Thursday, January 28, 2010

No More Kitchen Excuses

I like my kitchen, but it is not very large. Counter space and storage space is a bit lacking. Rick and I can cook in there together, but it's a like a dance -- we have to stay aware of where the other one is and coordinate our movements to make it work without bumping into each other. I'm definitely guilty of thinking I need a bigger kitchen. Or that I could cook better with better facilities.

Then I saw a photo that astounded me.

You familiar with Mark Bittman? Food writer for NY Times, and author of How to Cook Everything and Food Matters. Mark loves food, and loves to cook. He's was also on a food & travel TV show I loved: Spain on the Road Again. In short, he is a biggie in the food industry.

His kitchen, however, is surprising small. This is Mark Bittman's Manhattan kitchen:

Notice there is no counter space on the other side of the rather-generic-for-a-food-writer stove? And only maybe a foot or two of counter space between the stove and what looks to also be a rather generic sink? His kitchen, Mark says, is 7 feet wide by 8 feet long.
Surprised? I was.
I also noticed, however, that it's super clean - the white stove, counters and cabinets look sparkling. I don't see much clutter either. The natural light pouring in from the large window is great, and the pale blue paint color looks lovely. Plus, doesn't that meal he is making (braised turkey breasts) look delish?!
Here is proof positive that we don't need a food prep station, a baking station, a walk-in pantry, and a 6 burner Viking stove to make a great meal.
So, no more using our small, dated, or otherwise crummy-in-our-opinion kitchens as excuses for not cooking and enjoying cooking. Get in there, embrace the challenge that is your kitchen and make something yummy this weekend! And if you need some recipe ideas, check out my friend Mary DeMuth's new blog A Daily Recipe . I would love to hear about what you make!
I'm thankful for my kitchen today and friends who share yummy recipes.
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  1. This made me smile...I live in Manhattan & I am often surprised by very LARGE kitchens!! lol!!

    Seriously, I am a BIG fan of the Pioneer Woman (google her & check out her amazing website!)... I have a teeny, tiny Manhattan kitchen & can cook BIG! ALthough, I do often dream of an island...a kitchen island...& yes, of course I am always dreaming of the tropical kind too! ;)

    My latest favorite recipe: white chicken cheese enchiladas....mmmmmm!


  2. Most my friends have bigger kitchens than me so I can relate.

    Its cold here so I'm going to make a stew or chili this weekend. Have a good weekend, Rachel!


  3. I'd love to have his "tiny and not fancy" kitchen instead of the extremely out-dated kitchen that is in our home.

    My kitchen is a challenge. I hate it. The stove is a countertop cooktop with coil burners....which wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't 30+ (40+..maybe 50+) years old! And my wall oven looks like something from the Brady Bunch or older!

    Super tiny and vintage (not in a good way...I love vintage, usually) appliances. 2 years and counting since we moved in...hoped we would have been able to improve on it by now!

    But I have been able to cook some good meals in my horrible kitchen!

    Pepper Steak was my most recent meal and I will be making 40 garlic clove chicken this week for the first time.

  4. Hey Alison, maybe you can apply to win one of those kitchen makeover contests!

    Meanwhile, kudos to you for getting in your very Brady kitchen and making some yummy food. Please let me know how the 40 clove garlic goes - and how long it takes the smell to leave your house! :)

    Blessings ~ Rachel


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