Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Reading Potiphar's Wife

I'm caught up with reading all your comments. You can't hear me, but I talk to you with each comment I read. Sometimes I "amen" your insights. Sometimes I pause and pray for you. Sometimes I praise God for how He is responding to your pressing in to read His Word. And I always thank you for each sweet comment of appreciation you send my way.

I should've made a list of all the questions you've been asking in your comments so I could try to address some of them, but I didn't and I'm afraid I've got a too much going on this week to go back and do it. I like that you all answer each other.

(Oh, by the way, I found out today that Tamar was a Canaanite, not an Israelite. She's not the only non-Israelite woman in Jesus' family tree. While God chose to begin with the Jewish people and make them "His" nation, I think women like Tamar show that His plan ultimately included calling all the Gentile people unto Himself as well. We see that happen with Jesus and the ministry of Paul.)

Just so you know, I will be leaving on Friday for an out of town speaking engagement this weekend - I'd appreciate your prayers for that event. Also, I somehow managed to sunburn the outer white part of my right eye - how freaky is that?! So I'd appreciate your prayers for healing there. And finally, I am suppose to complete the table of contents, with paragraph descriptions of each chapter, for a book I am planning. So I could use some prayer to not only get it finished, but to complete it with wisdom and anointing. Thanks so much for praying for me and each other!

Next we will be reading about Potiphar's wife. Remember Rachel and Jacob's first son Joseph? This is actually his story, in which he encounters this woman. For a little background, Leah's sons disliked their half-brother Joseph and plotted to get rid of him. They were going to kill him but Judah (yes, Tamar's father-in-law) talked them out of that and instead into selling Joseph to some Egypt-bound traders as a slave. The brothers told their father Jacob that his precious Joseph died in the field after an animal attack.

Mrs. Potiphar's brief story comes right after Tamar's story - click here to read Genesis 39. If you want to know how Joseph overcomes the outcome of his encounter with Potiphar's wife, you can continue reading chapters 40 and 41. I will link those along with chapter 39 in case you do. (And if you really want to know all of Joesph's story you can keep reading on your own through chapter 50 at the end of the book of Genesis.) But Potiphar's wife appears only in Genesis 39.

Don't forget to pray for understanding before you being reading!
Post a comment to let me know you've finished the reading and we'll discuss it on Wednesday.


  1. I read it!
    Vandenberg AFB, CA

  2. read it! My prayers are w/you Rachel!

    Nann - Batson, Tx

  3. I read it!
    Looking forward to the discussion.
    I will be praying for you as well Rachel!

    Ash - FL

  4. I read it! WOW. It was easy to get caught up in the character of Joseph instead of Potiphar wife.
    The passage shows what power, either negative or positive , that we as women can unleash on others when we don't get our way. Our accusations might not be as devistating as what happened to Joseph but our words and actions can cut deep wounds in others lives. I am going to continue to read more about Joseph.
    Rachel, sounds like yo have a full plate and my prayers are with you.

  5. I read it and I prayed over each of your requests for you, Rachel. Travel safely! God is truly using you to bless so many! Thank you so much!
    Jeri - Holland, MI

  6. To Almae:
    Will you read the comment I posted on yesterday's Tamar's Tale and respond with any advice? (It should be after yours and at teh end.) Thanks!

  7. I did it. I haven't posted but I have been reading the Scripture and following your comments. I'm a mother of six and in charge of a ministry. So I don't post all the time, but I'm here!
    Rachel, may God give you the strength, the wisdom and the annointing you need to accomplish your work.

  8. I read it.

    Melissa - Louisiana

  9. I read it! This is my first time to post because I usually have to catch up for the whole week. Thank you Rachel for these studies. I really enjoy them and learn alot. My prayers are with you.

    Rachele - Indiana

  10. I read it!

    I am really enjoying this study and I'm learning I need to apply what I've learned to my own life.

    God is sooo good and patient with us. Oh! if we as woman could only learn this also.

    Thank you Rachel for starting this study. My prayers are with you at this busy time in your life.


  11. I will also pray for traveling mercies for you my sister in Christ! Love ya Rachel.... I hope my last comment posted..

  12. I don't see my original comment but I responded that I remember Potiphar's wife as a child in bible study and iterpreted it as her betrayal allowing him to fulfill his purpose and reunite with his family... I have to continue to encourage myself that God can make anything unfortunate in your life turn into something great and meaningful.. Be Blessed..

  13. Actually, I read through the end of Genesis a few days ago. I have just been enlightened by so many events. Although, I have heard these stories most of my life, I just see them in a different light now. Thank you!

  14. I read it too. I also haven't posted every time, but have been reading right along and enjoying it so much.
    Nicole-- Wabash,IN

  15. Read it! Prayed for you Rachel and look forward
    to discussion.

  16. danawade@hotmail.comMarch 25, 2008

    I read all the readings. I love Joseph's story!! I don't really know what can be said for Potiphar's wife. Rachel, I must share with you that I have posted that my son is fighting an addiction to alcohol. Work was crazy yesterday and I only had time to quickly scan over the comments of our study. I began to see my name on several of them! My son and I had women from all over the world praying for us!! Tears filled my eyes as I read some of them and decided to finish when I got home. Well when I got home my son was leaving the house. I knew he was going where he would have access to alcohol and I began to pray. I was not frightened or worried. I had a peace. I told God that he was worthy of all praise whether this situation turned out good or bad. I went to my computer and read all the comments. Tears once again filled my eyes and I began to thank God and pray for all my new sisters of this study and you Rachel. Then out of the blue the song "Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus" came to me. I got up singing to myself until my son came home with chips, dip, SODA, and a movie for us to watch with his little boy!! Praise God! He is sooo GOOD. Rachel, I will continue to pray for you. Here is a little prayer that was in a devotional I read:

    Father, I thank You that I am strong in You Lord and the power of Your might. I am well able to do what you have called me to do.

    God Bless ALL OF YOU. I am praying for you all.


  17. I read it! I will be praying for you Rachel!

  18. I finished it and will be praying for you Rachel.
    Sharron- central Louisiana

  19. ***Yay God!*** I'm praising God today, Dana, for giving you peace and strength, and for helping your son stay away from the alcohol. Thank you for sharing. It's an encouragement to the rest of us to hear how He is answering prayer and working in your lives.

    I haven't read Potiphar's Wife, yet. I've got two sick boys home, today, from school. I'll read later, hopefully!

  20. I read it. I wonder if Mrs. Potipher was LONELY and wanted attention that her hubby wasn't giving her. Poor Joseph did everything right...too bad he didn't get that ripped garment out of her hand! :o)Too bad Potipher couldn't have looked into the situation before believing his wife and the story she told the other servants. She was probably USED to getting her own way with everything. Debbie in Goose Creek,SC

  21. I read it! :)
    Camby, IN

  22. I seem to come to this blog before going to check all of my emails. I think that is a good thing! :)

    I read Dana's story about her son and his struggle with alcohol. I am praying for you. I, too, struggled with my husband being tempted, quite strongly, with alcohol. It was a tough battle because the fight was not mine. I wasn't even a believer while he went through his battle. I would get mad, cry, silent, the works, just to try to make him quit. But I later learned that God was the one who helped my husband during that battle. God was the one who changed his heart; not me. God was the one who used that battle to make ME more aware of HIS LOVE.

    I say this becuase, for all the time that's passed (9 years), my husband still hasn't come to Jesus. He is a changed man, but not a saved man.

    Seeing how the prayers worked in Dana's son's life, I am prayerfully requesting that my husband be lifted up in prayer that he would recognize and ACCEPT Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

    I have given my husband to the Feet of the Cross, but I never stop praying for him. I would be eternally grateful if you would consider praying for my husband's soul.

    I know we should be talking about Potiphar's wife, but this seems to be heavier on my heart today than she is...

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Emily in Ohio

  23. I finished reading. This is one of my favorite story in the OT. Am enjoying all your comments. So encouraging. Am praying for you also Rachel.
    Blessings to all, Sue from Hawaii

  24. I read it!
    Blessings and prayers ~
    Christi ~ Leander, TX

  25. Dana,
    Praise God!! I will continue to pray. You just keep trusting in our Jesus!Praying for you too Rachel!
    ~ Christi

  26. I read it
    Praying for you Rachel.

  27. To Emily,
    You and your husband will be in my prayers! Trust God-He is faithful!

    To Dana,
    Your son will be in my prayers!
    God is faithful!

    To Sweetpea,
    My prayers are with you!
    God is faithful!

    Plant Lady-North Carolina

  28. I read it
    Praying for you Rachel.

  29. Emily,
    After reading your post, a song came to me that we sand in church on Sunday.

    Savior, He can move the mountians,
    My God is mighty to save,
    He is mighty to save!

    Praying for you and your husband. Praying that he will see a difference in you and want what you have and that Jesus will use you to help bring your beloved to Him!
    ~ Christi

  30. I read it!

    My prayers are with and for you Rachel.
    Dana,I am rejoicing in the Lord with you.He goes beyond our highest hopes or fondest dreams.... "He's More Than Wonderful"! Alleluia!

  31. I read it!

    Rachel, you are in my prayers!

    Plant Lady-NC

  32. I read it.
    Looking forward to tomorrow's discussion. I'll be lifting your requests up in my prayers today.

  33. Read it.
    I'm praying for you Rachel
    God Bless
    Sandra - England

  34. I read it!
    I'm always amazed at how "messy" life can be, and then when I read the bible I see that life was just as messy back then.
    I imagine God want us to just embrace life, so he can use the "messy" for his glory!

  35. I ready it and I'll be praying for you Rachel.

    Tara- NM

  36. I read it, and I'll be praying for you Rachel.

    Tara- NM

  37. I read it!

    Racheal, you and your full plate are in my prayers.

    Dana, you and your son continue to be in my prayers too.

    Sweatpea, your marriage is in my prayers.

    Emily, your husband is in my prayers.

    Also, still praying for healthy twins, self-forgiveness for past transgressions, and for God's will to be known for children, marriages, or any other cross-roads these precious and faithful women are facing.

    You are all a blessing to me and I thank you for your honesty, openness, and love.

    - Karen, CA

  38. I read it!!
    My prayers are with you Rachel!

    Karen from Newfoundland, Canada

  39. I read it. You will be in my prayers!


  40. I read it! My prayers are with you Rachel and everyone else that comments. May God bless each and everyone of you. Talk to you tomorrow. Laura from New Hampshire

  41. I read it and can't wait to her your comments. My prays are with all you ladies because I know the stress and fustration you all are incountering on a daily basis.

  42. I read it....praying for each and everyone of you.

    Blessings to all!

  43. Thanks Rachel! You're really making reading the bible interesting.
    It's so awesome to hear of God working in this day!
    Emily and Dana, don't give up, keep looking up! We're praying for you and your families.

    Kerry, PA

  44. i read it. i'll keep you in prayer.

  45. I read it and what a story! Joseph - what a guy!! I'm reminded of God's faithfulness when life gets to looking pretty ugly.
    Somehow I think Potiphar's wife would have figured a way to try to trap Joseph even if she didn't get ahold of his coat. Imagine her rage as he turned away from her - she had to get even. And to think her husband probably didn't really believe her anyhow since these situations were usually dealt with by a death sentence, but Joseph was put in prison instead. Potiphar had to take sides with his wife to save face.
    I consider it an honor to pray for you all as we walk this road together - even if only for a short season. My spirit is certainly being lifted by getting into the Word and Rachels teaching. I'm really enjoying all the comments as we all go through this study.
    Jo Beth

  46. read it!

    -- Andrea in Phila.

  47. I read it and have prayed for you, Rachel in your travels and work. Thank you so much for this wonderful Bible study!

  48. I read the passage. I will be praying for you too, Rachel!

  49. I read it. Looking forward to tomorrow.

    Praying for you Rachel.


    Latrobe, PA

  50. I read it! Praying for your strength through our LORD this week Rachel.

    Potipher spent so much time and energy on entrusting Joseph, it is not surprising his wife wanted a piece of the action.
    But God's plan continues on despite our misdeeds and obsessions. I can't begin to imagine Joseph's story had she not accused him with the cloak as evidence.

  51. I read it. Josie OH.

  52. As I read down this list I pray for each of you, God's richest blessings to you all.

    Rachel I pray for your safety in travel and for God to give you His strength to get through this busy week.

    Josie, OH

  53. I read it! I found nothing positive about Mrs Potiphar!!! She was cruel, scheming and vindictive!! She had no compunction about callously ruining an innocent man's life because he spurned her advances. Maybe i'm being too hard on her so I look forward to reading all the comments and gaining more insight into this story!!

  54. Hi, Rachel. Read it! Wow....I don't want to be like her! I do love Joseph's faithfulness to God and moreover God's faithfulness to Joseph and His favor on Joseph. What a blessing and a promise for His faithful, chosen ones! :)

    Praying for your weekend, your eye and your book deadline. He is able!

    Squeezes and thanks,

  55. Dana, I thank the Lord for what he's doing in your son's life.

    Emily, I totally understand how you feel. My husband was raised in church but won't go to church. I have a hard time understanding how that can be. When we first got married (this is my 2nd marriage) I would be so angry at him. Then I realized that I am to blame. Not that he isn't going to church but marrying him "knowing" he wasn't in church. I thought that I could change him. Boy was I wrong.

    All I could do was give him to God. He's still not going to church but he is outwardly praying. We must have continued faith in God and the mind set to know that everything is done according to His plan.

    I will pray for the both of you.

    Rachel, I pray that God gives you strength to finish your book, healing for your eye and the much needed rest after your trip.

    Your sister in Christ,

  56. Read it! This Bible Study is the best and I have grown so much in the last 2 weeks or so! Thank you to all!

    p.s. my dress from Easter is on my blog..:)

  57. I read it!

    JoBeth, interesting point about Potiphar.

    Dana, Emily, Rachel...I'll be praying for your specific requests. And I will say a prayer for all of you as well. I'm so grateful for you all. God bless!

  58. I read it. You are in my prayers.
    Krystal in North East Texas

  59. I have read it all. It is so awesome how God uses people (good or bad) to further His Kingdom and to bless those who are truly His children.

    With all that has been accomplished through this study, Dana's son, emily's spouse and others I can't recall, can you imagine if everyone in the world stood together as this group has what God could accomplish in this world.

    My prayers are with you Rachel and may the peace and power of the sweet Holy Spirit be upon you this weekend during your travels and your meeting. God is truly using you to reach out to people and share your love for Him with others. To God be the glory.

  60. I read it! I love reading your comments, unfortunately, as a temporarily single working mom of two young boys I haven't found the time to add but I love this study and you ladies

  61. I read Genesis 39!
    Beth Ann

  62. I read it!!!


  63. I read it!

  64. I read it!
    Dana, my prayers are with you as I know too well just what you are going through, without God's help, we are powerless. Our God is good! How blessed I am to have found this Bible study! Thank you Rachael for leading the study and trusting in God's guidance.

  65. I can't wait to read your interpretation on this one Rachel! This one sounds different than the rest. Potipher's wife is like the villian in the movies that nobody likes because she seems downright cruel and spoiled and is not used to things not going her way (I have a funny picture of her in my mind as Corella de Vil in 101 Dalmations!). I'm glad that God kept all these imperfect people's stories in the Bible to teach us His mercy and love.

    I'm also praying for all of you as I read your comments. I love reading them!

    Thanks so much to Christi and Gwendolyn for your encouragement. I have confessed my past to whom I needed to before and "confessing" it again is giving greater freedom in this area. Yes, I am forgiven, and I am clean! I really am free. These studies and comments are really engraining this truth into me. We (I) do not need to have an umblemished past to be used mightly of God. I have loved God as a small child, and so much want to be used of Him. I believe as you said Gwendolyn that God will use me as I allow Him to. I let go of the shame, and will let God be God. Thank you so much.
    Connie - Canada

  66. I read it! Enjoying the study!

  67. Gracious Heavenly Father, I am lifting Rachel up to you right now. I pray that You will touch Rachel's eye with the healing that she needs. I pray that the pain will vanish immediately.

    I pray Father, that You will give Rachel the anointing she needs to work on the book You are having her write so it will flow effortlessly from You to her. I pray a special anointing on Rachel to be the effective speaker You would have her be and I ask that you take her there and bring her home safely and without incident.

    I ask you Lord, right now to pour out blessings into Rachel's life in direct proportion to the blessings each one of us feel at being involved in this wonderful study of your Word! Blessings and favor--thank you Jesus.

    I pray all of this in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ.
    Amen and Amen.
    In Joy, Gwendolyn in Arizona

  68. I read it and I am praying for you as well.
    Toni - Glendale, AZ

  69. I read it! Reading about this woman made me think about the power that we have as women. It is funny how even in biblical days women used sex as power. We as women need to pray for guidance from God and allow him to lead the way! Thanks for the posts and I pray that God grants you safe travel and swift healing!

  70. I have read it, looking forward to our discussion. Wow Rachel you are so busy and still doing all of this for us, you're in my prayers. Thank you.

  71. Couldn't go to bed without doing my reading. Rachel, you are such a blessing and inspiration. Thank you so much. Thank you to all the other ladies too.

    My prayers are offered up for you Rachel. Having experienced a torn cornea, I can only imagine your pain. I pray for rapid healing and pain relief. I'm also praying for your book as well as your speaking engagement.

    Those of you who have requested prayers, or only mentioned needs, I am praying for you too.

    I know that our Precious Lord will answer all the prayers being lifted up for you.

  72. Godspeed Rachel!!!...Here is another example of women pushing again to get what we want. Joseph's story has to be one of my favorite as it's a true example that God's plan will always be fullfilled even in the midst of our enemies.
    We should always remember that God is in control and never be envious of those that appear to have it all through unGodly methods, but rest assured that His plan for US is far greater and we should chose to pray for them instead of complain about them...they are God's children too!!!

    May everyone have a perfect day on Wednesday!!!!!!! Many Blessings.. Carol... St. Louis, Mo

  73. I want to add a little more. To all of you that have opened up my prayers are with you too. It's a wonderful thing that we are all coming together lifting up and leaning on each other. It really is a beautiful thing. Rachel.... Look what you started. Big Sisterly and loving Hugs to you all.
    Lynn - OR

  74. I read it. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

  75. I read it...God be with you this weekend and I'm so glad you requested prayer for your needs from all of us. Look forward to tomorrow's discussion. The rest of you requesting specific needs are also in my prayers. God Bless


  76. Hmmm...interesting! I read it.

  77. I read it!
    I'm praying for you!


  78. I read it!
    You are in my prayers, Rachel.
    Lancaster, Ca

  79. Ginger in mid-IllinoisMarch 26, 2008

    I did it!
    Rachel- praying that the Lord will give speedy healing and completion of all your many tasks! Can't wait to read your insight about Mrs. Potiphar- it seems it will be difficult to find a positive purpose in her deception, but I know it's there!
    Also praying for DANA, EMILY and SWEETPEA- the Lord hears your prayers, and sees EVERY tear- just DON"T STOP talking to the Lord.
    Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers,

  80. I read it.

  81. I read it.

  82. I read it . And Racheal it will be a privilege to pray for you. You have been such a blessing. All the best.

  83. Hi Dana,
    This is the first i am reading of your story about ur son. I will join my prayres to others.

    Let me say your testimony is a great encouragement.
    I have an adopted mum( not officially)whose grandkids ( both boys) are giving her serious heartache and stress. Both smoke very hard stuffs ( marijuana)and they are teenagers.
    She is always heartbroken and depressed as they keep getting into trouble and are very bitter kids.
    I believe God is able to do absolutely anything and will appreciate as many people praying as possible. it's a really challenging situation as the constantly get into troble with the law too.

    Emily...I will be praying for ur husband. I totally relate with u as i am beleiving God for my husband's salvation too . My husband is what u will call a "good man" but lacks commitment and passion for God.

    Thank you all for being there.


  84. I read it!

    I'm praying for you : )


  85. I read it. Rachel I pray God's speed and blessings for you.

  86. i read it

    Gvl SC

  87. read it!
    rachel, my prayers are with you.

  88. I read it! We will be praying for you Rachel! You have a very full schedule. God Bless as you serve Him!
    Jo Ann/Slidell/LA

  89. I read it.
    Kathy (Richmond, TX)

  90. I've read it—all the way to the end of Genesis. That's quite a saga! As for Mrs Potiphar, what a contrast to Joseph's character and what a temptation for him. Fortunately, he was able to flee temptation even if his cloak got left behind and he faced and paid the punishment for false accusations. It's amazing how God uses those committed to Him and even those against Him to further His great plan for salvation. I pray for you Rachel on your challenges this week, and for the others facing different needs. God does love you and will inspire you even at your lowest and weakest moment. Rely on Him, not yourself or others.
    Along with the requests of Dana and Emily, please pray for "Mark". Two Sundays ago he walked into our church kitchen as a few of us ladies tidied up after Communion and after-service tea. He was high on and reeked of drugs and alcohol, and desperately demanded our help—someone on the street had incorrectly pointed our church as an AA location. Fortunately, an elderly, suffering lady-elder sat him down with a glass of water, phoned and set him up with an NA appointment that evening. Last Sunday he returned to hug the lady-elder calling her "his new mother" and thanked the rest of us for listening to and helping him. He's been off drugs and alcohol 10 days now, and in touch regularly with the counselor. He says it's like "the stone has been rolled away" in his life and he's asking us to keep praying for him.

  91. I read it.
    May God give you the living Words for the event, heal your body, give you wisdom and stamina....grace and peace


  92. Praise God I am not alone. To all the women of God that are married to men that are saved (standing on God's word that our household will be saved) but just not walking in it yet, keep praying and keep living the life in front of your husbands. Our husbands WILL be saved and walking in their salvation because of us. I use to blame myself for marring someone that didn't go to church, but then God showed me that he is using me to bring my husband to him. It has been 12 years and I still waiting know that it will come to pass. How long did it take for God to draw me to him?????? As we can see from our studies over the past few weeks God can and will take our mistakes and turn them around for our good but for His glory. Let's pray for each other and our husbands. OUR HUSBANDS ARE SAVED IN JESUS NAME.

    Dana all I can say is Amen. God is faithful.

  93. I read it.

    Rica - Winter Park, FL

  94. I read it....

    I work in community musical theater with high school students - a few stayed after rehearsal and were chatting with me last night - they were speaking of how what I say to them at the end of a rehearsal helps shape how they feel about how the night went. A "scolding" from me can send some home in tears while praise from me can send them home "flying high". How sweet it is that they trust me but oh, how scary, too! We all have so much power in how we touch the lives of others....this struck me as I read of how powerful Potiphar's wife's actions were....We are like her and need to be reminded to use ourselves to "build up others" and not "tear down"


  95. I read it all. *sending prayers your way Rachel* *hugs* Kim from Colorado

  96. I read it! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to pray for you Rachel! I kept going on waiting to see when you were going to post again. I get so excited! I really apreciate that you are taking the time for all of us (and even reading our comments!) when you have such a busy schedule! You are truly a wonderful and godly example to all of us Rachel! Thank you.

  97. I did it!

    I'm praying for all the requests...there is POWER in PRAYER!

    Rachael, I pray that God uses you to change lives through your speaking engagement - just as HE is using you to change lives through this study!

    Somerset, KY

  98. I read it. God Bless you Rachel for taking time in your busy schedule to do this study. My prayers are with you. I will pray for your safety and that God will give you wisdom for each task that you do. Thank you and all the other ladies that are doing this. I am learning many new things.

  99. What a blessing to read the comments from Dana. God is so good. I will continue to pray for your son and for you to have God's peace. Trust Him with all your heart. He Loves you and your son and He does have a good plan for your lives.

  100. Read it and praying for you!

  101. I read it! What an evil woman!!

  102. I read it! Wow- resisting temptation over and over - then being thrown into prison because of it. This is a reality check for me- at times I have cried foul or didn't understand...I would think I did the right thing - so why is this the result of it- Joseph's brothers plotted against Him, Potiphar's Wife falsely accused Him, fellow prisoner's forgot Him and yet Joseph remained faithful. His circumstances didn't define him-

  103. I read the story of Potiphar's wife ... praying for Rachel, Emily, Dana and all my 'classmates' in this study, especially Deb from SC who led me to this site even though we live 1200 miles apart!

  104. I have completed the reading.

  105. Wow! Praise be to Jesus! I've just finished reading the comments. How awesome that is that we are seeing God's Hand in our lives. Praise be to God for Dana's peace and her son coming home with chips and dip for a family movie time. Wow. That was so precious.

    For Emily and Lolls and all the women who have unsaved husbands...may God use you as a witness to testify to His goodness and grace to your precious husbands. NEVER stop believing that through God's Holy Power your husbands will be saved and many will rejoice, mostly Jesus!

    I think this is such a blessing. I have noticed this day (yday) we have focused on posting our "read it" and then sharing our hearts and prayers with others. I think that's a great way to spend the in between day of pondering on the woman we were assigned that day...to ponder on the woman of the Bible and then also express prayer needs and lift others in prayer. Then to come back the next day and really focus on the assigned woman. It's like a well rounded Bible Study. I know in my face to face studies, we always share our concerns/needs, pray, and then dive into God's Word. It not only draws us closer to God but to each other. And if you think about it, as we draw closer to other Christians we really are drawing closer to God. Don't you all feel God's presence and power working as you read over the needs and praises of these fellow ladies? I sure do.

    My deepest gratitude of thanks to all those who mentioned me by name and are praying for me and my struggle with my husband (in my heart but not legally).

    May God's love and peace surround you all.
    In Him,

  106. Oh yeah, I read it. However, this time I read it from my "physical" Bible and I just enjoyed it so much more. I thoroughly love the convenient access of biblegateway.com but something was different reading it out of the paper Word. Plus I noticed I went back and forward and read other in between chapters. I was also able to underline things.

    Maybe the big kicker also was that I did it last night when there was no distractions. In the past when I've read it online there have been distractions.

  107. Hi Rachel,
    Haven't had a chance to jump in with your study yet, but wanted you to know that I will be praying for you as you speak this weekend, and that you heal quickly from the sunburn. Ouch! I also am praying for you as you work on your book. How exciting! May you have extra time to work on it and I pray the words will flow easily. Hope you have a great trip.

  108. I've been a little hit-and-miss lately, but I did finish my reading today!

  109. Read it!
    Debby in North Dakota

  110. Read it
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana

  111. Interesting person to choose Rachel! ....Potiphar's wife ....I read it, cant wait to see the twist you put on it!
    Praying for your healing, for peace and tranquillity and for God's assistance for you to complete the tasks that He has given you to do.. Amen!!

  112. Read it! I will continue to pray for you Rachel. Emily I will pray for your husband too. I am praying for my own husband to draw closer to Jesus and I know how hard it is too see someone close to us go through life without knowing Jesus as their savior.

  113. I read it! yea, I'm keeping up! I look forward to visiting every day, what a blessing! Rachel, thank you so much for sharing and guiding us on this journey! I am praying for you, for your travels and your eye, but most of all for your faithfulness to our Lord, you are a true blessing.
    Dana, you and your son are in my prayers
    Emily, your husband is also
    I think most us have someone close to us that are in need of the salvation of Christ. My prayer is for all the loved ones of our "group" find the salvation we all need.
    In His Name
    Beaver Falls PA

  114. Thank you so much for this study I realy needed to be able to sit down and start someting regulary. I have noticed God doing so much just in my attitude. Thank you Rachel you are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you always

  115. I read it and I'm anxiously awaiting your comments on this one!

    I have prayed for you today (and for all my new sisters)! Have a blessed day.

  116. I'm sorry that I haven't been posting I just haven't been able to figure out how. I think I got it now at least under the anonymous anyways. I have been following the study and truly enjoy it. I get up before I have to get my children up for school. I realy enjoy the quiet time with God. Thank you so much Rachel for this study may God continue to bless you and your family in all that you do! Thank you again for following Gods will in your life it has helped so many and me as well. My husband just came back from Puerto Rico where they had held a revival and God done great things, and now that he is home the devil is mad and things are going crazy around here but GOD is in control. I would appriciate your prayers - his employer told him that there is no work and now he needs another job because we are getting behind on everything. I know that God is in control and that He will supply our needs acording to His riches and glory and it is going to be ok. Thanks for your prayers. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME! Besides the devil does not kick a dead dog.

  117. Rachel...if we get behind and still have comments should we post on the coresponding study or the most current one, even though it isnt about the sbuject matter??

    I apppreciate the caring and sharing of all of the women out there...I hope somehow we can continue corresponding in some way...maybe those who want to can say so and we can email each other.

  118. Rachel...if we get behind and still have comments should we post on the coresponding study or the most current one, even though it isnt about the sbuject matter??

    I apppreciate the caring and sharing of all of the women out there...I hope somehow we can continue corresponding in some way...maybe those who want to can say so and we can email each other.

  119. Rachel...if we get behind and still have comments should we post on the coresponding study or the most current one, even though it isnt about the sbuject matter??

    I apppreciate the caring and sharing of all of the women out there...I hope somehow we can continue corresponding in some way...maybe those who want to can say so and we can email each other.

  120. Thanks Sweatpea and all my other sisters for ur kind words and prayers. God bless you all for such loving hearts.

  121. I'm done! Can't wait to read your comments, Rachel. May God multiply your efforts this week as you sound like it's going to be a very busy one. I'll be praying for you.

    Monica, McKinney, TX

  122. Rachel,
    These studies of the women so far have revealed so much to me. I am truly amazed at how women have always been. I know that I identify with them all. I have mainly only seen disobiedence, which is in all of our lives, but it is things that I think women are still dealing with; control, power, more say, the children, the man, etc. I have been married for three years, and it is still hard, and I believe it is b/c I am dealing with things like what the women b.c were dealing with. would you say that these things are apart of us or a part of the curse.

    Also how do you balnce your life? you are a teacher, mother , wife, author, mighty women of god, and it all seems to be for the right reason...furthering god's kingdom. How do I get to that point? I feel that I put God first, I am not always hitting it, but i do not ever give up, I really try, I also struggle, so I am not sure What's up w/ me...I am 22 and I have four children ( two are my husbands), marrie dto a wonderful man who does not want to live in peace w/ me...he is always looking for a way to fight ( he is a christian)so life is crazy, I want to work, write, teach and be a virtous women....how can I "just do it"

    Ladies if you have any advice please share...I tis hard...I am not defeated I always keep going, I just do not have the spiritual family I need to keep me going, so it's all from scratch....But I have Him, which is why I am still here.

    And the life of Joseph is soo Awesome...I am glad that i have this study group.

    DJ - california

  123. I read it. This comment page is just awesome. It helps to be able to share with sisters in Christ. I am praying also for all the requests. But, Emily, you and your husband are really heavy on my heart. He will answer your prayers. He is in control. I pray that God will put people in your life to help you stay strong. Sally/Tx

  124. I read it.

  125. I posted earlier but I do not see it now. Well I wanted Rachel to know that I'm praying for her and the other ladies that have asked for prayer as well. Driving to work today I was listening to Proverbs 31 and then I read our reading for today Gen. 39. What struck me about the readng was that the Potipahr's wife was iddling. She had to much time on her hand. Instead of being thankful for a husband who provides for her greatly, she seemed to be focused on what she didn't have, maybe his time or attention. I see why God reminds us to keep busy, and not be come iddle, it will get us into trouble. She was so blessed but yet so unhappy, and willing to take that unhappiness out on Joseph. It just seems like she could have found something else to do with her time but her mind wasn't on those things that are above or pure and lovely, she was fanitizing about another man. We must keep ourselves busy, and not walk in iddleness. Start a prayer group or something!

  126. I read it. Thank you Rachel for being such a willing servant and for all that you are teaching us.
    My prayers are with you.

    sweatpea - Lean on your ABBA DADDY to work this out for his glory. I am reminded of Romans 8:28 (Amplified Bible)
    We are assured and know that [[a]God being a partner in their labor] all things work together and are [fitting into a plan] for good to and for those who love God and are called according to [His] design and purpose.
    Note that God is not workikng to make us happy but to full fill his purpose what ever that might be.

    Jean - New Mexico

  127. Late, but I read it.

  128. My dear Ladies,

    I need your prayers. Something has just come up relating to a financial need in my family. I know God is in control, but I would like for you to pray that this matter would be resolved in a manner God would want. Being unemployed for a time causes one to fall behind and it is never easy to catch up until steady employment is found. Creditors sometimes don't have patience.

    Please pray for me and my family!

  129. Everyone knows that I have been posting about my life and testimony. Everyone knows I have a blog because of this great posting. I have been reading about everyone's prayers and I truly believe the Lord gave me this word to give to everyone who is suffering right now.

    The Bible is filled with answered prayers from Genesis to Revelation. We are commanded to pray and God has promised to answer. We are to abide in Him, to continue in Him. Remain in Him at all cost. Second, His words are to abide in you, to become a vital part of your life. To be filled with, and guided by, His words. Meet these 2 requirements and your prayers will be answered.
    1. The answer is sometimes immediate. Matt14:22-31 Peter walked in the water to go to Jesus, as he began to sink he prayed, "Lord save me!" The answer was immediate.
    2. Sometimes answers are delayed. That delay is according to His will Rom 8:28. But a good example of this is when Lazarus died. Mary and Martha sent for Jesus to come and heal him. Jesus delayed coming until he died and was in the tomb for 4 days. The he came and raised Lazarus. Delayed but not denied!
    3. Sometimes its NO. When God answers with a no. He always accompanies the answer with peace Phil 4:6,7 and grace, 2 Cor 12:7-10
    4. Lastly the answer is sometimes different from what you expect. You pray for perseverance and God send tribulation--because "tribulation brings about perseverance" Rom 5:3.

    God answers all your prayers--not according to your wishes, but according to His perfect will.

    I would be put this on my blog but I know so many are hurting that don't go on my blog, so I felt that this should of been put here for everyone. I'm sorry that this doesn't have a lot to do with Potiphar but I felt this was needed right now.

    God Bless everyone

    please post on my blog to so that we can pray together :)

  130. Wonderful words and scripture, Jean.

    I just left another comment on yesterday's page. Almae had provided Phil: 4:6-7. I told her I already have vs 4-7 and 13 close to my heart. I want to have vs 8 so I thought I'd go for the whole sha-bang and have Phil. 4:4-13 memorized.

    I too have Rom 8:28 (NIV) close to my heart: in all things God works for the good for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes.

    Jer. 29:11 and Prov. 3:5-6 (trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on your OWN understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths) are also very powerful scripture from which to draw focus and strength. POWER, I tell ya.

    Believe me, these four scriptures among many others have literally gotten me through hard times the last nine months. It is only because I know He has a plan, He will work for my good, and He will make this good by directing me.

    Also, God is close to the brokenhearted (not sure of verse); Ps 46:10 be still and know I am God; Lam 3:25 the Lord is good to those who wait upon Him; to the soul who seeks Him.

    There are so many other verses I once had memorized about waiting I believe there are two in Prov or Psa and it is either ch 16 or vs 16. I'll have to dig out my old memorization index cards. It'd be interesting to search how many times the word WAIT is in scripture.

    I love to share scripture that I draw so much power from. I, as I'm sure others also, welcome the sharing of scripture from others.

    There is so much in God's word and I've found those scripture dear to my heart have been placed before me during studies, by friends, etc.

  131. Would you please lift my sister Beth up in your prayers. Although we were raised in the church she no longer attends. She is having "one stop" surgery April 1st for thyroid cancer, an ovarian cyst and they are removing the lining of her uterus. Her husband who has new age beliefs is very uneasy with the surgery being on "April Fools Day". Would you all agree with me in prayer that God will receive ALL the Glory on Monday "April Fools Day" and that they won't find cyst's on her ovaries and there will be no trace of thyroid cancer. I am believing God for her complete healing. What an awesome God we serve!!!

    God Bless, Jean in New Mexico

  132. I guess Donna was posting at the same time as me.

    Amen, sister. I was saying yes, yes, to each of your numbered points. I too know this all to be true even though it may have not shown through my words and pain.

    I also believe that Jesus not only delayed His healing of Lazarus but that He didn't want to heal a sick man but that He wanted to raised a dead man...to me that is SO much bigger and grander and for whatever reason that is what He wanted to do. Maybe for generations after generations to know His power in addition to all the other miracles of healing the sick, blind, parting the sea.

    I agree with what someone said earlier, I think "anonymous". Maybe when this study is finished, we can create some sort of blog ourselves in which we can all post on the same blog and share our hearts and prayers and praises. MAYBE it could be a link from Rachel's page or a blurb on it directing these Bible study ladies to go to this certain page for continued friendship, support, communication, etc.

    Just an idea we can ponder over the next few weeks before we close out this study. What do you think Rachel? Any suggestions?

    I just love having the study of God's Word and also the "side" issue of having the encouragement and support from other ladies. We just never know what sharing our lives will do or how it will impact others.

  133. Read and eager to hear what Rachel has to share. I sure need help with understanding Mrs. Potiphar.

  134. I read it and have prayed for you Rachel.

  135. I did it

    Wendy, Australia

  136. I read it!

    In reading Potiphar's story, I couldn't help but to think of the power of lust. Therefore, I searched it and found this definition for lust: "lust" means strong desire (according to the NT). It can be for the good - as in strong desire to follow after God or it can be immoral and destructive - following after our own SELF desires (Note: this falls into all types of categories that take our focus away from God - not just sexual immorality).

    It's very easy to look at Potiphar and become disgusted... yet, aren't we ALL struggling with the same unfortunate sinful nature/curse brought by our first parents? It seems that's the pattern that's been followed according to all the women we have studied so far. Therefore, lust is very powerful and we are bound to it one way or another. This is why our focus MUST be Christ center. The one and only that has conquer death and hell (Lucifer and all fallen angels). We are in a "fallen" state and it is very much influenced by the heavenly places as stated in Ephesians. There is a prince of this world who rules until his appointed time. Therefore, ladies, we need to be purposeful in not entertaining ungodly things (conversation, movies/TV, even dress code!).

    As we continue to study this woman - Potiphar, let's begin to ask honest questions to ourselves like: God, are my desires inconsistent with your desire for my life? Am I inviting an unhealthy desire(lust) by my actions? Are my desires greater than to love you above anything else?? Is it??

    Rachel O, see what you have started?!! Sorry ladies, this just got me thinking...didn't intend to write so much.

    May God continue to search our hearts and give us a greater understanding of His word. May WE applied it daily.

    God bless,

    Myra from NYC

  137. I have read it. What a wicked woman "Potiphers wife". A pure display of selfish uncensored lust. No regard for her husband and certaintly no regard to Joesph's desire to not dis-honor both her husband, and his God. The women of old testament days went through major extremes in getting the things that were both due them and things that were not. Rachel, I am praying traveling mercies for you. Also, endurance to complete your writing projects with the annointing. God Bless.

  138. I read it! Thanks for doing this. I love it.

  139. i read this and the tamar one at the same time. i couldn't get your post for some reason.

  140. sorry i'm late again, but another awe inspiring story that keeps me wanting more of our awesome Lord!!

  141. i read it. Thank You Racheal sooo much i look foward to the study i wiil pray for you for your eye,for your meeting and your book God is truly useing you.this is awesome i also pray for each sister here its neet to know so many ladies are praying for each other.ill also pray for your family for shareing you with us.God Bless each of you.Irene Lubbock,Texas

  142. First of all, I apologize to all...I am behind on my reading, but slowly but surely I'm catching up.Rachel O. I have been praying for healing for your right eye. I have macular degeneration in both eyes and have been on social security disability since Jan. 2003. Please..please take care of your eyes. I am now legally blind in my left eye, however, I have macular degeneration, macular degeneration does not have me. God's grace and salvation has still kept me with some sight where I can still read, but at times with a manifying glass, type messages to all of you and still take care of myself. God is so....good. Rachel O.I also have prayed for you to continue with the completion of your book and making a safe return back to us so we can continue to get so much added insight into all the Bible studies we have had and will continue to have in the future, God willing. Isn't it so wonderful how when you ask God for wisdom and understanding He always fulfills His promises. He's always right on time. I read Potiphar's Wife and had just read it a few weeks ago. No matter what Joseph encountered, God continued to watch over Him and bring him through the fire. Isn't this what we all go through in life, just in different ways? We just need to remain faithful, follow what God asks of us, and don't let anyone keep us from the ultimate goal....Eternity with Him. I know I am thrilled to know I will be spending Eternity with My Father in Heaven. I wish all of you an ideal week and be blessed...Jo Ann here in Denver, Colorado

  143. Rachel, you are an answer to my prayers! Thanks for taking time to create this wonderful study for us.

    I read it!
    Karen in Jamestown, CA (near Yosemite!)

  144. I just left a comment, however I wanted to let Dana know I will continue to pray for her son, Emily, I'm praying for your husband, Sweatpea, hang in there, I'm praying for you as well as for sobriety for Mark, Lolls, God is watching over you, Jean, from New Mexico, the Great Physician is watching over your sister, Beth, Plant Lady.....you are rich because your "Daddy" is rich in houses and land, He will see you through....I wish for all of you God's Blessings and if I left anyone out...I say God Bless each of you no matter what you're going through...God will see you through.... I have lifted all of you up for God's favor.....Rachel O.....I want to say that while I appreciate the time you take out from your "busy schedule", remember God does not want you so busy that you don't take time for yourself. You are such a blessing to all of us and I can't imagine not having this site to come to to share our stories and the many, many scriptures in the Old and New Testaments, however, take care of yourself.....slow down....take some "me time". If you get run down, you will not be good to yourself or anyone else. I say this because I care...Even though I've never met you I feel like I've known you all my life. I mean no harm...just giving loving advice. You have been such a loving inspiration to us all and We all so appreciate what you are doing. I ask God to lift you up...Jo Ann/From Denver, Colorado

  145. I'm getting closer.....I've read Potiphar's Wife.

    My prayers are with you and the challenges you are facing Rachel.


    Karyl ~ Bonners Ferry, ID USA

  146. I fineally did it
    Gray, Louisiana


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