Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fabulous Bedrooms

We’ve been talking about two of my favorite things this week on the blog: Great Friends and Good Sleep! Deep thanks to each of you that participated in the devotional carnival. It’s such a pleasure to visit your blogs and read your posts and get to know you, I’ll post the winner of the prayer journal at the end of this post.

In January I wrote a post about food writer Mark Bittman’s NY kitchen. I was surprised at how small and modest it was.  Then I did a follow up post with multiple pics of small kitchens showing small can be fabulous.  That post still gets multiple hit every single week!

So in similar fashion, I thought I’d ask you which of these beautiful, relaxing bedrooms is more your style?  Tell us which one of these you’d most want to rest in. And if you’ve been decluttering your BDR as I suggested this week, or thinking about sprucing it up, maybe you’ll get some inspiration here.





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Cozy bedroom




I like so many of these – I want to spend a couple nights in each!  But the first one and the last one are closest to my bedroom style. My BDR is not quite as shabby-chic rustic as the first and not quite as modern minimalist as the last. But like these two, I like a warm mostly neutral color scheme and lots of textures on my bed, windows and floor … with a hint of romantic glamour. Which of these rooms caught your eye?

The winner of this month’s devotional carnival prize, according to’s true random number generator,  is participant #18.  That’s Kelli Zaniel based on Mr. Linky’s list.  Congrats, Kelli – send me your address and I’ll mail you the prayer journal.


  1. Good morning, Rachel.

    I like #1 & #2, although #2 more clearly represents my bedroom now with the high post bed and clean, straight lines.

    I do have a bit of sprucing up to do in my bedroom and this is a great motivator!

  2. My favorite is #3 (if I were a single girl), but you know, even married girls need a girly room to call their own for quite time. Right! Congrats to Kelli!!

  3. Great pix of beautiful bedrooms. Suddenly I am sleepy!!! :)
    And inspired.....

  4. My room looks nothing like any of these... it's not nearly as coordinated. But I particularly like #14. Though it looks like it's at the beach (and I am not), I like the fresh feel, bright colors, and simplicity of what's in it.

    Thanks again for the devotion carnival! I loved reading others' thoughts, and am thankful for the practice with writing!

  5. Rachel, thanks for directing my tired little self over here :)
    As soon as I saw bedroom #1, I was ready to curl up and go to sleep. (I liked 15 and 18 too!) What beautiful places of rest.

    Hoping to get to bed earlier tonight,

  6. I like the black and white one with the couch in it.

  7. I loved #1 too. Also #8, if I counted correctly =)

    I will work on de-cluttering next week. Our bedroom isn't too bad but have other areas in this home that is driving me nuts!


  8. I like several of them but 2 look like my darlin' husband and I could really sleep in are the really rustic one (we live in a rustic area) and the one right after that with the quilt on the foot of the bed...I love and make quilts...Thanks for the inspiration!!

  9. They are all so very nice. I think my two faves are #2 and #18 (if I counted right, lol!).

  10. I love the color palette in #4, it's totally me! I'd probably change out some of the furniture to be closer to my style though, I'm more of a Swedish/Danish, clean-lines furniture kind of gal. Thanks for the inspiration, and the reminder that our bedrooms are our retreat from the world!

  11. Mine is #7--the blue and yellow. Looks very much like mine except that I have a white iron bed with white lace fabric draped across the top of the frame. I heard many years ago that your bedroom should be your sanctuary so I always strive for that (but don't always succeed!). I have a comfy chair there where I can sit and look out the window at the mountains (lucky me that I am blessed to live in Colorado) and commune with God. Our enviroments do contribute to our overall sense of well-being and your bedroom should be the first room you decorate. It will bless your spouse as well.

  12. Number one is my favorite to look at. It has the "wow" factor. I love the combination of brick and crystal. Very artsy yet classy, however, it may be a little too "wow" to sleep in. The one I would like to actually sleep in is # 2. It is very warm and inviting and very much like what I now have.
    The neatest thing about them all is that the bed is made! What a great idea! :)

  13. Hi Rachel,

    Oh boy of the 19 photos I really like: 1, 2, 4, 7, 12, 18 and 19.

    So what does that say about my style? (BIG SMILE).


  14. It's between #2 and #4 for me. I love warm colors in a house! :-)

  15. Rachel,
    I said I'd let you know how it went....

    Yesterday was the day I spoke at Penn State. I can't thank you enough for your encouragement. Your kind words really got me to move beyond my insecurities. The presentation went great. I really don't mind speaking or being in front of an audience. But speaking at a college....I had the worse time getting beyond that one (I didn't go to college). Your friend Micca wrote a devotional on Sept.8 titled If only I had the Nerve. I had red flagged it and re-read it many times as I was preparing this speech. Yesterday I printed it and read it, recited the scripture and prayed the prayer till it became one with my Spirit. God showed up. Of course He did! I had a great time. The students were so wonderful. Even the adults seemed to appreciate what I had to share!

    God is SO good!
    Blessings to you and all the Prov. 31 ladies!


  16. Emily B ( 28, 2010

    I like a dark bedroom with not a lot of clutter, but with comfortable bedding and furniture. My favorite picture(I didn't count!) is the one with the stone walls and high beams on the ceiling. I'm not a fan of light airy bedrooms--I couldn't sleep in all that light!

    I'm ready to get my bedroom finished up now!

  17. Picture numbers 2, 4 and the last one are more my style.


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