Monday, December 21, 2009

Hot Tea or Chocolate anyone?

If I could, I'd plug in the tree, heat up some water, and have you over for some hot tea or chocolate this morning. We'd sit and chat about what the Lord has done in our lives in 2009. Wouldn't that be great?

Here, choose your mug:

I'd ask you about your major trials, your major blessings, and the major life lessons you've learned this year. We could even linger over a second cup and pray together. Oh, if only that were possible! Instead, I'll be finishing my wrapping today and then taking my daughter out for a little mommy and me time.

But since I can't teleport you over here, I figure I'll post a few pics this week of what Christmas looks like around my house (this year anyway). You can cyber visit. Feel free to tell me in the comments what you'd want to talk about.

While we're in my kitchen today, I'll show you the little Christmas touches in here. That wreath above hangs on one of the windows in my bay where the table sits. I love the colors in it.

It's rather crowded in here - there's 3 families at the moment! See, last year my daughter had a part in a university production of A Christmas Carol - she's really quite the actress ... her grandfather was a professional actor - so I bought lots of carolers last year and they wound up on the counters in my kitchen. Here's a shot of some:

This family sits just to the left of my cook top, so they sing to me while I cook. How fun is that? You reckon they're singing for their supper? Hey you forgot to tell me if you want tea or hot chocolate ... let me know, and stop by tomorrow to see what I did this year on the tree.

(PS. there is a hint about the tree in that last paragraph)


  1. Make me some hot chocolate in the yellow mug.

    Merry Christmas!


  2. Beautiful!! Wish I were there to curl up on the couch with a hot mug of chocolate and talk the day away! Merry Christmas friend! Samantha

  3. I would love to have some hot chocolate in the red mug. I would love to talk with you about all God is teaching me through my six month little girl, who is sweetly talking beside me right now. Thank you Rachel for inviting us into your home in this post! Merry Christmas!


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