Friday, June 1, 2012

Let Me Help You (for Free)

Earlier this year, God began drawing me into a new area of ministry, work and service. An area I never expected to be in, although much of what I already do touches on it: LIFE COACHING.

Life coaching is a partnership process designed to move you from where you are now to where you want to be.

I suspect this new venture flows from my one word for 2012 which is CREATE. My 2012 mission: To create a life that is pleasing to both God and self, and create work that helps others effect life change.

My big project for the first quarter of this year was finishing a book on the life change topic with my pastor. It's called My One Word: Change Your Life With Just One Word. It releases this December - look for it, and tuck it under your Christmas tree.

The second quarter of 2012, my big project has been training for certification as a Life Coach. I'm about 60% of the way through the intensive training, and loving it. Feels very much in my element.

Here is where you come in. As part of my certification, I'm required to coach a couple of people on my own for the last four weeks.

While I've already had some women ask me to coach for them, I thought I'd do a unique giveaway here: 4 weeks of life coaching for the month of June - at no charge. That about a $280 value.  Coaching will take place via weekly phone calls throughout June, plus some emails exchanged during the month as well.

Are you interested?

We could work on any number of things. You will choose the focus. Some possible examples include:

  • Finding your calling, or moving out into it.
  • Reaching or maintaining organization in your home.
  • Jump-starting your walk with God. 
  • Improving a specific relationship. 
  • Completing a work project or creative endeavor.
  • Navigating through a life transition.

Lots of options. Again, the coaching process helps you identify and achieve personal goals so you can move from where you are now to where you desire to be.

When is the last time you had someone devoted, for an entire month, to helping you do that?

If you'd like to enter, leave me a comment here or on Facebook telling me why you are interested in winning, or what you'd like to be coached on. *Include your email or a way to reach you.

I'll announce the winner at 4 PM EST Tuesday, June 5th. I'm excited about the prospect of working with you!


  1. Wow, Rachel... this is the best give-away I have ever seen on a blog ever! And I am so exited about your new adventure! If I were lucky enough to win, I would love to mull over how to live in this world without my mother, my earthly rock and safe place. It's been almost six weeks, and I think I am just now finding myself in the hole of grief, just now beginning to realize that she is gone and I have to keep on moving. I also have some dreams of writing a book geared towards getting through a loved one's terminal illness but don't know exactly where or when to start. Whoever wins this opportunity will be blessed beyond measure. I pray that the person who receives this gift will be the perfect fit for your first experience as a life coach.

    1. Forgot to leave my email...

  2. What a wonderful opportunity, Rachel. I would love to win because I am stepping out in some big ways with my writing and speaking while still holding down a day job that drains me dry. If you choose me I would like to focus on continuing my forward motion and accomplishing goals and a vision for ministry by using my time wisely. I need to set goals, work toward them and attain His rest too.

    Blessings on your new ministry and if I can help in any way (even if you don't choose me) let me know.

    In His strength,

  3. Like Tamara said...WOW! This is incredible Rachel! I would LOVE to be coached on completing a worthwhile book proposal {no easy task for this newbie!} and/or completing the two sample chapters that will accompany the proposal. Both I have been working on for a while...when I can! Now that school is out for the summer I'll have more time to dedicate to this project.

    Thank you for this incredible opportunity and I pray that the right person wins. I also pray that this last part of your certification goes well :).

    <3 Heather

    PS. My email is listed on my Blogger Profile.

  4. AnonymousJune 01, 2012

    Oh I would love to win this. I need help in so many areas. As a mom to an adult child with autism who recently moved out I am finding myself not in a peaceful place as I thought I would when that day came. Instead I am finding myself wondering who I am and where "I" went. Things seem so much harder now and I can't for the life of me figure that out. On top of it my baby girl moves out today. So after having kids our whole entire marriage, hubby and I just went from full time 24/7 caregivers & parents to an empty nest. That should be cause for celebration and we always thought it would be. Instead it's a time of finding out who we are as a married couple and individually. It is by far one of the hardest tasks I have found myself in. Even harder than being a parent to an autistic child. There are books, counselor's and doctors for that - for this we are on our own.

    Thanks for this opportunity. I leave it up into God's hands.

    1. AnonymousJune 01, 2012

      I think I would use this to find my calling....I feel I have one but some days I flounder.

  5. Lorri WrightJune 01, 2012

    Like the others, WOW, what an incredible give away and opportunity. If I were to have a Life Coach I think I'd like to work on my calling. But, there are so many other areas in need of help, also!!!


  6. Yes wow! I've been a stay home mommy since my youngest was born in 07, and a nanny for a friend's baby last 1.5 yrs.. Embarking on getting back into the work force between now and the next school year. I don't really have a career to return to. I'm not going to be too picky with work when it comes right down to it but I do want a meaningful job, something a bit fulfilling God willing. Of course I have hopes and dreams and fears of what this will look like and sending 4yr old to preschool. ESGillispie -twitter.

  7. AnonymousJune 01, 2012

    I'm a non-believer in this life coach stuff but I would be game to try it if I won.

    1. I love your honesty, Vicki! And your willingness to try it anyway.

  8. AnonymousJune 01, 2012

    First let me say, what a blessing this will be to whomever you chose.
    I am a midlifer. Since January, I have been trying to navigate life as an empty nester. I am "Mom" to five grown children, Mamaw to one grandson and soon to be twin grandbabies. :-)
    I have felt for years,God calling me into a speaking ministry. I worked with Amy Carroll in January on my bio sheet. I am waiting for my graphic artist to complete it as well the webdesigner complete my website.
    Whitley Phipps states, “It is in the quiet crucible of your personal private sufferings that your noblest dreams are born and God’s greatest gifts are given in compensation for what you’ve been through.” My noblest dream was born when we sent our 17 year old daughter 17 hours away to an Eating Disorder treatment center. I dream of opening a Christian based healing home in Kansas for teenage girls struggling with eating disorders and sexual abuse. 50% of girls who develop ED's have been sexually abused/assaulted.
    I have been accepted into a state college for the fall semester with Psychology as my major. I have a lot going on. But struggle with fear and self doubt. I have probably allowed fear to hold me back to many years.
    Two weeks ago during a praying time, the still small voice told me I need to ask forgiveness for cowardness. I did, but still have not figured out completely what the Lord was saying to me.
    I struggle with disciplined lifestyle in studying the Word and hearing what God is saying.
    If I were to be chose, I believe we would work together during this transitional time in life as I move out into my calling with confidence and Grace.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Bridgit Smith

  9. What a great opportunity for us! :) I must admit, though, talking with a life coach sounds a little intimidating as it requires (I'm sure) exposing weaknesses and being vulnerable and transparent about why we need a life coach in the first place. But I'll be brave and enter anyway. :) I probably need it for many areas but would like help moving forward with a book project. Thanks!
    Shelly Faust

  10. Rachel,

    I agree this is a wonderful give-away. If picked to have this wonderful opportunity it would be to help me organize my ministry to be more productive.

  11. Katie HicksJune 01, 2012

    I love the idea of a life coach! Someone to invest in me and help me make the dreams and visions of my heart come to life. As a mom of young children, I have vision for my family. I also have dreams for my own life. For me. Katie. Not just "mom." Sometimes I struggle to remember who I am underneath the precious title of "mom." My One Word for 2012 is Wisdom, so I welcome any advice or guidance from a successful and admirable woman. :)

  12. Such a wonderful gift you are offering us. If I have granted this opportunity I would love some coaching on stepping into my calling. About 4 years ago God called me to begin sharing my testimony of walking through depression, surviving 3 suicides to embrace the harmony in life only He provides. I was informed about a month ago that my job (the one that pays the bills) will be moved out of state in 2013 and for various reason my husband and I have decided it is not the right move for our family to follow the work. If I were about to get my speaking going then I could at least have a little comfort in the event that a new job is not available by then. Again thank you for being so generous to offer this to all of us.

  13. Do you see my hand waving in the air? Me. Pick me.

    I am a member of a tiny little congregation. The leadership are good people who are technologically challenged. I think this puts us at risk of not serving the next generation. In my work, I create web based courses. I think I should use this skill for the Lord, but have not gotten my head around where to start. I would love an objective perspective.

    I am certain whoever you help will be greatly blessed.

    Teresa T.

  14. AnonymousJune 01, 2012

    Wow...what a blessing this would be. I really struggle with trusting God's promises when I'm feeling anxious and overwhelmed which is often. I've developed a habit of emotional eating which I want to break and learn new ways of coping during these times. Thank you for the opportunity.

  15. Lela MuzquizJune 01, 2012

    Wow! Not only for your offer but I've just read the other responses and it's a little intimidating - I am a mother to a 4 yr old and 9 mo old and wife - God is working very hard in my life and I know I'm headed somewhere great - I'm just not sure where that is...I'm also navigating throught some very muddy waters of the past as I try to break some bad family habits and support and be an example and encourager to my husband to do the same. I would love to have someone help me organize my thoughts and guide me as I move forwarding find a more distinct direction.

  16. Wow, what an awesome opportunity! I would love the chance to have your help for a month. If I were chosen, I would have you help me find my purpose and calling in life. I felt like a pretty put together gal until I had my first child 8.5 years ago. I struggled with some depression, infertility & just feeling like I couldn't do anything well anymore. Over the last year and a half my faith has really grown by participating in Melissa Taylor's Online Bible Studies. It has really made me start to search, question and ask God what it is He wants me to do with my life. I don't know how to organize my thoughts, ideas, etc. on the topic. Your help would be invaluable. Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. Thanks for the opportunity! I'm currently on a weight loss journey with a goal to lose 100 lbs. So far I've lost 40 lbs, but I've seem to hit a wall mentally and physically. I've been working on changing my eating habits and choices since September 2011. I'm not a lover of exercise but I also realize that is an important component of obtaining the weight loss and maintaining it. Just can't seem to wrap my head around the moving and sweating! :) I realize this journey is life changing and would love help in figuring out how to change my perception of exercise and how to deal with the changes my body is going through with the weight loss.

  18. Reaching organization in my home is the area I'm interested in. I was raised by career women (mother and grandmother) so teaching me to be a wife and mom was not on their agenda. I've been married for 18 yrs and this is the area my husband and I fight over the most. I just seemed to be so overwhelmed by my house, I don't know how to start and if I do make some progress, I can not seem to maintain it. I have 3 children (10yr old and a set of 3 yr old twins) My ten year old daughter is already following my bad habits and her room is constantly a mess. My 3 year old son just spent an night in the hospital with a severe asthma attack that may have been preventable if my house was cleaner. My husband is a pastor, so he is always dealing with outward stress and I would love for our home to be a haven for him to be relaxed in. He also lives in fear of a church member needing to come to our home and being embarassed by the clutter. I'm at my whit's end and we really do not have the money to pay for someone to step in and help. Thank you for this opportunity.


  19. thank you for the opportunity! I am a stay at home mom to two little boys and a wife. I am trying to get a grasp on my home organization, mostly. I feel like I've been in "survival mode" with my home, husband and kids for the last 6 years, and all of us need the comfort and stability that comes with an organized home, and a less stressed momma.

    Thanks again,
    Jessica D.

  20. AnonymousJune 02, 2012

    Dear Rachel. My life is so tipsy turkey right now. My sister Nancy has said to me many many times that I desperatly need a mentor to walk with me. I am living with my 81 year old Mother who has dementia ( she can be quite mean -but I know it is not her) my daughter just had her 2nd daughter out of wedlock-my sister is taking care of the older daughter. I am so depressed-have put on 30 lbs since I moved in with Mom. My family is treating me so mean-because I talk to the troubled daughter and see the new baby. I just started a new job that is eating my lunch. I pray constinetly but sometimes feel like our dear Lord does not have time for my many woes!! Would feel so blessed if it was me!! Thank you and many blessings!! Barb.

  21. AnonymousJune 02, 2012

    Wow......I could use this....I have struggled for years with addictions, abuse, and various other things....Through my recovery Im still working on this life without the use of anything and reallly struggle with life...struggling mom of three who feels like the kid herself....


  22. AnonymousJune 02, 2012

    What an amazing offer. I have been looking for a mentor to guide me on somethings. I know whoever gets picked will really grow from it. I just hope im one of them.

  23. AnonymousJune 03, 2012

    I am a separated single mom who feels like I'm on a spinning object. I feel like I can't keep up with my kids, my job, my home especially. I'm very overwhelmed. I seek solace from my personal demons in Gods word and with faithful friends, but when I return home I feel imprisoned by my mess. I have been trying to save my marriage to a man that has 'moved on' and took many of my support figures away. I'm sure I have some form of depression. I'm on antidepressants. I've seen a counselor. That's really not for me. I just need to figure out how to stop this spinning object called life, get tasks accomplished and stand on my own two feet to be the woman I am supposed to be

  24. AnonymousJune 03, 2012

    It would be such a blessing to receive your offer of life coaching. I have ALWAYS thought I need a coach or mentor to help me find my calling. I am 47yrs old and do not hava a clue what my purpose or calling is, or what, if any "gifts" I have. I work full time w/ my husband at our business, have raised one child, my son who is 22 is leaving next month for the Air Force. Being his mother is the only thing I ever felt I was doing that was worthwhile. I could certainly use your help.
    Thanks, Sherrie (

  25. I would love to have the opportunity to get this life coaching. I have been struggling with food being my friend for so long that I am not sure how to say good bye to the stronghold it has on me. I have tried everything, but to no avail have failed. The past few years I have felt God tugging on me to do more in ministry for Him. However, this is one area of my life not in complete surrender to Him and it is making me miserable. I would love to have someone who would coach me through this. I have a wonderful, supportive husband and great family and friends. But, I think an outside, neutral source may really help me with the breakthrough I need.
    If you are interested, my email is thanks for considering me. Lauren

  26. Oh sweet Rachel, how I would LOVE the opportunity to receive your coaching. I am in the process of trying to replace MY Pain (as a result of church hurt) with HIS Promises, and would love your heart to help me! Your book was It's No Secret was filled with the words I longed to hear, and I am looking forward to Santa placing your new book in my stocking come December 25th. :) Blessings Always! Tera

  27. AnonymousJune 04, 2012

    I could use all the help I can get. My only child is moving across the state to go to college. I am struggling. Please pray for me even if I am not chosen for your coaching sessions.

    1. Bless you....many of us have precious memories of the time we walked the same road, and I will pray for you! My daughter attended grad school 2000 miles from home, and I was unable to even see her home until she'd lived there for 18 months. She matured and blossomed in her independence, and I learned to have even greater trust in our Lord's promises. The prophet Isaiah wrote about God (26:3) "You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you."

  28. I have been walking through the word with Wendy Pope for the past year and a half, and subscribed to your emails after she mentioned you a while back. I've been blessed by your insights so far and would LOVE the opportunity to have some personal coaching! The "one word" God has been growing in me for several years is ENCOURAGE. I wasn't really living it out beyond my personal circle of friends, but since He recently blessed me with a job that is much less demanding than my past job as a corporate trainer, I am stepping out in faith to volunteer as head of the women's ministry at my church. My professional experience has, in many ways, prepared me for this ministry. God has gifted me as a teacher and encourager and I am a committed student of His Word. Your offer reminded me that it has been 6 years since I had a real mentor relationship, and it seems very timely that, as I take on a leadership role at my small church,The ministry has been virtually nonexistent for 2 years, so we're starting with redefining a vision. There's a lot of work to be done! I crave guidance from a godly woman with a different perspective to guide in getting the ministry going in the right direction. I'm sure that God will guide you to the woman He wants you to coach and pray for your successful completion of the Life Coach certification!!

  29. Lynette DuquetteJune 04, 2012

    Wow, what a wonderful gift to us! I feel like God is transitioning me, but I can't figure out where! I turned 41 today, and have no idea what my calling is, or how to move forward with it. Sometimes I think I know, but then hit roadblocks. Praying you are successful with your training!

  30. AnonymousJune 04, 2012

    I am going through a major life transition that I am having a lot of trouble with. I could greatly benefit from this type of help. Thank you for your consideration.

  31. What an amazing and wonderful opportunity! I don't know where to begin with my story or why I would treasure this time to grow and learn in Christ. It's a long and winding one, but through it all I KNOW the Lord has been with me and that He has a purpose for me. I would love to have an opportunity to find my focus and how I am to encourage and lead.
    Jennifer Stein

  32. I would love to win this. Since my husband returning from deployment & the birth of our 3rd baby, I have been struggling. This would be a blessing for my whole family! So generous!

  33. What a blessing this will be to whomever you choose! (And to you as well!) I would love to be considered - I've always wondered what it would be like to have a life coach for a short time, though it's never actually been in my budget! lol. I'm faced with an layoff at the end of this month, and through attending various job interviews have started wondering if God may have something completely different in store for me, apart from the kind of job I've been working in my entire adult life. I've also undertaken a lot of new ministry projects, and have been feeling like God may even be calling me to relocate. On top of it all, I'm a single mom, so I'm faced with a little bit of fear and anxiety due to the fact that I have two kids to support on my own. I have faith that God will provide what I (and they) need, but walking this journey every day sometimes wears on me. I would love coaching on finding and moving into my calling.

  34. AnonymousJune 04, 2012

    What a great gift! I need help in all areas you mentioned. My child are grown and on their own(ha!) and I am looking to God for my next step. But after reading other people comments it would be so hard for me ask for your help. I will be praying for you in all areas in choosing the person who needs your help the most.
    Thanks so much for providing this help.

  35. What a wonderful gift!!! After reading all these other deserving women's comments I had decided not to enter but I felt the Holy Spirit whisper to me "This is one of the reasons a life coach would be good for you"! I'm 67 years young, transitioning into retirement and sort of lost. I seem to fear what life has in store for me and am stuck!! I've always been asked to be a mentor and just can't see what I have to offer younger women. I struggle with trusting God if I move from my comfort zone. I've been praying for God to show me what He wants to do next in my life and maybe a life coach would be just the thing! Thank you for your generous offer!!

    Julie Stevens

  36. i am stuck and have been for a very long time.

  37. AnonymousJune 04, 2012

    Hi Rachel,
    I must say, I would love to win your gift of life coaching. I've recently been transitioning out of a personal relationship that I felt I could no longer be a success in & much damage had been done. I've been praying to find someone professionally to help me walk through this process in a healthy way, instead of burying my feelings. I want to grow from it & replace any feelings of unforgiveness & resentment I have. Thanks for the opportunity to learn and grow from your gift!


  38. AnonymousJune 04, 2012

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  39. AnonymousJune 04, 2012

    I need a life coach! I've been stuck spiritually for such a long time. I would love to figure out what has kept me from taking the first steps with God, and what my next step should be. My sister recently got married, and as a single woman, I'm in transition, concerning where to live, and I would love to get coaching on taking initiative to meet new people and create a full life. I also have career goals that could require a job change and further education. In short, I am stuck. I know I need to get my life moving. I need a jump-start. I have been wanting this. Also, as a teacher, it would be a wonderful financial blessing as well. I know some things I am called to do, and I just need the push to do it. I am stuck, and would fully take advantage of any opportunity to get "unstuck." Thanks!!

    1. AnonymousJune 04, 2012

  40. What a great opportunity! Both for the person being coached, as well as you! I love being able to minister to people's lives, and I'm sure you do, as well! :) I am interested in winning because I'd love to receive coaching on how to "move from point A to point B." I'm at a place in my life where I know God has something bigger, but I just don't know what it is yet. I know what I'd love to do (write, speak, mentor, etc.), I just don't know how to get there... and I feel at times that I am not yet ready to go there or even capable. I'd like to be coached on how to take those steps to get to the next point... to figure out what God wants me to write about and who He wants me to direct it at, etc. There are so many ideas in my mind and on my heart, I just don't know where to begin!

    I can be initially contacted through my website, or twitter @havefaith90

  41. AnonymousJune 04, 2012

    I have never been coached by someone but it would be a great opportunity for me if you were my first person to coach me on how to complete a book that I have finished but too scared to pursue the opportunity to get it published, pursue a life long dream of sewing beautiful things but not having the confidence to start even a simple project and I would love to deepen my relationship with Jesus and God. I think you are an amazing person and I love visiting your blog and reading your posts on Facebook because you show your genuineness to everyone which is a gift and great quality. If you would like to contact me, my e-mail is Even if I don't win the chance for you to be my life coach, would you still contact me. I need your help in helping me find the right church setting for me. I used to be a devoted Catholic until they wrote me off because I got divorced and remarried but didn't get my first marriage annulled. In my first marriage, I have a beautiful daughter and didn't think it was right of the church to ask me to get the first marriage annulled. Now I am not allowed to receive communion so I have not gone back to church but only on special occasions because my brother is raising his children Catholic. So I have gone to the baptisms and first communions. I am reading my Bible every day for the most part and I pray for not only myself but my family and friends on a daily basis. I loved your idea of getting different Bibles and reading them so I have done that and it is amazing the difference in the wording and interpretation. I just need to be more diligent in my Bible study. Have a great week! Peace! P.S. That is my one word for this year. So far I have been faced with more challenges that make me shake my head but God is good and faithful and I have had more peace in my life than ever before. :)

    Laura Maynard from New Hampshire

  42. I would love to have a life coach for a month...I think I would have to hit on self discipline and self love....getting there....Thanks for giving this opportunity to some lucky person!


  43. Mandy HiattJune 05, 2012

    I would love a month of life coaching! Being away for the past few months has caused me to get lost in my daily functions as a wife and mother. I need to learn how to put God first, then my husband, then the children, and then work. It's even hard for me to type that, however I know it is very true. I need to work on me right now and I'm not sure where that is among the four priorities in my life. HELP!!!!

  44. Rachel,
    Oh how I would love a month of life coaching!! My focus has been on believing who I am in Christ. To learn to turn to Him when those feelings of doubt take turn to Him always. I'm in the midst of trying to put behind me 13+ years of living with bulemia. My power verse has become, "You have circled this mountain long enough. Now turn north." Deuteronomy 2:3
    I need Him, and have learned how much I need to be open with my be real. Proverbs 31 Ministries has been such a blessing and starting my mornings in His Word and encouragement through the writers of Proverbs 31 is helping me to turn north. A month of life coaching would be such a blessing!

  45. AnonymousJune 05, 2012

    I am in need of some direction in my life--this could be the answer to my prayers! I have felt the pull of ministry on my heart in early 2011. I am a high school English teacher, so my strengths are writing and speaking--those I know God wants to use. I've done a few speaking engagements and have loved every minute of it! The problem? Where do I go from here? I would love to, some day soon, leave teaching to be in the ministry full time, so I am in this for the long haul. Now, what do I do next? Help!
    Thanks for any help you could offer.

  46. I would love the opportunity for life coaching. I am in the midst of MASSIVE changes in my life and I have no idea where to go. I've let fear stop me dead in my tracks. I am not sure what my strengths are are what the call on my life is. Trouble is, I don't have the luxury of being able to explore/experiment...I have a full time job and adult responsiblities (house, bills, etc). I need career advice and fear slaying big time! Thanks!

  47. What a great op. I would love to win, there are several areas i know the Lord is laying ground work, would love some coaching through it.

  48. Blessings to you, Rachel -
    I would feel very honored to have you as a Life Coach for a month. I am 60 years old, a Children's Pastor and the office manager at our church. I have felt for many years that the Lord has a different plan for me for the future, and these past several months I have felt that time is soon approaching. Our church is facing some big changes (associate going to mission field in January; senior pastor will be retiring within next couple of years). I feel a loyalty to the church to not make any big changes since there are already so many being made, but I have to put God's will for me as my first priority. I love my church and all the people in our church so I want to do all that I can to help them through these transitions, but with the two positions I now hold, I'm really already over-committed. I confess I'm a workaholic, and since taking these last couple of Online Bible Studies, I'm just beginning to learn to say 'no'.

    I've read all the posts from the other ladies and can see that we all need you. I'll trust God as to whether you being my Life Coach for a month is His plan.
    Thank you (from all of us) that you are offering this great opportunity.


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