Friday, November 11, 2011

What does your creativity need now?

I've said many times that my driving aim when I swing my feet out from underneath the covers each morning is to craft a life that is pleasing to me and to God. (Well, and to my family along the way.) And I don't believe those are mutually exclusive goals.

For me at least, perhaps for everyone, I think a piece of that is creativity. We are made in the image of the Creative One. The One who thought up and spoke all things into being. The One whose breath makes my own.

At my center there is a creative life that presses to birth within me.

While this impulse is a gift of God, evidence of His image sparked by His indwelling, it is up to me to nurture and shepherd it. To behave as if inspiration is as much the artist's responsibility as it is a divine impulse.

Creativity, like spirituality, can run dry sometimes.  But when that happens, it is never due to any lack on the divine side of the equation. Rather, it indicates a break down of some sort on our end. A failure to nurture the gift, or to connect with its Giver.

Part of nurturing and shepherding your creativity is exercising it often. Daily even. Another part of it is providing it fuel. Seeking inspiration, ample but not overwhelming input, and new experiences or ways of seeing.

Connecting with the Author of creativity is also a daily thing, just so you know. Which I'm certain you did.

Else, running dry indicates a simple need for rest and fallow ground before the next growing season. While we carry the divine spark, we carry it in jars of clay. Regular rest is a requirement for every jar of clay.

So what is your creativity in need of right now?  Some nurturing?  Some disciplined shepherding? Or some rest before inspiration and production resumes?


  1. My creativity is in need of some nurturing and some encouraging words from someone who cares and wants me to continue using my gifts. Psyching myself into creativity doesn't always work but an encouraging word from another creative person always gets those juices flowing.

    I find that encouragement here on your blog often.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Rachel,

    Your comment "connecting with the Author of Creativity is also a daily thing" and several other lines are delightful and instructional to me today. Thanks.

    Jennifer Dougan

  3. Thanks for your kind words V and Jennifer.

    You honor me.


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