Friday, January 29, 2010

Fabulous Small Kitchens

Yesterday I posted about finding a photo of food writer Mark Bittman's home kitchen - and being surprised at how small and unelaborate it was. It reminded me of a similar incident a few years ago when I came across the tee-tiny french kitchen of a dessert cookbook author. It was even more surprising than Mark's! But it was very inviting and quaint.

So I went in search today of some photos of small kitchens that make use of their limited space, and do it with style. Want to see what I found?

I love the unexpected funky-girlishness of the one with green walls and a chandelier. But honestly, this bottom one makes me want to walk right in and start cooking, and it's probably the least decorative among them. The others make me want to sit and stare. :)

Which one of these is more your style?

Thankful for the beautiful creativty displayed in interior design.


  1. I have a tiny kitchen!!! I love this post!

    My two favorites are the black and white kitchen....and the green kitchen with the chandelier.

    Very cool post.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    - Kate :)

  2. I think my favorite kitchen photo is #1. If I could have a new kitchen, that's what I would imagine it to be! Although it wouldn't be because I think I need that kitchen to cook well. I just like the look - I suppose that's a little vain isn't it?

    Speaking of kitchens, I recently did an update that made such a big difference with such little cost. I had those ugly, brass knobs on my white cabinets - yuck!! Well, I had not done anything about them yet knowing that replacing them would cost a small fortune with 31 knobs to replace. Yes, I must say I have space in my kitchen, but let's just say it's time for a little updating.

    While complaining about my dilemma to my sister-in-law, she suggested I paint the knobs. Hmmm! I hadn't thought of that because of their shiny, smooth texture. Sure enough, Lowe's Home Improvement fixed me right up with a primer and spray paint. They even gave me a neat little tip to make the project easier. They suggested I buy a peg board, screw the knobs in, and paint away. WOW! What an idea! In a very short amount of time and $20 I have brushed nickel cabinet knobs, and I'm on my way to an updated look! So, if you need to update those cabinet knobs, consider painting them. It really works!

    I'm enjoying reading your blog, Rachel. Thanks for sharing your passion about cooking : )

  3. OH my the farm house kitchen is calling my name big time! Love those blue and yellow chairs, the white cabinets, the rugs and little curtains! LOVED IT!

  4. The last one,and i got some great idea's for my kitchen,because it looks fairly the same..Same size already white cupboards..Love the
    Copperpots as decoration

    Enjoyed it

  5. Kate - you and I like the same green one. It's got a wild streak doesn't it?

    But Pam, I like #1 also. My own kitchen has a bit of a european/tuscan vibe going on - though not as strongly as this one. Great idea on the cabinet knobs - you could repaint your light fixtures that way too.

    Krystal - isn't that farm kitchen so girly-divine?! I'd love to sit at that table and share some tea with you.

    Love hearing which ones y'all like!

  6. I agree, Bernice, the copper pots look really pretty against that pale green wall. I think this one makes me want to walk right in and cook because the pots are out in sight, the knives are at hand's reach, looks like a pot of herbs sits in the back corner - it inspires action!

    I even like the b/w print hanging on the wall - not sure who that is but it appeals to my word-geek/scholarly side. :)

    So happy you got some ideas and inspiration.

  7. Our 1960s kitchen has not been updated. My Dear took several cabinets out that broke up the room and we were not using. I have dreamed through Country Living Magazine and know that my dream kitchen is not sold at Lowe's but at an flea market! I think some paint and few changes in cabinet doors might do it for me....My MIL redid her kitchen exactly they way she wants it-shelves instead of cabinets for her dishes now she gets to look at the pretty dishes all of the time.

  8. Sharing sweet tea and a chat with you would be wonderful!

  9. Ooooh! I love the one with all the vintage plates on the wall, right down to the cool old stove too.

  10. I love all these photos!! What is it about kitchens that make us want to pull up a chair and start gabbing while wonderful smells envelop us? At least it does that to me. I am planning on spending all my time in the kitchen tomorrow. You've made me look forward to it even more!

  11. I think my favorite one is probably the very first one. Isn't it amazing what one can do with limited space?

  12. I am in love with photo # 3!!! Actually, I think this might even be do-able in my Manhattan apt! Too bad we already redid it almost 5 years ago...oh well, a girl can dream! ;)

    I also liked the green one with the chandelier...something very N'awlins-y about that one...

    Great post!

  13. Belive it or not, my favorite is not the one with the chandelier. It's the black and white kitchen.

    Thanks for the lovely pictures. They have me in the mood to do a little decorating.

  14. I love these kitchens!
    I especially like the last one with the drawing of the old man in the background.

    I had a kitchen much smaller than any of these in my seminary townhouse. Two people could not fit in it. And you had to be in a certain position to open the fridge.

    Good memories there though!

    I am running a fun contest this week. Pop over and see!

    Love ya

  15. Yes, Rachel, I did continue the painting process on my light fixtures in my bathroom, but we were talking about kitchens, so I decided to not mention! And, yes, they turned out beautifully, too! This is one happy homemaker with her like-new knobs and light fixtures!

  16. Hi Rachel,
    I came to your blog after reading your devotional this morning. I ended up doing some exploring, and arrived here. I may have been here last winter, when we were looking to remodel our small kitchen.

    I saw the photo with the grid on the wall somewhere, maybe here, and, I decided I wanted one of those. We did get one. After making a number of calls and doing searches on the internet, I found a store a state away that sells supplies for stores.

    The seventh photo here is my style, but not my husband's. We compromised, and came up with things we each like.

    The main reason I wanted to remodel was because we had a portable dishwasher. When it was running, nothing else could go on in the kitchen. The sink was obviously tied up, but so was the available electricity. A fuse would blow if we popped corn or used the microwave.

    There were other issues with the space that we were able to address. It's still a small kitchen, and I find myself longing for more space when I am unloading the dishwasher. It's a very tight squeeze, but the kitchen is more functional after being remodeled. After seeing these other small kitchens, and knowing there are professional cooks who have small kitchens, I will aim to be more content.



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