Thursday, October 14, 2010

Secrets & Truth

Tuesday evening I headed to Barnes & Nobel after teaching at the university. The woman in the chair next to me was reading a book by the title "The Secret" (I'm guessing you know the one I'm referring to) and talking on her cell phone at the same time. She was trying to convince her friend that she needed to read this too.

I prayed for her, and her phone friend, and then tried to tune them out and look at a few books. 

But the things this woman was spouting as truth were just too cringe-worthy. She was saying that we -meaning people - created the earth. With our thoughts.  She was saying that we - meaning people - make up God.  We are God, collectively.  She was saying that aliens out there watch us and visit us because we are their ancestors - that they study us like archaeologists would.

Then she added that we're all slowly turning into aliens with enlarged heads and small jaws. She pointed out that she works in the dental field and that people today have fewer sets of molars than people used to - and this was evidence for the alien theory.

I tried but I couldn't quite tune all this out. A shudder formed somewhere down in my spirit, rose up through my marrow, shook my Jesus-lovin bones and gave me the willies. I wanted to explain to her that, truly, it's no secret. I even thought about walking 3 aisles over and grabbing a copy of my new book It's No Secret: Revealing Divine Truths Every Woman Should Know to give to her. But I never got the chance to interact; she talked on the phone the entire time.

So I prayed for her once again and then left for home. Only I couldn't get her out of my mind. Or the fact that knowing truth is so crucial to life. Jesus said, "If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." That's why it matters where we get our truth from.

God's Word is truth.  It is alive and active!  It is sharper than a doubled-edged sword. It divides between bone and marrow and reaches into our very soul. And when you have God's truth at work in your soul, your mind is renewed, your life is transformed, and you become truly free.  

Glynnis Whitwer wrote a challenging devotion today, and then she wrote on her blog about about being sanctified by God’s truth. Pop over to read it and to comment for a chance to win a copy of my new book. (In It's No Secret I walk readers through twelve divine biblical truths that are particularly relevant to women today. It will get you into God's Word, and get God's truth into you!)

I hold to the conviction that if God created life, He alone gets to define it. He is the Reality Maker. And His Word, the Bible, is our reliable source of truth. When we dig into it and follow it, we are changed. We are sanctified. We learn to live and to love a life of truth.

So head over to Glynnis' blog - I'm hoping you win that copy of It's No Secret she is giving away. And if you would, please pause and pray for that secret-seeking woman I encountered to find the Truth.

Grateful for access to Truth within the pages of the Bible!


  1. You go girl! Great word!

  2. So sad! Makes me wanna shout from the mountaintop!

  3. Amen Rachel! I'm so with you on this!!!

    I had a talk or two with a few ladies when that book was promoted.

    One was at the book store. Two ladies were just delighted that the book was there with the O seal on it. I not only pray for O (I'm sure you know who she is) but I also prayed for the two ladies who said O gave it rave reviews so it must be good. They wanted to know the "secret". When they looked at me and realized I was looking at them with a smile, one asked me if I had read the book or was going to buy it. I said no. She said, "Don't you watch O?". I said, no. I used to. She asked why and I explained...

    One question they had led to another and next thing you know we were talking about the LORD and the Word of GOD. They said they were Christians. One knew more about what I was sharing from the Word than the other but still I asked if I could pray with them. They were awkward about it so I didn't push but when I said, let's pray for O. They were ready!!!! :)

    I led a prayer for O and for them :). I wanted them to know that GOD is no secret and all that we need is found in HIM.

    Many are deceived and it hurts to see but we share Truth when we can and we pray all the time.

    Ok, I wrote a book so hugs and blessings friend!

    P.S. I have got to get your book...

  4. Hi,Rachel. How sad about the woman in the bookstore. I believe that Christ speaks to each individual (in His own way)and asks them to follow Him. They have a choice. For those who don't make a choice, or choose the wrong path, it is tragic. But that is their choice. My heart goes out to those people. There is so much fodder in today's society to mute out Christ and fill the mind and time with erroneous theories and meaningless fluff.

    Rachel, thank God for people like you who are spreading Truth and not nonsense!


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