Sunday, May 20, 2012

1 book, 1 class, 1 interview and 19 years

Edits on my next book My One Word: Change Your Life with Just One Word are due to my editor tomorrow. I also have a class tomorrow night which I need to read 5 chapters in prep for. Then I have a live radio interview on Tuesday morning.

I'm feeling some pressure. Which means I'm eating cheese right now. Cheese is my number one comfort food.

That might be a lie. Chocolate is probably my number one comfort food. When things are really bad I instruct Rick not to come home from work without bringing something chocolate.

Tomorrow is also our 19th year wedding anniversary.  Rick's grown quite good at picking out the just right chocolate dessert over the last 19 years. And if I request cheese rather than chocolate, he knows just what to bring.

My all time favorite cheese:

Denmark's Finest Havarti with Herbs & Spices

Tonight I have that, plus a Merlot-encrusted french Bellavitano cheese I found on sale at my Harris Teeter yesterday. It's good - best on a cracker.

OK, so the fact that I'm eating cheese and not chocolate right now means I'm pretty confident I'll get everything done in time tomorrow. But there is room for doubt, which is what the cheese is for.

So what's your number one comfort food?

And if you have any ideas about what I should get Rick for our 19th anniversary this week, let me know. Otherwise I'm likely to buy him some chocolate and cheese.


  1. Happy 19th Anniversary! Yay!!! Jim and I celebrate our 20th on Wednesday!!!

    Praying God established and blesses the work of your hearts and hands as you accomplish all of this!!! May He show you His favor as a shield. (Psalm 90:17)

    OK, so my comfort surprise I suppose...chocolate, cheese and ice cream. (For the record, I consider all of these a good source of protein, and chocolate is derived from a it is a vegetable.) :)

    Info on the live radio interview please!!!

    Hugs and lots of cheese...
    PS-I love Havarti Dill Cheese!

    1. Of course your anniversary is right behind mine. And of course you love chocolate, cheese (havarti) and ice cream. I too classify chocolate and coffee as a veggies becaue they come from beans. If you weren't blonde I might think we were twins seperated at birth!

      Happy 20th year to you and Jim!

  2. AnonymousMay 21, 2012

    My favorite comfort stress foods are cheese and crackers and homemade cookies.
    Cheese becasue it's yummier to me than ice cream and also protein and oatmeal cookies becasue they are healthy but tasty.
    Good Luck tomorrow 'Happy Anniversary
    And thank you for your posts. I look forward to them knowing they'll be worthwhile.

    1. Awww, thanks.

      I once read that cheese functions the same way (only weaker) as morphine in the body. No wonder cheese is a comfort food!

  3. A very Happy Anniversary to you both....Comfort foods: Chicken and mashed potatoes and Chocolate :)

    1. Sue, your answer made me think of chicken pot pie ... major comfort food.

  4. Wow, so I'm so curious about what that one word is. :) Keep us posted when the book comes out.

    Your cheeses and chocolate sound delicious. My favorite cheese is Beaufort. Have you tried that?

    Jennifer Dougan


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