Friday, May 1, 2009

Financial Fridays - lower monthly bills

Ever wonder if you are paying more than you need to for things like your phone service or car insurance?

For most of us, these bills are fixed amounts we haven't questioned or comparison shopped in years ... unless something like a job-loss has forced us to seek out cheaper alternatives. It is time to find out.

Sometimes you can score a lower monthly cost just by contacting your current provider and asking if there is a less expensive plan available to you. I did that recently with my home phone carrier and saved money without making any noticeable sacrifices in my service. I will look at my cell phone plan next and see about reducing it or switching carriers.

Consider the Geico slogan,"A 5 minute phone call could save you hundreds." It saved me money when I switched my car insurance to them from Progressive. Try popping over to if you don't know where to start, and see if you could be saving some money on your cell, car, Internet service, etc.

And if you save some money this way - let us know! :)

Off to open this week's mail ...


  1. Hi Rachel...

    I recently called my cable company to cut back my service to reduce the expense. I planned to eliminate my DVR option and save $10 a month (every little bit helps). The service rep placed me on hold and then came back with a 'special' that lowered my bill $30/month with NO CHANGE OF MY SERVICE!!! I told the lady that part of me was really excited to be saving the money with no 'sacrifices' but the other part of me was a bit... let's say disturbed to find out that I have been paying $30/month more than I needed to. She offered condolences and assured me this was a 'special' that they don't have all the time.

    After hearing this... my mom called her phone company and was able to lower her monthly fee by over $75!!! Her bill had been slowly and steadily been creeping up in price and she had been just paying it without giving it much thought. When it reached an outrageous price is when she made the call, and they were more than happy to lower her monthly bill (with no changes to her plan).

    Anyway, I totally recommend making some calls... It WILL SAVE YOU MONEY!!!

  2. We are also in the progress of downsizing by discontinuing use of cable. My hubby, being the computer guru he is, has somehow created a computer system to allow us to access all of our favorite shows using and netflix on demand. My kids hardly miss it because they see the same shows and they are free. This saves us $40 a month.

  3. I'm gonna visit that website!

    Thanks for the tips!

    Have a wonderful week :)

    Kate :)


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