Friday, January 8, 2010

Surprised by Integrity

After Christmas we snuck down to Myrtle Beach for a few days vacation with some long-time friends of ours, The Bolducs. Together we enjoyed the beach.

We enjoyed the indoor water park during the day, and playing charades in the evening.

We ate meals together.

(Rick, me, P.J., Bill, Haley, Alania)

I think my favorite was my daughter's birthday lunch at the Margarativille restaurant. Not only did they give Alaina a massive strawberry shortcake birthday cake, but a gal on stilts came to our table and made Alaina a giant balloon hat. Then had her wear it while taking her up front, getting the entire restaurant's attention, and having them all sing happy birthday to her. Now that's a memorable birthday moment.

And we enjoyed some shopping at the outlet mall. I got a new Calphalon pot (only $24!), my daughter got a winter coat, my son got a book and socks. Rick got a case of the blues ... because he lost his wallet there, which contained his licence, university ID, debit card, American Express card, and lots of cash.

We made various phone calls to the mall when we realized - 2 days later - it was missing. But no one had seen it. Then we canceled all our plastic cards, prayed for protection from identity theft and asked God to somehow return the wallet to us.

A week later, the outlet mall called saying they had it and would mail it to us. I wondered if it would be empty.

Yesterday it arrived with every singe thing in it, including all $125 dollars! God is good. So is the person who found it and turned it in as is. May they be blessed 100-fold this month for that display of kindness and integrity.

Giving thanks God for honest people.


  1. That truly is a miracle! So happy for you :)

  2. What a blessing and happy Birthday to your daughter.

  3. WOW!!! What a great story!! Love it! And as a NY'er, these stories always restore my faith in humanity! ;)

    And Happy Birthday to your daughter!


  4. Love this story! If you give everything to God to start with He will take care of everything for His Glory.

  5. I am always thrilled to hear that honest people still exist!

  6. Wow, a lady on stilts,
    A 100% returned wallet and
    A Calphalon pot for only $24.00

    God is so Awesome!

    I almost forgot the BEACH too.



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