Sunday, May 30, 2010

School House Rock

Several years ago my husband and some fellow faculty members formed a band for a student-faculty talent show at the university.  Since they were all profs, they called themselves The Schoolboys.  Pretty soon the university was asking them to play various events through out the year. And then people in the community started asking them to play outside campus. So now, about once a month or so, they “gig.”

Tonight they played at Sunset Grill on the rooftop patio from 7:00 until 10:00.   I took pictures for you.

Let me introduce you to the band:

May 2010 & Sunset gig 016 On bass, Bill DiNome. He’s in charge of student media.

May 2010 & Sunset gig 017 On lead guitar, Dr. Bill Bolduc. He’s also our next door neighbor

May 2010 & Sunset gig 018 On rhythm guitar and vocals, Chair of the Theater Dept., Frank Trimble

May 2010 & Sunset gig 019 On drums, Dr. James Hunt - playing barefoot:May 2010 & Sunset gig 023  


On keyboard, lead vocalist, my other half …

Dr. Rick Olsen, Chair of Communication Studies  May 2010 & Sunset gig 009

Here’s shots of the crowd on the rooftop patio. Looks kind of like a pontoon boat from here.

May 2010 & Sunset gig 031



May 2010 & Sunset gig 007

Rick playing harmonica during one of my requests: “Keep your Hands to Yourself” by Georgia Satellites

Rick on harmonica

And here he is tearing up a keyboard solo.

May 2010 & Sunset gig 044

Finally, here’s Rick singing a sweet ballad.  Probably “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone”  :)

Rick's serenade May 2010 & Sunset gig 021 Yeah, I’m with the band. 

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

PS. Rick also plays regularly in our church’s worship band, and in our home.  His keyboard is in my home office –so he takes requests while I’m working.  :)


  1. Rachel Olsen's a groupie!! I love it! :) How fun! And on a cool is that? One of my favorite memories of our honeymoon in Chicago is strolling around on Friday downtown and somehow ending up during happy hour at some rooftop place. It was so much fun just to hang out together and just talk and listen to the music.

  2. Beautiful. I know you are proud of your husband. Mine sang with a Southern Gospel Group out of Rockhill, SC for 4 years when the girls were very young and of course we went with him every week-end. Those were some of the best years of our life.

    Thanks for sharing, AE

  3. We both are married to music men who love Jesus. Mine is a drummer & has been playing for over 40 years. He played professionally for a long time. I still love to watch him play because I enjoy seeing him do what he loves to do!

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend! :-)

  4. AnonymousMay 31, 2010

    Awwwwww! That's so cool! I loved it when you said: "I'm with the band" How adorable! You're a rock star's wife, yayyy! :D <3


    Ps. Awesome pics!

  5. wow....what fun! I love the pictures. Felt like we were all there! :)


  6. Welcome to the "Hottie Band Wife" club! My husband plays in a band also and I love to go see him play. He's been at it for over 20 years but I've only been around for the past 4. Since meeting him I have re-learned to play guitar and now I sing with the band. It helped me to "grow" by joining the worship team at church which is also helping me to get over my public fear of playing my guitar. (talk about sweating!) God sends all kinds of opportunities into our lives and HE is so amazing! I have dubbed the spouses the "Hottie Band Wives" and you are welcome to join us! We have 16 kids between the 3 of us yet we still make the time to get out with our hubby's and enjoy the band. So much fun!

  7. How fun is that?!! Y'all are waaay cool! :) If we lived closer I might've hired the band for my daughter's graduation party tomorrow! :) Have a great weekend! XO


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