Monday, October 18, 2010

Devotional Carnival - Friendship

I love my friends. I'm certain I would  grow suicidal depressed without them. I'm not the kind of gal that needs to talk for an hour on the phone with my friends every day, or meet weekly for a standing lunch appointment. But I do need to connect regularly with girls-who-get-me. Teacher types get me. Writer types get me. Perfectionistic procrastinators get me. Women with a deep love of pajamas get me. Those with a slightly quirky sense of humor usually get me. But no one gets me as much as my fellow sisters who follow Jesus.

Thank God for His Yahweh Sisterhood! And that's exactly what I was thinking we'd do for this month's devotional carnival.  Want to participate?  Great, because I want to read what you'll write about your sisters in Christ.  Here's what you do.  Write about anything at all to do with friendship/sisterhood/needing each other. Include a key verse that ties in and keep it under 700 words. Mention the carnival in your post. Then paste a link to your post in the box below.

Next, check out your fellow sisters' posts. Finally, leave a comment telling me what type of friend gets you, and what book(s) you'd like to buy during P31's big 31% off sale this week.

I'll be reading your devotions this week and picking a winner on Friday to receive this prayer journal.


  1. Hey Rachel, I like the things you shared about what type of girlfriend gets you!

    I'm not so sure who really gets me (smile) other than GOD, my loving hubby and kids. At times I think I'm a different breed if you will (smile).

    I'm just so thankful GOD 'gets me' and loves me, in spite of me.

    Hugs and blessings!

  2. Wow, actually the first to link up this time! The devotion is *just* under 700 words this time (not counting the key verses). Wow, I wanted to keep writing about the importance of fellowship with sisters in Christ! This post was good practice to limit my words, though, so thank you.

    As for the kind of friends who "get" me... those with a quirky sense of humor who don't mind being silly every once in a while, mothers absolutely in love with their children and husbands, readers, writers, teachers, and women who love God's beautiful creation!

    Man, the P31 31% off sale is mighty tempting. I have a list of over 20 books that I'd like to eventually get (and it keeps growing!) I'd love any of the Mary DeMuth parenting books, Renee Swope's Mining for Gold in the Heart of your child resources, Karen Ehman's Complete Guide to Getting Organized... and much more!

    Thanks for these devotional carnivals. I loved the last one!

  3. I think am a low maintenance friend and the ones who get me are low maintenance as well. We don't require constant affirmation that we are friends, we just pick up wherever we leave off regardless of the time that has passed. We love the Lord and we pray for each other.

    Thanks for all your inspired words!

  4. Thank you for doing the devotion carnival. I really enjoy it. A friend who loves Jesus and can appreciate my positive characteristics instead of focusing on my flaws is a friend who gets me. My friends are loyal, honest, and caring.

    I have been wanting a couple of books, so now is good time to think about getting them.

  5. Thanks for doing this again - I love the stimulation of the topics & snooping at others blogs. Friends who get me are those who can be very serious and also very silly!

  6. Thinking about friendships and how to be a better friend has been an obsession lately! Thanks for linking me to other women who will get me.

  7. I have many wonderful friends, but a couple that I feel I more open to sharing personal things with, and they 'get me' because we have walked through some of the struggles in parenting, marriage, careers, and life. I feel so blessed for the people God has blessed me with.

  8. This carnival really touched my heart. Sisterhood in Christ is a passion of mine.
    Thank you Rachel!

  9. Thankful for friends who get me even when I don't get me - lol : ) So glad God has placed these precious friends in my life.

  10. Hi Rachel,

    Thank you for doing the devotional carnival, it is always fun to read what other people have to say on the same topic.

    The friend that gets me is one that loves Jesus and loves to read. Becuase I love novels, Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner and the mailbox are two books I would like to get.

  11. I've gotta say...that was a hard one for me to write. I don't have a close friend because I've been hurt by friendships in the past and haven't wanted to go there again. But I see the importance of having good girlfriends and I am praying that God will send some my way.
    I'd love to have the Proverbs 31 magazine subscription (I saw it's included in the sale). Then I could have something new every month!
    What kind of friend gets me? I would think it's one that can understand my sense of humor and one that likes to do off the wall things (like learning to knit).
    Thanks Rachel, this is fun!

  12. Hi Rachel,

    I wrote my post before reading your blog. So I was not able to follow all the rules.Forgive me.Coincidentally it almost hits the target of the devotion carnival except it does not just mention gal friends but a guy too.Read and you will understand.:)

    The kind of gals that get me are the ones that are honest, kind and gentle.

    Someone who loves me for who I am.

    Or even better....

    Someone who does not always have to understand me but loves me anyway.

    I would love your latest book as my next read.:)

    God bless you Rachel and sweet blessings


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  14. (Oops, I accidentally posted as my blog partner above)
    Anyway, Rachel... I love this topic!! Women and the Word of God = Sweet Intimacy. I am most blessed by the feeling of belonging, relating and needing to be vulnerable. Friendship is an awesome gift from God! Thanks for another great carnival!!

  15. Hey Rachel, here via Tracie Miles comment on fb....So I posted on blogger an email I received that was perfect for this!!!
    My friends....praying for them right now...just moved here two years ago with 4 toddlers under age of 5 - so, praying for God to bring those Godly friendships into my life!!!

  16. That was fun! Thanks for sharing this with us. I have to agree with you Rachel, I appreciate girlfriends who "get me". I tend to have a pretty quirky sense of humor too and love someone I can share that quirkiness with!

  17. This is an awesome topic! I never would have written about it. Reading all the posts has blessed me. Thank you for the opportunity to write for you!
    Sweet Blessings,

  18. Hi, Rachel!! :)

    I am SO thankful for wonderful, godly friends!!! He is good!


  19. Rachel,

    God has blessed me with kindred-sister friends that truly get me. They allow me to vent my frustrations, they share in my joys, they love on and with me even from afar. My bestest friends, Alicia, Sheri Ann, Shannon and Shanikqua have all come into my life at various points.

    I've known my sister, Shanikqua for 15 years (I'm only 27) and if not for her, I wouldn't know God in the way that I do. She has a way of quiet assurance, inspiring me to be better and love better without ever saying a word. Her spirit is of God...literally.

    Likewise with my other closest friends. It's there spirits that connect to mine. An understanding without needing to supplement (or always complement), a grace and willingness to love "in spite of..."

    My friends are like God's hands always reaching for me...and it feels so good.

    My P31 book choice is It's No Secret...will likely use for sister circle.

  20. I do get you!! It's a little scary actually...

    Sold out of It's No Secret at West Point and they are talking about picking it as their next Bible study!! Woo hoo!

  21. Oops, just realized I forgot to leave a comment after I linked up! I think the kind of friend that gets me most (at this stage in my life!) is a fellow Christian who is also a mommy to little ones.

    And as far as what I would like to get from the sale, I don't know wear to start! There are so many. Lately, I am definitely feeling the need for Shari Braendel's Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad! :)

  22. I don't want to sound presumptuous Rachel but I think you might 'get me'!

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to share devotions - it's my first time here and soo great to see everyone's posts.

    And thanks for all the P31 emails too - the daily highlight of my inbox!

    love Laura

  23. I meant to add the type of friend that gets me..

    It's those who are honest, who listen, who share a faith in a God who works ALL things to our good.

    And my mum!


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