Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mother's Day

A new month is here - I can hardly believe it's May already.

My husband asked me last week what I wanted for a Mother's Day gift. He and the kids usually present me with a personally-picked-out-but-poorly-wrapped gift on Mother's Day.  Last year they bought me a super cute purse and placed a new pair of earrings and a Starbucks gift card inside.

Yep, they're keepers.

At first I said I thought I wanted the Zoku pop maker. I'd been oogling it for months in Williams & Sonoma, along with the yummy looking recipe book. But the next day I retracted that request because it's rather expensive (even if I were to justify it as a Mother's Day present that would really be for the whole family). Plus it only makes three pops at a time - we're a family of four.

new_gran_cru_lily I could always say flowers, but Rick just surprised me with a beautiful lily plant the other weekend. For no reason at all except he saw them while at Home Depot and wanted to bring one to me! It made the house smell amazing.

Then I thought maybe I wanted a professional massage from Massage Envy for Mother's Day.  Only, the last one I had there wasn't great.  That was over a year ago but I still remember laying down on the table anticipating bliss, only to spend the next 40 minutes underwhelmed.  I know what you're thinking, any massage is better than no massage, Rachel. But I decided "not so" when I've just spent a chunk of change on it (about enough to buy a Zoku pop maker ). Maybe it was just that masseuse.

So I still don't know what ideas to give Rick for Mother's Day. Or, what I'll do for my mother-in-law. What's on your Mother's Day wish list? What are you planning for your mom? I could use some inspiration here.  Do tell if you've got some really great honoring mom ideas. 

Maybe we'll do a low key Mother's Day this year.  Perhaps on Sunday I'll just lay down on the carpet, and have my kids walk on my back for a massage.  And I can stick popsicle sticks in some yogurt cups the night before and freeze them for homemade Zoku pops. Then we can sit down for a meal together with the lily as our centerpiece. Honestly, that would suit me just fine. 

Well, that and maybe a pedicure ...

UPDATE: They surprised me with a big urn on the back patio they filled with herbs - sweet basil, stevia, flat parsley, and lemon thyme.  Alaina gave me a homemade coupon for a 20 minute back-rub.  And Caleb, my youngest, gave me a homemade coupon for "Anything you want." That made me giggle. Rick took me out to  lunch and then sent me to Barnes & Noble for 2 hours by mysef and permission to buy a new book. (smiles)


  1. My Mom is in Heaven but I use to buy her clothes, a corsage and I can't remember what else. When I was growing up we lived across the street from a couple who had a florist and I use to help them on their busiest days like Mother's Day. Back then...way back then everyone got their mother a corsage to wear; red if her mother was still living and white if not.

    This past weekend we went to my oldest daughter's for my ?? BD. She asked what I wanted and I reminded her she had already bought me a blouse the last time she was home and she said but that's not enough so I asked for some new lamp shades. She took me to the most expensive place she could find (I think) and we found some. When we got back to her house I happened to look at the price for each one and I told her to forget buying me anything for Mother's Day, the shades could count for both.

    Maybe your family could fix you breakfast in bed, that would be neat. Of course it would have to be exactly the kind of breakfast you have always dreamed of.

    Well, I'm no help at all, I'm sure.
    Let us know what you get.

  2. AnonymousMay 05, 2010

    Well...for my in-laws, we're having a big family dinner and giving a few gift cards out. It's nice to get everyone together. Everyone is invited, but the Mothers will get the most attention. It works since they we all live a few hours apart.

    For my Mom, we're sending her, her friend and my sister to see a Cirque du Soleil show. She has never been, and we've ran out of "gifts" to give her! This is her 25th Mother's Day :) I wish that I could be there with her, but it's not the wisest idea (financially).

  3. The pedicure sounds nice! We have a wonderful massage therapist in our church - I'm sorry you don't live nearby. She's well worth every penny. I'm always game for $ for books, too, or journals. Blessings.

  4. Happy Mother's Day! :-) Hope your day was lovely and that you got what you wanted!


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