Friday, May 11, 2012

Do What You Can

Here's my current mantra:

Change is Possible; Focus is Required.

OK, maybe mantra is too weird a word - I don't chant it or anything. There's no incense burning on my desk - but you catch my drift, right?

Here's what I mean ...

You can’t change your entire life today.
You can only change your next choice or action.

You can’t change your marriage today.
You can only change your next interaction with your spouse.

You can’t change jobs today.
You can only change your attitude toward the next task.

You can’t change how well your clothes fit today.
You can only choose your next meal wisely.

You can’t declutter your whole house, garage and attic today.
You can choose to get rid of something, to sort thru one pile right now.

You can’t eliminate your entire debt load today.
You can make the next payment, or skip an unnecessary purchase today.

You can't undo what's been done to you in the past today.
You can only choose to forgive and walk in grace today.

You can’t control the future today.
You can only control what you will think or do now.

So you can’t change everything.
But you can change one thing.
You can change your next move.

And that's what it takes to eventually see big changes. Focus on doing what you can do.

What one thing can you do right now today to move in the direction you want to go? To create the life that you long to have? 
Go and do it.


  1. Rachel,

    Once again your blog speaks and encourages me so. It is amazing how God is using your blog to help me with my one word: FOCUS.

    Thanks and I can't wait to see you face-to-face in July.

    In Christ,

  2. Thanks, Rachel, just what I needed to read and be reminded of this morning! Now I'm doing one thing at a time and hoping the Lord's peace will begin to take hold of me. :-)

    Hope you have a very blessed week!


  3. Thank you Rachel. This is exactly where I am. Going through tons of clothes that need to be thrown away, given away or sorted through has me in a tizzy. But I will focus on doing one thing at a time. Be Blessed.

  4. Kind of describes my life, everyday right now. Thanks for the reminder!!


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