Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Brilliant Plan

OK, yall cracked me up with the title ideas based on my name! I couldn't even come up with that much. I especially liked "Neslo Lehcar." (My name backwards.) While I don't think it will work as as my title, I think it would be an AWESOME pen name!!

My friend Marybeth is enchanted with the notion of crossing over from writing non-fiction to writing fiction. I haven't read the fiction book she is working on yet (it's probably good) but I just can't imagine myself writing fiction. If ever I decide to try it though, I will use the pen name Neslo Lehcar.

Then when people eventually dig around on the Internet for information about Neslo (because it will be a best seller, of course), they'll find these blog posts. And my cover will be blown. But then I'll drop my name entirely in favor of an unpronounceable symbol. And everyone will simply call me "the writer formerly known as Neslo Lehcar."

And that will top David's "Don't Hassle the Hoff." Because who would dare approach, much less hassle, "the writer formerly known as Neslo Lehcar"?

It's a brilliant plan, so, thanks girls. :)

I'm busy preparing for a speaking engagement this weekend, that I'll combine with a little family get-a-way to Myrtle Beach. Maybe while there I'll practice introducing myself as "Neslo." Meanwhile, flip your name around backwards and tell me what your pen name would be.


  1. AnonymousMay 13, 2009

    How funny! My pen name would be Dradoow Nnil. I don't think anyone would buy a book by an author of that name!

  2. Dooh Nasus is extremely weird! I'm with peaceliving--no one would but anything with this name. It's not even close to a Dr. Seuss name!

    Y'all have fun at the beach. If you're down towards Surfside, hit Tomlinson's--cool stuff! They just don't give you a bag to put your purchases in!Sarah J's at Garden City is yummy--great hush puppies :)Get there early or get a reservation.


  3. Sorry--meant to write "buy" instead of "but"!! Need to proof my comments better!

  4. I guess I would be Eflow Eidoj. Boy I would sound like I'm from a foreign country or something! Interesting idea!

    Praying that your weekend goes well.


  5. My name would be Ecila Skcots. Now that's weird.
    I could use my mother's name, Airo. I have no idea where my grandmother got that name but you should have heard people try to pronounce it. I was reading my Bible the other day and found Aero, that's as close to my mother's name as I've ever seen.

    Hope your weekend is filled with a lot of spiritual food and good times at the beach.

  6. Oh this is so funny I like the names they came up with for you.
    Mine backwards would be
    Seyer Nnyl, but it actually is more interesting with my Full name Seyer Ettenyl. Or if I switched the order I would be Ettenyl Seyer. Thanks for the fun. :)

    Have a blessed Weekend.

  7. Hi there,

    Now my name spell backwards would be aneehs.In my country Malaysia, our national language is Bahasa Melayu that means the malay language has a word aneh( short of one e and s from my name.The meaning of that word......WEIRD.

    Dont think i want to use my name backwards.

    Some of the names of the rest spelled backwards is just so ........hmmm CUTE.

    Sweet blessings
    Sheena Jeremiah

  8. I must be brain dead, because I read these post and could not figure out what you were doing. It took two times. Maybe it is an age thing!
    Mine would be (etitelppa enaid) sounds a bit exotic.
    of fehc enaiD

  9. Llewkcalb Ydnew...seriously? How do you even pronounce that? LOL!! Well, Neslo I hope you had safe travels and are returning Rachel to us for more blogs. :)

  10. Too funny. My name would be {yma wordet}. Not too sure about the first name. LOL


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