Friday, March 7, 2008

Thanks for sharing with me

I've been so touched by your comments on the anxious heart post. I'm thrilled to know that God's hope, through my words and experiences, reached your heart and affected your day! I truly believe that as women we have to be proactive about keeping our emotions submitted to Christ - otherwise we can say or do some pretty damaging things ... or wind up doing nothing at all because we get too overwhelmed.

Yesterday was sunny and pretty, today its cold and rainy here - the type of day that makes it easy for the emotions to slump. No matter, I turned on some warm lighting, some ambient music, and first thing today I turned my soul towards Christ. I started my day by praying for God to forgive me my sins and cleanse my soul, and to give me the mind of Christ today. I asked for help in keeping my emotions in check and for wisdom in all that I do and say today. When I start my day this way, it is so centering and grounding. Doesn't mean I never lose that center later in the day, but it does mean that I can usually get back to center more quickly if I do.

Someone commented that they have physical limitations that prevent them from walking and she wanted to know if she'd still be able to get a grip on her moods ... she asked if sitting and praying would be enough. The answer to that is a resounding YES. Prayer is a more powerful force than endorphins. That's why I listed prayer and Bible reading ahead of exercise and chocolate. Do whatever you can do ... think of it as being a good steward of your emotions ... and remember that you can always pray anytime, anywhere.

But with that said, I will echo Alyce's comment that sometimes our depression can pass a certain point and we need to seek help from a pastor, counselor or medical doctor. Never hesitate to do so.

Since its too yucky here to go outside, right now I've got Sunrise Earth on the DVD player. Search my blog for the post on Sunrise Earth if you aren't familiar with this show. At this particular time in my life I don't work the 9 to 5 office desk-job that I once did. Instead I work 4 different jobs in varying locations, including writing and editing from home where I have some control over my environment. But if I did still work at that office, I would so take this DVD to work with me to play on my computer while I'm working. Something about the sights and sounds of nature soothes us. Research has demonstrated that the sound of the ocean is the most universally soothing sound on the planet! Nature can be one of God's built-in stress relievers for us - so get some fresh air, sunshine, and views of God's green earth when you can.

Hadassah mentioned using CDs of scripture set to music in her car. I have a couple of those in my 10-disc CD player in my car. Mine came with the "First Place" Bible study books I bought. I never did the First Place program but years ago I bought the first couple workbooks with CDs in their series at my local bookstore and have enjoyed them.

I had to laugh out loud at the woman who commented that her husband sometimes begs her, "Please, take a walk!!!" when she gets all menopausal. I'm not at that stage yet but nonetheless there have been days my husband has looked at me and said, "Go do whatever you need to do to recharge your batteries." Evidently I'm not the cute, pink Energizer Bunny I fantasize being in my head!

Some of you got some really tough news yesterday, or faced some difficult circumstances this week, and I just want you to know that I have prayed for you. And I consider it an honor to do so. Don't loose sight of God, or hope in Him - and do what you need to do to keep your emotional self above water.

In closing, I thought it was so cool that the BibleGateway verse of the day in my sidebar today happens to be Psalm 139:23-24:

"Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”

Let's follow Him today in the {peacefeul} way everlasting.


  1. I read your devotional yesterday, and your blog. I don't know, my emotions go up and down so much, my poor husband sometimes has no idea what to do with me.
    My post today on my blog talks a little more about this, but suffice it to say, I definitly struggle with letting my emotions control me. My anxiety takes over, and like today, it is hard to get thing things out of my mind that are causing the anxiety.
    Thank you for your encouraging words, and the reminder from Ps. 139. My counselor asked me to read it one week, and instead of just reading it I memorized the whole thing. A good reminder to go back and meditate on it.
    Thank you, and God bless, Heather

  2. Your posts are always so relevant and encouraging to me! I am in the middle of "hormones gone wild" this week and so I am glad I came here to read what you have to say. Thanks for all of the practical advice!


  3. Rachel,
    When I read this, it was like you were reading to me. I could hear your sweet voice and I felt comforted. It's no secret that I've had some anxiety in my life. I'm so thankful that because God has given me the courage to share it, I receive encouragement and love from friends like you.
    I needed this today,right now.
    Thanks sista!

  4. While browsing through my emails this morning and deleting all the rubbish ones, I suddenly thought I should be making the most of this spare 20minutes prior to work to be with God and there was your email Encouragement for today , so here I am, "Thank you Lord" and thank you Rachel, see you tomorrow.

  5. Rachel
    I wanted to to thank you for your prayers. I posted on your previous entry about my son's CT scan and having a rough week. The dr. said that everything is normal for him and there is no brain pressure! I give God all the glory for his faithfulness!
    Blessings- Kim

  6. thankyou for this devotional. I am new to your site. I am looking forward to studing with you. A friend asked me to mentor her and I am going to use this. Thankyou again. twila

  7. Thank you for your site. I look forward to reading about the women of the bible and getting closer to God and His word.

    God loves you and so do I,


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