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Pondering Mrs. Potipher

Updated Post:
70 some comments later and its official. You girls who said two weeks ago that you lack motivation to get into the Bible, or have trouble understanding or applying what you read there, have been transformed!

Yes, the book of Genesis reads like a soap opera and Joseph was a seriously hot leading man. Remember how we read that Rachel was beautiful in both face and figure? Well, Joseph had inherited his mother’s all around good looks. Perhaps Potiphar was much older than his wife, as some of you suggested. Or perhaps he had put on a few pounds once he had nothing to worry about but the food he would eat. But even if this was not the case – even if Potiphar was quite a catch himself – Joseph could easily turn a woman’s head. Especially a gal who is feeling lonely and lacking any purpose in life beyond looking good as the wife of a wealthy man.

So we know Joseph was young and well built. Also, as Hebrew and not an Egyptian, he would’ve seemed exotically different from all the other men Mrs. P knew. And that foreign accent he spoke with would cause Mrs. P to listen intently to Joseph’s every word – who can resist a handsome man with a charming foreign accent?

Plus, through out Joseph’s entire story, the Bible tells us the Lord was with Joseph. He was chosen and favored by God. You can’t miss it when someone is chosen and favored by God. You might not understand it, but you get the distinct feeling you are witnessing some form of greatness and you are somehow drawn to it. In a short amount of time, Joseph had been put in charge of the entire household, and he ran it well. So now you have a handsome man, with a charming accent, running Mrs. P’s household and effortlessly meeting her every need – but one.

I’ve never been the kind of girl to be attracted to the “bad boys.” I know some women are like that – a dangerous looking rebel in a black leather jacket catches their fancy. Not me, I always like the really upstanding guy … the handsome leader with strong integrity. So I can imagine how Mrs. P would be attracted to Joseph. I am a happily married woman but I too might find it tempting to have Joseph in my house day after day.

I’m fairly confident I wouldn’t throw myself at him as Mrs. P did, but for safe measure, I would try to avoid him. I would busy myself with other projects that interested me. I would make a more concerted effort to connect with my husband. I would get out of the house more often and meet the girlfriends for lunch so I wasn’t starved for company. And I would pray like crazy. But, sadly, Mrs. P was not a believer in the one true God.

When she first blatantly propositions Joseph to sleep with her (I’m betting there was a whole bunch of temptation and flirtation leading up to this moment that he was ignoring), he declines her with three reasons. He doesn’t want to upset Potiphar who trusts him, he doesn’t want to risk his status as Potiphar’s right hand man by taking the one thing Potiphar forbade him, and He doesn’t want to sin against God. Upstanding. Integrity. All the way.

Perhaps she saw this as an upping of the ante on a challenge she was determined to win. Or perhaps that only made her like him more. Ladies, we may find ourselves strongly attracted to a powerful, upstanding man … perhaps a man who is a good provider… or a man who is a terrific husband and father ... or perhaps a man who is a leader in our place of work or in our church … the kind of man that would never commit adultery or have sex outside of marriage. And we daydream about how great it would be to have a man like that. We imagine having him or being his. We start to flirt with him and look for ways to be alone with him. Here is the deal ladies, if we could get that man to welcome our advances, he would cease to be the kind of man that we found so attractive in the first place.

Thankfully, Joseph continued to deny Mrs. P’s advances. This is the point in the story where it becomes clear she is different from the other gals we’ve been reading. She doesn’t just momentarily fall to Satan’s temptation in the garden. She doesn’t just want to have a baby with her husband so badly she’ll try anything that the customs of the day will condone. No, Mrs. P is looking to break laws and she has had the moral error of her ways pointed out to her as well by Joseph. Yet she won’t quit pursing the forbidden fruit.

She spirals downward from there in the story. When she fears someone may have seen the uncloaked Joseph running from her room, and she fears Joseph might tell others the truth to explain, she quickly weaves a lie to place him in the wrong – her word against his. The word of Potiphar’s wife against that of a foreign slave. She’ll just have him killed, according to the laws, and thereby destroy the evidence of her transgressions.

Only I’m not so sure Potiphar fully believed his wife. Yes, the text does say Potiphar was furious when he heard his wife’s story. No doubt, he was upset at what was going on – he had a perfectly good arrangement up until now. Potiphar knew Joseph to be a trustworthy man, so this accusation had to seem out of character. Yet what was Potiphar going to do? His options were: 1) Kill a man who may be innocent, or 2) Let the man live who may have tried to rape his wife. He decided to throw Joseph in jail. And if you read the rest of the story, you know how God worked it from there to a glorious conclusion.

Upstanding Joseph was ultimately exalted, while we never hear another thing about Mrs P. I wonder, did she languish in regret? Or did she stubbornly maintain that her story was true till the end? What happened with her and Mr. P? Did she ever realize that Joseph’s God was the one true God?

I know that some of us here have experienced inappropriate sexual urges or advances. Some of us have been the adulteress spouse, or the other woman. Some of us have been the one cheated on. Some of us have been molested or raped. And some of us have fallen into an emtional rather than a physical affair. What I want to say is that there is no sexual sin that cannot be covered by the blood of Jesus. And there is no sexual wound that cannot he healed by the work of Christ.

We’ve said repeatedly in this study that God is able to take the worst of circumstances or actions and work them for His good purposes. But that is not a license to sin. And that does not mean there are not costs to sin. So let’s remember the warning that Mrs. P’s actions offer, and let’s remember the example that Joseph’s response set. And let’s trust God that His ways truly are worth fighting for and waiting for.

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OK, girls, I've tried unsuccessfully multiple times today to post my comments and start the discussion on Mrs. P. I kept getting error messages earlier. Then I finally had a long post nearly done and lost it! So I'm thinking, I'm just going to let you all start the discussion today. Later I'll come update this post with my thoughts. But for now, take it away, girls!

Post and tell us your reactions to Mrs. Potiphar.


  1. Very shocked with Mrs. P's reaction to the poor boy. Women are more powerful then they relize when it comes to seduction. Then again the whole episode reminds me of something we would see in Desperate House Wives, a women not getting the attention she desires from her husband see's her good lookin' house keeper, and she wants him. In fact she always gets what she wants, why not? When she relizes that she might get caught for her actions, she flips out and blams it on his actions. Much like a child when they get caught, with out hesitation lies. I honestly don't have much more to add. Than observation of the situation. I look forward to seeing everyone's reactions.

  2. Like some ladies said yesterday, it is really easy to see Mrs Potipher as a purely evil person. It's really difficult to see any redeeming qualities about her. There was obviously something missing in her life. She has everything - wealth, power, etc. Yet she is not satisfied. She wasn't an Israelite, so she didn't have a relationship with God. I think that is what she is ultimately missing. You can have everything this world has to offer and still be unsatisfied.

    But I also wonder what she thought she needed. Did she feel unloved by her husband? Was she looking for companionship? Did she have children? Was she (like the other women we read about) trying to find a way to bear children? Did she blame Potipher for her infertility? Was she afraid that Joseph was going to tell Potipher what she was trying to do?

    I also felt a little disappointed at first that Potipher believed his wife without question. Maybe he did question Joseph, but there doesn't seem to be much evidence. It's one of those "he said, she said" kind of things. Anyway I would hope that my husband would believe me if I told him that someone tried to rape me. (Of course, I hope I wouldn't make that kind of thing up.)

    Still, I feel sorry for Mrs. Potipher. She needed God just like everyone else in the world. And would I be any better if I was in her shoes? I could be her "but for the grace of God".

  3. One thing that has really struck me during this series is how God uses our actions for good--no matter how badly they may seem at the time. If Mrs. P hadn't tried to seduce Joseph and gotten him thrown in jail, he may not have gotten a much higher ranking job with Pharoah. God took her bad choice and worked it into his plan for Joseph. Just my intial reaction...I look forward to reading others' comments.

    Laura from Michigan

  4. My intial thoughts echo Laura's...God has a master plan and no matter how difficult the situation, we have to trust that He is in control.

    Liz from Birmingham

  5. I suppose it would be easy to be appalled at Potiphar's wife's behavior regarding Joseph. a society where 75% of married people commit adultery, we surely can understand Mrs. Potiphar. Her husband is wealthy and seemingly full of himself. He does not wish to be bothered by details or decision-making. He sees that Joseph is capable of the tedious (and BONUS! he's got God on his side!) so he concerns himself with nothing except the food he eats. I imagine the reference to food can be expanded to other glutenous indulgences such as expensive clothes, fine furniture, and perhaps...beautiful prostitutes? So, being utterly ignored and disrespected by her husband, the Mrs. starts to eye that handsome boy who is really the one in charge of the place. He's got the looks and he's the go-to guy for everything. It wouldn't be so unthinkable to "go-to" him for a little affection. We see this all the time, girls. The husband is gone working too much or he's gone playing too much...whatever he's doing, he's not doing it at home. So, the wife gets lonely and seeks companionship elsewhere. (This can happen the other way around, too--the husband feeling alone and turning outside the marriage.) But, when her advances result in...what??...more rejection??...she does what she can to save face and cast the blame on Joseph. Can you imagine what Mrs. Potiphar's self-esteem was like? I'm betting nil. Was she right? No. She shouldn't have seduced Joseph and then lied about it. Yet, I can understand her motive. And, the sweet result is God stepping in and using Joseph in a place where he could carry out the Lord's perfect plan. Do I hear an "Amen!"?

  6. I agree with the last two women. Had Joseph not been sent to prison, he would not have interpeted the two dreams which eventually led him to interpet Pharaoh's dreams which led to the salvation of Joseph's family and their being brought back together again. I just saw a Devotional in my Women's Bible by Joni Eareckson Tada. The title "Satan Schemes, God Redeems". It seemed to say to me that this is what was happening in Mrs. P's and Joseph's lives. If we stay true to God He will always work things out to our good.
    Her scripture is Genesis 50:12-21 which is about Joseph and his brothers being brought back together. I believe this whole study about Mrs. P and Joseph was meant for all of us in some way.

  7. One more lesson here is that we need to go to God and our husbands to seek repair in our marriages--not elsewhere. We can learn from poor Mrs. Potiphar. We KNOW who we are in Christ. Our identity is not dependent upon what others think of us--not even our husbands. Jesus is the number one man in our lives! So, even if our marriage isn't all butterflies and rainbows at the moment, we can pray. We can communicate. We can share our concerns with our Savior and our spouse. Mrs. Potiphar didn't know what to do with her insecurities. We do! Praise Jesus!

    Who I am in Christ:

    I am accepted...Jn. 1:12, Jn. 15:15, Rom. 5:1, 1 Cor. 6:17, 1 Cor. 6:19-20, 1 Cor. 12:27, Eph. 1:1, Eph. 1:5, Eph. 2:18, Col. 1:14, Col. 2:10

    I am secure...Rom. 8:1-2, Rom. 8:28, Rom. 8:31-34, Rom. 8:35-39, 2 Cor. 1:21-22, Col. 3:3, Phil. 1:6, Phil. 3:20, 2 Tim. 1:7, Heb. 4:16, 1 Jn. 5:18

    I am significant...Matt. 5:13-14, Jn. 15:1,5, Jn. 15:16, Acts 1:8, 1 Cor. 3:16, 2 Cor. 5:17-21, 2 Cor. 6:1, Eph. 2:6, Eph. 2:10, Eph. 3:12, Phil. 4:13

    This outline was created by Freedom in Christ Ministries

    Sweet Blessings,

  8. I was missing the reading on Eve and Sarah; I got caught up just today! I just wanted to thank you Rachel for this Bible Study; it's helping me tremendously and is an answer to my prayers - I needed this. Everybody's comments and insights are just great, and I'm learning so much! I'm enjoying this very much and just wanted to say THANKS!! God Bless you All. And Rachel, God bless you for your ministry, for doing this aside from your already busy schedule. I pray that our Lord takes care of your challenges and blesses you beyond your expectations! : ) Have a great day all!

  9. Welllll Ladies I have read this story so many times and yesterday when I read it I thought I would never stop crying, I pulled out all my books had them all over my kitchen table, my husband came home from work and saw I was on a mission. This horrible act she did happened to someone so dear to me, 26 years ago my brother was awoken in his sleep by police men saying he was arrested for rape. Ladies at the time this happened my father had just died a horrible death of cancer,2 weeks later my step father died by stroke--wonderful man, and his mother died 3 weeks later. My brother was convicted for a crime he never did, he got 12 years in prison and served 6 for good behavior came out of jail got 15 years probation, made a booboo and missed one of his payments "he had a woman parole lady" she put him back in jail, then it was time for court he got a woman judge he just knew he was through. my mom and i cried and begged the lord to help him. He didn't deserve this he was innocent, but mom and I could not afford the attorneys fees, we didn't have alot of money then and we had funerals going on. I wrote my brother everyday for 6 years, saying how sorry I was he was there. We visited him twice a month it was along drive, LADIES I CANNOT NOT TELL YOU HOW MUCH THIS HURTS RIGHT NOW. But the lady judge he got read his entire case and she DISMISSED the entire thing and said there was unjustice done to him. The girl lived next door to me in a apartment complex, there was a man down stairs who admitted he had a thing for this girl. He fled to Mexico.
    Sooo I truly feel the pain that Jesus felt for Joseph. There is soooooo much of this happening today, yesterday and 26 years ago.
    Mrs. Potipher was cruel, scheming and vendictive, she ruined a mans life and didn't care. Just like my brother.
    Like i said this story really hit home for me! I have never ever told anyone this, i can't stop crying now.
    It doesn't help that my Brother my Best friend died January 8th, 2008
    my brother was saved and loved the Lord in fact i went into his bedroom and found he had been reading his bible, I couldn't get him to come to church but obviously he was reading. He had a motorcyle and very nice crusing type bike and sunday morning 12/30 there was a large group of them taking a ride to brooksville, it is very beautiful, its florida's little country area. They were going to go have brunch, they were only going 40mph but none of them had on helmets, my brother had a girlfriend with him and my brother took most of the trauma according to her, she said he saved her life. I miss him soooooo much my mom and I. I know he is with our Lord. But yes everyday I hurt inside, wow and this story really hit home, that he sure has been through alot in his life time. He had a heart of gold! and is truly missed by many.
    I'am sorry to spill this all over u ladies, like I said I haven't never spoke about this, and this story really hit home.
    shewwwww i think i will end this today, I am not sure of what I even wrote and I don't think I can re-read.
    ThankkkkkkkYou Rachel You are awesome!
    God Bless all of You!! Glad tonite is Church, going to go praise my Lord, Ready for the next story :) Love u all Sharon

  10. There are a lot of women who turn to men instead of God. Everyone makes mistakes and we all need to forgive and if she had God in her life she wouldnt have acted that way and history would be changed. God always knows what he is doing.

  11. Sharon,

    My heart goes out to you. Continue to turn your eyes to the Lord.

    I will be glad and rejoice in your love, for you saw my affliction and knew the anguish of my soul. You have not handed me over to the enemy but have set my feet in a spacious place. --Psalm 31:7-8

    Eph. 6:12, Eph. 4:32, Jer. 29:11

    I am praying for you.

    Sister Love,

  12. Wow! How many times I have read about Mrs. Potipher and just read through it. Did any of you read what I wrote in the last posting about how God answers our prayers in ways we don't always want? It doesn't always go our way right, even if it is an injustice. My heart goes out to you Sharon, I've been there, including the part about the rape issue, which I will pour out to all of you another time.

    Mrs. P did not get what she wanted and chose a person that she felt she could throw all her passion onto, even though he did not want her. "No big deal, now you're gonna see who's in charge"..nice lady huh! It's kind of hard to focus on a woman that just wanted to get even isn't it. I see a woman who had everything she wanted and more, but what I also see is a woman God used for His glory. Every woman that I've seen lately, that we've gone over, have done things used for Gods glory. If it hadn't been for her Joseph would never had gone to prison, he would not have interpreted dreams through each of the men, if he hadn't done that Pharaoh would not have had his dreams interpreted, and Joseph would not have been the highest in command next to Pharaoh...everything was done for Gods glory!

    Now if you look back at Mrs. P, we want to know more about her right? We just don't have it do we, yet she was used and probably didn't even know it. I too also get angry that her husband believed her before Joseph, especially since Joseph meant so much to him. Wow, his coat was left behind..think about it..none of the story makes sense..again, God was using that story for his work. I don't think I feel sorry for her because she was a part of Joseph's life and without her, his future would never of been the same.

    When I think about how God uses answers prayer, I truly believe His answers were delayed, but delayed for wonderful things to come. When we look at this story and wonder why God is not answering us right away, we have to think about Joseph. Mrs. Potiphar delayed God's answering his future for many years.

    Let us all learn to lean on Him, the ONE who is in control. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. If we can stand on this story and believe that our prayers for our loved ones aren't answered immediately, it's because it's in Gods timing, more footnote, I remember when my Mom spoke to me last week about this. She said my circumstances may not change immediately but I will change. My life is not easier, my finances are terrible, my husband is in pain 24/7, my job has cut my hours by 10 a week, etc. etc. It doesn't matter, HE IS IN CONTROL!! I AM CHANGING!!

    p.s. don't forget to go onto my posting Dana, Sweatpea, Plantlady, Kim, oh i'm forgetting..anyway ALL OF YOU come on by..

  13. One more thing..we are having a 5 day conference this week at church and I am a counselor..pray that the Lord will reach others through me..I pray constantly that I can reach others and bring others to the Lord..that has always been my hearts desire..

  14. From this study, it puts me in my place, or, in other peoples' shoes. How do other people see me and how do I treat others in my daily walk.

    "Mrs. P" could be me, as I am trying to have a healthier lifestyle. I'm exercising and trying to eat better things that are good for me. But along comes "Joseph, (chocolate candy)" and I want it and will do anything to eat some of it. The Easter candy that was brought into my house and I wanted it. I craved it. I become just like Mrs. P. as she is craving for Joseph. She was not satisfied with her husband, or so she thought, and she thought that she had to have Joseph. He was something she could not have. Money could not buy him, so she got mad and thought she was getting even with his rejection.

    When I eat healthy, I get excited when I step on the scales and they go down, but when I eat more chocolate than I should and the scales go up, I get angry at myself and I hurt the people around me. I want to cry out and would love to have everything "put in prison", away from me.

    But I have to realize a healthier lifestyle can not be bought. It's one day at a time, and I'm blessed to have friends to call up to exercise with or receive encouagement from when I do mess up. Something maybe Mrs. P. did not have.

    That's another reason this bible study is so great. We are connecting with each other from all over the world. I came across this bible study by receiving an email. If I had deleted it, sent it off, I would not be blessed today.
    It's like when I accepted Christ as my savior. I could still be in "prison" with my sin, but I'm thankful to the lady that witnessed to me and helped me accept Christ instead of reject Christ.

    Thanks again for all of the comments. I'm growing more as I spend the time reading with all of yall.
    Sharron in central Louisiana.

  15. I understand Rachel what kind of day you are having, I was there yesterday, but all is well. I am really concerned about the events that take place, is she really that desperate that know simply would not do, or was she just caught up on having her way. What the devil meant for evil, God turned for good, and I'm sure Joseph could testify to that verse.
    MDC- Dallas

  16. I was wondering Rachel what had happened this morning when I didn't get the Post on Mrs. Potipher. I know how busy your schedule is so thanks for all the effort. I get so frustrated at my computer at times.
    As I said yesterday, Joseph really spoke to me more than Mrs. P. If I put myself in his place I know I would easily have become bitter and resentful. First with my family rejecting me and abandoning me and then to be falsely accused of rape after working my way into a position of trust.
    I easily fall into the victim role. I have been sick almost 2 weeks with a horrible cold virus. I have no energy, I ache and I struggle with being angry because my life is not as i want it to be. I feel terrible and I can't get anything done. Then I condem myself for my selfish thoughts and judge myself that I should be content in all things and so many others are in worse places than I am BLAH blah blah.
    I am so thankful that we have a loving God who does not judge us as we judge ourselves and others. His mercy and grace are always there, I just need to look up to Him.
    Blessings to all my sisters and fellow bible studiers. I feel a connection with each of you as I read your stories and you share your hearts. I am grateful for your honesty. I pray for the pains some of you are going through as I read your daily journal. (Thats what I am looking at this comment section as, our daily thoughts on our study and reactions to Gods word).
    Bless you all.

  17. I'm grateful for the insights everyone has. I think that forgiveness is a big thing here. Joseph forgave otherwise he could not go on and serve the Lord like he did.

    My heart goes out to you Sharon. I'm praying for you and others on today's and yesterday's blog. God cares and loves all of us. May Your Kingdom come Father God in each one of these situations! We love You, draw us closer to You in whatever it is that we're going through.Thank you that you are involved with us intimately.

    Christi in Texas- I forgot to mention yesterday. Freedom comes in admitting sin. As hard as it is to bring it out into the open, it's what looses Satan's power off of you. I know there's a scripture that goes with that but I don't remember what it is. I suggest that you first find a trusted Christian friend that you can talk to about this, and ask her to pray with you also. I don't know if this applies to you or not, but going through Neil Anderson's "Steps to Freedom" with someone will help set you free. It's in his book "The Bondage Breaker" that you can get at a Christian book store. God bless you, let me know how you are doing!

    Connie - Canada

  18. Rachel: try either typing your post in Word or at least copying and pasting it into Word (or a word processing program)BEFORE hitting that submit button on the post. I now do this EVERY time because I lost my very first post and it was long.

    Sharon: my heart breaks for you. I too have a brother and would hate to lose him. I also know of a local young man who was wrongly accused of rape and he's served almost a year and hopes to get out within another. I can't believe your brother had to serve so long. No offense to anyone but I don't have a lot of faith in our justice system. Granted it is wonderful compared to other countries. The US is truly a blessing to reside here. Sharon, may you rejoice in the time you had with your brother and that he found salvation in the Lord...there's no greater peace than knowing that.

    Donna: you will do a wonderful job at your retreat. What an honor and blessing to serve the Lord in such a capacity. Remember you may never "see" the results of all the people you touch through this but know God will use your efforts.

    Though what Mrs. P did was wrong and a total injustice to Joseph, God did indeed work it out for Joseph's good (Rom. 8:28). God truly is awesome. How come at every turn we hear the resounding theme of wait, be patient, it's all in God's timing. Must be something to that huh? (smile)Joseph probably wondered how long he would have to wait to be redeemed and see "fruit" of God's handy work. I have never had the virtue of patience but those close to me have commented on seeing the evidence of me learning that through my current trial.

    Oops side though what she did was wrong, I think we could all say we've done the same...we've gone after something that wasn't ours, something we shouldn't have, wanted what we don't have or can't have, we've desired things that we had no business desiring whether large or small.

    I love the example Sharron gave of chasing after chocolate and relating that to Joseph. Boy, I'm guilty of that. (After I finish my salad and baked potatoe, I need to walk..haha)

    I think reading about the deception, lust, impatience of all these women in the Bible, is such a great opportunity to analyze our own lives. As another said, we can lust after things that are not of a sexual nature. We can envy what others have. I have been extremely guilty of that. Every time I hear or read the words "husband" or "our husbands", I just cringe because I want that blessing so much because I had it and messed up. I need to buckle down and not covet in my heart or envy anything someone else have. For example, it does ground me when lately it seems I've been noticing all of the cars in poor shape, those with missing parts yet still on the road, rusted hoods, unpainted, loud noises. As I drive in my nice car I praise the Lord every time. Today I said I'm not worthy of having this nice new car...I don't deserve this. I didn't really realize until just now how often I've noticed these poor conditioned cars. I feel guilty sometimes to have what I have. I am blessed in the material way but man when you think about how we are blessed just to have a relationship with Christ. How does anyone live this life with joy and purpose without Him? How can anyone endure the situations of Eve, Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, Leah, Tamar, Mrs. P. without knowing Christ is there? Oh, Tamar and Eve also coveted something that wasn't theirs or shouldn't have gone after.

    Praise be to the precious Lamb who DIED for us and would've died if only I was on this earth. What love...
    In Him,

  19. Very interesting to see everyones comments. We are all so much alike what we want and feel by the sounds. I tend to view Potipher in a bit different light. I like the fact that he believed his wife over everyone else (even though in this case it was not justified!) That shows me that he probably still respected and loved his wife. There is nothing to say he was not attentive to his wife. Some woman want more even though they have everything they need.
    She must have admired Joseph immensly and wanted him more and more each day!
    But she got so mad at Joseph for refusing her and wanted to get back at him. Rejection can lead to some strong revengeful feelings.
    I wonder if Joseph had any feelings for her but was standing strong with the Lords help. You have to feel sorry for him!
    And as we all know everything turned out well in the end - he must have been wondering there for a few years. Sometimes God takes years to answer our prayers in the way we want (as I can testify!)
    Just some thoughts.
    Jillian - New Zealand

  20. This reminded me of anything we grab at or lust after and when it doesn't work out the way we want it to, we blame the thing(person) instead of looking at our own selfish motives. I applaud Joseph because I'm sure it was not easy to say "No" (Sex is hard for any man to say no to), but his focus was on God and was able to see that the proposition was wrong and he ran away from the temptation. God empowers us to make right choices, but he also loves us enough to use our wrong choices to bring glory to Himself, although it will be amongst consequences for us.
    I look forward to your insights, Rachel, and thank you all for the different perspectives. I'm really getting much more out of these familiar stories.
    Kim, Wisconsin

  21. After I prayed about what I just read and what God wanted to reveal to me, I started thinking about how I could be like Potiphar's wife. This is what I came up with about her. She try to do something that was wrong and she got turned down but most importantly she got called on it. Of course her feelings got hurt so she turned the situation around and made herself the victim. She did not want it to become known that she, Potiphar's wife, got turned down or that she was rejected. I started wondering if I do that. Wether what I intended to do was right or wrong, do I (in my mind) turn it around and think why did this happen to me, I did not do anything wrong, or she should not have said that to me. Sometimes I cover up my wrong doing and make myself and others think I am the victim.

    I also thought that it was interesting that this is the first mention of wanting sex without the purpose of creating offspring. Unless Potiphar was not sleeping with her or she thought he was the reason she was not having children and she thought if she slept with Joseph she could sleep with Potiphar and say it was his. I don't know these women are crazy!!! Just like we are I guess.

    I love this story of Joseph because of the faith he displays and how he realizes that his being sold into slavery was for God's purpose. I ran across a quote the other day that has now become one of my favorites and reminds me of Joseph's situation. "The Will of God never takes you to where the Grace of God will not protect you." That is awesome!!!

  22. It is hard to keep focused on Mrs. P's behavior and not keep wondering "what if..." about Joseph.

    I thank God for rescueing Joseph from Mrs. P by merely losing his coat, he could have easily lost his life! Obviously, Potipher did not completely believe his wife because if he did, Joseph would have been executed. His actions of putting Joseph in jail were merely "saving his family's reputation"

    I take comfort in knowing that where God closes a door, he always opens another, just as in the case of Joseph. Mrs. P was definitely a lost soul, longing for the peace she did not understand. On a side note, she must have recognized God's blessing on Joseph as she wanted what she thought he had.Unfortunately, she was focused on the outward appearance and not the inward love for God.

    Rachel, God's hand is on this study and you. Please take comfort in knowing that your problems with your posting were for a reason -- thank you for giving us an avenue to join women across the world in uplifting each other.

    Dublin, OH

  23. Whew! Sharon, I am so sorry for your pain. God has a reason for your participation in this study and for this story being revealed to you at this time. I don't know what it is, but He is working a powerful work in you! Remember that He comes to "bind up the broken hearted and to set the captive free." Amanda's verses should give you hope and peace.

    As for Mrs. P, we don't have a lot of information on her. We do know that she was Egyptian and the wife of an officer to Pharaoh, a powerful man. Perhaps I am reading too much, but where the verse says that with Joseph in charge "he did not concern himself with anything except the food he ate" I presume that means he didn't concern himself with Mrs. P either. We also know the Joseph was exceedingly handsome and powerful. He was in charge of everything and everyone in the house except Potipher's wife. Now does that make her a possession of her husband? Did she feel slighted? Or was that warning to Joseph that she might put the moves on him? We don't know.

    Mrs. P blames her husband when things go wrong. To both the other servants and to her husband she says ""That Hebrew slave you brought us came to me to make sport of me;" or "This is how your slave treated me." I don't think there was harmony in that household.

    It is clear to us all that Joseph was faithful and brave. He resisted temptation daily, because Mrs. P turned on the charm "day after day." God remained with Joseph. The accusation that Mrs. P laid on him and the blame she laid on her husband should have led to Joseph's death based on the laws (both Egyptian and of God) at the time. But he was not killed, instead he was imprisoned where he continued to find favor with God and to prosper.

    I do agree with many of you that God was "proofing" Joseph through trial (from his family and from the Potifers) to work a great work in him as he proofs us through trails and hardships too. Joseph was faithful and devout and was a good servant to God and to man. I hope I can be the same when I am being proofed....

    - Karen in Pleasanton, CA

  24. LaTonya-FloridaMarch 26, 2008

    Though I was kind of upset with Mrs.Potipher's attempt to seduce Joseph and when he declined her, she lied on him. I am quite proud of how he handled himself as a true man of GOD, though. He wasn't selfish. He was faithful to his master. I appreciate that GOD gave Joseph favor in spite of where he was and the circumstances. How awesome GOD is!

  25. Hi Ladies,
    Here’s my input on all your comments as well as the Photipar, wife, Joseph triangle tangle.
    First – Sharon, thank you for trusting us all with your heart and your wounds. Remember that not only is God with you, but we your sisters are as well. I am thankful that your brother is with Jesus, although I do wish he was still with you. I have a Harley Davidson Sportster and would have enjoyed riding with him. I hope you have someone closer than this group who can wrap you in a warm hug when you need one. I am keeping you in prayer. I know from my own experiences these past eighteen months that our Father is faithful and you will come through this trial. What helped me the most was to pray, soak in His presence and worship as much as I could. Often I simply collapsed in His embrace and rested in His arms because I was unable to “do” anything. I Hope that helps you.
    Now on to the triangle; I think Photipar was the king of avoidance and self centered. He was more than happy to let Joseph run the show and simply focus on Photipar’s needs. Then when trouble arises, he doesn’t investigate to find the truth of the situation. Again, was he too lazy to expend the effort? Or was he afraid of what he would find (that he was not meeting the needs of his wife)? Any way, I see Mr P as dropping the ball in his responsibilities in his house.
    Joseph knew he had the favor of God and he was sticking to what God wanted from him (Joseph. No compromise in Joseph. He did what he knew was right no matter what the cost. What strength and faith God gave Joseph! And how decisively do I react when following Jesus becomes costly?
    As for Mrs. P, she was neglected, needy and desperate. Maybe she was never happy as well. Clearly material goods were not a problem, so we know she and her husband lived comfortably. What else she felt she was lacking I can only guess at since the passage does not say. It is clear that Joseph was attractive, respected, a man of influence and power despite the fact that he was a slave. She did crave whatever she saw in Joseph and was desperate to get it. It seems to me that Mrs. P was also used to manipulating others in order to get what she wanted, AND she was not used to being denied. So she was spoiled and self centered too. She and her husband must have made quite a pair. They probably did a good job of keeping up “appearances” and showing their friends only what they wanted their society to see. I only hope that after Joseph was jailed Mr. and Mrs. P went on a marriage encounter weekend or the equivalent of it in their times, cause I think they needed one !!
    Last thing, Rachel O, thanks for letting us loose to minister to each other. I hope you get the glitch out of your computer system. I am eager to read what you have to say.

  26. Hi Ladies,
    Here’s my input on all your comments as well as the Photipar, wife, Joseph triangle tangle.
    First – Sharon, thank you for trusting us all with your heart and your wounds. Remember that not only is God with you, but we your sisters are as well. I am thankful that your brother is with Jesus, although I do wish he was still with you. I have a Harley Davidson Sportster and would have enjoyed riding with him. I hope you have someone closer than this group who can wrap you in a warm hug when you need one. I am keeping you in prayer. I know from my own experiences these past eighteen months that our Father is faithful and you will come through this trial. What helped me the most was to pray, soak in His presence and worship as much as I could. Often I simply collapsed in His embrace and rested in His arms because I was unable to “do” anything. I Hope that helps you.
    Now on to the triangle; I think Photipar was the king of avoidance and self centered. He was more than happy to let Joseph run the show and simply focus on Photipar’s needs. Then when trouble arises, he doesn’t investigate to find the truth of the situation. Again, was he too lazy to expend the effort? Or was he afraid of what he would find (that he was not meeting the needs of his wife)? Any way, I see Mr P as dropping the ball in his responsibilities in his house.
    Joseph knew he had the favor of God and he was sticking to what God wanted from him (Joseph. No compromise in Joseph. He did what he knew was right no matter what the cost. What strength and faith God gave Joseph! And how decisively do I react when following Jesus becomes costly?
    As for Mrs. P, she was neglected, needy and desperate. Maybe she was never happy as well. Clearly material goods were not a problem, so we know she and her husband lived comfortably. What else she felt she was lacking I can only guess at since the passage does not say. It is clear that Joseph was attractive, respected, a man of influence and power despite the fact that he was a slave. She did crave whatever she saw in Joseph and was desperate to get it. It seems to me that Mrs. P was also used to manipulating others in order to get what she wanted, AND she was not used to being denied. So she was spoiled and self centered too. She and her husband must have made quite a pair. They probably did a good job of keeping up “appearances” and showing their friends only what they wanted their society to see. I only hope that after Joseph was jailed Mr. and Mrs. P went on a marriage encounter weekend or the equivalent of it in their times, cause I think they needed one !!
    Last thing, Rachel O, thanks for letting us loose to minister to each other. I hope you get the glitch out of your computer system. I am eager to read what you have to say.

  27. ok after many trys i am finally getting to post my comment.
    Rachel as you could see the group did very well kicking off the commenting. offcourse lesson learnt
    "when something is not working out leave it alone and come back to it when the time is right and it will just flow smoothly."

    From the reading what stood out to me is that despite Joseph was innocent and had to serve his jail time, the lord never stop working through him to better other peoples lives he did not become bitter and revengeful, whenever he got the opportunity to help he did and eventually in God's timing he was released but to carry out a much bigger role than he probably could have ever aspired to if he had remained in position before.

    Rachel you are in my prayers. To all the other thanks for your thoughts.

  28. Hi Ladies,

    I'm enjoying this study so much and am finding myself reading more and more in the bible and actually understanding how it all works together. Thanks so much Rachel!

    As far as Mrs. P...I had to think about how the marriages are arranged unlike today's where we decide on our own and so much is based on our attraction to each other/chemistry. In those days they didn't even know each other much less have chemistry before hand so I'm wondering if sometimes it was more difficult to make their marriage work. If the chemistry wasn't there and then this good looking guy was there all the time and wasn't taken... it would be tempting to want to be happy! Plus most who have a good relationship with God have an attraction to them that you just want to be around them...I wonder if that wasn't some of it also.

    Not to say any of this to say what Mrs. P did was right. But when she seen the opportunity and wanted it so bad that she approached him and then for him to deny her it had to be terribly upsetting thinking that Joseph might tell Mr. P what she'd done so she decided to beat him to the punch.

    Oh what a tangled web we weave! I'm just thankful that God is able to untangle messes that we create and use them for his glory.

    JT in Southern IL

  29. So many of you have spoken so well on the subject at hand, I can't really add much, except that I think it's amazing how many have been touched by the stories we've read so far and how they have touched us in ways we may not have expected.

  30. Mrs. P was rejected and felt revenge (accusing Joseph of rape) was her only course of action.

    But, we can agree that God's plan never fails.

  31. Sharron, I loved your comparison of "Joseph" as food. I struggle with that as well. What an enlightening thought! I want things that appear to taste/feel good, but they would be very detrimental/disastrous for my relationships, my body, my goals, everything. I'm just like Mrs. P -- "but for the grace of God". Praise God that He is changing me into a true "Joseph" -- someone strong in the Word, trustworthy, powerful in Christ.

  32. Crissi in WAMarch 26, 2008

    I agree with Laura's post. It is amazing to see God use 'bad' things for good in our lives and in His plan.

    I don't understand it always, actually I don't understand it most of the time. But, He is always working things out for good.

    Thanks again Rachel.

  33. praise2himMarch 26, 2008

    I read it!

    In reading Potiphar's story, I couldn't help but to think of the power of lust. Therefore, I searched it and found this definition for lust: "lust" means strong desire (according to the NT). It can be for the good - as in strong desire to follow after God or it can be immoral and destructive - following after our own SELF desires (Note: this falls into all types of categories that take our focus away from God - not just sexual immorality).

    It's very easy to look at Potiphar and become disgusted... yet, aren't we ALL struggling with the same unfortunate sinful nature/curse brought by our first parents? It seems that's the pattern that's been followed according to all the women we have studied so far. Therefore, lust is very powerful and we are bound to it one way or another. This is why our focus MUST be Christ center. The one and only that has conquer death and hell (Lucifer and all fallen angels). We are in a "fallen" state and it is very much influenced by the heavenly places as stated in Ephesians. There is a prince of this world who rules until his appointed time. Therefore, ladies, we need to be purposeful in not entertaining ungodly things (conversation, movies/TV, even dress code!).

    As we continue to study this woman - Potiphar, let's begin to ask honest questions to ourselves like: God, are my desires inconsistent with your desire for my life? Am I inviting an unhealthy desire(lust) by my actions? Are my desires greater than to love you above anything else?? Is it??

    Rachel O, see what you have started?!! Sorry ladies, this just got me thinking...didn't intend to write so much.

    May God continue to search our hearts and give us a greater understanding of His word. May WE applied it daily.

    God bless,

    Myra from NYC

  34. I know we are studying the women of the bible but I learned more from Joseph in this story than from Mrs. P. I was struck by Joseph's loyalty to God even though temptation was strong. Because Joseph was faithful to God (despite his negative circumstances), the Lord showed him kindness and gave him success. The lesson I have learned from this chapter is that I must stay focused on God even when my circumstances seem grim. How rich our reward will be if we keep our eye on Him.

  35. Well Mrs. Potipher took a little different angle than the rest but still in the line of conniving and deceitful. I can see how an arranged marriage may have it's short comings and with a man that didn't want to deal with things... except the food he would eat, did he want to deal with his wife. Was she needy? Was she nagging? I think it is easy to see how the handsome Godly man could be a distraction to a woman like this and then after being rejected an obsesion. Not that it is was all her bad. I think it takes two to tango. But as always God is an oportunist and works it out for the good of Joseph and Himself.

    Sharon, Plant Lady, Sweat Pea, Debbie, Dana, Connie, and others, It is so awesome that we can be here for you. My prayers have and are going out to each of you.

    Rachel O. I'm holding you up in prayer not only for the specifics that you have mentioned but for the energy inspiration and revelation to lead all of us. I have seen a wonderful outpouring of womens emotions. I wondered for a while if this was how the Study was supposed to be going, and then I felt a peace, that this though not exactly planned is what God's word is for. We are supposed to be studying God's word. Why... So that we know how to overcome the trials that come against us. And as we come together we can help each other over come.

    Thank you for the study, comments and inspiration. Rachel for starting and the rest for participating. As others have stated, yes I would like to stay in contact after we are done as well. If nothing else my e-mail is on my Blog.

    God Bless you all, Don't grow weary in well doing.

    Lynn in OR

  36. First I want to thank you Rachel for listening and doing what God has called you to do.I would then like to thank all my new sisters for sharing their thoughts, concerns, and prayer requests. All we see is whats right in front of us, but God see's way beyond us. I think what amazes me most about all these women is that even though the times were different, there are many of the same issues that we deal with every day. My mother use to say "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." They will go to any lengths to get what they want when they want. Mrs. P. had way to much free time on her hands. God is showing me so much through each of you, your comments and your hearts for Jesus. What keeps coming to my mind is God's timing and that no matter what, HIS PLAN will ALWAYS PREVAIL. I think this is what He is wanting me to get from this study. As I've read all the stories, read the comments, I realized that in recent happenings in my own life I have jumped ahead and not waited on the Lord. It's so hard to do when someone you love can't see whats so apparent to you. To have Joseph's faith is something I wish to strive for. Not onced did he take His eyes off the Lord.
    Sharon, I am so sorry for your loss. "when someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure" I will keep you in my prayers. I am also praying for all the other prayer requests. I know God lead me to this study, and I'm so thankful He did.
    Tommie from Kentucky :)

  37. I wonder what Mrs. Potipher thought/did when Joseph was jailed, not executed. How did she feel and what did she do when she found out about his "success" in prison? One thing we do know is that God uses each one of us to implement His perfect will.

  38. I love Joseph's story and this scene is one of my favorite b/c it shows what a Godly man he was. I think everyone has said it all, about Mrs. P., she wanted revenge for the rejection. However, someone mentioned that Joseph should have been killed for that crime. I think that Potipher knew that his wife was making it up, but thought that he had to give him some punishment so he wouldn't look bad. We ladies can sometimes be vindictive, seems it came with "the fall" and it certainly takes the Holy Spirit to give us strength not to go give in to our fleshly desires.

  39. I appreciate reading all the comments and openness from the other ladies. It does wonders for my soul. I know we are reading about the women of the Bible but I can't help comment about Joseph. He was in a terrible situation in which he was not at fault and he could have lost hope or got angry at God...but no, he left God in charge of his life. I am sure the situation had to be terrible for him... putting all his faith in God and still being falsely accused. But great things came of it when he kept his faith. I find this encouraging to me in my own faith journey, even when everything is out of control, and I have "Mrs. Potihar" out to get me, God is still in control and He can bring good out of anything.

  40. I take "Mrs. P" as the type of "friend" who lures you and tempts you to do things you know are not right. We all have people in our lives like this that try to take our focus off Christ. I'd like to hope that I would choose the right path like Joseph by standing firm! I also am encouraged that yet again, God used the situation for HIS glory! So, I guess when we get sent to a pit (like Joseph) because of the "Mrs. P" types in our lives that we keep the faith and focus on our unfailing Father! God has a plan for us no matter where we are in life!

    Also... I wonder if Joseph ever tried to share his faith with Mrs. P??? Do we share the love of Christ with those friends of ours who seem to be lost?

  41. Its me again..I want to encourage Sharon, just like I did Sweatpea, Plant Lady, Kim and so many others to post on my blog. I feel God is giving me encouraging words for each and every one of you. The Lord has put Sharon on my heart so please visit

    Love Donna
    "The Lord bless you and keep you..The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you PEACE."

  42. The fact that God was with Joseph, I believe is what made him so attractive to Mrs. P. And of course him being young, handsome, and successful helps. Joseph was different than anyone she had ever delt with. I believe this only attracted her more...

  43. I agree totally with what Amanda said about being able to pray to God when we feel we're missing something here on earth.

    I know I've read these stories but reading them in this way is so awesome. I feel like I'm reading a novel and can't wait to get to the next chapter. Awesome!!

  44. it is so interesting that this woman was so attracted to the young hebrew man. she must have been lonely or unhappy ... maybe really spoiled to get everything that she wanted. why do we want what we don't need... because maybe she did have a good husband. she was just tempted to go after a young man. maybe she was a very young bride who was given to a man and it wasn't really a love marriage but an arranged marriage.

    because potipher believed his wife without asking joseph ... maybe mr.and mrs. did have a good relationship. it is clear that GOD needed joseph in the prison at that time. it is here in prison that he used this to further "refine" joseph and conform him more to a man who was dependent on GOD and GOD alone. i mean, joseph later saved all of his people by feeding all of egypt and his family and brothers.

    and what would we do if we didn't have those bible verses to rely on... "you meant it to me for harm... but GOD meant it for good."

  45. I've agreed with so many of the comments thus far. I was wondering when the fury of a woman scorned quote would show up. :o) Man, have I been that woman. I don't think I would go so far as sending someone to prison, but my accusations certainly could have put someone in jail! I wonder about the age difference between Mr. & Mrs. P. I am not even going to pretend to know history, but I would imagine if this were an arranged marriage, some poor (figuratively) young girl gets pawned off to the Minister of Defence and here comes Joseph, a young shepherd, possibly closer to her age. She's watching this young guy move quickly up the ranks in her household. If Potipher is only concerned with Potipher, chances are Joseph is the only male authority figure Mrs. P has to talk to (and about things other than war). Who has ever been in a situation where they get to be really good friends with a guy and the line gets blurred?

    I'm certainly not condoning what Mrs. P did, but just another spin on things I guess.

    One resounding message I am hearing, and feeling the effects of in life (especially @ work)is WAIT ON THE LORD!!! Life is so much easier to get through when you have that Peace that Passeth Understanding. And we can only get that when we fully surrender to Him.

    Praise God for his Love and Grace!

  46. i agree with laura that God uses our wrongs,weak moments to blend into his perfect plan.we only suffer waiting longer if we tried doing it for him instead of wait for his time.


  47. Once again Mrs. P another woman who has to have her own plan to get what she wants. Inspite of that God way rules. Situations always turns out good when God has his hand in the plan. I am truly amazed that Joeseph had such a positive attitude and still helped out wherever he could to the point where the jail keepers left him in charge.
    Thank you Rachel for taking a lead on this Bible study I so look forward to the reading and the discussion. If there is anyway we could continue that would be Fantastic Edmonton.Alberta

  48. I appreciate and give thanks for all the comments. I chose to take a different look at Mrs. P. I look for the good in her and I'm not sure on the surface we saw them. but as I was reading I made note that she was agressive/assertative, bold, persistent. She saw something she wanted and she went after it. It didn't matter that she was married and that her husband truly trusted Joseph. she didn't back down when Joseph told her he would not sin against God. It made me think how many times have I heard no, even from God but was persistent and kept going after what I wanted and what I wanted was not necessarily bad- it just was not what God wanted for me at the time. Mrs. P has taught me to step back and take a second look when I hear no. Women (people) tend to lie to protect themselves. No matter the consequences for someone else.
    I have recently been involved in a situation where God said no and I was very angry with the persons that created the situation. I wanted revenge in my anger but God said no and it took me a while to get to forgiveness and trust God to handle those persons who had done wrong. Mrs. P was angry with Joseph rejection and she didn't give herself time to cool off and think about the situation, of course she didn't have a relationship with God. I do and it took me months to cool off and begin to pray for those I felt were wrong. The lesson for me to take time and examine the no's that pop up in my life and make sure like Joseph that I do not sin against God.

  49. Me again just wanted you ladies to know that I'm praying for you- Sharon, Sweetpea, Rachael, Twins
    what a blessing and a privelege to be able to place others in God's hands and to have others praying for you. May all continue to grow in God's Grace.
    His name is Healer
    His name is Restorer
    His name is Grace
    His name is Faithful
    His name is forgiver
    His name is all I need in my day of trouble.

  50. Me again just wanted you ladies to know that I'm praying for you- Sharon, Sweetpea, Rachael, Twins
    what a blessing and a privelege to be able to place others in God's hands and to have others praying for you. May all continue to grow in God's Grace.
    His name is Healer
    His name is Restorer
    His name is Grace
    His name is Faithful
    His name is forgiver
    His name is all I need in my day of trouble.

  51. Joseph never took his eyes off the Lord. His remark to Mrs. P. that he could not sin against God speaks volumes. He was not worried about what Mr. P thought or what Mrs. P thought he just wanted to please the Lord. I know in my own life I spend too much time worrying about what others might think of me. Our blessings, like Joseph's, come when we can keep our eyes on the Lord.

  52. ginger in mid-IllinoisMarch 27, 2008

    Just a thought about Mrs. P's revenge on Joseph: perhaps he had been an obvious believer, had a good testimony and had shared his faith with her- perhaps that is EXACTLY what attracted her to him. She obviously had ill-meant intentions, but perhaps they didn't start out that way. I find myself wanting to be a "PollyAnna" about her actions, and trying to put a positive spin on it, but can't comprehend how a woman/ person could be so damaging and vengeful to a Christian- but it does happen.
    I also find it unnerving that her negative actions could have been allowed by God, but certainly were USED by God as Joseph later was "successful" in prison.
    Isn't it comforting to know despite Mrs. P's horrible revenge, that the Lord watched over Joseph, used the situation and blessed him throughout the entire situation?
    And, i wonder if Joseph had a peace when the turmoil started- knowing that the Lord would deliver him?
    Praying for all you ladies, RACHEL, DANA, SWEATPEA, EMILY AND ALL!

  53. Ginger in mid- IllinoisMarch 27, 2008

    Just another thought to ponder about our lesson on Mrs. P -
    it also made me picture the Lord, examining his willing followers, and deciding who could be the one that he needed in prison to later interpret the dreams of the Pharoh- and how such negative revenge and actions towards Joseph from Mrs. P HAD TO HAPPEN in order to put Joseph into the prison in order to make the Lord's plan happen.
    It almost looks like Joseph's love for God, godly testimony and success due to such qualities could have almost been a lightning rod for Mrs. P (in her obvious deprived life) and perhaps his faithfulness to God almost made him the perfect candidate for God to use for good. He later received such blessings for God, despite her evil actions.
    The Lord knew that he would be delivered and blessed in prison.
    And the trial and the fire that he was taken through at the hand of Mrs. P - just makes me think of that soulful song based on scriptures- that I will come forth as gold!
    I find it reassuring, that God can use even people like Mrs. P, and even ME- a common person with sins and faults, to make his devine plan happen ANYWAY! Yes, God triumphs over evil, yeah!
    Blessings to all.
    Rachel, keep trying at posting your comments- still anxious to get gems of wisdom from your thoughts about lady of the Bible!

  54. Sharon........I am totally at a loss of what to say. I just want to let you know myheart goes out to you and i will be praying for you. It's a diff thing to read a story and it's totally diff when to experience it is it not?
    May God comfort you and ur mum and strenthen you.
    thanks for sharing with us.

  55. Thank God that our Father is who He is! Only God could change an ugly situation into good. Joseph's story is so powerful in the lesson of obedience and faith that at times it is hard to see Mrs. Potipher's role in the plan. We see something we want, know we can't have it, and go after it anyway. Fortunately we have a forgiving God, an all-knowing God and a Supreme Planner. Be blessed today....grace and peace

  56. Sharon, you have the victory in Christ Jesus...take comfort in knowing that your sisters are praying for you and your mother. God is an awesome God, let the healing begin. He knows exactly where you are and how to love you more than anyone else can. May His grace and peace help ease the pain of the loss and the sweet memories of your brother and the injustice corrected by the judge give you comfort...

    Linda [Columbus OH]

  57. I agree with all of the posts so far so have nothing to add ... but one little thing struck me as a little odd ... what was Potipher's wife's first name? Was there a reason she is referred to as Potipher's wife and not by her first name? Maybe I'm weird but that seemed funny to me.

  58. My thoughts on Mrs. P. I had to again check myself before I could judge her. I have not put anyone in a physical prison, but how many people have I put in a spiritual or emotional prison by my lies or unspoken truths? When I first read the story I wondered why would God have Rachel have us study Mrs. P? Now I see why God is showing us that first there is nothing new under the sun. The same things that are going on now happened over 2000 years ago and he is showing us he is faithful just like he was back then. God could have chosen any way He wanted to have Joseph interrupt dreams but he allowed things to happen just they way they did so that we could see His hand in everything that happened. I believe he allows things to happen so that no one can get the credit that is due HIM.

    Sharon I’m am praying for you. I have a brother in prison and my mom and I visit once a month so I know how much those visit meant to your brother. I can’t say I understand the pain you feel of losing your brother but I can say I know God can and will mend you and your mom’s broken heart. Now that you have poured your heart to us you have emptied it enough for God to fill it with His peace.

    I am praying for all spoken and unspoken prayer request of all my new sisters in Christ.


  59. Sorry, Rachel, about the technical glitches and your overload, but reading through all the others’ comments has been a blessing and seems almost as though everyone was willing to give a bit more of herself, maybe because your attempt at posting comments on Mrs P failed. It’s truly an encouragement and eye-opener to read all comments thus far. Thanks for sharing so much, and that enables me to pray more specifically.
    Prayerfully seeking some insight myself in the full reading, I started to wonder more about how many of us married or previously married women would have believed Joseph’s version of the incident if he had been our husbands? I mean, here he is so attractive and working in that environment, with such a beautiful, alluring woman although married, and yet her husband had entrusted so much power to him, a Hebrew slave? And she did produce his coat from her quarters, sure feeling full of rejection and vengeance on her mind, and the need to protect herself from her powerfully positioned husband, but Joseph had a lot stacked against him. And yet the Lord faithfully took him through… teaching him a lot about being faithful, patient, and having to learn humility.
    I’ve also seen a number of godly men especially in the ministry succumb to a “Mrs P.” They need our prayer and we as women need to continue to seek the Lord daily for His wisdom, strength, obedience to His commands in our daily walk—before our husbands, children, families, loved ones, colleagues, and community.
    Thanks to everyone for all your perspectives and insight. Thanks primarily to the Lord who is still working on each of us!

  60. Hello Ladies, we could all be a Mrs. Potipher at some point in our lives,(not meaning to sound judgmental), I believe God allowed this story to show us the trememdous test Joseph was up against. It's all about God and bringing Glory to Him which Joseph did in every test he was given. In this one with Mrs. Potipher he says, "Why should I sin against God like this"? We have free will to choose to sin or not...but...why should we? When we have such a loving, merciful, gracious Heavenly Father who loves us enough to purchase our redemption with "Christ shed blood". He came so we might have life and have it more abundantly.

    I believe the emphasis on the "food" Potipher ate is given here because Joseph was a Hebrew slave,it would've been beneath Potipher to have eaten a meal with Joseph or any Hebrew. Joseph also said he wasn't given rule over Potipher's wife, I believe Potipher loved his wife, but God was with Joseph and he could see that as well.

    I shared about my husbands stroke and leg amputation, but I didn't tell you he is 13 yrs. older then I. There are many temptations out there for me, my husband has been sick 11yrs. I feel I'm still a young woman and I do love my husband, but most importantly I Love God, and He has taught me this life is all about giving glory to Him and the hope of our eternal life with Him in Glory.

    I have 15 beautiful grandchildren 7 of them are girls, if I don't leave them anything else, I pray to leave them with the knowledge that their grandmother truly Loved God.

    I pray for each one of you, I share and feel your pain and sorrows. Let's all let "The Joy of the Lord be our strength", this is my prayer that we would all know Him in a deeper more intimate way then ever before. As someone said "If only all christians in the world would pray for each other as we are, what an amazing world we would live in".

    God Bless, Josie

  61. Thank you all for your comments, sharing of heartaches and prayers. It's such a blessing to know we have many sisters in Christ all over the world! Just a taste of what our fellowship will be in the life hereafter!
    Thank you, Rachel, for your blog and encouraging studies. The Lord has blessed me through you and all on this site!
    Blessings to all.
    Terri in Columbus O-H-I-O

  62. Ginny--you hit a nail on the head. My husband is one who fell for a Mrs. Potiphar, and he is in his own personal prison. He lost his job and his pulpit and the respect of our community. It's been over a year, and we're still struggling financially and emotionally--he is struggling spiritually.

    Yes, Ministers, and ALL of our husbands need prayer to be as strong as Joseph.

  63. I finally got caught up,after a week and a half of allowing satan to disturb my time with God. I am sorry. Praise God that He is faithful to us, regardless of who or what we are!
    Thank God that we had a Mrs. P in the bible! To see God work through all of these Bible women is awesome! The fact that He is doing the same through us is doubly amazing!!
    God Bless each of you

  64. I just wanted to say that I agree with the comments made about Potipher's wife. I've never really thought that much about her before when I've read this story. I think God gives us a good example of someone being faithful to him in Joseph. He was willing to do a great job no matter where he was put. That is a good example for us to do everything we do like we are doing it for the Lord. Have a great day ladies!

    Sharon you have been in my prayers.


  65. Someone said that Mrs. P. was probably attracted to Joseph because he not only was good looking but had godly qualities to him as well. I never thought of it that way. But it makes sense, God is always attractive. The more we are like God, the more attractive we become to others, as we're reflecting God in those areas.
    What we need to be careful with is not allowing ourselves to get to close to other men (besides our husbands) emotionally or in any other way. And also need to put a boundary around ourselves where other men cannot cross. I've learned it the hard way. As someone else said, we need to ask God for the desires of His heart to replace our own desires. God will look after those unmet needs in our marriages as we give those to Him.

    Connie - Canada

  66. You know as I was reading I was wondering what really drew her attention towards Joseph? I know the Bible said he was handsome and well-built. But have you ever noticed how someone who has a real relationship with God glows with beauty? She probably felt challenged to get something she wanted but could not have. Maybe she was the type of girl that always got what she wanted...
    Who knows, but I commend him on running away; fast!
    Like every other story we have discussed...God had everything in control. What an AWESOME God!

  67. Since I started participating in this Bible study, I have learned a lot! Specifically, I have learned to look at things in a different light; I've learned that things shouldn't always be taken at face value.

    In Mrs. P's situation, normally I would have reacted to her behavior in a negaitve way. Although I'm certainly not condoning her actions, if she didn't do what she did, Joseph would never have been thrown in jail, would not have interpreted the dreams, thus not serving the Lord. Again, it all worked out for God's greater good!

    Pat in NYC

  68. I couldn't get on the internet yesterday so I am posting today. I was really upset by Mrs. Potipher when I reread this story. She seemed so spoiled to me. This woman seemed to have everything and she seemed to me to be a woman who gets what she wants. She didn't get what she wanted from Joseph so she used deceit to punish him. Praise the Lord that He used this dark situation to once again bless Joseph and to pull together his master plan!!!!

  69. This comment has been removed by the author.

  70. Hi Ladies,

    I don't ususally do this, but today's (March 27) devotion on the daily wisdom site is really outstanding. The link is posted here:

    We have included in our conversations, many references to the Lord’s great love for us and our free will to accept it. This devotion helps to put that into today's setting. We should read all of these chapters and stories with an eye to the great love of God for his children; everyone. and we should absolutely answer the door when He knocks, having read His words.

    You all have provided so much in this discussion, in your love and support for each other, your personal experiences, and your insight into the character of people who, as in the case of Potipher's wife, are not revealed to a great extent in the Bible, taking up less than a chapter out of the whole thing! You teach me so much. I am learning to "Trust in the LORD with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding; in all my ways acknowledge him, and he will make my path straight" (Proverbs 3:5-6 individualized).

    God continue to bless each of you!


  71. You know, at first I was upset with Potiphar's wife, but then I started thinking about the situation a bit more. I feel bad for Mrs. Potiphar. Look at things from her point of view. She's most likely lonely with her husband being gone often, she's the female head of the house, so she most likely doesn't have that many people close to her to talk with, she finds a nice looking guy who is trusted by her husband and who (through his faith) has brought many blessings on the household and she takes an opportunity chanced upon her. Now, I'm not saying she was right in her actions, far from it, but she's also not saved and she was not brought up under some of the same standards that we today (as Christians) are brought up to live by. Not to mention, did she not do what others before her had done, and still do today? She took things into her own hands. If she couldn't have him, then she would at least get minor satisfaction out of getting him in trouble for spurning her attentions. I'm sure after being so lonely and then rejected, more than once might I add, by this handsome young man, she was feeling rather self-conscience about it all.

    I know what she did was wrong, but can any one honestly say that they haven't been in similar situations? I don't mean adultery, but lying to save face? Or Getting upset when someone else isn't willing to sin with you in any regard? Even though you know they are right for saying "no," it's still very easy to get upset with them before you realize that they just saved you from trouble in the long and short run (meaning here on earth and in the afterlife).

    I think this is a prime example of feeling pity and trying to bring said person to Christ instead of condemnation.

    On a side by still somewhat related note: I wanted to let a few people know I was praying for them and their current tribulations. Dana, be strong and patient - he's not perfect and I'm sure he will fall some before he is finally able to kick the habit. Emily, Lolls and godsbabygirl: I'm keeping you and your husbands in my prayers as well, that God will soften their hearts and help you be the examples you need to be. Good luck and God speed! Sweetpea: I'll keep your marriage in my prayers as well! I'm a newly wed, so that one speaks to me the most!! Ginny: I'll keep Mark in my prayers too, hopefully he'll start going to church with y'all as well! Rachel: I'll be praying for your travels, speaking engagement, your book, this study - and your work on it, and your eye! And to everyone else: I'll be praying for you as well!!! I'm so glad we are all able to get online for a Bible study and to pray for each other as well.

    Could I ask for prayers as well? We are having problems at my workplace with two people leaving and it's kind of putting me in a spot where either much good will come from it, or much bad. It can very easily go either way and I'm trying to give it to God and not stress about it, but that's proving rather difficult! Thanks ladies!!!

    God Bless!!

    Rica - Winter Park, Florida

  72. Looking at the account from Potiphar's wife point of view, you can conclude two things:

    1. She likely got what she wanted, but not what she really needed most of the time.

    2. She saw an opportunity (or so she thought) to kill some of the ache within her (which I believe to be her "God shaped hole")and she took it.

    I realize that the two points I made seem harsh, but they're not intended to be. They are simply my observations of what the text shows. As far as motive, I would say that she was lonely, starved for affection, and saw Joseph, a Hebrew, as a perfect way to get what her heart so desired from her husband. I think she knew that Potiphar would believe her story over Joseph's, and I'm not totally convinced that he did. I say this because he only put him in prison, and didn't immediately execute him. Execution was the punishment used in those days for just such an offense, especially against the wife of a high ranking official. Besides that, he was a Hebrew slave that Potiphar entrusted his entire household affairs to. Historically, this simply did not happen. This sort of position was most often held by another Egyptian.

    I know there are a lot of prayer requests going around today, but if you all would please pray for me. I am a preschool teacher, and I just lost my job today. It was my fault and it was an unwise decision that I made so I take full responsibility. However, for those of you who have ever taught young children, you become a part of their lives. That really has me broken up this morning. Please pray that I will see the lesson in all of this, and that the Lord calms my sorrowful heart. I already miss "my kids," and pray that they will not have too much sadness now that I am gone. Thank you.

  73. FullofGrace92 - I'll be praying for you!

  74. I believe that God used Mrs P and Joeseph as contrasting examples of how we can respond to temptation:

    Put a buff, good looking young man in my house where my husband isnt there much of the time and where "he did not concern himself with anything except the food her ate" and see what I could be capable of!!!
    Dont think for a minute that we couldnt be tempted to do what Mrs P did. The one thing though is that WE have an "out" when we are in Christ. He provides some way for us to escape if we only look for it. She did not look for that "out" and instead persued it.

    Joseph was very frank with Mrs P and told her that to sleep with her would be a sin against God...She continued to speak with him daily...she could have avoided him rather than fueling her temptation. Joseph in turn refused to even be with her...good move Joe!
    She waited until no one was around and then tried to get her claws into him..still looking for ways to make her temptation a reality....he ran!!

    I believe that Joseph's past behaviour was indicitive of his current and future behavior...that is why Mr P I think deep down inside believed Joseph, although he felt the need to defend his wife.

    As Chrisitans our lifestyle is attractive and speaks volumes to others even if they dont choose it for themselves. We continue to be models for Christ. His consistent behavior made him trust worthy and believeable and that is why I feel Mr P spared his life.

    Joseph may have even felt the prison sentence was a God got him away from Mr P and he knew that God was with him before and that he could make the best out of the new situation. He did!!

    There again...God uses bad situations for His good!

  75. You know, I've never really paid any attention to Potipher's wife before until reading this lesson. And it is a lesson. I've never even thought of it in the way that maybe she was not only attracted to his good looks, but to his personality and integrity as well. What if, as Rachel put it, he had succumbed to her advances. All that she thought was attractive would have diminished. I'm so glad that Rachel pointed that out. We are/were probably like Mrs. P at some point in our lives. And we may even have a touch of her still in us today. We look at a handsome man that is successful and full of integrity and compare him to our spouse and we might like what we see better than what we have. Or maybe think that they can provide better than what we have, but let me tell you girls, after reading this, I appreciate my husband so much more today because of it. I now view my husband with those traits and I'm so proud to be his wife. And I praise God for allowing me to have that pleasure. Thank you Rachel!!!

  76. After reading Rachel's study and the comment thatjewellady said, it does make me very thankful for my husband. I sometimes take him for granted. Yes, sometimes thoughts have fun through my mind and I think what if I just had "the grass on the other side", but I need to count my blessing where they are at.
    As I have said before and when I count my blessings, my cup runs over.
    Thanks again Rachel, and to all of the other ladies for helping me grow. Also to commit to pray for each lady that has requested pray, I pray God's hand will touch you today and give you the comfort that you need.

  77. I know that this does not have to do with Mrs. P, but poor Joseph and his coats. First he loses his special coat from his father to his brother. Then, while in another jam, he loses his coat to Mrs. P.

    It is nice to see that he did not give in to the temptation and that he forgave his brothers for their deeds.

  78. You hit it on the head Rachel.... here you have a handsome yet admmirable man that refuses your advances.. what is a girl to do? Lie of course... Women have been doing this for years and ironically the bible reveals to us the consequence and yet we rather hear it on Entertainment Tonight...LOL... As I said yesterday, our God is unchanging and his actions are perpetual... AMEN.... Keep us encouraged, Sis! You continue to uplift me... Be Blessed....

  79. I don't remember where I read/ heard this but I thought I would share.

    "God allows us to go through bad things to keep us from going through something even worse than what it was we orignaly went through."

  80. Who was Potiphar more furious with, the "little woman" or his right hand man? He may have realized what was going on but had a certain role he had to fulfill.

  81. I have read a lot of posts. I agree with Rachel that there is no sexual sin that Jesus's blood can't cover. I am living proof of that. I am a survivor of a childhood rape and have committed the sin of adultery. Both led me to make desperate choices. It was then that God said enough to me and gave me the love of a good man. A man who led me back to church where I found that only God can satisfy all my needs. He is truly awesome. I currently attend a group for rape and sex abuse survivors. We meet on Wednesday evening. Please pray for us.

  82. That was the best lesson yet. Thanks, Rachel. In today's world there are so many sexual sins that are so very appealing, especially to those are single or who may be trying to fill a void in their life with someone other than there spouse. Renee Swope is doing a series on the woman at the well on her blog. In it, Renee addresses that the woman at the well had tried to fill up the void she had by entertaining men rather than giving her life to Jesus and being filled by Him. I think her study fits rather nicely with your story on Mrs. P.

    Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to make this study possible Rachel. I am enjoying it very much! I am taken with the stories in Genesis at the moment. I've rekindld a "romance" with them if you will!

    Prayers and Blessings, y'all!


  83. First I would like to Thank everyone for there prayers, You have touched my heart truly. I even got a email from someone that lives here in florida she doesn't even know how close we live yet that we will be chatting soon, yessss see how good the lord is.. :) thankkkkk you Jesus! The joy of the Lord is our strength. AMEN!! We obviously have some things in common.

    When the time happened to my brother, he was hot, slim gorgeous, he could have any girl. My brother wasn't crazy about this girl, so it was like revenge, just like poor Joseph. I am sure that she didn't have the Lord in her life, she would of never done this otherwise.
    I do know that if I was not happy with my husband for some reason I surely would seek my god, and NOT another man, cause through him all things work together for good.

    You know since I have started these studies with you ladies and I have read every-one of your reactions/suggestions, I am like most of you It sure has opened my eyes not only in the stories but even looking at my own life.

    I am better today, not just because I have God in my life , but also because I have found some great ladies to share his word with.

    Thank You Lord for Bringing Rachel and all these wonderful ladies into my life, I know it is you Lord that has brought us all together to learn from your word, I pray for all my sisters and any brothers that may be here lord, And I pray for peace, lord for anyone here in pain, hurting or that may have someone hurting, I pray Lord that every person here knows there is no problem big or small of any situation that our great God cannot handle. I pray Lord that you watch over Rachel in all of her comings and her goings this weekend, and I pray for healing Lord for her eye, Thank You Lord for this day and everyday in Jesus name, Amen

  84. Great thoughts and insights. My first thought when I read this story was why do we always want what we can't have? Look at Ms. P she appeared to have everything. Yet she couldn't have Joesph and that's what she decided she wanted. Maybe that's the lesson-Appearances are deceiving. Just because something looks one way doesn't mean it is so. And just because it does not look like God is working it all out, does not mean it is so. Also reminded me that I like Ms. P sometimes react badly when I don't get my way and do stupid things that hurt others. Great reminder that God's ways are not our ways and that he uses all things for his good.

  85. Thanks for your insight, Rachel.

  86. Hi Ladies,
    I haven't commented yet, although I've been doing this study since day one. I just wanted to thank y'all for doing this, I am learning a lot. I am a freshman in college, 750 miles away from home, and I have found it harder and harder to make time to read my Bible, and then when I do it's like " where do I start?" and I am usually so drained from school/ work/ volunteering/ extracurriculars that I don't process it all very well. This has been a great resource for me. I take notes in pencil in the margins of my Bible, and it is SUCH a GREAT feeling to flip through my Bible and be able to say "LOOK AT HOW MUCH I'VE READ!!!" Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks and I hope everyone has a great weekend!

    Charlotte, N.C.

  87. When I was younger I was molested by my cousin and then right after high school I was molested and on the verge of date-rape when someone came in and stopped the process. Having been through this, I am furious at what Potiphar did. I have known women who have condemned innocent men of rape to protect theirselves from adultery or fornication and it hurts so bad that someone would use something that is a tragedy and mentally exhausted experience to get themselves out of trouble.

  88. James 4:7 says, "SUBMIT yourselves, then, to God. RESIST the devil, and he will FLEE from you." The three points are very clear about dealing with temptation!

    Yet they could be applied to forgiveness as well. Your sins were washed clean in the blood of the Lamb the moment you submitted/surrendered to God. Resist Satan's attempts to whisper doubts in your mind, making you feel guilty for past sins - just flick that ol' devil off your shoulder and he'll flee with a stinging backside!

    It's great to see the encouragement shared amongst sisters! I find myself praying for this particular study group every morning while getting ready for work.

  89. Rachel, you put it so well, how can I add anything? And, since I've not read the story lately, I can't put in an honest thought.

    But, I do want you to know that I'm praying for you for healing and for wisdom as you speak God's word this weekend. I have no doubt you will do very well. God bless you.

  90. I have nothing to add either. What a truly wonderful group that we have and Rachel you truly have a wonderful gift. May God continue to bless you with much success. I am truly humbled with everyone's stories and I hope that all of your prayers are answered. May the Lord bless all of you today and every day with love, peace, faith and hope.

    Laura from New Hampshire

  91. i'm not surprised to see this because as they say, "history repeats itself" and we can unfortunately see this many times in our today's society. I am empowered though that once again the Lord's will prevails (thank God) and he uses this bad situation to produce good for our wonderful King!!

  92. Hi you feel that the Lord is speaking so much to you that you need to tell the world?? Well everyone knows I have a post and I truly feel that I need to share what I place on it yesterday. It is my posting from yesterday. The Lord definitely wanted me to share with everyone. So attached is the following..then all of you go to the blog and post because I pray God is speaking to your hearts also..
    The Lord Declares, "be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about lie a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world".

    I felt that each one of you reading this needs to read more of encouraging words as well as scriptures. When we understand godly principles it will help us live a victorious lifestyle that will ultimately affect how successful we are at resisting the devil. When we compromise our integrity, we are making a declaration that minimizes our spiritual authority. What does Satan and night, he studies who he can ensnare. In 1 Peter 5:8,9 he identifies "him" as a "roaring lion" to communicate to us that "he" is strong, cruel, destructive, and a pursuer of souls. We can't take "him" lightly and think that we can fool "him". We're to be sober and vigilant, meaning not to be careless, but suspicious of constant danger from the adversary. All necessary virtues at all times.

    Usually the first dart that the enemy attacks you with is deception. Then "he" tries to get you to compromise in some area in your life. The final result of these 2 areas, deception and compromise, will be feeling oppressed. If we continue living in this state of deception, we'll wind up in bondage. Living for that deception. Don't you think we should ask ourselves each day, "What way is the devil trying to deceive me today?" If you feel you have compromised in an area and have any feeling of oppression, you need to question where you were first deceived. These are darts that are penetrating the mind! We must renew our minds with the cleansing Word of God, this helps discern between truth and deception.

    So the word tells us that the enemy walks about seeking whom he wants to devour, right? His whole being or ways, whatever, is to devour and destroy souls, right? So what is the most preferred target...our faith!! If "he" can weaken our faith, and even destroy it, "he" knows that we will be be able to please God. What does it say in the word, "without faith, its impossible to please Him" Hebrews 11:6. Each day we decide whether or not to please the Lord. Our choices affect our testimony, and also lets the enemy know where you stand with Jesus.

    Seek the Lord in prayer..declare His promises over your life and your family..God has a specific purpose for you in His Kingdom. We are chosen vessels that He wants to use. All we have to do is yield to Him today...I felt from everyone that has been hurting that this needed to be said. God Bless all of you that needs a word today and take it for yourself.

  93. Nannette in North CarolinaMarch 27, 2008

    Thanks Rachel for this Bible Study I really needed this, I was in need of a good Bible Study and this is great! I am glad to be a part of this group. I pray for each and everyone of you Sharon my heart goes out to you..But Thank God your brother got his life right now he is where we all want to be!!!!!!

  94. Hi everyone my name is Brad I am Sharon's husband, I sat down with her and read the comments I must say that as a man of God in the ministry I'm very pleased to see the love and kindness and mercy that is shown on this site of Rachel's.
    I Thank you that god's word is being shared and that you are lifting one another up in Christ.
    This is glorifying to God. Jesus Christ said Do You Love Me? If you Love me follow my commands if you Love me keep my word, If you Love me you must Love others, truly this is honoring to God because here you Love one another.

    God has Blessed you Rachel Olsen to be a blessing to others. Continue to be guided by the spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ, I pray that the Lord will open up the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing that you cannot contain press down shaken together running over shall it be given unto you and your precious family. God Bless You your brother in Christ Brad

  95. I was molested before I was promiscuous before I was the adulteress spouse before I was the other woman before I was the one cheated on. Always looking to fill that emptiness inside.

    I have been saved for 12 years now and I do know that there is no sexual sin that cannot be covered by the blood of Jesus and that there is no sexual wound that cannot he healed by the work of Christ.

    There are certainly consequences to be paid. I have paid many and I have been excused from many by the grace of our glorious Lord.

    It is so easy for me to condemn Mrs Potipher while reading her story again but I am reminded that "there but for the grace of God go I."

    I am so grateful to the Lord for all He has done for me; for His endless love, His endless mercy and His endless grace.

    I am also very grateful for each one of your insights and comments. Thank you for sharing.

    In Joy.

  96. I want to clarify one thing when I said "there but for the grace of God go I"...I did not mean I have ever cried Rape as she did...I meant I have been so desperately lonely that I have totally thrown myself at inappropriate men and I have felt the sting of rejection.

    Also, God told me five years ago that He was going to heal me. I am waiting on Him--I know I heard Him say it and I know He does what He says He is going to do but I can heartily agree with Fivedesigns when she said "GOD IS IN CONTROL--I'M CHANGING!" I have changed so much in the last five years--I am not the person I was then and I'm (mostly) glad. I do wish I could learn things the easy way--just once!!! I bet He does, too!!
    In Joy <3

  97. Once again, Rachel and Sisters in Christ...this was another wonderful eye-opener with what God does to carry out His ultimate plan in spite of our human weaknesses. I concur with most of the comments on Mrs. P. and I thank God that He has made more clear to me His wonderful grace and mercy afforded me when I'm so undeserving! The admiration for Joseph and his strong stand of integrity and devotion to his God is another lesson in itself!

    Ditto to all of the ladies who requested prayer for their individual situations...I'm praying for you; and especially for you, Sharon. May God bless and heal in each and every request. I also want to remember Gwendolyn and her struggle with the condition of her left leg...with it beginning to have symptoms that she had in the right leg before the amputation. I'm also struggling with a medical condition following a surgery 19 months ago and continuing to deal with an open, non-healing wound. Perhaps I'll elaborate at a later time.

    This quote from Becky spoke to my heart: "The Will of God never takes you to where the Grace of God will not protect you." Thanks, Becky!

    God Bless You All...and thanks again, Rachel O. for the wonderful insight you share and the willingness you have to spend some of your precious time teaching and sharing with all of us!


  98. Thank you all for the prayers, support, and insight each day. This is exactly what I needed to refocus my attention to the one true God who has dominion over my life.
    Rachel and many others made a comment of why Mrs. P. may have been attracted to Joseph and I'm finding myself attracted to a leader in my church for the same reasons.. Integrity, passion for the Lord, full of the Word, and of course his sense of humor (Lord knows I need that to compliment my quirkiness!!!). The biggest difference is that he is single, but your comments made me re-think why I was attracted to him...and that's something I will take to the Lord!
    My God is soooo good and I can't thank Him enough for what is being done within all of us through this study.


    Carol - Missouri

  99. I am loving this study and am praying for all of you. It takes quite a while to read all the comments, but I love to hear how God is working in your lives.

    Thanks again, Rachel for a great study.

  100. Ladies every time I read through your comments I become aware of something in my life that needs examining or a praise I need to send up to the Lord!
    I think this is the most awesome thing I have ever experienced.

    I just want to thank the Lord here and now for my husband. He is such a godly man and he has so much integrity. I can really say that if my husband were in the same situation as Joseph was with Mrs. P. he too would do the same as Joseph did and run!! I am praying that the Lord would help me to be the wife and helpmate my husband deserves and the one the Lord knows I can be.

    I too, am praying for each of you that have asked for prayer and those the Lord has laid on my heart.

    In Joy <3

  101. I thank God for all of you and bringing me to this bible study. This brings to mind "FAITH". With all that Joseph was put through, he never lost his faith and God was always there for him. This is something that I definitely can learn from. It may seem hard at times, but if I just keep the faith, I know that God will always be there for me and turn even what seems bad situations around for the good. We need to constantly pray for each other. The power of prayer is just so awesome.

  102. A woman scorned .... As women we are influencers, we wield more power over men than they realise or recognise.
    Mrs P decided to use her influence to get her Joseph and when that failed, she used it to try and hurt him instead. The law of the day demanded death, yet Mr P did not require that satisfaction, I think he knew more about his wife and her ways than the bible revealed.
    Joseph was vindicated by God and exhaled because he was humble, he obayed authority and he was submissive. Oh1 that we could as Christians do the same before humility is 'forced' on us by our Saviour!
    I am working on it!

  103. I am encouraged by Joseph's example and his courage to do the right thing, no matter what! I too often worry about pleasing others or what others think of me, and as a follower of Christ, ya just gotta get beyond that! :)

    My oldest is going to a sleepover tonight, and it was a tough decision to say yes, but also to call the other parents (whom we know very well) and have a frank discussion about our values, and ask about what video games will be played, and what movie will be shown, etc... I feel like the "militaristic parent", in the other parent's eyes, but I'm so glad for the reminder of Joseph's life and testimony...I'm only accountable to God, and His approval is all I desire!

    This reading has also reminded me of how blessed I am to have the husband God has given me. I also am guilty of taking him for granted. I love my hubby and need to tell him more often how much I appreciate his faithfulness to God and to me, and our family!

    I am praying for all of you who have shared specific requests.

  104. Like some of the ladies mentioned. I've read the story about Mrs Potipher but never gave it much thought. I read about the blessing that God gave Joseph but again didn't give it much thought.

    But now..there is a lot to be said. Joseph was blessed over abundently because of his faith in God. I know that it had to be very hard for him. He was a young, good looking and fertile man. Then there was that light that shined through him. Who would not be attracted to that? I'm sure I would have.

    I have been tempted in the same way but a different situation. I was out of town on a business trip and was missing my husband. I was at a mixer (at the hotel) talking to so many people. (I like meeting new people.) To make a long story short, a guy that I had been talking to made a comment out of left field; "I would love to get to know you better and if you would like to talk one one one, I'm in room 728". I couldn't believe that he said that because we had been talking about family (which I spoke a lot about my husband) and work.

    Don't get be wrong, he was a nice looking guy but after that comment he didn't look so good. I told him politely that I would be leaving, by myself, and that he should NOT wait for me. That I am a married woman and take my vows seriously.

    I immediately went to my room and called my husband. I told him everything and can you believe, we ended up getting into a disagreement about turning the garage into a gym? Tell me satan wasn't up to his tricks. I wanted to thump him upside his head. Instead, I stayed calm, told him I loved him and that I missed him and then hung up the phone.

    Aftwards, I prayed. I thanked God for getting me out of that situation with that guy but also giving me the strength to hold my tongue with my hubby and to stay in my room. Prior to being a Christian I would've left my room "to go and get even with my hubby". I am so thankful that I'm not that person anymore.

    I'm telling you ladies this because I once was a vendictive person. I wanted to be the one doing the hurting instead of being hurt. But I thank my Lord and Savior for delivering me from that behavior among other things.

    Ladies our husbands aren't perfect and neither are we. The grass IS NOT greener on the other side. We need to ask God help us to be the wives that our husbands need and to also pray that God make them the husbands that we need.

    Thank you ladies for your insite and prayers. I know that we all will be praying for each other.

    Your sister in Christ,

  105. WOW. That's all I can say. This is so good. I appreciate so much how we all can share so well. I think we are glorifying God with this sharing. I know I have been encouraged so many times as I read and I often breath a prayer for the author of the post I am reading. I loved your 'story', Rena c, and thank God for your testimony of His grace in you.

    I want to personally encourage Morgan from NC to keep up the effort, even if it is hard. Take it to Him, admit to Him how you struggle to find quality time with Him and ask Him for His help. He understands and He will meet you! Above all, He knows your heart. I know--I've been there.

    Fullofgrace92, your post brought tears to my eyes. I am praying God will work out HIS purpose in all this!

    Am still waiting to know about the little twins!

  106. I read "Pondering Mrs. Potipher and her story has touched me the most. I am dealing with temptation strong. Even though I'm in another state, I am being tempted to enter into a relationship with a man I truly love, however he has hurt me in the past. I have forgiven him for everything he's done. He now wants to join me here where I am at and I think about him all the time. I know that he is not saved and I know in my heart of hearts I cannot change him. I ask all of you to pray hard for me that I make the right decision, that is, the right "choice" that God would approve of. Satan is working...I know God will get me through this, but,'s so hard when you love someone...I love too hard...Oops, I got off the story about Mrs Potipher, she was something else. Thank goodness Joseph made the "right choice". I am going through a total repositioning in my life and I know what I need to do, but I keep know that "stinky thinkin" I have til around June to make my decision and I am asking God to guide me, give me the wisdom and spiritual understanding to make the right choice. I wonder if Mrs Potipher ever regreted her conduct....Um...I don't want to live with regret because life is just too, too short. Isn't it wonderful to know God is always there for us and all we need to do is ask Him to help us. God is an awesome God. Jo Ann/In Denver


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