Monday, January 19, 2009

What a day

Hey Girls. Today we had snow!!!!!!! That is so rare here. So rare in fact that they cancelled school last night for today (for the potential of less than an inch accumulation) and called for a 2 hour delay tomorrow. So its been a play day for us here. Despite the limited accumulation, we threw some snow balls, caught flakes on our tongues, and the boys even built a snow man. OK, so it was only about 18 " tall, but they loved it just the same.

When not walking in my winter wonderland, or drying hats and gloves in the dryer, I watched the inauguration coverage. What a historic day. I managed to tune in for Rick Warren's prayer, Aretha's singing, and Obama's oath and speech. Later on I tuned in as the new President and his wife walked up Pennsylvania Avenue, waving to the crowd. All I could think was how cold Michelle must be in that skirt, and how her feet must hurt by now in those heels. I wanted her to disappear back into the limo and re-emerge with some sweat pants and tennis shoes on under her dress. :0) I think women everywhere would applaud if she did! She looked beautiful though.

The other thing I did all day was eat. Something about the cold weather makes me hungry all the time. And I'm not talking hungry for almonds or salad. No sirree, I'm taking cravings for things sweet, spicy, or carb-laden. Donuts ... Nachos ... Chocolate-covered Pretzels ... yep, had all of that today.

All in all it was a good day - hope yours was too. I'm also hoping the snow sticks around long enough to be there in the morning when I stand up, look out, and face the day with prayer. G'night dear friends.


  1. Rachel, I live in Ohio and have most of my life and I'm still not used to the cold. I want it to be over quickly. Our schools hardly ever shut down but 2 hour delay more often. My children and I went sled riding on Saturday the 16th and it was fun, for a 40 year old young girl that I am. As much as I don't like winter I try not to steal my children's joy. I go down the hill about 5x as that is about all my body can take and they are pretty satisfied with that, they are 11 & 12. Although I didn't vote for our new President as a Black American I had to watch. I loved how Rick Warren prayed and I'm hopeful that our new President really has a Damascus road experience to really understand what it is that God expects of him in this office. Overall it was a great day for our country and for me personally just because I refuse to have any other kind of day but a great one! Take care, God bless you and yours and stay warm. Oh what you are doing to stay warm sounds about right to me, you may want to buy an electric blanket, those are wonderful!
    Ingyr, Columbus, Ohio

  2. HI Rachel!

    I'm glad to hear you are making the best of the cold weather. Its still cold here (about 10 right now) and my kids are on their 6th day off from school (3 "snow days" and 3 days from the long weekend). Not enough snow here in Somerset, KY to play in but apparently there is enough to make the roads slick. I wouldn't know what the roads are like because for this California girl... if the Meteorologist so much as hints that there may be some white stuff coming, I go into what my sister calls "raccoon mode". She laughs at me that I run to the store to stock up on bread, milk, diapers and TP! I go into "hibernation" and then I don't even have to try to drive out there! Nope, I tried that once... driving in the snow that is and I can say honestly that there are still indentations on my steering wheel from my grip and my son still recalls how much praying I did till we made it home and I broke down in tears. I really don't know how people drive in the snow. My husband gets amused by my fear of driving on ice, but this is because he is from Michigan and I haven't even really seen "real snow" (meaning feet of it, I guess) yet. A few inches is fine by me and I'll stay home on the couch with a blanket and some soup, thank you very much. Oh, and maybe I'll have some nachos!

    Quick question… do you follow your same morning routine on “snow days”?

  3. Sounds like a cozy fun day. I wish I could have eaten off of your menu yesterday! But I don't have snowy weather as a good excuse!

  4. Rachel,
    I know the feeling about being hungry and eating during a snow day. I think we has the same storm system and got about an inch here. I made my way to the Food Lion and got the fixins' for a pot of vegetable beef soup, crackers, cheese, pie (yes, a million dollar pie) and other snack foods.

    We, here in the coastal Carolina area just can't cope with this snow. If I lived where is snowed heavily, who knows how much I would eat!

    Plant Lady

  5. I didn't get to watch any of the inauguration yet. I was at work but did record it. Hopfully I'll get to it this evening. Sounds like you had a great play day. We all need to have those once in a while. Enjoy yourself although it's cold!
    Have a wonderful day.


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