Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bring on the Holidays

I'm back from California where I reveleld in snow just a couple days ago. Even hiked through it on a trial through the redwoods at Nelder Grove. Very cool.

And I am now officially ready for the holidays to arrive.

Case in Point:

Last night I bought gingerbread-scented hand soap at Bath & Body Works.

This morning I made hot chocolate and tuned my digital radio to the Christmas music channel.

All the Christmassy commercials are making me smile.

I'm collecting recipes to try this Thanksgiving.

I'm having to resist the urge to skip decorating for Thanksgiving in favor of going straight to Christmas decor. I will probably have my tree up by Thanksgiving.

I'm also jonsing to paint my toenails holiday red rather than the iridescent brown that says fall.

Already read the Christmas story in the gospels - in prep for an upcoming message.

Finally, I'm ready to Christmas shop. What? you say. Well, I have to get an early start - both my children have December birthdays, and I'm sticking to a strict budget. So you see my need to get on this present thing.

Armed with my binder from Untangling Christmas from my girlfriends Karen and LeAnn, I'm ready to take on the holidays. How about you?


  1. Can't believe you are already thinking about Christmas!


  2. Kimber, my sister-in-law is as bad as I am ... she is already planning her tree and giving me ideas for mine.

  3. I'm not there yet.... I love to decorate, but the thought of shopping makes my head spin!!!!

  4. Ready! Was happily wrapping gifts today in our Surprise Room!

    It's the most wonderful time of the year!

  5. Love your picture of the Redwoods in the snow ~ how beautiful! There's nothing like a little snow to get the Christmas juices flowing in us Southern girls who don't get to enjoy snow around Christmas very much!

    Just this week, I saw my neighbor head to his front yard with ladder in hand. My suspicions were correct as I watched him begin the process of putting Christmas lights on his roof. Already???!!! This year has definitely sneaked away from me. My middle one has also been asking about Christmas music. So, I might as well get in gear because ready or not, Christmas is coming!

    Thanks for the nudge, Rachel!

    Sweet Blessings,

  6. Pam ~ Rick forbids me from decorating outdoors for Christmas before the weekend after Thanksgivng. But about half the time I already have the tree up by Thanksgiving day.

    Rick just tries not to open the door too wide when people come to the door ... :)

  7. Okay, though sometimes I find we're amazingly alike in many instances, this is where we part like the Red Sea! Really? Egads. You should work for K-mart. They started putting the Christmas stuff up at the same time as the Halloween decorations! :-)

    Though I am looking forward to putting up my Christmas Village...

  8. So agree, Rachel! I'm ready for the holidays too. It's such a joy-filled season. Why not revel in it? My daughter made this cupcake recipe the other day. Yum. Thought you might like to try it. Blessings!


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