Monday, October 11, 2010

Wishing We Were (still) Here

I’m already missing the women of Weddington UMC church.  I’d joined them this weekend for an annual fall retreat to speak on several chapters from my new book It’s No Secret. It was a terrific weekend start to finish, with worship, powerful testimonies, good small group discussion, and and some free-time fun.

Oct. retreat and baby shower 012 Oct. retreat and baby shower 014 

Plus, the weather was gorgeous in Myrtle Beach this weekend.  See for yourself. This is where I prayed each day for God to open and fill my mouth. And where (wrapped in a blanket) I thanked God each night for the ways He’d shown up in our conference sessions.  I wish I could’ve packed you in my suitcase and taken you with me.

Oct. retreat and baby shower 006Oct. retreat and baby shower 001Oct. retreat and baby shower 002

Oct. retreat and baby shower 009

On Friday, the 15th, we’ll do another devotional carnival here on the blog. Let’s write on the theme from this weekend’s retreat: Our Yahweh Sisterhood. How has the sisterhood of Christ functioned in your life?  I look forward to reading what you’ll share. I’ll post more details later this week. Meanwhile, you can look at last month’s carnival as an example – just click the devotional carnival tag in my labels cloud in the side bar.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend. I've finished your book and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    We will be heading to Atlantic Beach this weekend through part of next week for my husband and his brothers annual fishing trip.


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