Tuesday, January 12, 2010

In Praise of Pears

(I know you read this post title and thought: Pears - who cares?)
I've discovered that I do.
Go figure!

I forgot to mention in my last post, I bought something else whilst in Myrtle Beach:

And these were half-price because it was post-Christmas, even better.

I think Americans could stand to learn a thing or two from the French about the beautiful flavor and versatility of the pear. They're great thin-sliced on a turkey sandwich with some white cheese and cranberry mustard. Or baked in cinnamon. Or diced up in a chef salad with some Gorgonzola or Roquefort and candied pecans. Plus its hard to beat a really nice, bright, ripe pear eaten in hand at its peak on a winter day.

Before you knock it, when did you last eat a fresh, ripe pear?
Anybody got a favorite pear recipe? I'm thinking of trying this one. It sounds slightly freaky, I know - what with the Swiss cheese and all. Yet, it's strangely appealing to me.

So what did you eat today that you'd really like to thank God for?

I'm giving God thanks for pears.


  1. my morning coffee!

    :) Kimber

  2. I like pears but never really think about them or buy them. Wonder why? you are making me want one now!


  3. I love pears. I think pears and white cheese would go well together. I ate a pear from Walmart last week. Every few years my local orchard for mostly apples has pears. They are SOOO delicious. Hard but juicy. I don't like me any mushy fruit. Once mom bought me a fruit box for Cmas. Pears, apples, oranges. Those were the best pears ever. I told her but she's not bought it since.

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  5. I read this yesterday and thought, "pears." Today I opened a can of pears which I do probably every week and congratulate myself of enjoying those sweet things. WELL, I checked the calories today! Bet your pears are better ALL THE WAY AROUND! My just make me shaped like one!

  6. I have always loved pears. A perfect pair is a visual and a taste delight. My grandparents had a Bartlett pear tree that we played in for hours (the snacks don't get any fresher than that!) And now I just happen to live among some of the orchards that supply Harry and David's so have learned much about the subtleties of taste and texture in the different varieties.


  7. Beautiful pear photos! In fact, now that I've read your post, I want one (really bad), and all I have are grapefruits and clementines, doggone it.

    I shall satisfy myself with citrus.

    But I'm really glad to make your acquaintance...all thanks to a fruit.

    Oh, and one of the tastiest ways I enjoyed a slice of pear was dipped into a fancy fondue, which would have been swiss-cheesy (it was probably a Gruyere/Emmental blend).

    And you asked what I ate today that I'd like to thank God for?

    A spoonful of honey I stirred into a cup of tea. The honey was collected by a bee keeper who has passed away, making each golden drop remaining in the jar extra precious.


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