Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Charming Give-Away

In my devotion published today, Tuesday, I talked about Jesus’ parable of the pearl merchant and this man’s readiness to give his all for something of supreme value. And how we have the same opportunity as followers of Jesus Christ who is the Pearl of Great Price. I talk more about this in the second chapter of my just released book It’s No Secret: Revealing Divine Truths Every Woman Should Know.

You can read the entire introduction and first chapter of the book HERE. It's No Secret front cover

I wish we could sit down over cups of coffee today and chat some about this Pearl. And that I could pull out an exquisite pearl pendant and fasten it around your neck as a reminder that you already possess the Pearl of Great Price. But I can’t really do that – I don’t have that many frequent flier miles!  But I do have something special to offer today …

If you look at the cover of my new book, you’ll see one of my favorite things: coffee. (I’m so thrilled that the pumpkin spice lattes are back at Starbucks!) So when I saw one of  jewelry maker Lisa Leonard’s new designs– I thought it was the perfect necklace.

It's No Secret necklace giveawayLook - it has a little coffee cup charm and a beautiful fresh water pearl. Plus, two charms that Lisa can customize with words or names. I was smitten.

I contacted her immediately and asked if she could make me one with “Rachel” and “It’s No Secret" on the charms. I cannot wait for it to arrive and I’m hoping it’s here in time for my book launch event this weekend. Wouldn’t that be a great touch?

Then I had a notion – I wanted you to have this necklace too. So I asked Lisa to partner with me to give one of these necklaces away to you – with whatever you want engraved on it. And she agreed to make one for my lucky prize winner. Can you picture this around your neck with your name? Or around your daughter's or friend's neck with her name? 

I’m thrilled to offer one winning reader a signed copy of my new book and a personalized coffee-cup-and-pearl charm necklace from Lisa Leonard Designs – this is a $75 value!

It's No Secret coffee cp necklace

To be eligible for the prize drawing, you’ll need to do 3 simple things:

1) Click on my book cover above and read the table of contents for It’s No Secret, and tell me which chapters interest you the most.

2) Click on the necklace picture to the right, look over Lisa’s website and tell me which of  her other creations catch your fancy the most.

3) Tweet, blog or facebook about this giveaway, or mention it on any social media sites you have accounts on, for extra entries!

Post a comment with your responses to 1 and 2, and anything you did for number 3 by midnight on Wednesday.  Then start dreaming about what you’ll have engraved on the charm. Picture yourself in your new necklace, sipping something in a coffee shop, reading my new book.  Ahhh, isn’t that lovely?

Thankful for Lisa Leonard’s graciousness and talent.


  1. I have just come back from a time spent praying with other women. The Pearl of great price came up - except my friend saw a picture of Jesus in a tuxedo kneeling before me with a pearl in His hands. Isn't He the best pursuer of our hearts, and to the depths of our spirit that we know not.... so reading Encouragement for today brought greater confirmation for me, of Him being the great price - the best for me, and for all of us.

    Chapter 1- Alwayre RSVP stuck with me - He is calling us to respond to His invitation, every day, to lay down our lives for something greater. What a great exchange, ans so kind of Him to show me His love especially as when we are pursued as women, there is nothing better than to respond. Yes, I choose to respond to Him every minute of every day

    I so enjoy Lisa's creativity:
    Her necklaces hope is the thing, you are loved, beautiful necklace and the sterling ring are such beautiful expressions.

    Told my friends that I prayed with, about this great giveaway

  2. I have been through so much in the past year, seems I have come full circle. The chapters that jumped out at me were #6 Growth Through Trials and #11 Secret to True Security. There are answers I know that are there, but sometimes they need to be reaffirmed to bolster my faith.
    The jewelry was so pretty and it was hard to choose a favorite. Be still... for a reminder to listen to God; fly free... because of my free spirit; hope is the thing... what is life without hope? Beautiful... because we all are; Sparkle... we were all created to shine; my heart and key to my heart... the most precious gift we can give to that one special person; and friendship... because no man (or woman) is an island.

  3. Rachel,

    Congratulations, sweet friend, on your new book! What a fun giveaway!!Knowing your beautiful heart and your passion for God's Word, it is certain many lives will be changed as women discover the true secrets and treasures found in God's Word.

    Love you,


  4. all the chapters in the book sound intriguing to me; however, Keep a Heavenly Lawyer on Retainer: Revealing the Secret to
    Handling conflicts Biblically caught my eye most.

    all the jewelry is gorgeous.
    I liked the bronze freshwater pearl earrings

  5. The whole book looks so helpful. I would be particularly interested in the chapter on living generously. Lisa's designs are beautiful, the crystal drop earrings and the silver ring are so pretty. Have a blessed day!

  6. Sounds like a great book! I'd especially like to read Chapter 4 -Keep a Heavenly Lawyer on Retainer:
    Revealing the Secrets to Handling Conflict Biblically.

    The jewelry is beautiful! In addition to the featured necklace, I especially like the together necklace, the aqua stone necklace, and the sterling ring.

  7. I enjoyed your devotional today!
    The chapters that looked most intriguing to me were 9) Revealing the secret of rest and 10) Revealing the secret beauty of confessing sins.

    The jewelry was very pretty, but my favorite was hope is the thing and through my lens necklace.

    I would do number 3, but I don't tweet, have a blog, or a facebook.

  8. Chapter 4 and 6 struck a cord with me. Lisa's jewerly is beautiful I liked every piece I seen. Many blessings to you.

  9. I would love to read the Adjust Your Scale chapter. Lisa's necklaces are all great, but I really like the "Beautiful" necklace. I tweeted your giveaway!

  10. The chapter Dont be Afraid in the Dark - I have been through so much trials but I have learnt to trust Him in the dark.

    I love Lisa's creativity: They are all lovely. I love the silver drop earring and featured necklace.

    Told my daughter about this giveaway.Will tell all my friends.

  11. Your book sounds so wonderful. Chapters 6 and 7 are the ones that speak to me the most! And on Lisa's site, I love the sweet and simple birdie necklace. I love things with birds on them. I have lots of little birds in my house. When I see them they remind me of that old song, "His eye is on the sparrow, so I know He watches me." Birds just make me smile.

    I have also posted about your giveaway on facebook! :) Many blessings to you, girlfriend. You deserve them!

  12. Thank you for your devotional for today. I needed to be reminded that my relationship with Jesus is the best treasure in the world.

    It was very hard to choose which chapters would help me the most. I love the way they are named. I finally arrived at chapters 1 and 2.
    Lisa'a jewelry is simply beautiful. I liked the Sparkle, You're cream in my coffee, and Beautiful necklaces.

    I posted on my FB page about Proverbs 31 ministries and the giveaway. I love to go to the writer's blogs after I read the devotion. It always gives me a deeper insight to what I've read.

    The Lord bless you as you continue to walk in obedience to all He directs you to do.
    Grace :)

  13. I just got caught up in reading the first 32 pages of your book while I was supposed to be teaching Phonics to my five year old! I can't wait to get the book! A few years ago, while attending She Speaks, I heard you, talked to you afterward and was struck by the beauty of your ring! I can still remember it. So, when I read your opening page, I had to smile at your secret. I was particularly drawn to chapters 7-9. I teach a young single women's Bible class and I believe these topics will apply to their lives in such a relevant way! I love all of Lisa's jewelry; but one of my faorites is the open circle bracelet. I've already told my facebook friends and plan on telling everyone I see tonight at my Apples of Gold meeting! Can't wait to get the book! Thank you for following the Lord's leading to write it!

  14. Oh Rachel,
    Your items are all great, but I do love the mama necklace and a few others.
    Further, I love the Chapter 3 - the one about humility. Lord knows being humble is not easy for us. I think I'm humble until I realize how stubborn I am at times and if I'd just learned a little more humility how I'd hand situations differently!

  15. A few of the chapters caught my attention...Chapter 6 -Don't be afraid in the dark - without the hope of Jesus, I am always afraid of the dark, living with anxiety for 18 years has been my darkness. Chap 7- Adjust your scale - my ideas of perfection definitely get in the way of God's ideas, His are much better. Chap 8 - Interdependence - God has provided me w/great friends, one who helped me tremendously last night with fear and she does not let me give in to it.

    Regarding Lisa's jewelry - they are all so beautiful, so many of them speak to me about God's love, my children, husband and right now the friendship necklace, because of my friend's endless help with my anxiety. Funny thought, I have been on this search for a necklace that could be engraved with "Fearless" and possibly with another charm that says "Faithful", because that's how I long to live. Thank you, Nancy :)

  16. The chapters "Don't Be Afraid in the Dark" and "Crave a Clear Conscience More Than Clear Skin" are two that I know I could learn a lot from.

    I also love the Lisa Leonard Starry Nights Necklace--so pretty!

    Thank you so much for the devotional and giveaway. Best wishes on the release of your book!
    sharonjo at gwtc dot net

  17. 1-I LOVE the introduction. I was hooked there so I know I already want to read all of the chapters. By the way, I have a secret-my ring is fake too! No one has to know, haha!!
    Well, I thought it stopped at the intro but after reading Chapter 1, I can’t wait to finish the book. I have RSVP’d to heaven! I agree with the reviews that said the book is like sitting down with a BFF sharing and learning about all of what God has for us! I would also like to read Chapter 5 Having Eyes Bigger than Your Stomach-but I am on board to read the whole book.

    2-I love hand stamped jewelry. It is so beautiful-it’s like wearing a story around your neck. I have never seen the hand stamped bracelets that Lisa has and I thought they were neat. I also like the key chains and all of the earrings.

    3-I posted this contest on Facebook, emailed a few friends, and called a few about the book and the excitement I have about reading it. I will also post it on my personal website and share with my church girl friends. I can’t wait! Thanks for sharing!

  18. chapter 3 and 10 i would love to read due to some personal issues i've been through and still somewhat dealing with ove tthe past few years.

    i love all your jewlerly! the streling band is proly my favorite. the #s nesklace and the hope necklace i also love.

    i will be forwarding this daily devotion to my email friends and mentioning it on fb as well!

  19. I so look forward to reading your devo's! So uplifting and sometimes that little jab in the heart... Thank you for sharing your gift. I would love to read your new book esp chapters,1,4,6,10 and 11! Lisa's talent is so beautiful,full of personality and meaning. Love that! Some favorites are Hope is the thing, fly free, Be still, laundry line and sweet daisy. I am posting on FB! Thank you so much!

  20. This is my first time blogging, but, your wonderful book and exciting chapters have me so curious as to their content that I had to post my feelings. I believe the chapters that I would turn to first were: Keep a Heavenly Lawyer on Retainer, Kill Your Competition, and Don't be Afraid of the Dark also, Get By with a Little Help from Your Friends. Although, my friends are my true sisters in Christ.

    All the jewerly was awesome. Very creative, I have never seen this line before. I Think my favorite was the Heart Strings. My four children are the air I breathe. The closer I can have them near my heart daily the more peaceful I feel.

  21. Chapter 7 really hits home because I know I need to let go of being perfect. I can't wait to read the whole book though!

    I really like Lisa's Itty Bitty Hearts and Family Tree.

    I will post your blog on my facebook.

  22. Oh Rachel, your a woman after my own heart! I design custom jewelry and love, love Lisa Leonard's designs. Living in So. California it's hard not to be surrounded by anything fashion related and not be tempted to dive into it all!

    With that said I am especially like the chapter on "Know when to pay retail". It encourages me to put everything I have into Him rather then into what the world has to offer.

    Also, I do love Lisa's design "Be still" as it reminds me to be still and know He is God!

    On a seperate note I am a word geek also and you inspire me to be a better communicator and encourager to others with Gods word!

  23. It was hard to choose just one, but I would have to go with #4 Keep A Heavenly Lawyer On Retainer

  24. I noticed several others have chose the chapter I would read first-Chapter 4, about handling conflicts, perhaps to learn to display righteous anger or other appropriate emotions. The item of Lisa's I most admire is the leaf ornament. I'm not much of the jewelry type, but her work is beautiful.

  25. Rachel,
    The chapters that stood out to me are 6. Don’t be afraid in the dark: revealing the secret of growth through trials. We have been going through a lot of trials back to back right now. I have been unemployed since April 1, 2010 due to plant closure and we have 5 teenagers. That in itself has been rough.
    8. Get by with a little help from your friends: revealing the secret of interdependence - this one is very much needed by me. I always want to be the one to help, but have a very hard time asking for help. And help is something I could seriously use right now.
    9. Turn the beat around: revealing the secret of rest - I am always on the go. ALWAYS. I have a hard time saying no alot. Especially since I am not working right now. I feel like I have to stay busy all the time.
    I am looking forward to reading this book. I also posted on facebook by putting your link with a pic of your book. I love that you love coffee. I do too!!!! (I also noted that)
    I found several things I liked on Lisa Leonard's website too. Sterling ring, Pewter heart wall hanging, You’re the cream in my coffee necklace, and Sweet sisters necklace. There are a lot of gifts for others I see here. Be blessed and thank you!

  26. Although all of the chapters look good, the one that caught my eye was "Revealing the Secret of Rest". As the mother of two teens, I'm looking for that rest.

    I love Lisa's open circle bracelet, and the new necklace design it great!

    Once I read the book, I'll share it on facebook.

  27. Thanks so much for the chance to win a copy of your new book!! Can't wait to read the whole book but I'm especially interested in chapters 1, 4 & 5. I Love, love, love that little bird necklace!! Hope you get your necklace in time.

    Love in Christ,

  28. Chapters 5, 6 and 8 appeal to me and I look forward to reading this. A friend had recommended it to me but I just have not got to it...yet...

    Love her stuff, so unique! I love the family tree necklace, would be honored to carry my kids around with me like that.

    I shared your blog on facebook to my friends!

  29. I'm so in love with your writing Rachel. It's so PERSONAL! Congratulations on your New Book!

    In my Facebook status I mentioned that I would like a physical copy of this book. I buy most of my books on my Kindle but I need this one hardcopy!:-)

    Chapter 4 immediately caught my attention: Keep a heavenly lawyer on Retainer, revealing the Secret to Handling Conflicts Biblically. I am in great need of this secret and can't wait to read your secrets in this chapter.

    I love Lisa's jewelry so it was hard to chose just one, the leather cuff bracelets are simply adorable, I also love the Sweet Daisy Cuff Bracelet and the Baby's First Spoon with name engraved is one of my favorites.

    Love your blog Rachel. You are so generous and what a great idea to have the coffee mug on one of Lisa's creations!

    May God continue to bless & use you, and I pray that your daughter reads these secrets and tresures them - I'm sure that's your prayer!

    Lakeisha....Mays Landing, NJ

  30. Rachel I thank God for leading you to write about the Pearl's Price. It was a blessing and a reminder to me. I just lost my husband a few months of ago and this is the scripture that was preached at his funeral. My pastor was lead to talk about how my husband had searched for this pearl and found it. It was comforting to see this Word from God again. Just as it did at my hubby's funeral, it challenged me to keep seeking after that pearl and be willing to sell or abandon everything to get it. As I go forth in my walk with Christ, I know I will be seeking that pearl and I will continue to teach my children to seek that pearl (JESUS) as my husband and I did together. Thanks again.

  31. I would love to read your new book. Chapter three looks interesting to me, Revealing the Secret Power of Humility. I love a lot of Lisa's jewelry but my heart necklace is one of my favorites. I also posted your link on my blog.

  32. Wow what a great devotion and even a surpise contest! First of all, your book seems like something I could really benefit from reading....if I had to pick one chp I'd say the "Adjust Your Scales" would be the chp I'd choose. I have a perfectionist tendency so I'd love to read what you wrote about that.

    Now to choose my favorite piece from Lisa's collection....C'mon, only ONE?! :) Well, there's the aqua necklace and earrings and then the baby spoons....oh and a bird necklace.....and...well, those are my favs I suppose. I like the one on your blog too.

    Thanks for sharing your book and Lisa's talents.

    ~Amy V.

  33. I can't decide between Revealing the Secret of Perfection in God’s Eyes or Revealing the Secret of Interdependence. And the necklace would have to be Together.

  34. First let me say thank you so much for today’s devotional. I am a big jewelry person and this just fit so perfectly. My goal is to remember everyday that Jesus is the ultimate pearl and to seek after Him passionately and with all my heart.

    The book looks great and it was hard to pick the chapters that interest me the most. But since I must choose, I’d say Chapter 5- Have Eyes Bigger Than Your Stomach, Chapter 7- Adjust Your Scale and Chapter 10- Crave a Clear Conscience More Than Clear Skin really look interesting! I hope I win so I can see what the book has to say :)

    All of Lisa’s jewelry is beautiful, but the two I like the most are the sweet and simple birdie necklace (it reminds me that His eye is on the sparrow, so I know He’s watching me) and the laundry line necklace (what a cute idea for a piece of fun family jewelry).

    I’ve told my mother and sisters about the giveaway and will be telling more friends, I’m sure! Thanks so much.
    Jennifer- jen6122@hotmail.com

  35. I'm interested to read the whole book! ;-) But, chapter 10 really grabs my attention. Confessing my sins is not fun, therefore making it easy to avoid! I love all of the beautiful jewelry from Lisa. Thank you for introducing her work to us! I especially love her "sweet sister" necklace. It makes me think of my own dear sweet sister.

  36. What a lovely giveaway idea! I have a pearl (fake of course) tied to a string in my Bible to remind me of this verse!

    I'm hopeful to read your book soon. i really want to read Chapters 3, 4, and 7...

    I adore Lisa's goodies and think her "Hope is the thing" necklace is a beauty!!!!

    I also tweeted about this giveaway :-)

  37. Great post and devotion Rachel! Although your entire book is appealing, chapter six of your book interests me the most. Lisa is an unbelievably talented artist. I like everything she makes!

  38. The chapters that seemed most interesting to me are Chapter 3Kill Your Competition: Revealing the Secret Power of Humility and 4. Keep a Heavenly Lawyer on Retainer: handling Conflict biblically. With kids, there will always be a conflict at sometime. So this is something I need to work on. Humility is something I thought I had, but now believe I need to work on.
    Jewelry: Really like the bird necklace since my little girl likes to try to catch birds. We would have to get matching ones if I got one!
    Just got off of facebook, but am going to email all my girlfriends this blog! Looks like great book!

  39. Thank you for your words of wisdom this morning! I sit here almost frozen at the keyboard not knowing how to put into words what my heart if feeling and saying right now. Your devotional, and the little I have read of your book so far, have struck a cord deep within me.
    I believe chapter 4 "Keep a Heavenly Lawyer on Retainer" caught my eye and brought a smile to my face the most at my husband is a lawyer (although many people do not know this as he works in construction). We have been married 10 years this November, and have made Christ the center of our marriage and the person to whom we bring all of our blessings and burdens. My husband and I are facing a tremendous trial...test of our faith...right now, and we constantly come back to what Christ and His word has to say about dealing with the situation correctly. I also think Chapter 7 "Adjust your Scale" would be a great chapter for me as I constantly struggle with how I think Christ and other view me. I know I am of great worth to Him, but I don't always "feel" that way.
    Lisa Leonard's jewelry is beautiful! I'm a silver/pewter freak and love her style! Like you, I'd have to say my favorite is "you're the cream in my coffee" necklace. I love my coffee (one a day will keep the doctor away is what I tell myself :)! I also like the reminder of Christ as the great pearl, and the idea of having tags with the names of my three kids. I think I'd also want to add a key to it to remind me of my husband.
    I am going to place a post on my facebook page to get others to check out Proverbs31 and your exciting contest! Thanks!

  40. Loved your devotion today, and finding out about your book.

    The book sounds amazing -- I loved the title of all the chapters, I could see learning from each one of them. The one that spoke to me was the last one, Become a Recording Artist, the secret of disclosure.

    I have seen Lisa's work on many blogs and I have always loved her work! I especially like the 'Original' necklace.

  41. Chapter 6 - Dont Be Afraid in the Dark remind me of Psalm 23...even though I go thru the valley of shadow of death..that he surely will lead us beside still waters. No matter what our circumstances look like they're subject to change. We serve a God whom we cannot put a price tag on. He is worthy more than riches or gold. The bird sitting on the branch caught my attention. I thought about how God feeds the little bird every day and how I don't have to worry about where my next meal is going to come from. That if he takes care of the birds then surely He's going to do the same for me. I shared the encouragement today with a group of co-workers. Shared the encouragement of today on yahoo.com (blog).


  42. I think the chapter of "Having Eyes Bigger than Your Stomach" about revealing the secret of living generously looks very intriguing to me. I also like the Illuminate necklace with the chandelier on Lisa's website, with the word sparkle on it is cool!
    thanks for offering this giveaway!

  43. I was drawn to chapters 4 --6 . I can always use a hand with handling conflict; I aspire to live generously; and I'd love to figure out how to live well inspite of trials. I enjoyed the first chapter of the book online - a great way to spend the first hours after seeing the kids off to the first day of school. I also enjoyed browsing through Lisa's website. I even treated myself to signing up for her newsletter! Now, I am off to facebook this opportunity! Thanks for the encouragement today!

  44. Two chapters in particular intrigued me - 9. Turn the Beat Around because I struggle with getting enought rest, and 1. Always RSVP because I have lately been on a mission to figure out how to answer God about a mission he has laid on my heart.

    I was literally breathless when I clicked on the jewelry link. I use my morning walks to meditate with God. Most every day he shows me a bunny hopping somewhere, but out of the blue, I keep finding feathers! I have been wondering what a feather symbolizes, and here is the quote about hope from Emily Dickinson. God lead me to the answer! So, of course I love that necklace. I also have a "thing" for both stars and heartsm, so Starry Night caughe my eye.

    Best Wishes for your book! If I win a copy I promise to check it out with a cup of coffee - I too got real excited about Pumpkin Spice being back at Starbucks, LOL!

  45. Your devotion, as always, is so good. Jesus is certainly the pearl that I choose or chose many years ago.

    The chapter on Humility sounded interesting. I have ordered your book but would like to give my oldest daughter a copy.

    I like the coffee cup and pearl necklace.

    I will redo the post I did for your last giveaway and put in the things you have mentioned or link it to them.

    You are a precious friend,

  46. I am super excited to read It's No Secret! I am hoping to buy it next week. The chapter that really jumped out at me is Chapter 6: Don't Be Afraid In the Dark. It talks about revealing secret growth through trials. I know that there is always a lesson to learn when we go through things but sometimes those lessons are hard to learn or understand. That is something I am really working on. I also looked at Lisa's jewelry site. Love it! I saw one necklace that I really liked. It had three charms numbered one to three and had names on it. I love that. I would love a necklace with four charms numbered with my kids' names. All of her jewelry was really nice. Also, I passed the link on my facebook page! :)

    My name is Jenifer Metzger and my email is metzgersix@kc.rr.com

  47. Oh, and I put a link on my Facebook - it was the least I could do :)

  48. Niki at blake959805@me.comSeptember 07, 2010

    I love the Chapter on rest....I think it is Chapter 7. How I need to know how to TRULY rest in God!

  49. Niki at blake959805@me.comSeptember 07, 2010

    I LOVE the teeny tiny initials necklace.....I want to win it for my twin sister who would love it!

  50. This is an awesome give away. I so would love to win.

    Ok, about the chapters. It's very hard to choose just a few to put here but chp. 11 Diversify your portfolio is intriguing to me. Also, don't be afraid in the dark and get by with a little help from friends. Of course, I would like to just read them all:)

    Second: The website has some neat jewelry. I liked several things but I liked the itty bitty hearts necklace and the word of the year neckalce. Also, marked by love necklace.

    I am going to say something about this on FB. Thanks!

  51. I enjoyed your post today and checked out the 1st chapter of your new book. Chapter 4, Keep a Heavenly Lawyer on retainer, sounds like something I need! Handling conflicts in a biblical manner is so important in living a victorious Christian life. I love the jewelry that Lisa has created,especially the vintage frames necklace appeals to my love of all things vintage. Many blessings on this book that will touch many lives! Love,Kathy

  52. I can't pick certain chapters, as they ALL look good to me. I was reading a blog from Susan and she said how Always RSVP stuck with her. That and Don't be afraid in the dark sound look good and very encouraging. Don't be afraid in the dark (growing through trials) is a chapter I think I would love to read.

    This summer I lost my mom to an illness we found out she had 6 weeks prior to her homecoming to Jesus; two weeks later lost my job, and 2 days later my 11-year-old daughter and I were hit by a drunk driver after taking flowers to cemetery and going to Costco. I did have another job a few days later, praise God, He is good.

    Through my mom's illness (she was a strong Godly woman) God revealed His grace, mercy, and love to us in awesome ways. He spoke words through my mom that we wrote down and took as direct words from God. One time she woke from a deep sleep and took our hands, smiling, and said "that was such a good sermon." Another time she woke up and said "there are still so many people who need to be reached and told about God", yet another time saying "it is time for the old to teach the young". Through her entire sickness she was never negative, but always telling us with a smile on her face, God is so Good. One of her favorite songs (my sister and I have been singing with my mom since we were little at different churches) was It is well with my soul, and her verse she lived by during her illness was Jeremiah 29:11. She asked us to sing hymns to her the few days before her cross over into eternity, and we lovingly did. When she took her final breath her on earth, It is well with my soul came on the stereo. Just another comforting touch from our father in heaven to those of us here on earth grieving, but also rejoicing for our momma, we believe, letting us know she is with me now and completely healed! My mom totally trusted in God and knew and lived by whatever His will was for her life, It was well with her soul. She has touched and continues to touch so many lives. She is my hero and a true inspiration to all. Yes, God strengthens and grows us through our trials. We may not know why we are going through them, but He has a plan and we just need to learn how to trust in him and say to ourselves, as my momma said and lived by, whatever God has willed for me, "It is well with my soul." I praise God for the precious woman of God that he gave me for my mother, and only hope that I can be one-quarter of who and what she was. I smile when I see her entering heavens gates and hearing, as Jesus stretches out His arms and embraces His daughter, "Well done, my good and faithful servant."

    Lisa has inspirational jewelry, which is awesome. I wondered what I would have engraved if I were to win; after writing this it so clearly came to me..."It is well with my soul."

    Thank you for letting me share of my wonderful and precious momma, blessings to you all,

  53. Congratulations on completing the book Rachel! Can't wait to read it. What a great analogy you used today here with the pearls and God's love for us. Thank you yet again for putting things into perspective in such a wonderfully womanly way. Love u.

  54. My blog is called Pale As A Pearl after these verses! I love pearls. As a Southern girl, I can totally relate to your search--both for the pearls and for the Best Pearl.

    The chapter that inspires me most is "Adjust Your Scale."

    Lisa's jewelery is so lovely. I am picking the "Sweetheart Tree" as my fave.

    Going over to Twitter right now to tweet the contest. Thanks!

  55. The chapter that most jumps out at me is "Adjust Your Scale: Revealing the Secret of Perfection in God’s Eyes"- I struggle with insecurity, perhaps more so now that I am a mom.

    I like a lot of her things, but was really taken with the aqua stone necklace.

    And I'm mentioning on Facebook and Twitter :)

  56. Just tweeted about contest! Thanks again!


  57. What a neat promotion! I can't wait to read the whole book- and chapter 7 about Adjusting your scales really jumped out at me; I loved the aqua stone necklace from Lisa's site. And I facebooked about your giveaway! Blessings to you!

  58. Can't wait to find the dozens of hidden treasures of wisdom Christ reveals to us throughout your book!I met you at She Speaks and you are just as wonderful in person as I imagined! The chapter that intrigued me the most is Chapter 4 "Keep a Heavenly Lawyer on Retainer: Revealing the Secret to Handling Conficts Biblically". This seems to be a weakness of mine! Ouch! Thank you for the opportunity to read the fist Chapter of your book and enter the contest.

    Choosing my favorite piece of jewerly was really hard. Everything Lisa makes is so beautiful! I really liked the "Love the Hope" necklace. Huge believer in Hope! Without Hope, we have nothing!

    I'm sharing this contest as well as the excitment I have about your book at my blog www.myfaithfulliving.com.

    Thank you Rachel for all you do to reach out to us. You make life better for a lot of people.

  59. really spoke to my heart. I do realize that my relationship with Jesus is priceless and my life is useless without him.
    The chapter that I belive would help me the most is "Revealing the Secret of Disclosure. I am the sister that encourages others to talk but seldom undress in front of others. My focus on me rather than on God leads to all kinds of issues, so disclosure needs to be unvealed in my life.
    Lisa'a jewelry is meaningful and beautiful in so many ways. I liked the "Through my lens" and Be Still" necklaces. Encouraged others to check out Rachel's book and givve-away as well as Proverbs 31 Women on FB

  60. I love how you begin your book...can't wait to read the rest. I really like Lisa's creative jewelry...especially the Illuminate and Tiny Squares necklaces. I don't Tweet or Facebook or blog (except for the Prov31 blogs), but I did forward your devotional and your contest to my girlfriends :)
    Thanks so much for your wonderful work, Rachel!

  61. oh, i forgot, the most intriguing chapter would be...there are several but chapters 4 and 11 most draw my attention because of the anger and fear in my life and around us.

  62. I have often meditated on Pearl of great price, as well as not throwing your pearls to the swines (which was my formal way of life!). This blog meant so much to me and I will now revisit and reclassify my pearls!

    The chapters in your book that intrigue me are chapter 7 - Adjust Your Scale and chapter 10 - Crave a Clear Conscience More than Clear Skin.

    The jewelry is great! I especially like Illuminate Necklace, Little Lady Necklace (one of my crowning glories has the nickname of Katybug), and the Sterling Ring, which I would customize with "Crowning Glories".

  63. As my life continues to have deep valleys and a few small hilltops, the chapter the jumps out at me is Reavealing the Secret to Handling Conflicts Biblically. I moved across the country, leaving my house, friends and wonderful job behind to join my husband who serves in the military. I want to be an example to those around me facing the same situation, so handling the conflicts Biblically would help about now.

    The Beautiful necklace stood out the most to me. Everyday I remind myself that no matter what the day holds, no matter what satan whispers, I AM Beautiful in God's eyes because I was fearfully and wonderfully made!

    Thank you for the wonderful devotions and this chance to win your book!

  64. I would love to read the whole book but the chapter that jumped out at me was Ch7 "Adjust Your Scale: Secret of Perfection in God's Eyes" I have to admit that I often look to the world for validation but I know that I must keep looking to God, and asking Him to mold me & shape me into who He wants me to be...not the world!

    The other jewlery pieces are GORGEOUS!!! Love them all, but I absolutely loved the Key to my heart necklace!

    I posted a link to your site on my fb page :) Thanks for a great devotional today and a great giveaway!!!

  65. Chapter 1 will be the chapter I read, and reread again and again. For everything I do, I want it to be in response to God...isn't that what our lives were created for?

    I love the vintage frame necklace; how cute to put the initials of my three boys, one on each frame.

    facebooked it! (p.s. wonder when facebook will show up in the scrabble dictionary as "legit")

  66. Actually, I fancy any and all of her creations! My favorites are "Marked by love" and "Lots of love."
    Thanks for the chance at this giveaway!

  67. 1. don't be afraid in the dark
    2. marked by love necklace
    3. i shared the post on fb


  68. This book looks SO good! I'm most interested in chapter 8 about interdependence. I seem to always block myself off from people, when I know better from experience that friends, family, church, etc, forms a much-needed family to share life with during our time here on this earth.
    The jewelry is beautiful; I loved the "together necklace" because of the pearl-like chain and the sweet family words. Thank you for the chance to win a prize!

  69. I'm really excited about this book! Today's analogy is so beautiful!
    Rachel, you are a gift!

    I really need to scribble all over my heart Ch. 6!
    The last 2 years have been all about trials! I know God has a plan....I'm just hanging on.

    And Lisa Leonard! If she knows how many times a person visits....she might be concerned I'm a blog stalker! hehe!
    I would love anything from her collection. I've been dreaming of that forever!
    Oh and the Pumpkin Spice!! Yay Starbucks, it's fall again!!

  70. I posted above about chapter 8, and the "together" necklace...I forgot to mention that I shared the give-away on my FB page. Thanks! ♥

  71. Are international entries accepted or is this just for U.S. Residents?

  72. That book looks great. I'm thinking I need to order it. I am most interested in chapters 3,4,5, 7 & 9 but I'm sure I will benefit from all of them.

    I love Lisa's Sweetheart Tree necklace! I also like the personalized baby spoon.

    I "tweeted" about todays devotion and giveaway.

  73. so i just read over the table of contents and i must say all the chapters intrigue me! i will definitely be placing this book on the top of my "want to read soon" list! congrats on the release of your new book & thank you so much for the opportunity to read the intro & first chapter!

    i absolutely love lisa leonard designs! my favorites are ... the friendship, you are loved, cream in my coffee & dewdrops necklaces ... i also love the daily inspiration found in her blog!


  74. I am eager to get your book and read it.....I am most interested in the Chapters Don’t be afraid in the dark and Turn the Beat around. These are two things I have struggled with. My birthday and my anniversary is next month and this is at the top of my wish list.

    And Lisa's creations are so great. I especially like two of her necklaces:You’re the Cream in my coffee, Hope is the thing.

    I have told all my friends about this by email and posted of my facebook page.

  75. The chapters that spoke to me the most were.....
    11. Diversify Your Portfolio: Revealing the Secret of True Security - As I learn more about who God is and who He says I am, my fears have to step aside and I can soar.
    7. Adjust Your Scale: Revealing the Secret of Perfection in God’s Eyes - I am about to start the gym tomorrow. I need a reminder that I am going for progress not perfection.

    I LOVE the sea star necklace. I have an encounter with the God of the Universe that envolves a sand dollar.

    Just shared on FB! (but hoping the necklace is mine!! :) )

  76. I thought all the chapters looked intersting to me, but mainly this chapter: Become a Recording Artist: Revealing the Secret of Disclosure. I am a counselor intern so always walking the line about what to disclose and what not to disclose. However, in my blog i have found much freedom for appropriate disclosure :) I love all of Lisa's jewelry, mainly the redeemed necklace found on incourage.me website. Blessings! Stephanie

  77. Oh, and I posted a link on my facebook!!! :) Stephanie

  78. First of all, the book cover is adorable, and even though you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover...I can't help but want to pick it up just by looking at it!

    My interest was piqued by Chapter 6 - Don't Be Afraid in the Dark. One of my biggest problems is wanting to turn away from God instead of toward Him in times of trial.

    I LOVE Lisa's "hope is the thing..." necklace. It's darling...as they all are!

    I'm linking this on Facebook and Twitter, as well as blogging about it...because it's just too cute not to share. Your book is on my GoodReads list!

  79. What a fun giveaway...Coffee is one of my favorite things also, and I absolutely love the necklace!

    Table of contents that caught my interest? Get By with a Little Help from Your Friends: Revealing the Secret of Interdependence. (I tend to be one who thinks she can do it all on her own!

    Lisa's item that caught my eye? Loved the open circle bracelet!

  80. Wow - I haven't made it to the first chapter yet, but from reading the table of contents, the book looks like just what I need. I would say the chapter on humility (3) and the chapter on confessing sin (10) are the ones I am most interested in reading right now.


  81. I forgot to post in my previous comment my response to Lisa's jewelry - beautiful! I love it - simple, yet elegant. I really like the sweet and simple birdie necklace, but it's all so beautiful. I may have to bookmark her site for future gift purchases.


  82. Andrea Austin, GlendaleSeptember 07, 2010

    Whether I win it or buy it, your book WILL be in my hands. Chapter 4 jumped out at me immediately as I have several in-laws with whom I have great conflict over beliefs. I desperately want them to come to know Jesus but know it won't be through me if we can't resolve our differences. Thank you for sharing Rachel - I am looking forward to the book!

  83. I checked out the table of contents and I really want to read this book! Kill the Competition (about humility) and Don't Be Afraid in the Dark (going through trials and tribulations) speak to me as God is teaching me through the dark how to be humble.

    All the jewelry is special, however, the one that caught my eye was from mom's who have lost a child.

    Posting this on my Facebook! Blessings Rachel!


  84. 1. I think I would have to go with chapter 3-humility!!
    2. Be still necklace
    3. I will post on facebook!!

    Believing Him~Pamela

  85. For me personally my favorite chapter will be chapter 8, as we all need a little help from our friends!!I know I do!!
    I really like that pewter heart wall hanging at Lisa Leonard's website!!!
    I also shared on Facebook and Twitter!!!I love reading your stuff!!!!

  86. Andrea AustinSeptember 07, 2010

    I went to Lisa Leonard's site and all I can say is OMGoodness, what PRETTY jewelry. I love the Hearts on a String necklace and the "little bitty" hearts and circles. I have two boys and their names would fit perfectly. I am thinking that I would order the "cream in my coffee" for several of my java loving buddies and maybe one for me! thanks Rachel!

  87. Ok...I would have to say that chapter 7, Adjust Your Scale, jumped out at me. I am a perfectionist...which can be a struggle to say the least. I constantly need to remind myself that perfection will not be on this side of heaven. :)

    As far as Lisa's Designs....I do have one of her necklaces and I love it. I would have to say my favorite is the "Marked by Love" necklace. In January 2007, I had my third child, Lindsi. She was only with us for a few minutes before passing. I also have followed Angie's story as well. It is a beautiful way to remember a precious life lost. Thank you Lisa!! :)
    As far as the 3rd thing...I have facebook, twitter, blog, etc. so I guess I just did the first two. Love to share with you anyway. :)
    Blessings ~
    Jennifer W.

  88. To me the chap 6 about growing through trials. My husband, our kids and myself have been through a lot the last 4 years. It has not been easy.
    I really like the necklace with the star on heart, Lisa is very creative.

  89. Oh my word, I have got to get this book! It all sounds wonderful, but I feel the chapter that would benefit me the most is Chapter 4. Keep a Heavenly Lawyer on Retainer.
    Can't wait to read this.
    Loved your story today. Thank you very much for sharing!

  90. First, I thoroughly enjoy your devotions at Proverbs 31 Ministries, and I share them with many friends!

    I checked out your table of contents. Several chapters intrigue me: Kill Your
    Competition: Revealing the Secret Power of Humility; Keep a Heavenly Lawyer on Retainer: Revealing the Secret to Handling Conflicts Biblically; and Don't Be Afraid in the Dark: Revealing the Secret of Growth Through Trials. I also loved your dedication to your daughter, Alaina, especially the sentence, "Don't reject them just because Mom wrote them." That could have been lifted from emails to my own daughter!

    Lisa's "be still necklace" is a lovely reminder! I need to pause more in the presence of the LORD. I need to hush before Him, listening for His perfect leading. That necklace brought that to mind immediately.

    I posted your site address for the giveaway on Facebook under "Helene Dee Woods."

    Keep up the great work!! Thanks!!

  91. Just finished reading your intro and first chapter. Can't wait to get the book and share with my daughter. All of the chapters sound great but #10 and # 6 intrigue me.
    Lisa's jewelry is beautiful and the itty bitty heart necklace is adorable. Would love to have my whole family on the necklace!
    Will forward today's devo to my "sister's

  92. Chapters 10 & 12 seem to speak to where I am presently. My dearest, deepest spiritual friend tells me I am a private person.

    The necklaces are wonderful with their messages and simple images. I can really relate to Feathers with hope, as I am always picking up feathers to add to my collection. Friendship is my 2nd choice.

    Best of success to you both!

  93. My best friend, Vickie, posted this "Charming Give-Away" on facebook - how cool is that?

    My favorite chapters are listed below, must I must confess, they all looked "vaaaaaary interesting."

    *Don’t Be Afraid in the Dark: Revealing the Secret of Growth
    through Trials
    *Kill Your Competition: Revealing the Secret Power of Humility
    *Keep a Heavenly Lawyer on Retainer: Revealing the Secret to
    Handling Conflicts Biblically

    I selected the chapters above because they appear to help me as a human being deal with issues more like Jesus. We're always hearing the phrase, "what would Jesus do," but these chapters appear to have some actual pointers about doing just that. Oftentimes, people believe they have to be "perfect" to be a Christian, and it's refreshing to be reminded that we're all works in progress and there is hope for change.

    As far as Lisa's cool designs, I really liked the "Be Still" necklace because it's a reminder to be still and listen for Him. I am a chatterbox quite often and the gentle reminder would be nice. I also loved the look of the bronze freshwater pearl earrings. Wow!

    I have already posted on facebook about this great contest. My friend, Vickie, sends me articles of interest from Proverbs quite often, and I really appreciate it. I'm so blessed to have her be my sister in Christ. :)


  94. I loved soooo many things. But the "itty bitty hearts" necklace or the "my heart necklace"

  95. The chapter entitled "Becoming a recording artist" looks to be the most challenging where I am right now.

    The aqua stone necklace is lovely and a beautiful color.

    Rachel Olsen (Proverbs 31) has a charming give away♥ ... is my facebook status.

    Thank you for sharing of yourself...God Bless.


  96. Chapter 9 caught my eye - it's the first day of school here and I'm tired!! :) I've had to learn the hard way the value of rest.

    Lisa's designs are marvelous! I love to wear words. Her "little lady" or her "songbird" pendants are my two favorites.

    I also find it funny (and appropriate) that the verification word this time is "dresses" - I'm sensing a theme...

    What a fun give away idea! Best to you for your new book.

  97. I thought the chapter titled, "Dont be afraid of the dark, Revealing the secret of growth through trials" Sounded very interesting. I feel like I have been going through trials for a long time now, but I dont feel like I am growing.

  98. Don't Be Afraid in the Dark is interesting to me in light of trial I am experiencing. Also, the chapter about rest. I look forward to reading all of the book.

    I love all of Lisa's designs, especially the new Hope is the thing.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  99. What pretty necklaces! I just love the beauty of art. I'm glad that "individual art" is in now.

    They're all wonderful, but the ones with room for lots of names as well as the ones like the laundry one are so cute!

    As for your book, the one on rest caught my eye. GOD is working on that one right now in my life!

    Thanks for your blog post. You are encouraging!


  100. Congrats on your new book, Rachel! I love the way you write. It really is like reading something from a friend.

    The chapter that most interests me is ch. 8(Get By with a Little Help from Your Friends). I need to make friends and to know how to be a friend as well. I know that God is dealing with me about this, but I find it hard to trust. Maybe this chapter can be a beginning point for me. Chapters 4 (Keep a Heavenly Lawyer on Retainer) and 6 (Don’t Be Afraid in the Dark) also interest me.

    Lisa's designs are beautiful. The pieces that caught my eye were the 'Be Still' necklace & the bronze freshwater pearl earrings.

    Thanks, Rachel, for sharing your heart with us and for helping us to draw closer to the Lord. Blessings to you!


    (Will tweet about the give away!)

  101. I look forward to reading the chapter on resolving conflict biblically. I lead a ladies study and it seems like there are so many conflicts in families and friendships. I love the beautiful necklace....all the pieces are so nice. I put this on facebook as well as twitter. Looking forward to the book!

  102. Nice devo. Oh the beauty of our Savior just awesome and superb. The chapters doe me are (1) Adjusting your Scale and Have Eyes Bigger Than Your Stomach. Jewelry are a masterpiece simply elegant. My choice is the open circle bracelet.

  103. Thank you for 'teasing' us with the Table of Contents to your wonderful new book!! I want to read ALL of them, but the 2 chapters that instantly grabbed me were "Always RSVP" and "God Sized Secrets".

    Lisa's jewelry is incredible! How to choose one piece? I loved the necklace, "Every Corner of My Heart".

    I am sharing all of this information on my personal facebook page (Kathy Graff) and my business page, "become beauty skincare | Kathy Graff, advisor".




  105. I wasn't able to view the chapter on my phone :(. I so wanted to.
    Lisa's jewelry is stunning. The antique frame necklace caught my attention the most. You two are talented!

  106. Chapter Si6 Don't be afraid of the dark Revealing the Seceret of Growth Through Trial is the chapter I would most like to explore in depth. I often ask God what lesson or lessons should I have learned when I have gone through a situation. My Father died 12 yrs ago and usually the death of a parent is a really terrible thing but my father prepared us so well for his death that it was like he just went on a trip and he would meet up with us later on down the road. I am still baffeled by this experience and wonder what was it that God was trying to teach my sibilings and I. I like the Heart strings necklace because God is always tugging at our heart strings

  107. I cherish my intimate time with Christ, and look forward to your book. The chapters that spoke to me most are as follows: 3. Kill your competition: Revealing the Power of Humility; 4. Keep a Heavenly Lawyer: Revealing the Secrets to Handling Conflicts Biblically; 8. Get By With a Little Help From Your Friends: Reveling the Secret to Interdependence (My personal favorite.)

    Lisa is uber-talented! I loved all her pieces. My favorite was the "Together Necklace." I can't imagine life without my family - especially my kiddos. God has truly blessed me with three amazing girls.

    I have shared this on facebook, my blog and via email to my friends. Thank you!

  108. This comment has been removed by the author.

  109. oh, it would probably be sooo good to have these revealing thruths engraved in the brain, so it would act subconsciously each time a respective situation in life comes up...but I think the most relevant to me are #6 Dont be afraid in the dark and #1 Always RSVP (the title just sounds so intriguing).

    I also really like the 'illuminate necklace' (so elegant and captivating)and 'every corner of my heart'. The keychains for men are a cure idea too.

    I posted the link to the blog and content as my facebook status with a short intro.

  110. oh, it would probably be sooo good to have these revealing thruths engraved in the brain, so it would act subconsciously each time a respective situation in life comes up...but I think the most relevant to me are #6 Dont be afraid in the dark and #1 Always RSVP (the title just sounds so intriguing).

    I also really like the 'illuminate necklace' (so elegant and captivating)and 'every corner of my heart'. The keychains for men are a cure idea too.

    I posted the link to the blog and content as my facebook status with a short intro.

  111. Thanks for this opportunity. I've been enjoying reading about your book (and the reading the first chapter) in so many places!

    1. Chapter 4 (the secret of handling conflicts biblically) is intriguing and something I've been studying a lot recently. Chapters 7 (dealing with perfection) and 9 (the secret of rest) also resonate with me as I'm a new mother and those issues arise often!

    2. I enjoyed exploring Lisa's work. On Lisa's site, I particularly liked the "dewdrops," "little feet," "marked by love," and "mama" necklace charms.

    3. I tweeted about your recent devotions (thank you for those!) and this giveaway here on your blog. (I'm @Keep_Tha_Faith).

    Congrats again on the release of your book!

    In Christ,

  112. bugbec2@hotmail.comSeptember 08, 2010

    Good Morning, the sunshine is shining on the keyboard this early morning hour. I feel uplifted with the words of encouragement from our little talk this morning. I know that I will put your book on my wish list. The chapter that keeps pulling me in is Chapter 5 "Have Eyes Bigger than Your Stomach"..revealing the secret of living generously. I seem to fit into this statement!
    The jewelry was so pretty, I do not wear much jewlery, but I do enjoy the work of art that goes into making each piece. I admire many pieces, but if I were to choose my favorite, today's favorite are the Bronze freshwater Pearl earrings.
    I was excited to share the give-away with all my friends on facebook and will be sharing this new book with many co-workers today. I work in a college preschool, so I am always sharing new books to read with parents, college students and college faculty and staff. I am praying today that you continue to let God use your gifts to reach others! Have a blessed day! Becky, Southern Illinois

  113. I am really looking forward to reading your book. I loved the intro & 1st chapter. I am especially looking forward to reading ch.9 Revealing the secret of rest. Lisa's jewelry so creative. I especially like her "be still" necklace. One of my favorite verses is Be still, & know I am God. What a great reminder that would be. I shared a link to your blog on my facebook page.

    Have a blessed day,

  114. Wonderful words on encouragement in the devotion for today. How I needed to hear those words.

    Chpt. 4 about handling conflicts Biblically and Chpt. 9 about the secret of rest have resonated with me most. I work in a church and often find myself questioning my ability to deal with conflict and then setting the conflicts aside to rest when not at work. I am excited to get the book and get started reading!

    As for the Lisa Leonard designs, I am in love with all of the jewelry. I have found gift ideas for everyone. I particularly love the Friendship necklace, the From Up Here necklace and the Be Still Necklace. I see a purchace in my future!

    I put a post on facebook to check out the blog!

  115. Congrats on your new book! I know it will be a blessing to many. The titles from chapters 4 and 6 really spoke to me because isn't there always conflict in our lives and continual trials. I visited Lisa's site and loved the necklace called 'illuminate.' It reminded me of a scripture from Phil. 2:15-16 "so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life..." (niv). I shared your new book on my facebook page.
    Be blessed today and God glorified,

  116. I love the title of chapter 7. I know it is going to speak to me. If I could "Adjust My Scale" my entire world would change. Thanks for giving me this challenge.

    Lisa's necklace "Dewdrops" is my favorite. It is beautiful and a great gift idea! All of her pieces are beautiful! Silver is my all time favorite.

    I am telling my friends about this give away and I will be talking about it on FB. I want everyone to visit your site and enjoy your inspired writing. Thank you for sharing. May you have a very blessed day!

  117. I can't wait to read your book! Chapter 4 - Handling conflict biblically speaks to my heart at the moment. I need biblical guideance for several issues presently. Also I think Chapter 9 looks interesting. I would love to have the 'To Have & To Hold' plague. This would make a unique gift for our daughter who was married in May! Thank you for this opportunity! God bless! ceddins965@yahoo.com

  118. I enjoyed today's story because I'm at a time in my life where I'm letting God lead and he is amazing. Chapter 1 is where I'm at... the more I listen, the more he helps me understand. I love all of Lisa's jewelry, but especially the circle pendant & the bracelet. I'm sharing on FB today :)

  119. Opps! I will also announce on FaceBook about this opportunity & your blog!

  120. This is an awesome giveaway – thank you for your heart!
    I am very interested in all of these chapters; but if I I could only pick two to read they would be Kill Your Competition and Get by with a Little Help from your Friends – these are the two areas hardest for me to grasp.

    I want everything on Lisa’s site!! I especially love the Lovebird Necklace, the My Heart Necklace and the Sweet and Simple Birdie Necklace. One more, the Hope is the Thing Necklace.

  121. Good Morning~ Loved the message. The two chapters I look forward to reading are:#4 Keep a Heavenly Lawyer on Retainer! and #7 Adjust Your Scale! Love Lisa's inspirational Jewelery, two of my fav's are:Family Tree Neckalce and Together necklace! Thank You
    Ann Ball :-)

  122. oops. I already posted on facebook!
    Ann Ball

  123. I am intrigued. Several of the chapters have stood out to me, 7-12 actually. I did not read the first chapter but will do so as time permits.
    I am very impressed with Lisa's jewelry, the bronze pearl earrings are great. I have a triple strand necklace to match so I may be purchasing those.

  124. This comment has been removed by the author.

  125. 1.The chapter On the secret of rest really interests me, as with 6 kids, one still nursing full time, I never feel that I am rested, and not just physically but emotionally and spiritually.
    2.I love the together necklace.
    3.I posted this giveaway on my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/reqs.php#!/MamaMuck runamucks(at)gmail(dot)com

  126. LOVED the devotion! My favorite Chapters would be 4 & 6. And, my favorite necklace is the Simple Birdie! LOVE birds! Now, to go post to my FB page! Thanks for the contest!

  127. I love the first chapter of Rachel's book. This book is like a wonderful conversation with a close friend. I didn't want it to end!

    I also want to read the chapters on handling conflict, growth through trial, and learning more about perfection. These are all areas that I struggle with on a daily basis.

    Lisa's jewelry is wonderful. I found several pieces that spoke to me - Beautiful, Hope is a feather, and the family piece all touched my heart.

    I've emailed several of my closest friends and asked them to read this book with me.

  128. Jane from SCSeptember 08, 2010

    Rachel, Bought your book yesterday and cannot put it down!! Chapter 2 was wonderful - the cost of following Christ and Chapter 4 handling conflicts biblically cannot wait to read this one. How many times have I tried to handle conflicts on my own only to mess things up? The Together Necklace is beautiful! My family is so important to me - we have been through so much together - loss of our home, depending on God for finances when no money in sight and of course He always provided, my daughter in 2 accidents both of which she should not have walked away from but did, my son in an accident which he should not have walked away from, things my other son was involved in. Through it all God has been there so that necklace is perfect to signify how our family has been blessed by God. Again, your book is wonderful. I am getting a notebook today to do the Bible study and cannot wait to get home to read it again.

  129. Done! Posted to FB! I don't have a blog or I would post there too! I will post on my scrapbooking site which is HUGE!!!


    Consider that done too!

  130. Thanks for sending us to Lisa's website; I love, love, love her jewelery! The together necklace, loved necklace and my heart necklace have so much meaning. I just may have to print and leave for my man to find ... hint, hint!

    And as far as chapters sticking out at me ... definately revealing the secret power of humility. I have, and am struggling with this. Praying for God's grace, direction and hope daily.

    Blessings to you!


  131. Hi Rachel! Your book looks wonderful and I'm definitely looking forward to checking it out. The 2 chapters that really caught my eye are "Always RSVP" and "Don't be Afraid of the Dark". These are areas of my life I find I struggle with the most: Turning trials into learning experiences and responding to God when I sometimes find myself having a hard time hearing him.
    I love Lisa's jewerly and already signed up for her newsletter - I would love to get some of her beautiful items! The one that jumped out at me first would be the Songbird necklace.
    Good luck with your book and thank you for touching women's lives everywhere!

  132. I am so thankful for the Proverbs31 daily email devotionals! And now I look forward to reading your new book! I think chapter 2 interest me most (Know when to pay retail - the secret cost of following Christ) and for a dear friend who lost her husband a year ago, chapter 6 Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. ♥ so many of Lisa's designs but particularly the Vintage Frames and the "through my lens" (being an amateur photographer and scrapbooker). I have posted about this generous giveaway on my blog www.creatingwithcandace.blogspot.com.

  133. I've always likes Lisa's Family Tree necklace. Family is so important to me and once we are done having kids I want to get one of those.

    Chapter 4 Keep a Heavenly Lawyer on Retainer: Revealing the Secret to Handling Conflicts Biblically interests me. I am bad at handling conflict well and can always use more tips.

    Thank you for your devotional -- it struck a chord with me today.

  134. Hi Rachel, Congratulations on your book. The chapters that jumped out at me were, Always RSVP, responding to God, Adjust your Scales, secret of perfection, and Diversify your Portfolio, dealing with security.
    As for Lisa's jewelry, if I weren't unemployed I could spend a fortune there. I love jewelry that has meaning. My favorites were Hope is the thing, Fly Free, Jumble of Charms I'd put my Grandchildren's names on the charms.
    Thanks for this exciting contest.

  135. OOPs I did forget to let you know I'm posting this on my FB page :)

  136. I just tweeted about this giveaway. I would Facebook about it but I can't at work.

  137. Congratulations on the book! All the chapters sound great. I was most intrigued by "Don't be Afraid in the Dark" because I believe when going through life's trials, as I currently am, we need all the help and reminders that we are not alone and that God walks by our side. I also thought the chapter, "Have Eyes Bigger Than Your Stomach" sounds applicable because my Scottish heritage makes me frugal, but that sometimes gets in the way of giving.:) Thanks for sharing Lisa's site. I love the "from up here" necklace and the " hope is the thing" necklace. I am posting both of your sites to my book FB page. All the best! Prayers for your book to be in the hands of all who need it!

  138. I enjoyed visiting your site today and learning of your new book! I love the cover and I am sure I will love what's INSIDE the cover even more! :) The chapters that intrigued me the most were Revealing the Secret to Handling Conflicts Biblically and Revealing the Secret of Rest. As a mom, those are two areas that I would love more insight on!
    Love the necklace!! And enjoyed the website for the jewelry--my favs were the "Beautiful" necklace--would love to give those to my two teenage daughters someday. :)

  139. Giveaway or not...this book will be in my hands soon! The table of contents hit just about every nail on the head for me. The ones I can't wait to read are Chapter 3 Kill Competition and Chapter 6 Don't Be Afraid in the Dark. Thank you for this blessing. Lisa's creativity is touching and heartfelt. The most touching for me personally would be the word of the year necklace, because when asked, it can be an opportunity to share testimony with curious minds. I am sharing the name of the book to my friends by email and text. Thank you again for your blessing.

  140. Sharidan DillonSeptember 08, 2010

    It looks like a good book, the chapter that stuck out to me was #5. Have Eyes Bigger than your Stomach.

    I loved Lisa's site, but the crystal drop earrings were my favorite!

  141. My favorite chapter is 7. I struggle daily with striving to be perfect. I'm also interested in chapter 5, Have eyes bigger than your stomach. I love the necklace called illuminate and the one featured in the giveaway, I'm a coffee lover too! My new facebook status is discovering this jewelry through your blog.

  142. Chapter 6 - Don't be Afraid in the dark and Chapter 11 - diversify your portfolio are chapters that are calling my name! Looking at Lisa Leonard's designs, i love them all but especially the Paper Lantern necklace. I posted on Facebook Rachel Olsen's blogsite including Lisa Leonard's designs.

  143. Chapter 6 - Don't be Afraid in the dark and Chapter 11 - diversify your portfolio are chapters that are calling my name! Looking at Lisa Leonard's designs, i love them all but especially the Paper Lantern necklace. I posted on Facebook Rachel Olsen's blogsite including Lisa Leonard's designs.

  144. Maria EspinosaSeptember 08, 2010

    I just read your devotion on Proverbs 31Ministries "The Pearl's Price" and I loved it. I also checked out the table of contents of your new book (which I really want and need to read - been going thru many trails lately) and the tree main chapters that interest me are: Revealing the Secret to Responding to God; Revealing the Secret Power of Humility; Revealing the Secret of Perfection in God’s Eyes. I also, checked out Lisa's website and really liked the banner bracelet and the open circle bracelet. I will be sharing about your book and contest on my facebook. And will also be telling my Sisters-in-Christ. Maria Espinosa emme.nycgal@yahoo.com God Bless you and thank you for all the wonderful devotions you write on Proverbs 31.

  145. So many chapters - well all of them actually - look wonderful. But I guess I'd have to pick 3, 5, 7 and 12. I'm particularly intrigued by 12. Can't wait to read the entire book.

    I have seen Lisa's designs before and absolutely love her stuff. If I had to pick it would be the Heartstrings Necklace.

  146. I think the 4th Chapter: Keep a Heavenly Lawyer on retainer - would be the one I would read first. : )

    I love the "lots of Love" necklace. We ALL need lots of Love. : )

  147. Ahhh yes Rachel that scene would be lovely! Your book sounds like a winner! I would be interested in reading every chapter. I picked 2 chapters that stood out the most to me:

    chapter #1 Revealing The Secret To Responding To God
    (I'm always interested in finding out how I can grow closer to the Lord and responding is a biggy!)

    chapter #6 Revealing The Secret Of Growth Through Trials
    (I am really anxious to read this chapter since trials are inevitable and I have to admit, they can get me very emotionally down and stuck many times)

    My Lisa Leonard's favorite necklaces are: (oh this is hard to choose because I've always admired her creations)

    #1 You're The Cream In My Coffee

    #2 Songbird Necklace

    I just posted your giveaway on my Facebook Wall.

    And I also tweeted about it.

    Hope I win- Hope I win-
    Lee Ann

  148. Thank you for the offer you have made today. The titles to each of the chapters are all interesting. If I must chose one it would be Chapter 6 Don't Be Afraid in the Dark: Revealing the Secret of Growth Through Trials. I have learned that many trials come our way. Theses trials allow us to see God at work in our lives. He uses the trials so that we can minister to others who someday may go through similar trials.

    Thank you also for sharing the Lisa Leonard website. The jewelry is beautiful. The items will make great Christmas gifts.

    I have posted your website on my FB page and encouraged others to read it. Thank you for all you do to honor Him.

  149. Thank you for the offer you have made today. The titles to each of the chapters are all interesting. If I must chose one it would be Chapter 6 Don't Be Afraid in the Dark: Revealing the Secret of Growth Through Trials. I have learned that many trials come our way. Theses trials allow us to see God at work in our lives. He uses the trials so that we can minister to others who someday may go through similar trials.

    Thank you also for sharing the Lisa Leonard website. The jewelry is beautiful. The items will make great Christmas gifts.

    I have posted your website on my FB page and encouraged others to read it. Thank you for all you do to honor Him.

  150. Thanks for the great giveaway. Your book sounds great and I would especially like to see what is said in chapter 4.
    I also really like all the jewelry. The cream freshwater pearl earrings were really pretty.
    thanks again.

  151. The chapter that I would love to read more about is: "Diversity Your Portfolio-Revealing the Secret of True Security" I have been unemployed for over a year and would love to know how to feel more secure on where God wants me to be in my life. I give it to HIM every day.

    In reviewing all of Lisa's creations it was so hard to choose just one item. But if I had to choose it would be Lots of Love necklace. Because it will be a reminder just how loved I am.

    I have put this post on my facebook. Thank you Leann for posting this!

  152. Chapters 5, 6, & 7 interest me the most. I would read this book in a heartbeat and give it as a gift also. My daughter is away at college and my son is serving in the Army in Afghanistan. This book would be a great encouragement to me.

    I love the Starry Hearts necklace if I were thinking of myself. However, I'm thinking of my friend who has suffered a devastating loss in the death of her son. The Hope Is the Thing with Feathers would be perfect for her because HOPE is what she so desperately needs right now.

    I shared your link for on my Facebook homepage.

  153. All the chapters sound intriguing. I am particularly interested in "Handling Conflicts Biblically" because I am not good with confrontations, would prefer to shrink back & get stepped on; and the one on "...a little help from your friends" because I tend to be something of a loner and keep myself a little too closed off to "openness".
    I *love* Lisa Leonard's designs! The bird one is pretty & I love the ones with the children's names. Very special!! The leaf ornament is also lovely.
    Posted a link on facebook! :D
    Tina Gilbert - Palmetto, FL

  154. What an amazing idea! I am loving the chapter titles, but # 3 captivates me most. I am in sales and I struggle to understand how to present my desire to serve people in a way that they know is TRULY focused on serving them; it can be so difficult, too, to own your own business and promote it without feeling the weight of "Am I being arrogant? Prideful? Or do I truly show people that I want to better them. I LOVE Lisa's website! My favorite pieces are "from up here!" and "dream a little bigger"...
    Tweeting, posting you on my blog, and FB-ing your contest. april@faceinfive.com

  155. Your book looks oh so very interesting!! Chapter 7 (Adjust Your Scale: Revealing the Secret of Perfection in God’s Eyes) caught my eye right off the bat. I am a perfectionist at heart. It can be good and it be bad. I'm learning more and more to let go and let God have His way because His ways are far more perfect than my own!

    I love all of Lisa's goodies but especially the "Together necklace" and the "You're the cream in my coffee" necklace."


  156. Your book sounds great. I think chapter 4, Handling Conflicts Bibically, would be very interesting to me. Also, chapter 6, Growth through Trials would be helpful. I love all the jewelry. She is very talented. I think the Kisses and Hugs necklace is beautiful. I am going to share this info with my daughter. Thanks.

  157. Oh my, I am so intrigued by all the chapter titles. How do I decide? I guess if I have to narrow it down, I'd choose chapter 4 about handling conflicts Biblically. I definitely want to do that and it's a challenge to find the line. I have recently had multiple opportunities to deal with extended family conflicts and I struggled with how to be a good witness for Christ, while not allowing people shame me or speak death over me and my family. Phew! I definitely need to read this chapter.

    Ditto for the jewelry site. I would like one of everything, please. Really, how beautiful and artsty and original. My kinda thing, definitely. I think my favorite is the "key to my heart one" I have an amazing husband and 5 beautiful children. They are my world. But I would also add a Jesus charm. Since He is my everything first, and I owe him everything, and He gave them all to me. I would want to have it as a witness for others to see. A conversation starter kind of thing.

    I added an "I like" to my facebook account for your book and I will be going on and trying to figure out how to add more after I finish this. I am not all that computer saavy, but I plan to try really hard to spread the word for you both.

    Thanks for the opportunity to put my name in the pot, and also for exposing me to such loveliness through both your sites.

    Be blessed, sweet sister,
    Kathryn Howard

  158. 1) The chapter I would be most interested in is Chapter #7 'Adjust Your Scale - Revealing the Secret of Perfection in God's Eyes'
    2) All the necklaces are beautiful - my favorite thought, would be 'beautiful'.
    3) I made a mention of the contest in my blog today:


    ~ Dorothy

  159. Gotta admit, chapter 7 appeals to me. I struggle with never feeling "good enough" and would love to address my own feelings of imperfection.

    I love the jewelry, too! I think my favorite necklace is "Whooo do you love?"

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  160. All the chapters in the book look intriguing, but I am especially interested in reading "Have Eyes Bigger than Your Stomach", "Don't be Afraid of the Dark" and "Adjust Your Scale." The jewelery designs are so pretty, especially the thin sterling cuff and the banner bracelet. I tweeted a link to this blog so my friends can check it out. They might be too late for the contest, but I still think they would enjoy reading the blog entries.

  161. Another great blog from the Proverbs 31 gals....
    1. Kill Your Competition: Revealing the Secret Power of Humility caught my interest.
    2.My Heart Necklace is a favorite
    3.Posted this on my facebook

  162. These chapters are definitely something I find applicable and worth while to apply right away in my life!
    Ch. 4 Keep a Heavenly Lawyer on Retainer: Revealing the Secret to
    Handling Conflicts Biblically

    and Ch. 5 Have Eyes Bigger Than Your Stomach: Revealing the Secret of Living Generously (this is something I really enjoy, so I'd be very interesting in how I can improve on this and possibly encourage the rest of my family to follow in on).

    WOW! I've not seen this type of jewelry before, but it is pretty niffy I must say!
    "Key to My Heart" necklace and the "True Love Hearts" necklace are my 2 top favs.

    I posted a link to this blog on my facebook profile.
    So one sure is going to be a happy girl with these great prizes!

  163. Absolutely LOVE the cover of your book! I'm a big coffee lover too! The chapters of your book that looked the most interesting were Chapters 4 & 10. Chapter 4 because I liked the catchy title: Keep a Heavenly Lawyer on Retainer...because God is our defender. And because I've never been good at handling conflict and hope to glean some wisdom from that. Chapter 10 because the title also resonates with me...even though I crave a clear conscience, sometimes I get caught up in craving the clear skin. I need to remember that the secret beauty of confession is more important than my outward appearance.

    When I went on Lisa's website, there were SO MANY beautiful pieces of jewelry, but the ones that I liked the most were:
    1. Illuminate necklace...I just love sparkly things!!
    2. You're the cream in my coffee...for the same reasons you loved it!
    3. Every Corner of My Heart...just because.
    4. Hope is the Thing...it really IS, isn't it?
    5. Sweet Sister...because the words on the circle describe how I feel about my sister.
    6. Key to My Heart...because the key thing seems so en vogue!
    7. Mama...because I have 2 children that I love with all my heart!
    8. Double Heart Cuff...because the double hearts stand for my 2 precious gifts from God!!

    I'm gonna try to post a link on facebook, but I've been known to mess up with technical things, so we'll see!

    Thanks for the opportunity! May God richly bless you in your ministry! The Proverbs 31 Daily Devotionals are such an inspiration to me...some days they seem to say just what I need to hear!

    God Bless,

    Wendy Moore

  164. I would have to say chapter 6 and chapter 11 interest me the most as these are the things God is dealing with me about right now.
    In regards to Lisa's products, I like the aqua stone necklace. All of her items are really pretty.


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