Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cook eBook for you

I hope you are having terrific Thanksgiving weekend. I've eaten turkey, potatoes and pie, and then I worked it all off playing Just Dance on the Wii.  I've got the M.C. Hammer routine to "U Can't Touch This" totally down.

Today I'll be cooking Thanksgiving dinner part two for some more relatives that will come over tonight. Then we'll head to Enchanted Airlie Gardens to see the lights and watch the flotilla parade. (I realize that makes no sense if you are not from 'round here - sorry!)

But I have an eBook deal to offer you if you are looking to make something other than turkey sandwiches tonight. For instance, you could make my Narnia meatloaf and Olsen house salad - my recipes are contained in this eBook.

Nicole O'Dell and I -- along with 65 other authors -- have cooked up a eBook just for you, our readers, called Novel Morsels. It's made up of recipes mentioned in various published Christian novels or books.

We planned to set the price at zero for this weekend at Amazon. But Amazon won't let us set it below .99 cents. (Apparently they are all about earning a profit or something.) So, we've lowered it to 99 cents for you. Come Monday it will be $2.99 again.

Here's the Amazon link:

OR, you can get a PDF of the eBook this weekend at Nicole O'Dell's website. And if you don't like to cook, maybe you'll get some ideas for some great reads inside.

PS. The book my recipes were based from is called It's No Secret if you are interested.

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