Thursday, January 22, 2009

Plans for Good & a Window Seat

Hi all. My morning routine will be modified somewhat tomorrow since I fly out for a retreat in Delaware on a 7:00 am flight, and y'all know I'm not an early morning person. I may be standing to face the day and pray as I look out a window at the airport ... or perhaps on the plane.

I always book myself into the window seats. What about you - what's your preference? Even though its more convenient to sit on the aisle, the little kid in me never tires of catching glimpses of the clouds and the ground far below. :0)

Here's my verse for the day:

"For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. In those days when you pray, I will listen. If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me."

~ Jeremiah 29:11-13

Well, TTFN

(that's "ta ta for now" for those of you who don't speak Tigger)


  1. Have a safe trip, Rachel, and enjoy your view!

    Thank you for the verse! I needed that one today! Oh, and I prefer the isle seat :o)


  2. Safe travels and have a nice retreat. I'm also a window person though I seem to have a knack for being assigned a window seat over the wing! Oh well....

  3. Window seat. Gotta see God's beauty too!

    Hope your retreat was a God-filled blessed event!!

    In His Graces~Pamela

  4. I love that verse!

    I always book the window seat too, but last flight I wondered why? Because I am too "shy" to ask someone else to move when I need to potty! So for now on I want the aisle seat ;)!

    Have a safe trip!


  5. If I were by myself I'd take the window but any travel we've done my youngest son gets the window, which is fine. I can still see. :)
    Thanks for the great verse.
    Have a safe trip.

  6. I will pray for you as I pray for my girls when I know they are on the road, in your case, in the air,"that God will put an Angelic Border Patrol around your plane and take you safely to your destination and back home safely, in the name of Jesus."

    The verse in Jeremiah is one of my favorites.
    God go with you,

  7. And whilst Disney may have purloined TTFN for Tigger it was never original Tigger-speak. The best site I found (thanks Google) was which says all I would want to say and more I didn't already know.
    TTFN is Tommy Handley of whom anyone under the age of 60 or living outside the UK has probably never heard. My mother was a great fan.

  8. Good Morning, I am playing catch up this morning with your blogs. I have enjoyed ready the last few and had a good laugh at your cuddling up under a blanket when it was 33 degrees. Colorodo? Alaska? you forgot to mention northern Illinois where we had minus 33 degree weather just two weeks ago. Last week we got up to the 30s and the children at school were so excited to finally be able to get their coats, boats, etc. on and get outside on the playground. This morning it is back down to the single digits but it still felt good to me as I was out walking my dog this morning.

    As to planes - I am an aisle person. My long legs do much better where I can stretch them out every now and then. I also have occassional motion sickness and looking out of the window when a plane is taking off or landing can do me in!

    Isn't it wonderful that God makes such variety in our lives? Different weather, different seats, different views, all all of it fits so perfectly into His plan!

    Blessing to you today! - Sylvia

  9. May God bless your speaking efforts. I prefer the isle seat so I can stretch my long legs and have a tad bit more room.

  10. Will look forward to hearing about your time in Delaware! You were not too far from us!

    As long as I have a plane seat next to someone I can hold hands with during take offs and landings, I don't mind where I sit! :)

  11. Enjoy the flight, be safe under Gods care may He guide your day and put on a show of His grandeur while looking out the "window" seat He has prepared for you. God Bless you and your ministry to us.

  12. wow, Rachel, the Lord had me read this devotional today. For some reason, unbenounced to me, I have been deleting the e-devos without even reading. Partly because I have been so busy... I think the other part is satan has really been reeking havock here. Things have been tough for me lately... I have had little to no patience with my children... and two of them are only a year apart and going through the terrible twos all at once... things with my husband have been so rocky... just not communicating. I have been praying "Lord I can't do this anymore... you NEED to step in here, please give me your wisdom and show me your way" ... that was just this morning in the car on the way to dropping my son off to school... then I come home and this is what the Lord had me read. Thank you so much for your words... the Lord has used them in a mighty way to open my eyes a bit more and to penetrate my heart.

    Have a blessed trip... be safe.
    God Bless,

  13. I read your Prov.31 devotional today, and it really spoke to me. I have 12 and 8 year-old boys, and boy, do I sure need a dose of God's wisdom:)

    Blessings to you! Heaven in WI

  14. Hello Rachel:
    I am here from the P31 devotional sent out this morning.

    I am curious as to how you have assertained that Solomon was only 12 when he took the throne. Most scholars place Solomon's birth around the middle of David's reign, which would make Solomon about 20 when David died. I can't find anything in Scripture that says he was 12. I did find 1 Kings 3:7 where he says he is a "little child" at the beginning of his reign.

    Can you enlighten me? This is the first I have heard of him being 12. I'd love to know what you are basing this on. My email is Thanks!


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