Friday, September 10, 2010

It’s here in time

Look what arrived in the mail …

early Sept 2010 015 My custom coffee necklace by Lisa Leonard!

It’s darling.  On Saturday, I have a book launch dinner party and a book signing at a local Christian bookstore. I know I’m going to wear it to one of the events. The charm on the right says “no secret” like my book title and the other has the coffee cup like my book cover.

Can I just confess that I’m slightly nervous about the book signing?  I know to most, doing an official book signing sounds fun, affirming and even glamorous.  And it might would be if 400 excited fans showed up and stood in line for hours. And wanted to take my picture.  But I know that isn’t going to happen. Because this is my first book.  And because I am not Nicolas Sparks. Or a Jonas brother.

So I’m just hoping that more than a handful show up because I don’t want to sit alone at that table for an hour while shoppers stop to ask me where the bathroom is, or for help finding a  Beth Moore book.  :)

I sure a few of my Yahweh Sisters will come and stand in line at my table over and over again if that happens – right, girls? Even though I’m slightly nervous, I am very excited to meet everyone that comes in.

Off to plan an outfit around my new necklace – and to thank Jesus for the chance to shape hearts with Him through letters and words.

Thankful for God’s Word this morning.


  1. Rachel, if I were anywhere near driving distance I would so be there for you! Indiana is a little too far. Will be with you in prayer

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  3. I forgot the link...Here is a favorite Christian business of mine. My daughter and I have been wearing God Tags for over a year. I love faith based businesses and thought you might enjoy viewing some of her things too.

  4. Thanks, Kim! You're a good friend. :)

    I'll check out that link, Melissa.

  5. Oh yay!!! The necklace will be perfect for your book signing.

    I have put in a request for a helicopter several times so that I could fly to place quickly and be home the same your book signing...but, alas, no helicopter!

    With you in prayer and in friendship! So excited for you! Please post pictures!!!!!


  6. The necklace is beautiful. I'm sure you will be your charming self at the book signing. Congratulations and prayers, AE

  7. I would absolutely come to your book signing....I am so excited to read your book....if I lived near. I believe you will have a very successful signing.

  8. I would be there to support you if I weren't so far away. I will support you with prayer. God Bless,

  9. Thinking of you at this time. Can't get across the Atlantic to be with you in person.

  10. New here and love what I'm reading... Congratulations on your new book! That's so exciting! Your take on being the bathroom guide at the bookstore made me laugh. Praying that the Lord will bless your time with readers, even if it's just one person He's ordained for you to meet. :)


  11. Ooooh I so want to be there!! When is it? Maybe a road trip to Wilmington is in God's plans. How I would love to see you and your beautiful beach town!! Send me details.


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