Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh No He Didn't ...

So, I'm in the bookstore this weekend and I see that David Hasselhoff has published a book.

Depending on your age, you'll know David as the former star of the TV show Knightrider (1980s), or the lifeguard from Baywatch (1990s), or the sometimes intoxicated judge on America's Got Talent (2006). Oh, and apparently he was a pop star in Germany for a short while too - who knew?

So anyway, I spot his book on the shelf from across the aisle and it's titled ... wait a minute, I can't stop giggling ... it's titled: Don't Hassel the Hoff.

Oh yes. He did.

I'm in the process of finishing up my current book, which means it is time to start brainstorming topics and titles for my next one, which is already under contract - hence the lack of break between projects.

So when I saw David's book I said to my husband, "If only my name would lend itself to being the title for my next book ... and I could refer to myself in 3rd person with a nickname making me sound legendary ... and at the same time, I could communicate to the world my disdain for interruptions and inconveniences ... and warn everyone not to do that to me ..."

Then, life would be good. I'm sure of it. Only my name, won't comply. Why, oh why, couldn't I marry a man with the last name Makemecook? (Figure it out.)

... and so, I'm open for recommendations for my next book topic.

Hope you had a good Mother's Day!


  1. Hey, Rachel! Trying to come up with a cutesy name for you using Olsen--Son of 'ol? Sorry--It's not working, chickadee!! You're just gonna have to use the lovley one that you married into! It'll do just fine! Good luck with the next book! I can't wait to get the one you just finished!

  2. I didn't realize he had a book. I didn't realize he was intoxicated either on one of my very favorite shows...AGT. I never watch Idol but I never miss AGT in the summer.

    Like your book title if you married Mr. Makemecook.

    I can't imagine writing book after book.

    You'll do just fine with a title.

  3. That is a hoot.....!!

    I'll have to think about the book thing! I'm sure you'll come up with something amazing!!! =)

  4. Beats me. Good luck in choosing a title. No help here.

  5. You crack me up friend! Let's see about the title for your next book... Rachel means a female sheep if my Hebrew is correct and Olsen mean son of Olaf

    How about Laughing Ewe?
    Get it? Olaf (O-Laf)
    Or How about Ewe Laughing?
    OKay I'm obviously out of control so I will stop

  6. Hmmm, book titles...

    Ole' Zen
    There's Always Room for Chelo (the "chel" from Rachel and the "o" from Olsen....I know, I know, it's a stretch)
    Learch Lones (using letters from your name)

    Hmm, that's a toughie...

    Good luck with the title choices!

  7. How about "Neslo Lehcar!" Rachel Olsen spelled backwards. Ha!

    I know it doesn't make any sense, but it is kinda catchy.

    God bless you and your book.

  8. My favorite is "Neslo Lehcar!"

    It makes me think of Nacho Libre which gives me visions of Jack Black in tights - which cracks me up!

    I am thinking it's supposed to be a funny book with this vision I am having and Zoe's recommended title :-).

  9. AnonymousMay 11, 2009

    I hate to admit this but ACTUALLY the Hoff got his start as Snapper on Young&the Restless. Every girl on my junior high basketball team knew who he was!!!

    And you should just make up something with your name that makes no sense--like "don't make me go Olsen on you" or "Hear the Olsen?"


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