Monday, September 6, 2010

The Action Bible

Hey, hope you’re having a good holiday weekend if you are here in the States, and having a good Monday if you are elsewhere.  I’m about to head to the pool with my husband, elementary-age son and middle school daughter for some late afternoon fun.

But I thought I’d pop in here first and share something exciting with those of  who also have young sons – ones that love the comic book style.  In the last year my son has become fascinated with the graphic style.  He’s always been a drawer himself – plus the success of books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid have made this all the current rage at his school. 

Enter a not-so-little project called The Action Bible.

It has 215 Bible stories, in chronological order, hand drawn. Like this:

Caleb has been reading it at night before bed.  I asked him to give me his “review” of it. 

He said it was a fascinating way to read the Bible and that the drawings were very realistic and detailed.  He likes that there is so much to look at.  (I, of course, liked his use of the word “fascinating.”) He added, “Unlike other books I’ve read in this style, it’s easy to tell what order to read the bubbles in on the page.”

“What have you read so far?” I asked.  “Well, I started at the beginning and it starts with stories from Genesis.” I asked if he planned to continue reading it and he said, “Yes, I’ll finish it!”  I asked one last question: “Is there anything you don’t like about the book; are there any minuses to it?”  He replied, “Only one potential one. There was one page I saw where the picture on it was a tiny bit scary.”

But then he added, “But it wasn’t too bad.” After all, he’s reading the ACTION BIBLE.

So there you have my son’s recommendation of this Bible story book designed for boys in the 9-12 age range. I’ve not once told Caleb to read it – he goes to it himself when he climbs in bed at night. So if you have or know of a boy that age, this is one to check out.

Thankful to David C. Cook for The Action Bible.


  1. Your devotional was great and so enlightening. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lara's Laugh linesSeptember 07, 2010

    Don't discount this Bible for girls as well!! When I was in 5th grade, I read a copy of the Picture Bible. (I called it the Comic Bible.) Suddenly, I had a clear chronological view of all the Bible stories I had heard countless times in Sunday school. I could see how each person's place in history fit into God's big picture. All three of my kids have read the Picture Bible and their responses were similar to mine. I think the graphic Bible will do the same for this generation.
    Thanks for sharing! I think I have some early Christmas shopping to do for my nieces & nephews!! :D

  3. Great point, Lara. No reason why girls couldn't enjoy this. Thanks for sharing your experience with the Picture Bible.

  4. My son Jake is 5 years old and loves the Action Bible. He has already taken it to Show and Tell in his Kindergarten class.
    Jake said the other day that God told him to take off his shoes. He then opened up his Action Bible to see why God told him to take off his shoes. He says it was so God could bless him. He had been reading the story of Moses and the burning bush.
    LOVE IT.

  5. When I was a kid I had the comic book bibles. It was similar, but broken into a set of about six paper back books, and wasn't colored on the inside. I read those books through about six times. I just loved them!! Now my son has one like this, it might be the same one you show here.

    I'd give this post three thumbs up if I had three!



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