Friday, January 9, 2009

What's your AM routine?

It's said breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I'm coming to believe - and I'm a certified night person - that morning is the most important time of the day. It sets the tone for how I move forward, and what I'm like as I do.

(If my husband is reading this, he just fell out of his chair, no doubt.)

Lots of people start their day with coffee or a shower, and many do morning devotions. But I want to hear how you start your day. Give me specifics. What says, "GOOD morning" to you? What helps you move into your day well? What is your mental/emotional/spiritual breakfast? Do you do things in a specific order? Do you pray a certain prayer each morning? Got a favorite morning devotional book? Do you exercise in the morning, or write out a plan for the day? What helps you shake off the sleep-fog and wake up to life - here today to be fully lived?

Inquiring minds want to know ...

What's your morning routine??


  1. Yeah I drink coffee first thing. I used to say the Prayer of Jabez every morning but I'd forgetten about that until I read your post. I may start doing that again .. my morning is pretty uninspired right now.
    I want that to change.

  2. The first thing I say every..almost, is Lord help me wake up!Seriously. I used to need coffee to wake up, but God taught me that I need not depend on it or let it rule me. Now I drink Tea instead. ha ha. But not to wake me up.

  3. Well, a few weeks ago my hubby started setting his alarm 45 minutes early and getting up and reading his Bible. This is something I've been praying for him to do! So now I get up with him and we read on the couch together. Different chapters but together! We started out making a cup of coffee but now I've noticed no one is getting it ready the night before so we aren't having that cup in the morning.

    I really don't have a set morning routine. I wished I was one of those super organized moms, but I try and then I slack...

    But I can tell you that reading with my hubby in the mornings is awesome! I love it and am so excited he did it all by himself without me nagging him!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I really enjoy yours!

    Your friend,
    Krystal in TX

  4. I get up 3 times a week at 4:30am so I have time to drink a cup of coffee before I leave the house at 5am to do a workout before I go to work. I pray while I'm drinking my coffee then out the door I go and I don't get home until after 7pm. The other 2 days of the work week I'm up at 6:30 but don't allow myself enough time to do any praying before I leave the house. I do it at work. We own a business so I'm able to read my bible and pray at work. I think God put me at the buisness to ensure that I would make time for him because that's where I do it. I didn't make time before. I need to make sure to make the time for him and I know if I don't do it in the am, then it probably won't get done that day. I am working so hard at changing my habits to grow closer with him.

  5. 5:30am lands me in my devotional chair with a fresh cup of coffee. I read from my devotional book and then the suggested scripture. I also read a 'day' out of Beth Moore's "Jesus: Day-by-Day". I then journal a prayer back to God from my devotions. I also have a prayer journal log book by Debbie Williams ["Prayers of my Heart"] that I update as I am praying. It may sound time consuming but it really isn't. Busy days I spend 30minutes in this, non-busy days an hour. Really good days get two hours!! It's never enough though.
    This discipline has been with me for abut five years now. I hunger and thirst for this time and it sets my mood and disposition for the day. If I don't get this time-it's like a day without my coffee (ask my kids).

    In His Graces~Pamela

  6. Rather than wake up to immediately taking charge of two preschoolers, I try to get up 20 minutes early just to read my favorite blogs. My husband feeds the boys breakfast and they have some daddy son bonding, and my blogs give me beauty, motivation and inspiration to wake up with and the sleep shakes off enough to start my day right. I save my devotions for afternoon rest time when I can focus a bit better. I'm sure it will all change once my boys are in school but for now it works for me.

  7. Hi Peaceliving - I'd be curious to know, are there certain blogs that you find really inspirational or motivating in the morning because of their content? Or is just more that because they are your favs, they have that affect on you?

    Hey Krystal - that's awesome about your hubby!

  8. I read blogs and drink coffee for about 30 minutes and set about doing some small chores - dishes and starting the laundry, then I sit down and read from my favorite Christmas present, The Chronological Bible.

  9. Hi Rachel, I've popped over from Lelia's page. My morning routine - on a GOOD day - is firstly reading the days mini-devotion from "Starting Your Day Right" by Joyce Meyer, then get myself ready for work, and my 4 year old ready also. In between all that I do my bigger devotional out of "Everyday with Jesus", and have my much needed up of coffee! On a not so good day, a wake-up shower is first, then coffee, and devotionals while getting ready. My day is much better though when Jesus is first on the list. Paula :-)

  10. Hi Rachel, I've popped over from Lelia's page. My morning routine - on a GOOD day - is firstly reading the days mini-devotion from "Starting Your Day Right" by Joyce Meyer, then get myself ready for work, and my 4 year old ready also. In between all that I do my bigger devotional out of "Everyday with Jesus", and have my much needed up of coffee! On a not so good day, a wake-up shower is first, then coffee, and devotionals while getting ready. My day is much better though when Jesus is first on the list. Paula :-)

  11. Coffee and my bible first thing in the morning is my ideal morning. I've also started to journal while reading so it's allowed me to slow down and examine what I've read and listen to hear from Him. If I can start the day this way, I'm golden for the rest.

  12. Ughhh! Mornings! I am so not a morning person!!! Both my husband and I are "night people" so when the alarm goes off in the morning... it's not so pretty. I even have to put my alarm clock across the room so I have to get out of bed and walk across the room to turn it off... and I still hit snooze at least 3 or 4 times! Yikes! I hate to admit but I do think mornings are soooo important. I am trying really hard to not be dragging in the morning so I can help set a peaceful, joyful tone for my kids in the morning. It's so hard! My boys love to sleep in, too! For a few months last year, I would make myself get out of bed at 5am to go to an aerobics class at the YMCA and I felt so great after it! I would leave and then be back and shower before it was time to wake everyone up. I loved it! But, with family budget cut-backs... our gym membership was one of our sacrifices. Anyway... I will look forward to reading how others start their day and maybe I'll find some inspiration! I know mornings are oh-so-important and mine have lots of room to improve! Oh, and coffee is out... I don't do caffeine!


  13. Oh... I guess I should mention that since we got a puppy for Christmas (yes, Rachel... he has "puppy breath" big time!)... I get up a bit faster when I hear him whining to go outside! Not so spiritual, but he (our puppy) has me jumping right up and running down stairs to get him out before it's too late! And you know what? A burst of Kentucky-20-something-degree morning air does wake me up a bit! Maybe I need to put my alarm clock out there! Ha!

  14. Hi Rachel and all,

    I am not a morning person too, but I have come to learn that without getting up early and praying and spending time with Jesus, my days are not so peaceful.
    I will usually wake up and say immediately Good morning Father Lord, Good Morning Jesus and Good Morning Holy Spirit.After that i will say Thank u Lord for your grace and your mercy in my life.Right after that, i will think of what is the day gonna be like, classes and students or things that i need to do that day and bring it before the Lord.I usually pray for each of my students by name... especially if i am teaching the notorious classes.I then asked the Lord to lead me and guide me during the day and ask him to show me who i can bless today or who needs a touch from Jesus.I sometimes sing a song or two and thats it... after that i get ready for classes...
    I read my bible and ending your day right from Joyce Meyer at night.I am reading the chronological bible that was being promoted during the online Proverbs31 devotion.It is so wonderful and amazing to read the Word of the Lord in this manner.I am thoroughly enjoying myself....Thanks for advertising it .I would never have known otherwise that this Bible existed..

    God bless yall

  15. For some reason I got up early today and I don't know why! Had a banana,blueberries,raisin bread,orange juice, and coffee,& more coffee. - Raymonty.

  16. I am not a morning person, so coffee is a must for me. I also like to read blogs for about 20 minutes while I'm drinking coffee. I think it helps me eyes adjust and my brain start. I do also have a devotional time in the morning, but usually once I've gotten breakfast served. I don't have a certain devotional that I read, but I do pray everyday that God would order my steps and establish my thoughts as I commit my works to Him. I also pray that His will would be accomplished in me, that God would bless my husband with wisdom and direction for our family.

  17. Before I get out of bed every day I meditate and try to put all my focus on Jesus. I am not really a morning person either. I love the weekends because I can meditate longer and it doesn't hurt when I fall back to sleep in peace. I also have a teenager daughter which makes it interesting from morning to morning so if she is cranky I pray a lot more than I would normally just to help me through the morning. Then before heading out the door to work I say a special prayer for my cats and my family to which my cats will run to me wherever they are so they can receive attention and the special prayer. Have a great weekend everyone and God bless you!

    Laura in NH

  18. Well, Rachel, when you get to be my age things begin to get routine almost every morning. Sometimes the time I get up is different, why I don't know. The first thing I have to do is wash my face and get my eyes open. I have very dry eyes and it takes the warm water and some eye drops to get them open. Then I fix my breakfast usually the same thing everyday along with a cup of coffee. My husband may be up or he may have been up for 2 or 3 hours and come back to bed and gets up after I do. I eat my breakfast in my favorite chair in our bedroom because sometimes especially if I wake up early I will lay back and start praying and before I know it I'm asleep. It takes me until about 10 am to get myself going. I do a lot of praying at night after going to bed, but this year I am getting a devotion from the 700 Club that will take me through the Bible in a year. That was one of the things I wanted to do this year. After that I usually come to my computer and read blogs and emails. By that time it lunch time. I told you it was boring, but since I don't have to work anymore and my body is not what it used to be I do pretty much what I feel like doing. Sometimes I pray during the day off and on. Have I bored you enough? When you get to be 68 you can do the same but I sure hope and pray you have not been through the health issues that I have. I'm to the point that I'm listening for the sound of the trumpet and look forward to the day when it's time for me to go be with the Father.

    Edie at Rich Gifts has done a makeover for my blog. Visit if you have a chance. She is so good at knowing exactly what you want without really giving her much to go on.
    God bless you and enjoy your children and husband while your still young,

  19. Hi Rachel,

    First, thanks so much for visiting my new blog and saying hello. You made my day!! I am having so much fun meeting women from all over and hearing their hearts.

    As for morning time, I pray before my feet hit the floor. I start with a praise for Who God is, to remind me Who is in control of my day no matter what may come. I then share a few things I am thankful for that, warm house, husband, Bible study, friends, laughter...whatever comes to mind or maybe what lies ahead in my day. Then I present requests to Him for my day...people I will see, tasks I need to accomplish, patience if I know I will need an extra measure. Finally, I invite Him into my show up, to lead me, to open my eyes to see what He sees. He especially works in this last area...He wants to be invited in...He LOVES it, and I watch expectantly for what He will do!!!

    Thanks for this GREAT idea. I have loved see ways women start their day.

    Blessings to you sweet friend,


  20. HI Rachel,
    I get up put my excersize clothes on and thank God for giving me the strength to excersize. Then I work out for 20-40 mins. Then I grab coffee and sit down to my computer. I read e-mails, devotionals (Streaming Faith and Proverbs 31) and blogs. Then I make lunches for my husband and I. Then I take a shower and get ready for work. Come back downstairs before my husband leaves for work, we pray together for the day our children ourselves our jobs and the country. Then he leaves for work, I read my Bible (Chronological-with Wendy) and eat my breakfast. Then I go to work. I work 4-10hr days so I start work at 6am. Yes I get up really early. It is somewhere between 2:30 and 3:15. On Fridays, I do the same but after hubby leaves for work, I catch up on any of my studies that I didn't finish during the week until approx 8am and then I clean the house and read or sew.
    And that is my life.
    Sorry to lead you through the garden but you did ask for specifics. :)


  21. Lynn...

    You get up so early! Do you mind if I ask what time you go to bed? I keep checking back here to be insipired to convert myself to a morning person. I suppose one step would be to get to bed earlier! It would at least be somewhere to start!


  22. Hey, Rachel! Although I'm often up too late at night, I'm actually morning person. The first thing I do when I wake up, often before my eyes open, is say good morning to God and thank Him for blessing me with another day.

    My best mornings are when I get up early enough to start my day in prayer, and then get everyone up and out the door in a timely manner. It helps to get everyone organized the night before.

    Because I have busy mornings and often prayer/Bible time can't be done first thing, I asked God for a quick morning prayer to start my day. Immediately came this prayer:

    "This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it." - Psalm 118:24

    Oh, Lord I want to thank You, for this a brand new day; another chance to shine Your light and love along my way. Please be with me and guide me, in all I say and do. Now I go, and I go with You. Amen.

    Yes, He actually spoke to me in rhyme (song, acutally).

    Blessed mornings to you!

  23. I get up at 5:00a.m. not because I want to but it is the only way I can get everything in! The first thing I do is exercise--something to wake me up! I then fix my breakfast and eat, drink my first doses of water and do my morning devotion which varies. I also pray each morning from Power of a Praying Wife and Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie Ormatian. I then get a shower and get dressed and wake my kids up. We homeschool so this gives me about 1 1/2 hours to mysellf which is PRECIOUS time!

  24. Hi, Rachel!
    I am a certified morning person, and I am so thankful for that. I find that starting the morning off with my priorities in order makes for a well-balanced day.

    I prepare the night before so my quiet time with the Lord in the morning is "protected". Back packs ready to go, lunches packed, breakfast table set, and coffee pot on automatic.

    5:15 - wake (usually!)
    Devotion, study and prayer time.
    6;15 - shower, shampoo and shine (I guess that's up for debate)
    7:00 - wake the cherubs up for school by singing "This is the day..."
    7:20 - devotion time with cherubs
    7:30 - breakfast, etc.
    8:05 - pack up in the car and set out for school! :)

    I am hoping to teach my cherubs how to start their mornings out with the Lord and planning their time for a peaceful morning. There are bumps in the road, but by God's grace, we get back to our joy spot!


  25. Good morning Rachel, it has been a while since I posted but I've been reading, traveling and enjoying the grandchildren! I start my morning routine with a cup of coffee, a "Thank You God for keeping me" type prayer, a look at my email devotionals. When time allows I write in my journal. I must start back walking and training when the Ohio weather gets better [br-r-r-r] which is really no excuse because I have a treadmill, but it sounds good! Have a blessed and productive week.


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