seem peaceful while they're home? Mine are preschoolers and quiet is just not available when they're awake. I have to have my extended prayer time during their rest time.

  3. checking in from NY state where the wake-up air temperature this morning (and it was after the sun had peeked up!) was -4 degrees Farenheit. Looking forward to 30 degree days again!!

  4. Well it's in the 50's here and I am freezinggggggg(Florida) go ahead laugh at me, but I have been in fla. all my life, and I'm not likeing this cold stuff. Tonite it's really gonna get cold, thank goodness I already got my strawberry's and hopefully I will get somemore after all this.
    I wake up every morning thanking the Lord for a beautiful day, because I know he supplies all my needs and desires. After a bit I start reading devotions, and by the end of the evening hubby and I are discussing scriptures in the bible. Right now we are discussing the blood, and wow it's awesome what we are learning.

    Have a Blessed and joyfilled weekend, stay warm!
    I have missed chatting with you, come by and see me sometime.

  5. I love your idea of starting the day looking outdoors and praying. I'm such an outside person that sounds inviting.

    Being outside would be even better, but since is was -14 this morning, I guess I will have to wait a while.

    Blessings to all

    Kim / Ohio

  6. Rachel,
    I love your routine. sounds peaceful! Have a great weekend!

  7. The temp was about 10 or less this morning. I am looking to change things up a bit in my morning actually have a routine would be nice...I like the idea of looking outside the window...I also like being outdoors but when it gets too hot or too cold I become a cave dweller...I will check my library for the dvd's...I have natural sounds cd's (I use them for Home Spa days)...I also need to be more disciplined in reading the bible..the Lord revealed to me that I read it quite a bit but I lack exercise (same can be said about my habits with food) Have a great week end.
    Be Blessed,
    In His Love,

  8. Hi Rachel!

    Ok, I'm one of those out here wishing it was 33 here! When I went outside this morning to take our new puppy out it was -2 and for this California girly living in Kentucky... that is way cold!!! I remember when I thought 50 something was cold. NOW, I KNOW what cold is! My family (out in CA) like to rub it in these days that it is in the high 80s and they are having to get their shorts back out!

    You should see me (well, really you shouldn't). I think I look pretty ridiculous how bundled up I get to take that little pup out to do his business. This morning we were out there for 1min45seconds and then I ran back upstairs to get in bed. AWWWW my warm bed. Like you... it is a magnet that calls to me!! Your post has inspired me to rethink my mornings. Maybe I will start "facing the day" while I'm outside. I easily gaze up to the stars and pray while I'm out there with the pup at night... why can't I be mindful enough to do that in the morning too? I think I'll give it a shot tomorrow - right before I run back to bed! (One thing at a time, you know!)

    As for devotions... I have enjoyed reading the devotions Emilie Barnes has written. She has several and I think I have them all. They are pretty short(One book is called "15 minutes Alone with God) but that is all I have time for in this season of my life and they plant a seed in my heart for the day much like the P31 devos do.

    Well, I suppose I have rambled on enough. I better head down to let my puppy out! Brrrr! Maybe hearing from some of us in the single digits will help you feel warmer in your 30 degrees! Have a good weekend... Stay warm!

    California girl in Kentucky

  9. Well, I feel for you with the cold. We used to live in Michigan and I well remember those cold mornings. Now I am in the SF Bay area and laugh when people speak about how cold it is when the weather hits 50.... not that I dismiss the difference being on a body of water makes to the chill factor. As for morning routine, mine involves rolling out of bed, getting dressed and getting the kids fed and to school. 3 mornings a week I then head off to a mom's group I am in or to take my 3yo to preschool. I have started taking time to prayer over my family on the 7 minute drive to school. I pray out loud thanking God for the simple things we often take for granted - house, clothes, warmth on cold evenings, our car - and then over my children and the day we are beginning. I am notorious for beginning quiet times only to have them fail....seems like no matter when I schedule one of my 4 kids interrupts, am thinking I will go back to evenings after they are asleep. Of course by then I just want to curl up on in front of the TV and veg. If I think of a good devotional I'll let you know.

  10. So do you need me to come and sing to you like I did in Ecuador or SheSpeaks? Here you go:
    "Good mornin' Good mornin'. Hey its great to stay up late; Good mornin' Good mornin' to you!"

    Miss it, don't you? You know it is a good thing we don't live closer or I would be at your door. ;o)

    Love ya!
    Your other mom, Luann

  11. I'm going to check out that Sunrise Earth to see when that is on. That sounds like a pretty cool thing.
    I too like your idea of looking outdoors and when it's nicer, to go walking. I may have to give that a try.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hi, Rachel! :)

    It was 3 degrees here a few days ago! Pennsylvania is not usually quite that cold in the winter! Today it is 31. Much better.

    I am my second time through "Jesus Calling". Also love "Pierced by The Word" by John Piper.

    I also try to read a Psalm a day. Now I am doing the NIV Chrono Bible in a year, so I am loving that addition to my morning.

    I love how the Lord leads us whenever we open His Word. He is faithful to give us our portion...and more!

    I love the P31 on-line devotions, but I have to admit...if I go to the computer first (for devotional or otherwise) I can get off track. So, I have committed to going to the Word first and leaving any on-line devotions until after I have been in the Word. For some gals, this wouldn't be an issue, but for me, I have to leave the computer for a little later in the morning.

    Warm, warm hugs to you!
    Sharon :)

  13. I like how you stand in your bay window and embrace the view and begin to offer God your prayers. What a wonderful way to start- I don't have a bay window but I will see how I can implement the idea into my morning routine. thanks for sharing.

  14. Nothing like the warm encouraging words of Max Lucado in the morning! He has a number of devotional books. I'm reading Grace For The Moment.


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